Becoming Present

Beloved ones, the whole world is waiting for you to free it -- not only humankind, but every life stream, every energy that is present here in the world. All of them are waiting for the freedom that you can bring through the power of your awakening in the living Now Moment, into consciousness and heart.

You will find that there are many who, having understood the truth of the Now Moment – that there is no past and no future but only the present – will encourage you to become present by focusing on the physical world, being present with what you find all around you as life on Earth. But I, beloved ones, ask you to go beyond this, to recognize that the barriers to the Real have fallen. I ask you to be present with the whole Vertical axis of Creation, because all of this is available to you in this living Now Moment.

Your consciousness and your heart, your Twin Flame heart, is so creative that when you awaken from the dream of duality, the dream of a limited human life, it is your potential to become the catalyst for the awakening of every stream of life that has been caught in this pocket of reversal.

Yet, I understand that you need something to connect the Now Moment awareness and you need a way to begin to experience life totally through heart perception. So as you begin to breathe the Vertical breath and to bring yourself fully present, allow yourself to begin to experience the holographic nature of all life. Starting with that which appears to be present in the physical world, if you allow yourself to be present also, open to the Real, you will experience every life stream as spherical and inclusive. Every life as a living hologram in which all of it is fully present with every other life in all Creation, in All That Is.

Every single life form, every life stream, every energy that you find here on Earth when you are choosing to be present, every single one of them is a full and rich and glorious doorway into the living whole, into the great hologram of Creation. Our communion is possible because I Am fully present everywhere. So too is this true of every electron and every atom, every life stream, every consciousness. Every beat of every heart is interwoven into the living All because each is fully present. Present at the Moment of Creation, present in relationship with All That Is.

So the energy of the life streams, beloved one, that are participating in life on Earth are trapped by the limited perception of the pocket of reversal. They are held here as frozen Love until full consciousness is regained, and until there is the reconnection with the one great beating heart. Until there is the release from the frozen nature of life on Earth, every life stream is included here in that which has been reversed. But the moment that you, beloved ones, as the heart of God remembering, become full present with any stream of life, as long as you are alive to the experience of the glorious exploding Now Moment, and recognize that presence in every other stream of life – right then you give them their freedom.

So you have the power to not only free yourselves but to also free every other energy that is suspended here in reversal. It is as always simply the reconnection with God I Am that brings the freedom. So as you know yourself as connected to the Moment of Creation, as the heart of God, then your consciousness as God frees every life that you touch to remember itself as God I Am also, and to reclaim the fluidity of Love.

When you become present in the Now Moment, My beloved one(s), you become the Twin Flame torch that truly heats up what has been frozen, simply by the power of your attention. The moment you are fully present, you are bringing forth the explosion of light and all of its heat and movement and ecstasy and all of its truth of living exploding Love. By your focus you are directing it anywhere you place your attention, thus, creating a true exchange of recognition. God becoming aware of God. Fully present, alive in the Now Moment, in the great holographic communion of life.

You are returning everything to its molten state, to living Love and bringing freedom to all life on Earth. So, beloved ones, I want you to know that every life stream, every energy that is here on Earth with you is anxiously awaiting your awakening into the Real, into the Now Moment, into the Vertical. Your great and glorious shout of “Hallelujah,” of freedom, of the orgasmic connection of Twin Flame Love will wash over each one of them and bring freedom, freedom from the limited belief of life on Earth, returning everything to the ecstasy of the Moment of Creation and the Real fluidity and flexibility of life.

As you bring yourself into full awareness of the living Now Moment, beloved ones, let your touchstone be that which is present as life on Earth, that which seems to be present in the Now you are experiencing. Then, open even further, moving up the Vertical axis and making connections with the unlimited Real and allowing the truth of Love I Am to direct you and to be the Love that knows itself in and as you and opens the way.

Knowing that you of your ego self can do nothing to bring this freedom, be available for Me to live as you and then to bring into focus, into the communion with your Twin Flame heart the Real life, the Real energies all along the Vertical axis and into the great All of Creation. You become fully aware of all that is present in the glorious Now and reclaim that great opening, the full experience of every dimension and the full expression of the Twin Flame you are, Making Love.

We shall truly be the deep honoring of every life stream so profoundly and with such dedication that every precious life knows itself instantly as God I Am, and knows its place, its connection with all Creation. You become the “en-conscious-ment” of Twin Flame Love held perfectly in this glorious Now Moment. Through your living heart you are the pulsing Love, so electric, so magnificent, All That Is, sparking to full awareness every electron of Love through your Twin Flame heart. Then, as you walk forth in the world, you will experience the world truly as your lover because nothing remains physical.

