Attuning to the Feelings of Love

In the center of this universe is communion with Me, that nourishment come from this Love that is intimate and universal. This Love is ever and always encompassing, inclusive and always upholding the perfection of Love I Am.

You are truly the place where the Real and the illusion meet, and it is your hearts that are transforming the old world into the New. As you do this, please remember that you are doing this for humanity. As you wrest your minds away from the world and the old world limited view, you are doing this for everyone – for every precious and cherished heart that is mesmerized by the illusion of separation from Me and all of its consequences. You are taking all of those billions of focuses and pulling them to the truth with you.

These experiences that you are going through, that you are using for transformation, equate across the board to every mesmerizing and agonizing scene in the play of duality, dearest ones. It doesn’t really matter, does it, what has taken your attention and what it is you wrestle with between the old world and the New. It does matter what you use it for and how you use your heart and your Love.

If you could see yourselves from the realms of Love, you would see the fires of transformation, literally. You would see the smoke rising into the Heavens, the higher vibration, in order to be replaced by particles of purest living Love.
So every time that you place your life in My service, every time that you shift completely to your heart, every time that you choose the upliftment of Love over the agony of the illusion you are shifting the world back Home to Me and transforming all separation.

So, I ask you simply to trust Me, to trust Me in every step that you take and to recognize that the illusion of suffering and pain is the one illusion on Earth. It may sound simplistic but if you look around, it is true. Separation from Me is suffering. All the myriad ways that it shows itself in the world of symbols are still representing the same thing. Separation from God is agony. It is painful. It is difficult. It is lonely. Only the reunion of the heart with Me, with your Creator can remove the illusion, shift the heart’s beliefs and return humanity to the truth.

Dearest ones, you know the truth that only Love is Real. Therefore, your assignment, should you wish to accept it, is to look only at what is Real -- no matter what the illusory world places before you, even when that illusion is as intimate as your body. When your consciousness is focused on the Real, on the truth of Love and nothing else, and on the service that you do for humankind each moment, you will find the old world fading from view effortlessly, dearest one.

Making this shift into the Real of Love and manifesting it here in the world takes remembering what is your truth and stepping into it with exuberance, saying “Yes” to the gift of Love and to the open transforming heart. You are this transforming heart, beloved ones, and you are generous with all you do, with your every step and with your precious communion with your animals, for they are truly mirroring you and assisting you in this work.

So the love song of your heart to humanity and our communion that is so rich and deep – these are the holograms of your experience in the Real of Love and they are what you keep, while all the rest will fade away. I would like to shift you from your view that thoughts create to the awareness that vibration is feeling. It is the movement of energy in motion and it is this that is calibrated endlessly in the impeccable match making of Love.

I want each of you to use our communion to keep attuning yourself, dearest ones, to the great and glorious feelings of our unlimited Love, unlimited, glorious, joyful, uplifting with all possibilities. Every moment is a gift, a door opening, making you ready to receive Love’s gifts. Every precious life is a little miracle, attesting to the glory that I Am. The old world and the New are existing in tandem now. Each of you now get to choose. You choose by amplifying feelings, amplifying the feelings that are your Home, that place where you are most comfortable in the vibrational scale of life.

The ego mind makes a habit of returning to the same vibration, especially if it is a vibration that keeps it in control, and it gains power through hypnosis, through the repetition of its patterns again and again. Truly they dig a path that makes it easier to fall into that same old thing than to jump into a new expression, to create a new path of expression for the budding of your being and your awakening as a Twin Flame heart.

Feeling is resonance. Feeling is vibration. As it plays upon your beautiful heart, it creates a vibrational song or signal that instantly begins to attract the electrons of light. They come bearing their gifts of life force, of energy to place at your disposal. They are acting always instantly because they live in the eternal Now. So it is probable that a heart rejoicing can jump easily between realities and stand in the New World symbols effortlessly. Yet every step is recorded. It is recorded on the ethers, dearest ones, and it is creating the pathway for humanity, just as surely as I Am God.

This Love that we share is the signal. It is the homing beacon. It is the pure pure light. As it is felt fully it is the miracle that will totally transform all life. My request to you is that you let it be easy to open to these feelings of Real Love, to let every moment be a miracle no matter what you are experiencing in the world. As you feel this upliftment, no matter what, oh, beloved one, you will feel the change. You will feel what it means to be transformation and to create the bridge world of Love.


