Allow Your Heart to Move You In Everything

Beloved ones, the time has come for you to allow your heart to guide your every movement, for you to live from the place where Love is the impetus every moment of every hour of every day. In this way, you become the breath of Love -- by living in the world but not of it.

The reality of the heart is very different, as you know, from the reality of the little mind, the ego. How the heart reveals the world and moves forth, beloved ones, as you brings into being a brand new birth of a world of Love right where you stand and in the fullness of who you really are, as the heart of All That Is.

And yet this heart, though it extends beyond even the thought of a galaxy, beyond every limitation -- expansive and free -- this heart that is you is also purposeful and can bring to you the focal point of the whole of Love and make it manifest here in the world as you -- not through you, dear ones, but as you. As your every breath, your very being, yes…but also as the movement through your days and the place from which you make every choice.

It becomes Love reaching for your breakfast and Love choosing what to eat, and Love bringing you a meditation on the fullness of life and becoming for you the experience of communion with every facet of life. In you, all that is made manifest is reclaimed by the heart of Love brought Home to the center, to the vortex, to the middle of the universe that is you.

In each moment of heart communion, when you follow the impetus of Love and allow your heart of Love to then acknowledge that it is Love that the world is made of, you bring that Love into your being, as you encircle it with the truth of your heart and experience the vibrant whole of the endless communion that is the truth of life.

In such an experience in the resonance of the dialog of Love, heart experience by heart experience, you reclaim the world as One, one with the whole of Love, one and part of this circle of Love's continual expansion and reclamation of every joyous movement.

What I Am asking of you, beloved ones, is that you make this your daily practice, but not just something that you do in the morning and then dive into your ordinary day. Rather, something that awakens and begins to live from the center of your being -- just as the experience of our communion becomes for you a present moment revelation of Love as it is "en-conscious-ed" as you and in everything that you see.

I Am asking you to live in the realms of divine feeling and to become the experience of God, to become the Will of Love in movement, not just in meditation and not just as a thought about what the heart says or what it would mean to live this way. Not a dialog within the mind observing the world to contemplate how Love might move and have its way…

Rather, dear ones, it is a blessing of the whole reality of God that you come to be alive in My presence. The experience of the heart of God is fully aware and gloriously functioning right here, right now, fully aware that this Love is moving as you. The richness of this experience begins within, in the center of your open heart and builds as a resonance of this communion until you feel the impetus of Love.

Whether this impetus is in physical movement, if it is the outreach to another, if it is what you choose for breakfast, let it be Love that does it all. You become this magnificent experience of Love igniting itself into ever greater waves of cosmic joy that move outward in every way to give, opening also to receive the fullness of the circle of Love that brings back to you this sweet communion with the truth of Love that lives in everything.

Thus, your experience of the world becomes Love unveiled. The acknowlegment, beloved ones, of your heart in its experience of the truth of everything is the spark that lights the tinder of remembrance that lives in all, in every precious electron, every spark of life, every wave of Love that is the truth of God I Am made manifest. However the ego mind chooses to perceive it, the truth is that Love is everything and it is here, waiting for your acknowledgment of this wholeness.

You yourselves, even in your experience as human beings in the lives that you have lived are very aware of how powerful acknowlegment is, and how much more powerful is Love. You are aware that if every human child could receive this open-hearted Love in which they could see their beauty, their perfection shining in their parents' eyes, the experience of life would be so different, it is impossible to describe.

So you understand on a deep unspoken level what it means to be acknowledged by Love. You also understand your path of service which is to be this Love's vehicle, so that the pure acknowlegment of God can touch everything that you encounter. In any way in any possible dimension, in any world that has ever been imagined, the moment that your heart makes its connection, this Love shines through your eyes, radiates in a deep unspoken language of the resonance of what is Real and is received and perfectly acknowledged in absolutely every connection -- a connection that means everything.

And so we come to this time of heart awakening and every life in the world is waiting. Every electron of energy is like a held breath waiting for Me to bring the truth of God to this existence. It is waiting to bring Love's acknowledgment to the world so powerfully that it dissolves the veil of ego, dissolves the dream, the choice for separation and instantly brings back the full communion of all life on Earth and in all things with the endless Reality of Love.

You are the vehicle of this gift, beloved ones, but not you as the ego has created you. You as the heart of your Creator. You as my heart standing here. You as the pure and open conduit for the power, the glory, the Love that is the very Moment of Creation empowering life through you and bringing back the fire of real acknowlegment of who I Am experiencing life in every one of you, in every precious atom, each electron, in every wave of Love and every spark of life.

