As You Open Up into the Real

As you open up into the Real, into the shift in perception that brings deep awareness of your truth as the heart of God I Am, and you reconnect with the glorious Love that is the Love that passes through My heart each moment and My heart is you – and yet, you come, after having such an experience, back into the world and the challenges of your ego.

I bring to you the full awareness now of what it means for the heart of God to be magnetic and to begin to magnetize every atom of every cell in your body back to the truth of God I Am and the truth of this being as Love. It is true that in the world of the reversal the ego mind and the senses have ruled, and with all of the focus on the physical “reality” (though I say reality in quotes), a certain power has been granted and the consciousness in the atoms has itself become reversed. It has come to believe that input is meant to come from the world outside, and thus, to create an environment and a response from the molecules that make up the physical world.

But as you hold fast to your alignment with the Real, as long as you continually claim your identity as My heart, then the entrainment of the atoms begins. Yet, it can seem to still take over your life because of the lag time of the physical world. There is a phenomenon of time that essentially creates unlimited reflections of that which is acting in the moment, and these reflections circle back, giving input and energy and creating the perception of time.

So the atoms of the body have followed your consciousness and have come to look outside of themselves for the truth of who they are. At this point they are not capable of looking inside themselves through their own heart center for the Real, and yet, they are meant to do exactly this.

But you know the power of a magnetic heart, beloved ones. In all things the Real heart must entrain everything that comes in contact with it, and therefore, every heart on every level of vibration is aligned with pure Love, with the expression of God.

Everything in your life in the world, dearest ones, must now switch each allegiance from the magnetic properties of the reversal to the true prosperity and living joy of the spirit. Once this is established, then all else comes into alignment. I ask you to remember that in alignment with Me, you are the living forces of creation and as such, you are the power of creation to move, to live, to have its being in full undifferentiated Love wherever you are in the world, because there is always always the guiding light. There is My heart beat that is powerful and regular, and there is the deep recognition from within, beloved ones, that says to you, “This is the truth of my being. I shall be the living movement of the heart of Love for and as God I Am.”

There is nothing less true than the belief that the world can affect you, can harm you, hurt you, bring you to your knees, because nothing like this is true. As you remember that you are the cause and there is nothing that can affect you, you will remember you are the cause for the atoms of your body and holding the Love with clear intention, beloved ones, align them with you, that each atom may remember that they are not in control and neither is the ego, but rather only the heart of God, only Love, only these things can be the fiery cause, the Moment of Creation within, that brings into alignment, makes the shift in everything once known as physical, and returns it all back into alignment with Love.

Until then, the atoms of your body are influenced by the reversal, the consensual dream, and they will attempt to take control again, along with the ego mind, because this is what they have been led to believe but it is not true. The only cause is always Love, and right now it will create the most extraordinary effects, a world of plenty, of glorious abundance, of everything that you could ever want. Most of all, there is a new realigning that is coming from the touch of the heart of God in full remembrance as it embraces this world atom by atom and shows forth the truth of only Love and of Love as the only effect.

So I Am with you as you begin to take charge of the unruly atoms in the community of your body, that have believed themselves to be a law unto themselves. But now they learn that there is only one light and one direction, and it comes to you from the Moment of Creation. Let Me fill your heart to overflowing with this perfect exploding Love and by your intention, we shall make the heart fully magnetic as each precious life stream comes into contact with your heart. The River of living Life, the River of Love will seek remembrance and when it does, its purpose is to release.

I Am with you. It is very important to remember cause and effect and to grow and to grow and to awaken into joy. Bathe your atoms every day in this great stream of conscious Love and give gratitude for the awakening that truly now begins. As you find My living Love realigning your life, know that it is the only way that the Vertical axis can be clear and bring into the reversal the truth of the spirit, remembering always that you are the effect and that the cause is ever and always Me. Receipt of the energy brings the miracle of awakening into God right Now.


Beloved God, we open our hearts tonight and say our deepest “Yes” to You, to being the Love that we truly are, to living that Love in service and to being together the conduit through which Your glorious Love pours to bless the Earth, So, God, join our hearts. Be our hearts. Unite us all in Your living Love, and let the Love we are be multiplied exponentially tonight.

I ask You, God, to use my life, my voice, my heart, my being, my Twin Flame heart with Doug, to be the conduit for this experience together and most of all, I give you thanks for this wonderful, amazing spirit family, for this great opportunity to serve and for the joyous experience that You are giving us of who we Really are. Amen.

Let us begin by consciously opening our hearts. Opening our hearts to each other until all distance disappears, and we are joined as one, as one glorious heart, one completely open and living conduit for the magnificent Love that is God, that we are as well. Begin to feel the energy, the life force, moving around this great circle, this heart that we are together, moving clock-wise and creating a vortex of great power and light. As we open this heart that we are together even wider, we are filled with gratitude for the honor of sharing this together and the honor of loving this world.

