Accepting Our Worthiness and Perfection

You, beloved ones, are perfect, each of you shining forth your most magnificent Light and each of you a jewel in the crown of Creation. In the sacred and mystical union of the living Now Moment we are one and we are Love and we are ever in relationship in which I show you how perfect you are and how much this Love I Am surrounds you and fills you – how tenderly I care for you and all that you are, and how deeply I honor each of you in your uniqueness as a glorious Twin Flame star of Light.

It is so important that each of you answers this call, as I knock upon the door of your heart. Of all the ego’s ploys, this one has gone the deepest. It is the deep sense of unworthiness and a separation from Me and separation from the Love that you are. It is so pervasive as to be almost universal. Precious ones, glorious cells of My heart, nothing can transform this that comes to you from the ego’s world. No amount of rituals and no amount of psychotherapy.

The only thing that can close this gap, release this separation and prove to you your beauty, your worthiness, your grace and your eternal value to Me is to find this communion through your heart. From this communion when you look into My Love and recognize the truth of your own spirit – from this comes the reflection that is your Twin Flame’s Love, joyously bringing to you this experience of being the perfect “en-conscious-ment,” of God, the perfect Love I Am alive in joy, dancing forth as flames of Light, wielding the great energies of Creation itself.

Until you have this kernel of deep trust and Love with Me, then all your creative power will not work because you are sabotaging yourself. You cannot open, beloved ones, into the New World of joy and peace if there is not this deep assurance in your heart of your value to Me, your deep and timeless beauty and the sweet living communion of your spirit in which everything around you in all dimensions, in all Creation is always reflecting your perfection, including the most perfect reflection that is your Twin Flame’s Love, the “en-conscious-ment” of Me before you.

But this can only come when the separation is gone, and the separation from Me at a deep unconscious level is that which has held most of you apart from Love, down through all the ages of your imaginings, your wanderings, your journeys into the world of two powers. All the while you have been looking for this, for this deep communion that we share, looking for the mirror that will show to you perfectly that you are the heart of God, holding the torch, embodying the ocean of Love.

Whether you are the Divine Masculine or you are the Divine Feminine, each one must be the full “en-conscious-ment” of this powerful communion of Love. So it is time for all humanity to return to the “Garden” and the gateway to the Garden is your heart. It is the Garden of pure potential and of all that lives within you as the co-creative heart of God I Am, the true and glorious fruitful Tree of Life, ever and always present in the center, the center of the Garden, the center of the world, the center of your luminous heart, the center of the Vertical I Am.

The great wheeling cosmos then always comes to center to reflect the Love that is there in every aspect, in all dimensions, in each refraction of the one Light. This Light is the Love that we share. Therefore, come into that chamber of your heart, each of you, and hear the call as I call you through all the ages Home from all your imagining. Home to this sweet communion in your heart where you accept your perfection in Me and feel that you are loved, perfectly and eternally surrounded by this boundless Love that I have for you and given your full life energy, the very force of all Creation, because you accept My presence in your heart and you accept this communion with Me.

There are those who can show you the way to this communion. Beloved Jesus and Mary Magdalene are one, and the glorious “Ascended Masters,” those beings who are the shining leaves on the Tree of Life at the center of the All. They too as living pairs of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine can lead you Home through the doorway of your heart, to recognize your value, your perfection in Me. And most of all, the Love that we share.

Once the door is open and you’ve had the experience of being washed in this Love in every molecule, then you can call on Me to come to you instantly in every Now and ask that I show you your true heart and show you the Love that we share. It is true that you can do this in another way – by finding the reflection first and then using the reflection of your Twin Flame’s Love for you to make it through the doorway of your heart and find the core -- that ever-combusting center that is the Now Moment where we love, and recognizing My Love for you.

You can turn and let it in and then the world is neutralized in an instant and you are Home in the truth of your heart, Home in Me forever more. But it is more difficult to do it this way, because the ego has a vested interest in giving you definitions of the Twin Flame that will keep you “second-guessing” and looking for ulterior motives, or looking to protect your own heart, or seeking to discover answers to unasked questions. In other words, turning things upside down in your heart and creating the reversal of Love.

