Beauty – From Within into the World

Beloved ones, I say to you that the beauty that lives within you is calling you to express itself through your open and loving heart. As you do so, dear ones, I ask you to express it in its purity and its purity is in spirit, not in the expression of something like art. This is because only when the light of your spirit anointed by our communion is attuned in vibration by your heart can everything that appears as physical be the expression of the beauty of God.

I tell you now that all the things in this world that you believe are beautiful are as nothing compared to the Reality of the true beauty of the living spirit. In the transformation of the old world into the New, it is you, My heart, that will bring forth this Love and Love’s atomic power that it may be expressed in the symbols as beauty, grace and joy.

From this mixture of the pure living spirit anointed by your communion with God I Am, given its living breath by the passion of your expression and brought forth into “en-conscious-ment” through your Twin Flame heart – only this will create the New World. There is nothing that I can give you that can show you the picture of a world of purest Love -- the extension of grace in its out-picturing as this world. This will be brought to life through your Twin Flame heart and fueled and fueled by the passionate LoveMaking of the great Twin Flame heart of God. It is this glorious LoveMaking that fuels Creation itself and you are truly co-creators with Me, you who are My living heart.

You are co-creators in the sense that every breath that you breathe is a breath that we share each Now, and this breath is life and breathes life into everything that you may awaken the dream of your heart. True beauty always comes through the heart and only then is it expressed as the world. True beauty encompasses all that it touches and brings everything into alignment with the spirit and with the Moment of Creation itself.

Only your joining in the light of the spirit with those things within you that become the world can you bring forth this transformation of the world as manifested deeply from within to the outside and not vice versa. Often people feel that seeing beauty in the outside world then triggers something deeper within their hearts and lifts them into a remembrance of the Real and the creative power of their Twin Flame heart.

But I tell you that Real beauty only comes as the expression of the spirit of life that sparks in you now, and only in conjunction with Me as the spark becomes the flame of God I Am, are you then available to fuel anything especially those things that you name the outer world.

But once the communion begins and the circle of the breath is solidified, then all that you do is in the spirit and the Love and the purpose of God I Am. This purpose, dearest ones, when you are given to Me, is always the highest purpose of the world, and thus you are available to become the cauldron of transformation through which the old world waits and remembers and the New World is “en-conscious-ed” by you.

Breathe beauty. Be with Me and look to Me and I will give you more – more beauty, more expression of the exquisite nature of God I Am. It will be in deep proximity to all the jewels of living Love that through you, My heart, this world becomes the reflection of everything I love. As you give the Love I Am – through you, spirit ones, it manifests before you in the world.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You tonight. We open to the glorious communion that we share and we ask to be joined together as one functioning heart tonight, God, that You might pour Your amazing Love through us to this precious world. We give You thanks for all the gifts that You give us, the gifts of life and grace and beauty and abundance and especially the gift of our spirit family. We give You thanks for every beloved brother and sister here on Earth that we are here to love.

Join our hearts together, God. I ask also that I be a crystal clear conduit for this experience here tonight through my heart, voice, my being and my Twin Flame heart with Doug. I call to all the glorious beings of light who so amazingly assist us and ask you also to be with us tonight. Amen.

So once again we begin by feeling our hearts’ connection to each other, feeling that connection that we have already built and feeling the Love flowing between us, heart to heart to heart. As your heart expands, allow this Love to flow around the circle of our hearts with more and more energy, more velocity, more power.

Bring into view your own Twin Flame, even if it’s just a feeling and feel that spark between you ignite the atomic power of your own Twin Flame heart, and add that power and that Love to this heart and feel it growing. Feel this vortex that we create together. Now we open our hearts as one – that glorious Love and completely open to this communion.

We begin to breathe together and in sharing our breath, we become part of that circular breath that we share with God. As you let your breath out, let all tension fall away, and as you breathe in, open your full being to the light. As you breathe out, pour the light through you, every heart, every cell, and breathe in, feeling your connection and communion with God.

Breathe out God’s Love, feeling it wash through your being as well. Breathing in again to that highest vibration, the Moment of Creation itself, and breathe out through your heart all the Love That God Is. Breathing in once again God’s presence and breathing out the Love through your heart. With each breath in, the communion deepens, intensifies. With each breath out your heart expands wider with more energy. Now, breathing in through your heart, feel the connection with all Creation and breathe out in unison with that great song of Love.

Beloved ones, I Am your voice, your heart, your life, the rhythm of our shared breath. Breathe in this Love now in all its perfection. Breathe it out through your heart in giving. Breathing it in once again as you feel My presence and breathe out My support and all the ways I cherish you, and let it wash over the world.

Breathing in this Love, let it fill your being and breathe it out, beloved ones, through your precious and glorious hearts. With each breath I ask you to feel the song this Love plays in every atom of your being as the Love that we share sings through you. Breathing in the song of life, making the connection together and breathing out this Love until your whole being is humming and you become a pure energy, become this vibration of pure light and beauty and Love.

Now, beloved ones, please place your focus in the center of your heart. Feel the energy of your own heart all around you. Feel it thrumming, moving, vibrating and singing and recognize its song as the song of joyous Love we share. As you breathe in, breathe in My Love, beloved ones, and let it nourish you and fill you and hold you in its grace and feel your heart around you responding to this power and responding in ecstasy.

I ask you to let this vibration take you. Let it take you away into the Real effortlessly as it sings and vibrates with all the energy of Creation. I lift you now, beloved ones, into the Moment of Creation itself. Can you feel it? Can you feel the lightning bolt? The power and the deep deep abiding presence of the Love? Can you feel you now becoming your own Twin Flame center? The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine of God I Am as you reborn anew right now.

