Being the Bridge for the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Beloved ones, let Me speak to you today about life force, about this River of Life that flows unerringly from Me that nourishes your glorious being, kisses every cell of your body and rejoices with every atom in its Twin Flame Love. When your whole being is alive in this ecstasy, there can be no room for an illusion of pain. No room for the shadow dance of a world of duality but rather, only the experience of Real Twin Flame Love.

Twin Flame Love is a part of the glorious cosmos that is ever and always in union, experiencing the movement and the merging and the exploding forth that comes from the great engine of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. This occurs always in ecstasy and the living grace that is the truth of Love as My only fiat that goes forth every Now forever. It speaks intimately into every precious heart and infuses all life with this consciousness.

So what I am bringing to you is a merging of energies, an awakening of awareness that brings to you new symbols for birthing the New World, new containers to use for giving the Love of which you are made and giving the perfection that you are in Me, so that perfection can be that which you receive.

I have brought to you this new awareness of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies alive within your atoms as Real Twin Flame hearts, and I want you to embrace that a new form of transformation of the symbols of body is the infusion of Twin Flame Love that will magnetize the atoms and get them moving once again. They will become truly generators of Love. Any time that the atoms of your body have become reversed, they look outside of themselves for their explanation, for their reason for life. Seeing a picture of a physical world or getting that information, they become part of this reversal of Love.

Therefore, they begin this process of becoming frozen because the Twin Flame generators in them have stopped pumping. They have stopped pumping Love and instead ceased to take Love, to look for it somewhere outside and to somehow take it in. You already know deep in your heart that only giving brings the alignment with the Moment of Creation and the power of Love.

Always there have been those who have brought this awareness in some ways to Earth. I would like to ask you to move it beyond where it has been and to bring it into alignment with this awakening of Love. I add to this awareness of the atoms as Twin Flame hearts and the awareness also of your ability to communicate with them, and your experiences, beloved ones, of the Vertical life. Also, of the glorious Twin Flame heart in the Real.

I braid this all together in you through your heart to create a new expression of using magnetic presence, using the awakened heart to bring alignment to those expressions that have become the world around you, that they might quickly make the shift into reflecting Twin Flame Love – Real Love that is always dynamic and fluid and gloriously present and magnificently available to power this whole world instantly in every Now Moment, again and again, because this is who you are.

So illusion cannot even exist when you live as Creation itself, when you allow the Divine Feminine to totally become you and are simply allowing this glorious Love to live you. Oh, beloved ones, for all of you, this is the most exciting part – when you hold the truth of Love so strongly that nothing, nothing can sway you, and nothing can make you believe that anything else has any power. Therefore, as I have said to you so many times, there is nothing to overcome, nothing to transform into Love, beloved ones, because Love is all there is. There is truly nothing else.

All the work that we’ve done on Tuesday nights has prepared you for this, beloved ones, because you understand now what it means to be the living breathing bridge, and you also understand, beloved ones, My miracle that when you are aware in the Real, there is nothing that isn’t this Love. You can feel it, live it, be it so perfectly, so carefully, careful in the sense that you are loving precious hearts, hearts that may still see themselves as part of the illusion, but from the Real it is always obvious that they too are only Love.

So it is time now to begin to manifest these deep understandings, these experiences of vibration, of glorious Real Love here on Earth. Here on Earth is all there is. So please hold to your experiences, beloved ones, on Tuesday nights and your experiences here in meditation so that nothing else can ever stand between you because you are this Twin Flame Love and every moment now you are holding the truth.

So what this is, is the going forth of the great rays of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as the magnetic presence of the heart of God I Am, coming now with your help into the world. As you join your breath with the living breath of the Moment of Creation itself, I am asking you to become Love’s Message and to see only Love everywhere, only Love and nothing else.

I am calling you back into the closest Love with Me so that there can be no separation at all, no separation that allows you to believe in the ego self or in a life that could include suffering and pain. Rather, it is time to be so immersed in this Love that I Am here as you and you are breathing Me. I Am All There Is and no one from the outside can convince you of anything else, because I Am That I Am. I Am Love and nothing else.

So not only are you experiencing your Twin Flame Love in the Real, but you are, beloved ones, bringing it into the world. Just as you experience, beloved ones, on Tuesday nights, it is important that you see and hold this energy while touching the illusion of Love and something else. As you can hold the illusion of unreality while fully embodying Love, especially Twin Flame Love being lived here on Earth, you are offering the most important of all bridges and together we will create a bridge that can be used by others to connect to the one breath of the living Love I Am, to open the Twin Flame heart. From the Real we will express the Love, breathe Love in and out and to use that Love to touch everything that has been presented as reversed by the ego and watch it as Love reveals the truth.

