Being the Conscious Center of the Hologram of Love

In the center of the hologram of Creation there lies the heart, the living Christ, the central light, the magnet of My Love, that by its glorious presence, by its magnetic quality of Love draws around it all the particles of living light and makes of them a single cohesive whole. It makes of them a living dance of life that is full of harmony because it is answering the central call of Love. In the hologram of Creation every particle is felt. Every particle of Love magnetizes around it its own hologram, its sphere of influence around the center point, the flame, the spark of living Love that once again becomes the magnet of a hologram, a living sphere of life.

So it is that all Creation is these living spheres of Love, each of them with a center point, each with a living Twin Flame heart around which revolves all the Creation that vibrates at that resonance. And so Creation is these living spheres, these holograms of Love and life moving within each other, each moving within their magnetic center in a perfect and glorious expression of all that is perfection -- the perfection of Love and consciousness and the glory of magnetic vibration. Each living core, each Christ heart has its vibrational signature and magnetizes around itself a cosmos of living Love.

You, dearest ones, beloved Twin Flame hearts, the living heart of God I Am, each of you is a unique expression. You are those center points, each of you as a Twin Flame heart. You are the Christ, the living spark, the heart flame, the magnet around which is meant to revolve a cosmos of living Love of your vibration, reflecting and expressing the glory of your great Twin Flame heart in the splendor of the dance of Creation as it comes forth again every Now.

As you discover your own hearts, beloved ones, and discover the power, the magnetic presence of your Love, you will begin to see your own cosmos evolving out of the law of magnetics into the expression of the presence of God I Am in everything, equally, perfectly the expression of Creation making more of itself, of Love being multiplied, of giving birth through the living Christ heart. Even though your little mind cannot explain this exquisite order of the cosmos of Creation, as Love makes more of itself, you know through the symbols even of this world what it takes to give birth, dearest ones. That is to come together in Love and express heart Love -- to hold within your Twin Flame womb Love so precious, and incubate it and cherish it and heat it up and rejoice in it until it has to emerge as something new, as the center of a magnetic burst of Love that becomes the living presence of your Christ heart and its creative expression.

Only with the magnetic center of a living Christ heart can humanity fully appear, giving birth to itself into the cosmos of Love, out of the pocket of reversal. You who are these Christed hearts, these hearts that are coming awake to the power and the presence of your Twin Flame heart in the act of creation itself – it is YOU whom I need to be this magnetic center, each of you holding a sphere of Love around you in place.

Each of you must become the sun to your solar system, the Twin Flame heart to the cosmos of your Love so that you can now become a glorious and living presence, a magnetic Twin Flame heart, becoming the center point of Love. By your Love, by your magnetic presence, by the pulsing of your Twin Flame heart and by your connection with the Moment of Creation, you are giving birth to a magnet of joy that will draw to it the particles of Love and create of life on Earth a hologram full of holographic spheres of living Love, each with a center that is a Christed heart.

It is totally up to you, beloved ones, to provide that focal point of living Love that will allow the background/foreground shift to occur without everything that is a part of this illusion of life on Earth flying apart in all different directions as the shift occurs. There has to be the living magnet that will keep it all together. What is going to occur is a glorious dance of sphere after sphere after sphere of Love all being held in attunement by a glorious Christed heart – a heart that is awake to its potential to be the pulsing beacon of My Love, to hold the heart flame of the Moment of Creation as the magnetic center of that which is drawn around you. That which is drawn now becomes the reflection of the purity and the beauty of your Love.

You are giving birth to the results of your LoveMaking as a glorious Christed Twin Flame heart. Now that you understand this, and that, as the background/ foreground shift occurs, there must be these magnetic centers in place to hold the particles of this pocket, this sphere that has been the reversal of Love, to hold all of the elements, each vibrational presence firmly in the vibration of Love – giving an identity as living Love to each and every life stream, every particle that is drawn to you, and holding it magnetized to Love, as the shift occurs.

Therefore, beloved ones, it is of critical importance that you focus every moment on this Love that you awaken in yourself, the deep remembrance of the Moment of Creation, of your Twin Flame womb, and of the beacon of Love you are meant to hold, planting it in your Twin Flame womb and growing it through the magnetic presence of your Love.

So every day I ask you, beloved ones, to fire up the magnetic presence of your heart, your great and glorious and surrendered Twin Flame heart as the vehicle for giving birth to this spark of life, to the creation, to the center point of the Love I Am as it is expressed here by you. Yet, knowing that your Twin Flame heart is always creative, beloved ones, you also know that by allowing My Love to live you every Now, that something totally new can appear through you every Now Moment forever. Because of this, I Am able to keep expanding the expression of what Love is meant to be, here as the world, as all the hearts that are remembering that they too are the center of a cosmos, of a living hologram of Love.