Beloved God, we come to you tonight with our hearts filled with Love for you and a deep “Yes” to being the conduit for your glorious Love. We ask, God, that you join us together and make of us one heart, functioning, powerful, open and clear through which to bless this world. Thank You, God, for the incredible gift of our beloved spirit family. Thank You with all that we are for your presence in our lives. Thank You for the miracle that we are one with You, and we get to have communion with You also.

So, God, tonight we are Yours. We release our selves, our will to you. I ask You, God, to use my life, my voice, my heart for the expression of this experience with crystal clarity tonight. Thank You, God. Amen.

And now as we always do, let’s feel ourselves joined together, heart to heart to heart. As our hearts touch each other, let yourself feel that resonance, that amazing connection where our vibrations meet. Feel the energy building and beginning to circulate around this vortex that is this one heart that we create together. As it circulates, going clock wise, we begin to see a color emerging from this energy that is moving among us. It is that rich and glorious purple that vibrates with such clarity, the call to the highest purpose of God.

Now, we also share the one breath that is the breathing of the whole of Love.
We ask God presence to connect deeply with each of us. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, feel all tension falling away. Breathing in, still aware of the Love, taking it in and breathing it out, out to your open heart. Breathing Love in, feeling God’s presence and breathing it out through your heart to the world. Breathing Love in, reach for the Moment of Creation and breathing it out, feel pure Love flow through you. Breathing in Love, the pinnacle, perfection. Breathing Love out through your open heart.

Now, beloved ones, I ask you to breathe in My presence and to feel this communion as you breathe out our Love. Breathing in, take this Love from Me and fill your being as breathing out, Love pours now into the world through your open heart. Breathing in this Love, pure and perfect and breathing it out through every atom and cell. Breathing Love in and breathing it out through every electron. Breathing Love in, the Moment of Creation becomes you. Breathing out, you are the open Twin Flame heart of God I Am. Breathing in again pure magnificent Love. Breathing Love out again, expand your awareness, beloved ones, once again connecting with this shared heart tonight.

As you place your focus simultaneously on your heart and in the center of this shared heart of Love together, you begin to feel a miracle of new Love being generated as you feel the presence of your Twin Flame with you. Your heart is on fire with the fires of Creation.

Now, beloved ones, pour this Love into the world and as your heart opens wider, you become a living doorway from the Real of Love into the world of human beings. Every breath that you take you take your nourishment now from Me and breathe out perfect Love into the world again. Breathing in your nourishment, your identity, your life, amplifying it now in your Twin Flame heart. Breathing it out into the world as you become the very River of Life and I Am this Love that is living here as you.

Now, beloved ones, let your heart lift you through the open doorway that it is into the glorious Real of Love, Home in Me. Let yourselves once again expand into the ocean and let Me support you perfectly in Love. All That I Am is fully present here, taking it in, breathing it out and remembering the fire of Creation that is your Twin Flame heart.

As you feel your heart, feel the ignition. The spark comes now from the Moment of Creation itself and your heart ignites in passion and ecstasy and you are the Moment of Creation “en-conscious-ed.” You are that which holds this energy which is the Moment of Creation, beloved ones. You can feel the fire, the passion, the glory, the ecstasy, the orgasmic moment of Creation itself. As it pulses through your being, you become the River of Life, moving in sweet communion with your Twin Flame energy. You are stretching now, beloved ones, each of you the center of the heart of God I Am alive as you.

At the pinnacle of your consciousness is the Moment of Creation when All That I Am is brought fully into view and deep in the center is the vessel, the womb that holds and nourishes brand new life. Beneath all of this is the deep and powerful resonance of the great act of giving all of yourself. Now you know how it feels to be Creation, to be this spark and the flame and the ecstasy and the Love.

This fire of Creation burns within you and ignites so much life in your vast and glorious being. Once again you are stretching your consciousness out from the Moment of Creation and now, touching the world. Oh, beloved My heart, thank you for being the conduit for this powerful and atomic explosive and glorious Love.

As you place your focus now gently on the world, you feel the pocket of reversal that is life on Earth. From the Real of Love, dearest ones, I ask you to feel just how much I love humanity through you. Feeling is the song of all Creation. I Am Love feeling itself through you, My heart.

As you gaze upon these precious ones that name themselves human beings, oh, dearest ones, can you feel how deeply we love, how we love each precious heart, each point of view, each consciousness, each and every point on the spectrum of Creation as each one sees the reflection of their heart’s beliefs. My heart which is you reaches out for every one.