I will show you how you truly become the one breath, the breathing life of All That Is and how this living breath is also Twin Flame Love, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and how this breathing connection to the living whole becomes the key to the Vertical blending, the key to bringing everything into alignment with the great hologram of life and to become an inclusive magnet. This is you. A magnet to magnetize that which has been reversed, to magnetize it back into alignment with the Moment of Creation and the ecstatic explosion of joy.



Beloved God, we come to You tonight with a deep “Yes” in our hearts, opening our hearts, our minds, our whole being to Your Love, and acknowledging that this Love is also who and what we are. We ask You, God, to use these hearts as a living conduit for your Love to bless this precious world. Assist us to live our lives in giving, in alignment with You. I ask tonight that You use this heart, this voice, this body, this being as a conduit for this experience, this shared experience in You. Amen

Let us begin as we always do making the wonderful connection with each other. So as you open your heart, open it outward until you begin to feel each other’s energy, feel each other’s Love and feel the energy moving among us, clockwise, building, creating of our hearts together a glorious living vortex, a true living heart that God can use to bless the Earth.

As we feel this Love pouring through us, we also feel the harmony among us. We feel the vibration of pure Love as it streams within our being. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for this precious opportunity to serve Love on Earth, to be in the world but not of it because we are God.

Now we also begin to attune to the one living breath of All, breathing with it, attuning with it and letting it begin to breathe us as well. So as you let your breath out and you breathe deeply in, feel the Love moving through you as you breathe out again. As you breathe in, your whole body is filled with light. As you breathe out, all tension falls away. As you breathe in again, your heart is opening to the greater light. As you breathe out, you begin to feel Love moving through you.

Breathing in, you open your heart wider and wider. Breathing out, feel the Love as it is pouring outward through your heart. Breathing in again, feel the Moment of Creation touch you. As you breathe out, you are the living heart of God. As you breathe in again, notice your heart opening. As you breathe out, it is like a living flower made of light. As you breathe in again begin to place your focus fully in your heart. As you breathe out, let your heart become your awareness.

As we continue to breathe in the Love and let Love breathe itself outward through you, you also connect with the breathing life of All That Is, the one great holy breath of God. Now, beloved ones, as you breathe again, place your focus ever so gently in the center of your glowing heart. Let your consciousness very softly fall down inward, into the glowing vortex of your magnificent heart.

As your awareness penetrates the great cosmic flower of your heart, let it begin to speak to you of Real Love. You are standing in the center of this great whirling flower of living Love that is your own magnificent heart. You can feel the Love washing through you, in and out in a great rush of giving. With every movement of Love through you, you are lifted higher into the light and the ecstasy begins. You can feel it washing through you and you begin to remember how it is in Me.

In Me, the All of Love, you are the center of the breath, the center of all movement is the center of your heart. Your heart now knows itself as the center of the cosmos and you are lifted through the doorway of your living Twin Flame heart into the Real of Love. The first thing that you notice is the song within your heart, how joy washes through you and you continue to be lifted up, and with every upward motion, you open out again – the great heart of Love unfolding, remembering the truth.

I ask you to allow yourself to feel this motion as you open and open and open to all that you are. As you open in the center is the Twin Flame spirit, wrapped together in the glorious helix of life, reaching like flames entwined into the highest purest vibration of Love. Listen, listen with your heart, beloved ones, each of you remembers this note that I Sing, and feel it singing in the center of your heart. The vibration of purest Love, of the elixir of life.

Let yourself open to receive from Me this pure vibrating substance of immaculate Love. Can you feel it? Coming into you, washing through your being, rushing through you like ecstasy itself? Every atom of your being is singing out “Yes” as it tremors with the life force of this pure and perfect Love. Your whole being is alive, accepting the gift of life in its perfection, in its miracle, in its mystery, in the Love.

And now I open you ever wider and merge your hearts with Me until you recognize together that We Are One and the same. Flowing outwards into the cosmos you wrap all with your Love and pour outward from your center this pure elixir of life. Every life within you – you feel its breathing. Every Twin Flame atom is yours to love. You embrace all Creation, holding it within you. You are the All of Love. You are All I Am.

How you love each precious life, each movement of Love within you! Each glorious Twin Flame heart, each song of life, each stream of light – all are yours to cherish. You wrap them, wrap them, wrap them tenderly in your Love. As you look within this wholeness, you are the whole of God and burning deep within you is your Twin Flame Love. The movement of Creation begins in your center and reaches up within you and touches your heart.

Suddenly you are exploding forth in ecstasy again as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine come together in you. You can hear once again this perfect vibration that is the vibration of the Moment of Creation itself. You hold this vibration, hold it now within you, listening, feeling it, embracing it with your heart. Feeling the living hologram, breathing in this Love. This vibration of perfect Love is now washing to All That Is, alive in you. All that is within you reaches for this life. Your heart expands and once again, you are in relationship.