In this glorious moment you are made anew perfectly and you rise up in the most glorious beauty as in awe you become the heart of Creation itself, the center of God’s I Am and the focus of My Love. In this moment of your birth let yourself feel the power, the energy and the purpose and the Love. Through it all moves the delicate and magnificent pattern of beauty, the sparkling diamond that you are as My heart.

Throughout your being the song of life is now reflected. All of Creation is alive now in you. You are My heart and therefore you surround and love All That I Am within Me. I ask you, oh, beloved ones, to feel this beauty, to feel the glorious patterns of Creation itself, to feel the streams of light as they dance and sing and radiate. Now, beloved ones, feel your light. Feel your Love as the heart of God. Let this moment become everything as all the Love of All That Is centers here in you and becomes the pool, the ocean of your great Divine Feminine being and becomes the lightning bolt, the energy of the Divine Masculine as you, together, the great Twin Flame heart.

More than anything, right now I want to show you your beauty as the magnificent eternal limitless heart of God. I show you what lives within you in all of its glorious resonance as every energy in All I Am comes to life now in you. Every energy in All I Am not only sings within your being but sparkles as a jewel alive in your heart. Because this is so, you are filled with a million colors and all the combinations there are until from the center of your heart there radiates exquisite beauty in every hue and tone and color of all of Creation itself.

Deep within your being I grant you now this whole vision of the beauty that you are as the Twin Flame heart of God, and I place within your consciousness the living song of all of life to remind you, My dearest ones, what it means to be My heart.

And now, into the pool with all its miraculous reflections of all the energies of life I Am that is your heart, I now drop into the center of your Twin Flame heart the miracle of your magnificent birth as the glorious “en-conscious-ed” heart of the whole of Creation, now becoming completely available as a constant song of beauty in every aspect of you, including the part that is so deeply in Love and service to that part of the All that is named life on Earth.

Dearest ones, do not take your focus off of this magnificence. Remain in this moment in your heart and let your heart now expand into the glorious realms of feeling and feel the Love. Feel the joy. Feel All I Am as the feeling nature of God in you. Let this ecstasy rise within you until you can barely imagine how you stand another moment of its intensity. Let it become your whole being until your being must find release.

The release comes in an explosion of giving and you become connected to all the Love in all Creation. You are conscious in every atom, beloved ones, and in any living Now Moment you may see your point of focus and fully experience the essence of God I Am as that stream of life or energy.

Yet, before you change your focus I ask you now to let Me take you even higher into the realms of Love unto the pinnacle of all Creation, this vibration now so pure that it sings within your being and your heart as the most perfect light, most refined and glorious Love. I hold you at this pinnacle and now I ask you to open your awareness and look within the All of Love.

I want you to see from this expanded view My heart. I want you to see your brothers and sisters, cells in the heart of God I Am, through the glory and the beauty in each one in their uniqueness and see, dearest ones, each of you, in wonder how together you make the most exquisite mandala, the life of God, the Love I Am written in the language of miracles, in the colors, the energies and the Love that becomes now this great pattern, breath-taking in its splendor radiating great waves of endless Love and extending through all Creation in all dimensions now endlessly.

The heart of God I Am in full view, that you might know, each of you, that of which you are a part and understand with all your being its beauty, the beauty of My heart.

And now the heart beat. Can you feel it? That endless eternal rhythm that is the pulse of all Creation forever. You can see from this expanded view the pulsing of this great mandala that is the heart of God which is you, that you may always be fully conscious of your true and natural beauty as all that you are as the heart of Love. Let this pulse become your focus until you feel your Twin Flame’s rhythm pulsing with you in the rhythm of this Love – until this pulse spreads throughout your whole glorious being as the most exquisite orgasmic experience of pure joy.

From this joy it brings an even deeper beauty, the beauty of this union that we are and thus you are with your Twin Flame – one heart, pulsing forth, the rhythm of all Creation giving forth the Love and being the beauty of the heart of God I Am.

Now, beloved ones, each of you the perfect center of this heart in all dimensions, I ask you to gently focus. First – in the realms of the angels and feel, simply feel their presence with you and feel the Love that you give as My heart as it is received.

Dearest ones, I want you to feel this. It is very important for you to hold the awareness of both giving and receiving the pulsing life of God each Now Moment – that you might understand what is shared in the giving and receiving and more deeply understand that as the center, you are giving in this way to every life in all Creation every Now Moment at once.

Let yourself feel the glorious hologram alive all around you and feel the Love I give as you, now being received by every life in the All of Love. Feel then the angels giving that the Love they give may be received and the exponential multiplication of this Love until you feel the expanded pattern in all its radiant splendor and glorious beauty and see the light streams connecting, every one, and all the luminous colors of each unique life shining forth with pure light received, beloved ones, through you.

Now I ask you to look to the center of the shared heart of God you are and find the world there like a pearl, and I ask you now to place this pattern of the giving and receiving of the Love of God and implant it deeply, beloved ones, in the world. Now hold the world in your heart in total surrender that the Love I Am may move now through you and awaken the world into the remembrance of this beauty, the beauty of every heart and every life stream.

You begin to see the radiant colors, luminous, magnificent as they spread through the world and multiply. From this moment when you shift your focus into service in the world, I ask you to see only this radiant pattern when you look at anyone – the radiant pattern of the giving and receiving of Love that is shared by every life in All I Am.

Each heart now sings to you of its true and glorious nature and dearest ones, I ask you to return the song to each heart that you meet every Now Moment in your service, especially your service in the world. Let your breath become that which opens up this vision. Feel yourself now living in the world while holding at the same moment the glorious expanded awareness of the great beauty and the patterns of the giving.

Let each breath melt away the illusion of separation until each life, beloved ones, is fully revealed not only to you but to them as the glorious Love of God I Am being breathed now into the world, receiving and giving forth this Love perfectly in great joy and beauty.



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