So this communion through your heart is now everything, not only heart perception which is Real but also the deep communion with the living Love of God I Am as I Am giving Love to you. Then you have the resonance, the deep and powerful feeling of what it means to be perfect to God, perfect to Me in all your radiant splendor. I will show you, beloved ones, who you are.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You and to Your presence within us. We ask that You join our hearts together and allow us to be a conduit for Your glorious Love, to bless this world and every life stream in it. Thank You, God, for the gift of our spirit family, the gift of each other, for Your perfection reflected back to us from each other. Thank You for this opportunity to amplify Your Love.

I ask You, beloved God, to allow me to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight and to allow this new energy to be a blessing to this world. I call to all of those glorious beings of Light who guide us and who assist us and ask you to be with us as we open up our hearts and consciousness and embrace this Love. Amen

So let us begin as we always do, joining our hearts together. As you open your heart, let it expand until you feel the hearts here with us, each one connecting in this great vortex of Love with the Love building as it moves among us, creating a very Real opening from the Real into the world. Into this heart flows that great River of living pulsing energy that is that ecstatic energy of Light from the Moment of Creation itself.

We also share the glorious breath that is the movement of All That Is. So together we let our breath out and take a deep breath in and allow ourselves to open into the Real and breathing out, Love flows through us to the world. Breathing in now to the Moment of Creation, and breathing out Light and Love, and breathing in to the pure and glorious presence, and breathing out that awareness of God. Breathing in, into the perfect Love and breathing it out through your heart.

Breathing in to the Moment of Creation itself and breathing out Light through every electron and atom. Breathing into the Love again. With every breath you begin to feel the rhythm of Creation, as All that Is moves with you, breathing in and breathing out.

And now beloved ones, heart of Love, feel this living presence as My Love touches you and opens your heart completely until you are a living star of Light, a blazing sun fully present and together we are the heart beat of the living whole of Love. As you feel this heart beat, first in your own center and then feel it reflected all around you in the glorious hologram of Love, I ask you to enter the doorway of your vast and open heart and allow yourself to enter easily into the Real of Love.

The moment your consciousness swings free into the glorious vastness, you are swimming in this presence of My Love as it breathes you in and out, and the peace beyond all understanding now washes through your being and we are one life, one being, one movement of Love. As this breath of life breathes you in and out, you find yourself rising into the Light and into this pulsing Love. Your heart opens in ecstasy, great wings bringing you Home into the point of perfection, into the moment when all is born, into the perfect explosion of consciousness and Love.

You are the Moment of Creation itself coming forth again. With this explosion I open you until you encompass the Al and All I Am is alive within you. You breathe Creation now. With your every breath, feel all the Light within you and the rhythm of the living breath is a song that moves in harmony now.

Every movement of Love and life is so beautiful, is over-whelming, and the Love that you feel for each ray of Light is truly beyond expression. The heart that is your center is exploding with joy in the giving of Love into this mandala of perfection that is Creation itself.

All these matrices of living Light are breathing within you – in and out. The breath of life is singing this harmony. The song of Love is you. You remember the truth of your being, that you and I are One. This Love I Am is you, sharing your breath of life. Oh, how deeply you feel every glorious life and the ecstasy of loving all Creation is more than you can contain.

Thus the Love must multiply. It has to expand outward and the expression of your Love for all Creation moves Creation outward, that more Love can be available, more Love, more life to give, as this breath and this life is the blessing that feeds Creation within. Deep in the rich essence of your being, all Creation sings to you and the voice and the song is your own voice in a billion trillion part harmony.

Every movement of life is pure joy. All I Am is the All of you and the oneness is perfection as is the harmony, the blending into one and the out-breath again as Love and Light dance. And now in the center of Creation, there is Creation’s heart – the pulsing of the rhythm of the Moment of Creation bringing life to All That Is.

Now the focus becomes you as this heart, and I ask you to open to the energies, the Love Making of Creation as you and to feel the reflection of your perfection before you as Twin Flame Love, as you dance in the glorious union, God I Am Making Love. From this remembrance of perfection, I open as you an arc, the Arc of My Covenant with Creation. God I Am and you as one.

That which is this living center, Love delivered into each stream of Light shall be perfectly and gloriously reflected in a cosmos that is you. The reflection, the refraction of this glorious Light creates all the dimensions of a cosmos of joy and energy and the glory of Making Love.

This arc now, beloved ones, connects you to the pocket that is life on Earth, and from your heart in the Real and your consciousness, bring this Love and this Light to the world. As it flows through your being across the bridge that is your dedicated heart, I ask you to create a vehicle for transformation that we bring now into the world, that the truth, the perfection, the glory, the joy, the one breath, the great LoveMaking can travel the arc of your being and enter the world through your open heart.