As you feel the Love pouring through, let it bathe you. As you feel it, begin to feel it opening, opening you more deeply to Love, knowing that as you expand in your capacity to be this Love, this heart we share expands as well. Now, as we share the one breath, let your breath out and take a deep breath in. As you let your breath out, let all tension fall away from your body. As you breathe in again, feel your heart expand. As you breathe out, let all sense of your body fall away.

As you breathe in again, place your focus on your heart and breathing out the living Love, your heart is full and joyous. Breathing in the amazing Love, let it fill you and breathe it out, through your heart, through every atom, through all that you are. Breathe in the Love. Breathing Love again. As you breathe in again, you begin to feel a shift. As you breathe out, you recognize that Love is breathing you. In this holy silence, as you continue to breathe this breath of Love in and out, you begin to expand your awareness and expand your glorious heart.

As you breathe in again, take in the Love and as you breathe out, let your focus softly shift into your heart. As you gently feel the opening into the Real of Love, your consciousness floats through your heart as if it were a tunnel leading into the Real.

Now, beloved ones, I lift you up and open the whole of your being, that Love my bathe you, every atom and every electron. With every breath I ask you now to expand into the ocean until the ocean of Love becomes you and you are the ocean. All that is Real to you and this moment is that you are completely supported, supported by Love so perfectly that you are whole, complete and deeply at peace as Love breathes you. Love breathes you in and expands you out and you stretch your being, your consciousness, all that you are into the greatest experience of living Love beyond all imagination.

Your whole being now opens. You are as vast as the glorious cosmos and all throughout your whole being are the atoms, the electrons and each one a Twin Flame heart. So I ask you to gaze with the eyes of the living spirit into the ocean of Love that is your being, and to recognize the hologram that you are, beloved ones, for you are exactly like Me. We are one Love and yet, you shall always be your own sweet stream of conscious life. Just so in your vast being are there Twin Flame hearts that are the life streams of all of your atoms.

I ask you now, as you gaze within the vast ocean of your glorious being, that you would pour this Love that I deliver to you into each Twin Flame heart, the hearts that are the atoms. With every breath, your whole being feels the amplification of your energy as you pour forth the Love I Am as you into them. All That Is knows itself as this beautiful hologram of Love.

Now, beloved ones, My precious heart, each and every life stream is shining within you, alive in the ocean, the ocean of your Love, the truth of your heart as the heart of God I Am. I open you even farther and you become the glorious cosmos itself, the all of Love. In this moment as you look within and you see all the countless burning Twin Flame hearts floating in the ocean that you are, you can feel how deeply you love them – each precious heart. And how the flames of Love are interacting as all that you are comes alive and the Twin Flame heart of your atoms recognize their oneness with you.

Your breath becomes the only breath and all within you is breathing it. Your life becomes the one life, the breathing life of All That Is. Beyond all imagined boundaries, you continue to expand. As you feel these hearts beating you, amplifying and making more Love, I ask you to simply become the ocean – the ocean of Love again. Let yourself be that which encompasses this, the conscious heart of God.

As you continue to breathe, the ocean once again becomes alive within you and you gain the awareness that this shift in perception from being the All to being within it is the One Heart Beat. Breathing in, you are All That Is, the great and vast being encompassing living Love. As you breathe out, you are alive within it as a unique Twin Flame life. One breath – you are the All of Love. Another breath – you are the life stream. One breath you are the living All and All That Is is alive within you. Another breath, you are within the whole. I Am Love in its wholeness and thus, of course, are you.

Now I open you up even further, opening you until you are the molecules. You are the atoms. You are the particles of life themselves. You are that which can illuminate. Within you is the dance of life itself, Making Love and everything is rising up in ecstasy. You are the particles, the electrons of Love, and you are streaming forth from the Moment of Creation now. You are the River of living Love and you are rushing throughout all Creation as the energy that fuels the one heart. The heart of Creation, the perfect Love is multiplied exponentially in you.

Your consciousness opens to experience the ecstasy of being pure Love, living Love, expanded through Creation. You are the energy itself of the River of Life, and within you, you are aware of every precious atom and each electron as they dance and Make Love every moment, receiving this energy from Me. From the Moment of Creation itself. And you are spreading out, washing through everything, everything. You are the River of Life itself and you can flow through All That Is and bring the light and awaken the atoms of Love.

Around you life becomes conscious of full hearts. You are the Love pouring through. You are the Love pouring through.

Can you feel yourself as the living stream of light, totally free? You are Love. You are sparkling, effervescent, glorious, full of ecstasy as everything you touch is transformed, acknowledging itself as Love. Now, you can feel the Moment of Creation and the Love you are is streaming, streaming forth and you are liquid light, living Love, flowing, flowing through All That Is. You are flowing, dancing particles of living Love, Twin Flame atoms, glorious electrons, and you penetrate everything, easily, and light it up from within.