So it is time for every Twin Flame heart to take responsibility for your sphere, your sphere of influence, that living energy field that is around you every Now. Every particle of life within it, within that sphere of Love around you is yours, beloved ones, to magnetize, to assemble, to create from a brand new Love, another life, another cosmos, another evolution that is your gift to Creation.

Each will be unique in its expression of your beauty, of your countenance as the Twin Flame heart of God, the living Christ expressing Love, and by the law of magnetics becoming center of an evolution of a hologram within the hologram of Love. And oh, beloved ones, as you become conscious of your sphere of influence, of your hologram of Love, of that which is created out of the resonance of your heart and revolves and evolves around you, drawn to your powerful center – that sphere is your expression of the creative power of Twin Flame Love. It is the exuberant birth and the nature of your Love.


The StarGate That Is the Heart of God I Am “In the center of your awareness is a great whirling and pulsing StarGate that is the heart of God I Am, the heart of all Love, and this great and glorious opening is whirling like a spiral made up of pulsing, brilliant, living stars of light. In the center is the point of light that is the center of it all, the very seed of Creation, of consciousness and Love, and you are swept up in this amazing beauty. It is like a magnet, beloved ones, to your open and seeking heart…

Beloved God, thank You for the miracle of Your Love, of our hearts, of the transformation that is taking place here on Earth. Thank You for the honor of being here to serve You in the awakening of all these precious and glorious hearts. God, tonight we come to You and ask You to use our Love, use our hearts in every way to bless this world, to lift it up, to transform it back to only Love. Join us together and assist us to amplify this Love. I ask You, God, to use my heart, my voice, my life, my being, my Twin Flame heart with Doug tonight and always in service to this Love. Amen.

Let us begin by joining our hearts together, acknowledging how deeply we can feel each other’s hearts and how our hearts speak into each other, joined in this miracle of Love. As our hearts are joined and we are bathed in this Love together, let us create of our hearts a living vortex, a shared heart through which perfect Love now pours to magnetize this world back to Love. Let us also feel the energy traveling between us, moving clockwise around this shared and glorious heart we are together.

Let us feel this connection and how much of the world it covers, how powerful and how potent this heart that we share, is. Let us feel the presence of our Twin Flame’s Love, and let us begin to breathe together, weaving our intentions of lifting the world to only Love together now.

So let your breath out and take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, let all tension fall away, and breathing in, feel our beautiful connection. Breathing out, feel the Love pouring forth through you. Breathing in again, you feel the very Moment of Creation and breathing out, all that Love comes pouring through your heart. Breathing in, the glorious explosion and breathing out, that bright bright light. Breathing in, pure pristine Love. Breathing Love out again.

Breathing in pure Love, and breathing it out through your heart. Breathing in pure Love from the Moment of Creation. Breathing it out again. Now as you breathe in, feel your heart expanding. As you breathe out, Love pours forth again. As you breathe in again, your heart grows larger. As you breathe out, the Love increases.

Breathing in again, and breathing out. Begin to feel how we are breathing together. Feel the interconnection of all of our hearts, and the multiplication of all of our Love. As you breathe in now, feel your heart exploding, and welcoming the Moment of Creation itself, and as you breathe out, you now become a transparent heart of God.

Now, beloved ones, let Love breathe you. Let Love become all that you are, and with the rhythm of the shared breath comes the rhythm of the heartbeat of Love until all you can feel is this glorious Love, like flames of your heart consuming you as you open yourself completely to the Moment of Creation.

Now, breathing in, placing your focus deep in your heart center, and as you breathe out again, feel the sunshine of this Love pouring forth. As you breathe in pure Love, it begins to multiply in you and you feel like you are exploding with Love and with joy.

Beloved ones, I ask you now to truly become a transparency for Love, allowing My Love to be all that you are – allowing this Love to live you. Now as you breathe, let your focus begin to sink down into your own great heart, and as you do so, you feel everything of the reversal fall away, and your heart is rejoicing in ecstasy once again. You are lifted up in the greatest joy, even while your focus is still moving deeper in. You are filled with the deepest gratitude for life and for the opportunity to be this Love.

And now, your heart gently opens to welcome your focus. Your heart wraps itself around you in the most tender Love, and you are held like the Christ child wrapped in Love’s sweet blanket. You are nourished now directly by the Love I Am. It is as if you are drinking Love, and it washes through your being and you are being expanded in your capacity to love. You are feeling more cared for, more tenderly and deeply loved than you have ever felt before.

