Being the In-Breath and the Out-Breath

As Jesus stood that day in the river, the day when John the Baptist acknowledged him, what happened then was that the living Spirit came and rent the body in two and freed his magnificent heart. It freed him to be only Love, pure God consciousness and heart with no limiting points of perception anywhere at all. In other words, even though he was here in service, he suddenly became aware that service was moving through him from the fountainhead of life from the Moment of Creation, and that the phenomena of the physical world would totally dissolve and he would not lose his place, his perception or his ability to serve, but rather he would be free to see every heart for what it is and every life and living breath as the breathing loving whole.

From that moment even the thought of service no longer held beloved Jesus. Instead he realized that he was free to be the Moment of Creation itself, while standing here on Earth. There was no split needed, no limited heart perception, that this world was simply an agenda of all who were living here, but this agenda had no hold on him.

So the great rays of light came and shot their beams right through him and from that moment on, for him the body disappeared and he saw only with heart perception, couched in the consciousness of the whole. In other words, he could see himself as the living God I Am, all of My glorious presence came to be realized in him, and recognized that he was fully present in the Real, and that all of the phenomenal world really did not exist.

Now I say this to you recognizing that as words this really has no meaning but as experience, dearest ones, this is enlightenment. It is when you recognize that the thinking mind, the little mind and ego has painted this entire picture as a belief in separation. You can release the limited perspective of this finite being, this ego and be free, beloved ones, to BE the universe. So many people use the word ?universe? to describe All That Is and to hold in those words the great feeling of the guidance of pure Love. As Love lives as you every step of your life is perfect, and all of it simply shows up in the glorious and living Now.

So what I lift you into now, dear ones, is the expansion of Creation through the awakening of your awareness that all of it is you and to release your point of focus from its obsession with this world, and from the ego mind?s phenomena that you call ?body? (I call ?form?) and allow yourself to begin to perceive all things as patterns of light, and your being as the thrust of Love as it is ever living you.

I have said to you recently that you cannot believe the ego in any way at all. You cannot believe its memories or the constructions of your life because all of it is totally arbitrary. It is images that you build of your little self and then you choose to wear. But it really has so little to do with what you truly are that for you to be placing your focus here truly is quite ludicrous, and certainly warrants to image that I gave to you that day of the great beings of light with their heads poked into the illusion, dreaming of separation.

So what does it truly mean to release the dream of the ego mind and all of the things that it has concocted about who and what you are? All the memories and the images and the pictures that it chooses to create for you an image that you name yourself. Yet, to see as Love sees you, as I see you, beloved ones, it is to see pure light and to feel the glorious movement of Real pure Love. 
So every moment now I am asking you to allow My Love to lift you completely beyond the ego mind?s dream  of this little phenomenal world. Only as you do can you really comprehend what it means to have freedom from the ego mind.

I have spoken to you of the out-breath and the in-breath and we have been working with the Vertical Breath for some time now. I would like to expand the Vertical Breath into the one living whole and ask you as you do this to totally, totally release your whole identity, everything that you think you are based on the view of form, and to allow yourself to become the whole and then to become the heart beat ? to become the out-breath and the in-breath and the experience of pure living Love, of consciousness and heart that play as Creation.

Only as you do this can you fully live as Christ because to live as Christ, beloved ones, is to live as Real Love, and Real Love cannot be fully seen through the smokescreen of ego identity. It can only be fully active through the unimpeded heart and active in and as pure consciousness. When you allow yourself to dissolve the perception point of your ego mind and gently ask for freedom, that you might know how to serve, then you shall become the focal point of pure Love in action here and now as this glorious life. As you do this, all of your attachments to the world of form will fade but this does not mean that you will be any less present in your dedication to giving Love. Instead you will be living the truth and not some concoction of the ego that has created a story and stored it as memory, convincing you it is who you are and allowed that story to influence everything that you see or feel or do. As the freedom comes with it, with it comes joy for no matter what is
occurring in the world of the symbols, your heart is free and true and your consciousness is alive as the whole universe.

Therefore, your focal point can be anything Love asks it to be and in a moment this means you could be standing before another and seeing through their eyes, feeling with their heart and able thus to lift them up and to change their vibration to Love, so that they could get a taste of the truth and can then claim it as their own. Whenever any of you believe in the ego identity, dearest ones, it really keeps you stuck in this little point of view with its whole bag of baggage that is the ego mind?s careful creation of memories and images to convince you that you are this separate being ? a separate being who has a body so dense that you cannot merge, even when you are Making Love in this physical world.