Now, beloved ones, as you are this living Love in the Real, totally conscious, I ask you to turn this consciousness, this awareness to life on Earth, and to pour yourselves into the reversal and feel how it is to wash through everything, rushing through its atoms, kissing the electrons, waking up every particle, waking up the reversal and returning it to its consciousness as only Love.

You are now holding the Earth in your vision. Allow me to pour you into the world, to pour you out, you the living River, the glorious ocean…to pour you into all precious hearts. As you penetrate every heart, every heart on Earth, beloved ones, you gently return them to remembering that they are this Love, and await the glorious explosion of recognition, ecstasy and joy as Love becomes fluid again.

As you continue to see the world, the world created as duality, as you become this Love, you touch everything and everyone, and wash them clean of the reversal, returning every life stream to its fluid state, returning all to the Vertical. You are deep within each precious heart throughout the whole pocket of reversal. As you know yourself as this streaming Love, as this crackling glorious energy of Creation, everything that you penetrate, you now lift up into the Real, simply through the focus of your Love.

I Am Love. Let this awareness and these words fill your being. I Am Love. Know yourself as Love’s oneness. Everything now joins you in this ecstatic celebration of the melting of the frozen Love on Earth. All is released. All is unfrozen, and you can feel the playfulness of all the Twin Flame atoms as they all come home to Love, to remembrance that they are this Love.

I Am Love. This is your living mantra as you become even greater fluidity and joy and softly you penetrate every life always, and having done so, align yourself perfectly with Me. I Am Love. This is your truth. You are the River. You are the ocean. You are the purpose. You are the purpose of Creation which is giving Love.

As you float throughout this pocket and you wash through every concept, every life is restored to its connection with Me. As the River of living Love, I ask you now to focus very gently on your life as you live it in the world. As you wash through your own life as this living Love, you are melting any last resistance. You are melting all resistance to Love until the life that you lived as life on Earth becomes as fluid as you are in the Real, and every moment you are the merging of all aspects of your being.

You are the expression of Real Love, blending everything and making it whole. One Love again with no areas of resistance. Then Love can live you perfectly, as you in the Real. Delighting in each precious aspect of your service. You see yourself completely open and fluid now, and all resistance to Love in any way is dissolved. All resistance to Love is dissolved, and now Love flairs up in place of any resistance, and you become the living Double Helix, the Twin Flame heart of God unbound, unfettered, unlimited and fluid, and free of all resistance to Love.

As you breathe in, you are breathing the hologram. All of it, beloved ones, is you. As you breathe out, you are the living fluid River of Love, washing through Creation and keeping it fluid. As you wash forth, you also wash the world again and again until at last it is as open and as fluid as all the rest. There is only this Love that you are, with no resistance to the movement at all, anywhere, ever.

I Am Love. This is your truth and you are liquid, liquid flowing light, everywhere present, and all is aligned through you to the living Now and the Moment of Creation itself. Where once there was a world of duality, there is only Love, fluid, alive, and totally open, and you begin to feel the glorious movement that is Making Love, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, rippling through this glorious fluid ever-moving conscious Love, and creating more of it. You are focused now beneath the fountain of the Moment of Creation itself, and you are absorbing the Love.

I ask you to gently, very gently shift your focus now to your point of service, the symbol of your life on Earth, and to allow yourself to be filled now with this fluid light, light the expression of Love in movement. Once where you believed yourself to be a limited human, now you are completely free, free to be this Love. As you let it flow through your being, you begin to see your body, that symbol of your life in the world, as completely open, receiving the great flow of Love from the Moment of Creation washing through you, and as you know yourself now as this fluid Love, you are both the Love and that which receives it.

There is spaciousness, fluidity among all the atoms and your body is simply and purely living Love, flowing, open, without boundaries. Your consciousness is very gently anchored in your heart, yet aware that you are a hologram of Love and Oneness.

Now, beloved ones, as you feel this living flow of Love move through you, begin to amplify it with your Twin Flame heart and you will recognize that which you see as yourself as something solid, is only a focus of this rushing moving Love, and that focus is your amplifying heart. Every heart beat is the Moment of Creation, beloved ones, here and everywhere that you are. With each heart beat you amplify its glorious flow of living Love and pour it forth, that once again there is remembrance in all that it touches, that everything is living moving Love.

Life on Earth is free to be limitless expression of glorious Love, the canvas on which your heart shall paint the out-picturing of a heart with no resistance to this Love, and that, beloved ones, is the excitement. What shall the heart of God create? What shall you, the heart of God, create, now that you are open and flowing once again, with no resistance anywhere to Love?

As Love lives you, beloved ones, let it do the expressing and let yourself be that which sees Love revealed in millions of ways every Now Moment, countless expressions of living Love bringing into alignment every precious Twin Flame atom that the whole world is fluid, fluid Love once again. The creative heart of God unfettered and free. The heart of God expressing its creativity now. Accept this creator fiat and let Love express now through you.


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