Now you are the heart of God and beloved one, I see you. Once again through the heart we relate to each other. Deep within your consciousness, you are aware of our oneness and in your heart, you are in joy in our relationship to each other. How it feels to dance this Love, to dance it forth in every way… to be it and to love it as My heart, beloved one. Through you I Am given the greatest of all gifts, the gift of relationship to All That Is within Me.

So I ask you now, beloved ones, my precious heart, to be this connection and to give forth this Love, to be that which I showed you, embracing the whole and loving every precious life that is alive within it. This is who you are, as the heart of Love. As you feel the living cosmic breath, breathing through the whole, you feel this Love I give you, waiting to be given, and you feel your Twin Flame’s presence.

As you open to this Love you become the living womb of God, the heart I Am. Do you feel the Love taking root? You are pregnant with this life and it grows and builds within you, until it is ready to go forth. Suddenly exploring forth, it pours forth from your heart as washes all Creation with My full and tender Love. I give to you this greatest gift of loving All within Me, and of being the portal through which Creation sees this Love.

As you feel your heart, your Twin Flame heart open to this vibration, the seed of life is planted once more within you. The great and beautiful flower that is your Twin Flame heart is fertilized again by the Moment of Creation itself and you are the living explosion as Love is multiplied and goes forth to live through you as God I Am.

Now, beloved ones, cells of My heart, gift of the living whole, I turn your precious focus back to life on Earth and ask you now to view it from the Real of Love and to feel how much you love it as the heart of God I Am. Let your heart fully connect with this world you see as you gaze with Me into the pocket of duality -- in Me, as Me, of Me, as the heart of pure Love.

I ask you to feel how I Feel as I Love the world. As I love each life, as I love each precious heart, as I love each atom and electron. All of it is My life for nothing can exist that is not Me, that is not part of this Love. Thus it is ever part of you and always yours to love.

From the Real with the golden light of Divine Feminine and the white light of Divine Masculine, I ask you to wrap the world in the power of Twin Flame Love, to wrap it in gold and white and now, to bless it as you see now within you, as you saw all life before us… You are in the Real, secure in the Love and gently the Love moves through your heart to bless every life as this gold and white light. You remain in the Real as you look upon life on Earth, and feel it come into a alignment with the vibration of truth.

Can you feel it beginning to change? Aligning with the Love? As you hold the vibration of living Love, the Moment of Creation IS YOU. You come as the gift of life eternal, blessing the world forever with your Twin Flame Love.

Now I ask you from the Real once more to make connection with the point of focus that is your body in the world, yet remain in the Real, beloved ones. This is very important that you can be the Love, feel the world, but all from the Real that your vibration remains the magnet that will align the world to you. Can you feel the tenderness? Can you feel the reverence for everyone? Can you feel how deeply you love each life as the heart of God I Am?

As you gaze upon life in the world, allow yourself to view all types of people and allow yourself to recognize the Love within them all and how from the Real, what is done on Earth never touches the Love you feel for it is as seen through a mist and nothing is Real but the power of this Love that you bring.

Now into the world I ask you to pour the vibration that you felt before, beloved one, at the Moment of Creation itself. That purity, that perfect Love is yours to give. And as you give it, feel your heart and how very much you love. Now placing your focus also on your body in the world, I ask you to see every atom. Every atom shall be revealed. As you see it, feel the community, the community of atoms and electrons and feel their longing, beloved ones, for alignment with the Real.

Feel their alignment as they reach for you, the heart of God in the Real, and now wash them with this Love, this blessing, knowing you are their nourishment. Feel them vibrating perfectly at the vibration of purest Love as that which was your body becomes a Real awakened life. Awakened Love shining, and oh, the heart, the heart as the center of the star field of atoms and electrons, yet all the while, I ask you to see this from the Real so that you can hold this vibration of purest Love I Am.

As you hold this vibration, feel the response from every atom and electron that once was a body of frozen Love but now is free and flowing and truly alive to the Real. Now, moving your focus outward, begin to connect to the others, touching each life as you find it, from the Real of Love, as My heart. Deeply embrace every life. The moment you do you can feel it. You can feel the adjustment in vibration and you can feel the realignment with Love.

As you move your focus further outward, oh, beloved ones, each of you becomes the heart of God I Am, bringing the world back to Love. Each life that you embrace always shall respond, because every atom and electrons knows the truth of this vibration of perfect Love. You begin now to encompass the whole world in your glorious heart and you can actually feel every heart on Earth responding to this vibration of Love.

How it fills your being with ecstasy as you open into the Real again! Your heart is full of the celebration because All I Am knows itself as only Love once again. Lifting upward on shining wings of light, your heart rises once again to the pinnacle and feels the vibration of perfect Love indelibly etched in your being and shining forth in your Twin Flame heart as your perfect and unique pattern as the heart of God, giving Love every Now Moment always.

You are resting in the All of Love and that which was a world of separation is resting now within you in perfect alignment once again.



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