Yet knowing that Real Love is union, true union, then you must admit that it doesn?t make sense that you would be created out of something so dense that you could not merge with each other. So the way to release the physical into obedience to the Spirit is for you to reclaim your identity as the Spirit, dearest ones. Doing so, you allow Love to completely live you, moving you gracefully now to bring Love?s greatest gifts and Love?s vantage point to every precious life.

Oh, beloved ones, let me feel you breathe and as you breathe, release all the images and allow yourself to be dissolved in Love until you shift your experience from life on Earth into the Real.  As you do this and Love is fully present as the whole I Am focused here through you, then you become able to bridge any gap, any seeming separation in perception, and truly experience the Love that is alive in any one else.

Every moment you are connected to the one breathing whole. So I have spoken for years now, beloved ones, of the background, foreground shift and this is one of the great moments? 
Heart perception is only half of the in-breath and out-breath, though a magnificent half it is, and a very important one. The other half is re-experience the communion of the unity of Love and that which the ego has created can be set aside so the whole beingness of Love That I Am is your experience too.
The bundles of memories and of images and feelings that you believe represent your past and your experiences are already totally skewed to your ego?s point of view, and truly are made up of little bits and pieces of feelings, thoughts, experience as well as bodily sensations that are packaged together and stored as the file marked ?my identity.?  Yet, these things already contain the ego mind?s evaluations and judgments, its labels of good and bad and the resulting physical neuro-chemical sensations that accompany each of them.
As all of you know from experience now, the moment you experience a repetition of anything even somewhat similar to the past, these very snippets of identity, of ego mind perception come right back up to be played again and of course, to be added to. When you begin to work with yourself, gaining awareness, you discover that when these little tapes are running, they have nothing to do with what is happening and everything to do with the ego mind?s perception, conglomeration of thoughts, feelings and evaluations that have become your point of view.

This in itself tells you, beloved ones, that all those things that you believe are your memories are totally already wrapped up in duality perception of your ego mind?s point of view. If your ego mind has chosen your identity as victim, then everything that has happened to you is already skewed that way and goes in as the tape, as the ?memory? with that evaluation already in place. ?It was somebody?s else?s fault. Somebody hurt me. I didn?t do anything. I didn?t deserve this. Etc.?

So when you look back on your life, what you are seeing is the ego mind?s manipulation of you to create the identity that it has chosen because it believes it will keep you believing in the ego mind. So the time has come for you to become free, dearest ones, of this whole illusory dance and to open yourselves to the Real experience of life which is the living Now Moment, the River of Life and the in-breath and out-breath of God.

Consciousness and heart, relationship and the All ? both of them experienced actually at once, instantly, holographically, totally the whole contained in each moment. I Am ready now to assist you because you have accepted the gift to experience what it means to be the living Christ, the aware and awake heart of God, fully conscious and fully Love.    One moment, the inclusion of the vast living whole, and next moment, the pure giving Love, and the instant gestalt of relationship throughout the whole magnificent life.

So, with tenderness and with ecstatic joy, I help you remove the mask that has kept you believing in a limited life and your ego mind using this to convince you that to serve you must be functioning here in this same limited way, but I am showing you that you can be Real Love, absolutely magnificent, the living breathing whole experiencing the consciousness, experiencing the relationship and all of it the gift of I Am ? your awakening into the inclusive self. I ask you all to make this experience your focus again and again every day, until you truly loose the bonds of humanness and fly free in the realms of Spirit.

Only then can you truly serve. Beloved ones, if you have ego, then without compromise, unequivocally, your ego draws the ego present in another and because of resonance, makes it impossible for it to be any other way than two egos relating to each other. This is not saying that there cannot still be a relationship of heart, but only that you cannot fully see your brother or your sister beyond that which you see as yourself. So if you want to truly serve as the light and heart of Christ, to give every precious person their freedom, then you must have that freedom youself, because you cannot go beyond that which you have.

So I Am living joy. I Am full consciousness. I Am the All of Love. I Am ecstasy that is unlimited and I want to be sure that your ego mind does not interpret any of these things that I have said in such a way as to limit your life, your relationships. Instead, dearest ones, I back you all the way into the pure glorious freedom of the Real expression of Love.
So, your Vertical Breath now changes into the experience of the living and breathing whole, fully present now, here, and expanding to the point where there is no barrier between life on Earth and life in the Real, and thus, no barrier to your experience of your brothers and sisters, your Twin Flame and your own Real heart.  I know that words fail to capture this, so I ask each one who reads this to simply come to Me in meditation and practice this conscious breathing. Breathing the invitation to the freedom from false identity and the freedom thus to experience both the vast and the glorious and the full presence of the living Now Moment, without anything getting in the way.

If you will give Me the time and the breathing and open your heart to this experience, then I will lift you into this holy breath of the whole of Creation I Am. Be sure to love the little ego mind.



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