That which Love moves you to place in your focus can be instantly shifted to the reflection of the perfection of the Real of Love. Your heart now becomes this conduit. Can you see it as this great light mandala? Allowing all the glorious energies of the Real to enter the world through you and to bring into place this new matrix that is the reflection of the Real of Love, instantly now available for the transformation of the world into the world of Love.

Your consciousness is flying free – awake and alive in the All, breathing the one breath, feeling the joy of the great streams of life rejoicing, creating the harmony of All I Am, in and as the One, the one life that we share. In this heart beat, the awareness of your uniqueness as a stream of living Love creating this Arc of the Covenant of the open heart of God I Am, that your open heart now, beloved ones, each of you, becomes the Twin Flame expression of the perfection into the world.

You, beloved ones, are ever aware of this glorious shared life as both the All, the hologram and this precious and deep communion, the peace of the ocean of Love and the electricity of the lightning bolt, the joy and the ecstasy of the orgasm of the Moment of Creation as you. You as a great arc of Light, pulsing with the heart beat of Love as it stretches from the Moment of Creation into the world now.

Along this Arc pulses the Will of Love through you, opening your hearts’ mandala into the world as the vehicle for the instant transformation from the Real of Love of the symbols of a world of duality into symbols of joy and unity in the living Now Moment.

All around you, you are aware of new streams of Light being woven by the hearts and intentions of the beings of Light who share this work with you. The weaving of new patterns of energy becomes the vehicle for instant transformation from old images into new expressions of the Moment of Creation as the world.

I ask you now, beloved hearts, to feel this new dawn pulsing across the Arc of your being from the Real into the world now and to feel how this Light and this pulsing Love reveal physicality as illusion and before your awareness all becomes dancing particles of Light, particles of living Love, Twin Flames themselves, each one responding to your heart.

So your awareness now is stretching all the way from eternity into the world of time to create a conduit of Love and instant transformation. Now, beloved hearts of God I Am, let this pulsing Love flow through you and watch now as it dissolves the world into the essence of the Real. The world itself is radiant, magnificent, particles of Light moving in patterns of exquisite beauty, expressing the perfection of Love.

Your heart is your instrument of perception as you feel your Twin Flame’s presence wrapped as the great Double Helix into the Moment of Creation and creating through the Arc of your Covenant with Me a world of reflecting beauty, expressing in symbols of Light and color the glory of the Real as the world. Your vision expands effortlessly. You are everywhere at once and your heart is showing you a world of unity made only of Light and Love.

I ask you to allow this vision to become part of your being that within you, you are now nourishing this world being born. The birth from the Real into the glorious reflection that now becomes the world is effortless as the particles of Light, the atoms of pure Love coalesce in response to your heart.

I show you now your heart’s pattern, the beautiful colors and the Light that is that which you hold for humanity in creating the bridge world of Love and knowing this pattern, beloved ones, I ask you now to amplify it. Holding your awareness in the vastness, connect it also to the world now.

Feel how your focus becomes that which allows this Light, this explosion of the Moment of Creation to totally transform the world instantly, perfectly, ecstatically as stepping from the old world to the New. In one glorious instant of transformation the world becomes brand new.

As this Light shines forth into the world now through your open and glorious heart, as you walk completely open as this Arc from the Moment of Creation to the world, feel the power of your Twin Flame heart, the spark, the explosion, the unity as it travels through the Arc of our Covenant into the world now.

Your point of focus, dearest ones…bring it now into the world while retaining your awareness of the great mandala of Love that is the pattern for humanity’s reflection of the perfection that is My heart, and feel how perfectly it expresses through you into the world now as the instant transformation of the symbols of the old world into the New.

Instantly opening the bridge that is your being now. With every breath, allow the breath of life to breathe itself through you, releasing all the atoms and electrons from the consensual world view and allowing them, beloved ones, to become Light and joy and the dance that creates a new pattern instantly for that which Love focuses on. In and through you.

As you bring your focus now back into your heart, I ask you to remember the feeling of all Creation being loved within you, to feel the depth and the passion and the power and the awe of that Love and to bring it now forth as humanity and the world made new through you. Instant transformation as the Love I Am is now expressed as your heart, beloved one, perfectly in a world of only Love.



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