As your awareness rests in the center of your heart, your heart opens with a great big “Yes!” and this “Yes!” is directed to the doorway of the Real, the doorway now opens and you are lifted, lifted up into the Moment of Creation itself, opening like a flower to the sun. As you move upward, filled with pulsing purpose, that purpose being to be the living heart of Love, you begin to see before you the most breathtaking and incredible sight.

In the center of your awareness is a great whirling and pulsing StarGate that is the heart of God I Am, the heart of all Love, and this great and glorious opening is whirling like a spiral made up of pulsing, brilliant, living stars of light. In the center is the point of light that is the center of it all, the very seed of Creation, of consciousness and Love, and you are swept up in this amazing beauty. It is like a magnet, beloved ones, to your open and seeking heart, and suddenly in this great vortex, this singing StarGate of Love, you recognize your purpose, and that which you are to join to be a living part of the great heart of Love.

All that you are is now given in Love in order to become part of this magnificent vortex, this singing movement that is the center of All That Is. As you watch the rays of light pulsing from the center and it draws you like a great magnet, just lifting you, lifting you, lifting you up and taking you now right into this whirling StarGate of Love. As you continue to breathe, you are completely overwhelmed by the glorious beauty of this incredible Love, and you recognize that all the life that lives in all Creation, that this whirling StarGate is the heart of it all. It is My heart, beloved ones, the heart that you are part of.

All around you are the other cells in the living breathing vortex, creating the center of All That Is and making of it a magnet that will bring all life everywhere into alignment with Love. Now, beloved ones, now that you are fully conscious of yourself as a part of this great living heart, let your own heart open into your Twin Flame’s presence until you are totally blended as the Love I Am. With every breath, your heart is pulsing open and you are aware that this StarGate, this heart, is a magnet bringing all of Creation its gifts of Love, aligning all with Love’s purpose and purity.

You are dissolving now into the pure light, gold light and white light together until your heart is so open, so vast and so beautiful that there is nothing else but the consciousness of Love. And now, filled to overflowing with the Moment of Creation, you are pregnant with Love’s new beginnings.

Now, I gently and tenderly open you into the fullness of your service and I ask you to turn your focus now back to life on Earth. As you breathe in, breathe in your Twin Flame’s presence. As you breathe out, the Love you are makes connection. Place your focus gently on the pocket of reversal, and gently on your life on Earth. As you focus, you also see that your Twin Flame heart is also a vortex, a living StarGate itself, the opening to Real Love.

Knowing this, and feeling it, you know you also are the center. The center of all Creation is your Twin Flame heart. As you feel this, your heart rejoices. It is expanding. It is exploding with the joy of its purpose, for you know that you are a living Twin Flame Love that is a magnet for life on Earth, bringing all life back into Love.

Now, as you place your focus gently into the life that you have been living. Superimposed is the awareness of this pulsing and rotating heart, this gateway to the Real that is your own heart. As this gateway now opens, you are washed in your Twin Flame’s Love, and right there in the center is a pulsing glowing magnet that will draw your sphere of influence back into perfect Love. You become the exact replica of the great heart of God I Am, and all life around you is now drawn to your center as the glorious Twin Flame heart that is the vortex, is the center of All That Is.

Now I ask you to gently allow your awareness to feel your life on Earth as you know it and to see yourself as a great opening to Love, moving forth into the world. I ask you to shine this magnet, allowing it to pulse with the Moment of Creation itself, magnetizing everyone that your lives have ever touched and everyone of like resonance to you back into the heart of your Love – and through your heart to the StarGate in the Real. Can you feel the pulsing magnet, the living presence of God I Am, bringing into alignment with pure and perfect Love all life, first in your own sphere of influence and then all life on Earth?

You are bathed in the light of the Moment of Creation. Golden white light is your identity, beloved, and this light is now living you, beloved ones. As you gaze now with your heart perception into the world where you live and serve, you begin to notice other shining vortexes of living Love, and these are the angels. These are the animals, and these are the other cells in My heart. The center of All That Is.

With every breath now you feel the lines of light reaching out and connecting you to every glorious heart, every vortex of Love. The whole world is filled with flowers of light, patterns of the sphere of influence around every glorious heart, all of them holding the magnetic center of Love, as life on Earth makes the shift to the Real. Most of all, you are aware of divine feeling, of the joyous ecstasy, as the world now becomes the hologram of perfect Love and gently moves into contact with the great and living StarGate and becomes the bridge world of Love. Heaven on Earth! Once again.



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