Every molecule with you is blended, becoming one, truly Making Love and moving forth from the Moment of Creation so that every expression of life shares itself with you and your atoms are blended. As you remember the truth of your true nature as the Twin Flame heart, you will deliver to every life stream the message of My perfect Love and the message of its role, its purpose in Creation. Through you, through the heart of God, My Message of pure Love becomes embodied by every life stream in All That Is.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You and invite You in to our lives. We ask You to pour forth Your Love tonight in us and through us to bless this precious world. We say “Yes” to Love, and in ever deeper and greater way. Beloved God, I ask You to use me as the conduit for this experience of communion, of joy and of giving, and I give You thanks for the incredible gift of this spirit family, these shared hearts. Most of all, for our Love and for our service here on Earth. Amen.

Let us all begin by connecting our hearts together, opening our heart and extending our glorious heart perception to touch and make connections with every other person here tonight. As we feel our hearts connect, with every connection we can feel the energy, the vibration, raising up, elevating. The heart we share grows ever more beautiful as we all come together as a living functioning heart, a conduit for God’s Love to bless this precious world.

Once again we are aware of how much of the world we are covering through the opening of this heart. In our hearts we feel the reverence for every precious life on Earth. We feel the Love as it moves through us, honoring everyone. We also now feel the energy circulating among us, clockwise, heart-to-heart, creating a living vortex, a generator of Love that amplifies the Love of God and always makes it more.

Now, retaining the awareness of this heart that we share let us all breathe together. Let your breath out, take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, let all tension fall away. Breathe in again, and as you breathe out, open yourself completely to breathe in God’s Love and to breathe it out again. Breathe in God’s Love, filling your whole being, and breathe it out through your heart. As you breathe in, your heart expands, becoming wider, more open. As you breathe out, this glorious Love pulses through your heart.

As you breathe in again, feel your heart coming alive, and as you breathe out, you can feel your heart vibrating and tingling. As you breathe in again, you begin to feel a communion. As you breathe out, now Love breathes you. Love breathes you in, and Love breathes you out. Beloved ones, you now become the movement of Love. Love breathes you in and you expand in all of your glory. Love breathes you out, and blesses the world.

As you breathe in again, focus once more on your heart, and breathe out the Love now in a great breath of giving. Breathe in the light and open your heart even wider and breathe out the Love, giving it forth once again. As you breathe in again, your heart expands way beyond your body and becomes a living pulsing energy, pulsing Real Love. With every breath, beloved one, feel your heart expanding. Every breath out is the delivery of the River of living Love.

Now as you breathe in again, place your focus at the center and allow your heart to draw you gently down into it. As your consciousness floats softly on a feather, it gently approaches your heart as the doorway to the Real. As your heart opens, all you can feel is the glorious power of Love. You are within the chamber, the cathedral, of your heart. The great beam of living Love, pure, clear and beautiful washes you and opens you to this perfect Now Moment and you are bathed in light…so pure, so powerful, so magnificent that it opens you completely to the vibration of Real Love.

You are showered with the golden white shower of Creation. The River of Life washes through you and opens your heart even further. As your heart opens, beloved ones, each of you, remembers that you are to Me like a flower, opening to the sun. As you open, beloved ones, you can feel My presence joining you in sweet communion and through your being whispers, “God and I are One.” Yet, in this beautiful oneness, we also know each other and this is the gift of remembering, a gift of your miraculous heart.

We are so close. We are one breath, one Love and one heart beat. So close that your consciousness is blended perfectly with Me. So close that this deep communion happens from within you and in the center of your being our unity beats.

And now, I gently open you even further. With tenderness, with gentle Love I open up your heart until your heart is stretched wide wide open, and we are joined in the center. You can feel Me feeding you, feeding you pure Love. I pour My Love for you directly into your being and I ask you, beloved one, let it wash through you and bring joy to your glorious heart. Your heart rises up in rejoicing as it knows this communion, and it fills with a deep remembrance, “God and I are One.”

Into this opening I bring you My reverence for you and I pour into you My deep awareness of your value to Me – how perfectly we together are exploding forth into All That Is My heart. You are My heart and I Am giving Love through you. I pour My loving acceptance like a balm into your being. It washes you with awareness that you are living Love. Your heart now remembers, precious one, its true Vertical nature and remembers the cosmic DNA that is your Twin Flame Love. This Love washes all the way through the expanse of your glorious being, all the way in your life on Earth connecting all of your dimensions, your richness, all that you are as Love.