Yet, to live this Love, to be the heart of the Creator, to be the extender of this Love requires that you leave behind the ego mind's perception of reality. You must drop into your heart and truly feel what it means to be the vortex of God, to be Love in all its power, in all its beauty, in all its Light, moving forth in genuine acknowlegment as the heart, the center of the All touching every life and becoming the recipient of the communion that arises instantly in response and that closes the gap, completes the circle, dissolves the illusion of two powers and brings to all life the full acknowlegment of the unity, the fullness of God experiencing as the "en-conscious-ment" of every aspect of All That I Am, the incredible diversity of life unfolding and nourished by perfect Love.

Every form of energy is living in this ocean of indescribable Love so perfectly, so powerfully and so seamlessly that there is only the movement of Love, moving through, feeding you, feeding everything and exploding in this circle of God the receiving of life, of the nourishment of Love and all that it brings forth to bloom in every magnificent expression of God.

To place words on this experience is not possible but beloved ones, it is right here in your heart. If you allow this Love that is the truth of your being to move itself as you in the world, to breathe each breath within this body, to move every finger, every limb, to become in you fully alive and conscious, it will complete through you the holy circle of Love's giving, its acknowlegment, its receiving. The blossoming of life that is the result will create the explosion of Love's expansion, becoming living prayers of gratitude to Me which in turn, beloved ones, is My acknowlegment and brings to Me the same gift it brings to you.

It fills the glory of My being with brand new riches and allows Me to experience being loved which in turn multiplies the giving and the outward flowing aspect of God which flows forth as the Moment of Creation…or rather, I should say, it explodes and makes itself available in all directions, in all dimensions and every possibility at once.

Every electron is humming, "Thank you, God." And so I wrap you in My Love and I call you to this communion with Me, that even as you know yourselves as being this one and indivisible whole of God, so also do we both have the gift of receiving the powerful acknowlegment of being loved. Life, dear ones, is limitless. We experience both these things at once and spiraling forth, sizzling with life, is the unfolding of the deepening of Love, the expansion of that which is nameless, the elevation of the glory and the mystery. Once again, the miracle of Creation is given expression and form, form as these facets of the Love I Am becoming ever more alive and conscious and ever more aware of being loved.

So when I say to you, it is time to let Love live you, this is what I mean, beloved ones, here and now. I mean to become aware of your heart as your center, as the place from which you live now. Being the open heart experience, allow Love to be that which moves, that which places intention, that which takes each step, the impulse that moves every muscle, the powerful extension of acknowlegment that becomes your choice of what you do, of what you eat, of who you call, who you speak to, of when you pause and when you move.

It is that which brings the fullness of heart communion with All That Is in every expression beyond the limitations of the ego mind that restrict you to the realms of time, that you might live free in all Creation, beyond even the concept of dimensionality, fully alive to love every intention and the whole of God vibrant, available, and living here and now as you.

When you make this choice and shift to your heart to live, then you will find that the little mind becomes quiescent, available whenever it happens to be needed. You will also find this is less and less. Love extended is the answer to every question. It is the perfect experience of communication. All of you already have experienced this when you find yourself the conduit for this Love.

So even in those things you've been perceiving as needing the mind or being part of the old world, the world of duality, of separation that is fading from view -- you will find, beloved ones, what the heart will do. The heart will do and do everything well in the very same situations that you once believed required the ego, required the presence of the human personality, but which, in truth, are simply opportunities for Love, whether it be couched in words that describe a reality once perceived through the linear mind, or whether it is simply the deeply acknowledged, felt experience of Love often not spoken of but fully present.

In all areas the heart will make you richer and bring to you the abundance of God ever expanding, becoming more and becoming this circle of limitless Love, the center of which is you. You, beloved ones, My heart.

Feel this powerful and present acknowlegment and perfect Love. Take it in and know, dear ones, that it is far greater than any story of the ego. Even the very energies that created those stories that you have believed are you…even those very energies are transformed by the acknowlegment of Love that will come effortlessly when you live through the heart.

Everything not of Love will be transformed effortlessly in the Eternal Now. Every moment the I Am of your being, that which is this Love individuated, that which is the Moment of Creation extended as the Twin Flame heart of All That Is shall be the fullness, the closure, the return to Love of the reversal, the restoration of the pure communion of the whole of God I Am, including this world, including you.



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