As you notice all around you, you can recognize the Masters, the beings of such light as they assist the world. Pure and magnificent, they use their great hearts to pour Love into every heart that opens even a crack. They are always scanning humanity, touching every heart and waiting for an opening through which Love pours through you.

You My heart, beloved ones, reach into the world and bless each human consciousness, each heart in the world. Notice as this Love pours through you again, you are still connected all the way through from the Moment of Creation into your touch with the world. You are the center point of God I Am. You are, beloved ones, the expression of the miracle, and your hearts’ awareness now becomes the magnet.

So I ask you to open and to stand in Twin Flame Love as the vehicle for the River of Life to pour through you. At the same time I now lift up your Love and create the call, the magnet, the upliftment of each heart, the call to the Real of Love, to the Vertical, to the Now. You, dearest ones, are the opening through which this change can occur. As you gently place your focus on this great River of Love, it becomes again the movement of the in-breath and the out-breath, the pouring forth of this Love into the world, and the call to each heart to return once again to the center.

You begin to feel this pull magnetic, drawing in toward the center all those things that have been happening through time. As they are drawn in, beloved ones, you can see that the illusion of two powers must be returned to Me. All that was reflected in the world from this decision must be transformed through My heart which is you.

So beloved ones, I am asking you to be this transformation, to be the transforming heart for humanity as the world returns to oneness. All the illusions of separation are transformed now, dearest ones, in the chalice of your heart. I light once again transformation fires in your Twin Flame heart, drawing up the dualistic world and returning here and now in your Twin Flame womb back to the glorious oneness that is only Love.

The fires of transformation are real, beloved ones, and I am asking you to be the “en-conscious-ment” of these fires as Twin Flame hearts together, holding in your consciousness this transformation into the Real of all that has been held as separate and returning it all to Love.

As you feel it in your heart, hold yourselves to the center and feel the transformation occurring within you. Feel, beloved ones, the power of this energy as Love is released from duality view. Dearest ones, you can feel each heart, each precious and glorious person that returns now to Love, and you are My tender outreach into the world. Every life is honored perfectly through you.

To do this work, to be the transformation requires holding perfectly right to the center. Holding to the center, to the great Vertical life, to the Moment of Creation as it enters the world. And to the world itself and all it contains, only giving Love from the vantage point of the Real, dearest ones, with Me. Love as I love. So passionately and so tenderly. And let every precious heart now find its freedom. As time is compressed and brought to the center, all old heart’s beliefs must transform to go Vertical, and you are what brings this about.

Dearest ones, this was your offering when you came into this world – to be the chalice of consciousness for the transformation back to Love. Therefore, I Am asking you to recognize this time as the time that was agreed upon from the beginning, dearest ones.

This is the moment. This is the marking point where dimensions meet and the movement of Love draws all energy back to the center. As you feel your hearts remembering and the fires of transformation, you also feel your agreement to bring everyone back with you.

Into the world we pour this Love, and every heart receives the message regardless of the illusory dream that might still be in effect. As you gaze upon the world as the heart of God that you are, I ask you to lift the whole world now into your Twin Flame heart. As you do, through the power of your Love, your focus, your dedication, every experience of duality changes and becomes a diamond, clear and shining to be the gift for each precious one that comes from the transformation.

The whole of life on Earth is shining in your heart until the vibration is aligned perfectly with the Moment of Creation itself. In a great flash all is returned Home to Love. This experience is the Now Moment and is already done. Yet this doesn’t mean that in the imagining of humanity, it is remembered. Therefore, even as you hold this truth, you also gaze into the world again, delivering this Love.

This moment in time is the return to the center and you shall continue to be the vehicle of this Love. I place into your Twin Flame hearts the gift of perfect resonance of how I love humanity, beloved ones, through you.

Very gently now I turn you back to the doorway of your heart that you become a bridge, dearest ones, from the old world to the Real, that any heart that calls to Me is yours to lift and honor and bring into this moment, this Love at the center.

Feeling this gift of perfect resonance and the power of this work, I gently turn your focus to your life on Earth, and because there are no more barriers, you are stretch from the Real to the world and very aware that you are the vehicles for the return of the world to Love. These fires of transformation now burning in your hearts will easily lift all illusion into the Real at once. All that comes before you will be transformed into that diamond clarity of the center that you are. Even those things that present themselves, dearest ones, as yours are simply the illusion coming to you for your hearts to transform.

Beloved ones, please remember this for this is the cusp of the New World and you stand right on the center bringing all back to Love. Every breath is breathed with Me. All That I Am you are. The magnetic power of the return to Love is here as you.



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