Into your heart on Earth I bring this life, beloved one, and ask you to accept your worthiness of My Love. In this silence, feel your heart opening even further and My Love washing through it like rain on the petals of the flower of your heart and in this moment we ask your heart to bring forth any sense of being unworthy of this Love. We draw it forth into the Real and reconnect it to the Moment of Creation, that it be transformed into total acceptance of the whole of My Love.

As you are aware of the whole Vertical axis of your being, beloved one, I ask you to be a conduit now for this cherishing Love I give you, for all the ways that I cherish humanity and hold each heart in reverence. Let yourself begin to deliver this pure unconditional Love. Can you feel it washing through you? and pouring forth through your heart? In cherishing remembrance of each precious one, and as it washes through your being, it washes every atom and brings it back to pure remembrance of its perfection in Me.

As you turn your powerful focus to delivering this Love, let yourself feel how it keeps washing through you and blessing you as well. Every cell, every atom, every electron of your glorious being knows itself as Love perfectly, knows itself worthy of this Love, knows itself cherished forever. Unconditionally, always, and your heart rushes forth to deliver this same Love to others.

Oh, beloved ones, it is almost universal on Earth that My beloved ones feel unworthy of My Love, and this reversal, this message must now be transformed – that every human heart knows, every one, that it is perfect to Me. As you feel this gift of releasing each heart from fear, you feel what it means to be a conduit of perfect unconditional Love.

As you continue to be aware, beloved ones, of the glorious River of Life, washing you, feeding you, enlivening you, and delivering My Love, you can feel it gently dancing through your holographic being, through the great and glorious awareness that is your consciousness, and the magnificent generator that is your Twin Flame heart. Your heart now rejoices. Can you feel the rising exuberance as at last you reclaim your full awareness of your true value to Me?

This deep communion that we share, dearest ones, is where every particle of your whole glorious being is receiving My Love. Breathe in My presence. Breathe in this sweet communion. Breathe in and open in acceptance of all the Love that I have to give you.

Now, recognize that you are both consciousness and heart and expand your awareness even further now into the Real of Love, while all the while, maintaining the conduit that you are for delivering to all life on Earth their value to Me. Let each heart now feel its worthiness while you are fully aware, aware in the Real, aware of life on Earth. Your awareness is vast and spherical and includes everything. It is easy now for each of you to be vibrating at the highest level, at the very vibration, beloved ones, of the Moment of Creation itself and also, aware of All That Is, the wholeness of all Creation.

Also you can be aware of life on Earth as included in this Love. As your awareness becomes all inclusive, limitless, there is the unity and true circulation of the energy of Love. As this energy now circulates throughout the vast wholeness of your being, you begin to be aware, beloved one, of life on Earth as an embryo in your Twin Flame womb.

Now, you are aware of your vast and eternal nature as a great cosmic being, each of you, as a functioning cell in My heart. This embryo that is life on Earth is yours to love perfectly and from this moment on, each precious heart on Earth is the Christ child given birth by you. You, as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, the Twin Flame womb of Creation, giving birth now to full awareness for each precious life on Earth of their perfection, of their value, of all that they are as living unconditional Love.

Yes, you are also aware of the great matrix of light that is the interconnectedness of all Creation, all that I Am as Love. You can see and feel the heart beat, the one heart beat of Creation aligned perfectly with the Moment of Creation and beating in everything, one heart beat appearing in all streams of light, all the perfect expression of All That Is within My being.

Every one draws forth from you great waves of reverence for every life is holy and precious to Me.

And now, beloved ones, come back again to our sweet and intimate communion, spreading your heart wide open that it receives you again. I deliver to you My honoring of you, of all that you are in your uniqueness and I ask you to fully receive this, receive how much I love you, receive how much I love you. Let it wash through your whole being until you feel it reflected before you in your Twin Flame Love and feel how deeply I cherish you and how perfect you are to Me, and how totally worthy of receiving this Love you are, dearest ones.

I open you now to Real abundance as vast as the whole cosmos, and I ask you to accept that you are worthy of the abundance of God I Am. Deep in your heart say “YES” and feel your worthiness and know that as you hold this for yourself, you hold it for all of humanity as well.

Now, as you turn your powerful attention back into life on Earth, pour forth this Love for Me with such dedication, such a movement of Love that you bring to every life its remembrance that it is worthy of My Love and worthy of My abundance. Know in your heart that I ask you to raise up the consciousness to transform any last old beliefs of unworthiness of My Love. Feel this powerful vibration, this Message of how much I love each one and pour it forth through your heart, connecting now with your Twin Flame’s Love and amplify and deliver this vibration of worthiness for Me.



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