Being the Vortex of Transformation

As you find the inner stillness that opens to joy and feel your heart rising into My presence, it is this joyous Love and this sense of vast infinity of the great and glorious limitless nature of All That I Am that you must now bring forth, holding it with your consciousness, aware of our ever-present endless Love and communion and bringing it to the world. Become the bridge of transformation for absolutely everything your mind encounters in the living of your life.

What this means is that you become the living heart of transformation, using the Twin Flame furnace of your true being to burn away the old belief of separation from all that is Real and in the process bring humanity to freedom by becoming the living vortex, the magnetic presence of My Love that literally brings the world back to Me.

What this shall entail, My beloved ones, My heart, is that you come now to the choice of living in the consciousness of our union and the deep conviction of limitless freedom and joy that is the true nature of every human being. Holding this as the feeling tone of your true being, your Real heart, bring that consciousness into the world and encircle all the illusion within the truth of Love, your truth of our communion, the end of separation. Not as a concept, but as an experience. These words must be emphasized and felt because it is the feeling tone that brings the vibration of Love into the illusion and becomes the entrainment of all that is here back to the Vertical life.

You become the end of separation and the continual awareness of our unity. If this truth burns within your heart and lives as the truth of your consciousness, your spirit, then everything you touch and embrace rises to the highest denominator vibration held within your being. This is always the truth. The highest vibration is the entrainment. It is the law of Love and transformation. I am asking you to feel this resonance of our joyous communion, to feel My Love for you up close and personal and to let your heart take wing - that it might remember its true milieu which is the endless freedom of this Love that we share and hold that vibration in consciousness and heart and wrap it around your life, as you live it moment to moment. You will bring the dream back to vibration of God, back to the truth of Love I Am because the highest vibration entrains and brings every vibration into alignment with it.

So as you hold the truth of Love while you live your daily life, while your little mind is seeing all the images of separation and while your heart is reaching out in compassion and in service, and even while you experience your own transformation - those things within you that are healing from the illusion - all of this becomes encircled by your consciousness and the truth of your heart. The dream is mended even as you live it, and even as the world seemingly continues as it is.

Every moment that you live like this, holding the vibrational tone of freedom and of the true unity of Love, while you live and experience life as a human being - the vibration you hold of the truth literally will magnetize the energy up, lifting every increment of it to the Light, exactly as internal updraft pulls the air from below it, or as heat rises naturally. Anything that you can image that shows you how this works will help you understand what you are doing when you encircle the dream of life in the world with your conscious awareness of the truth of God, the living spirit I Am as I live in you, and you commune with Me.

As the separation is ended in you, you amplify the transformation for humanity by holding the life of the world encircled in your conscious being and bathed in your Love. In a sense this is the same as bi-locating, because you are maintaining your awareness of endless freedom, of how it feels to be bathed in this Light and this Love - to feel your heart taking wing joyously, and feeling this and all that it brings as it warms your very essence -- creates that updraft of energy.

It then uses your heart as the doorway to literally transform the electrons that hold the dream of separation into the truth of Love and unity, bathing each one in the pure energy of our communion in your heart and being the heart of God as you are meant to, which is that central vortex through which all energy is processed as every life experiences My Love through you. You are that which brokers the prayers and focus of humanity, all that rises to Me, and My response through you.

You have agreed to be this awakened heart and to live as the transparency of the open heart of God I Am. So as you stand firm in this, making this commitment, then everything that you do or experience becomes wrapped in your awakened consciousness and the dream of life on Earth is finally loved free. The only way to do this is to maintain the higher consciousness. You cannot do it from within your life as a human being and you know this. How many times have you affirmed your conscious participation and your deep desire to love humankind fully and to love all life free.

To do so requires that you are truly anchored up into the experience of our unity, of the relationship that we share in Love every moment always -- this feeling experience of the divine freedom that we share, the vibration of being this heart that is truly and ever unlimited in its capacity to love and to feel and be Love. Only thus can you hold the vibration firmly in the Reality of the spirit enough that it becomes the magnet for lifting duality to Oneness and life in the world back Home to Me.

You have offered to be the bridge and the time of your bridging is here. So it is time for you to take this seriously and to begin to live your truth and your commitment by choosing to continually experience the vast nature of our unity, the truth that you have built as you have opened your heart, bringing access to humankind for the Reality of Love. Having become this doorway, then let the law of Love do the rest. For it will always magnetize experience into the truth of Love.

Therefore you are becoming not only the entraining heart but truly the heart of God in the world, consciously embracing All, loving All, freely and exuberantly without any judgment whatsoever but simply allowing this felt experience of our loving and ongoing communion to bring everything in the way of such experience for every person into the Light and into the Love - into the great and glowing furnace of the united Twin Flame hearts that are the matrix of the center of All I Am. Love will do the rest.


Beloved God, we come to you tonight in the deepest gratitude, gratitude for our new leader that we know is ordained by the Light and gratitude, God, that we are here to open our hearts and to be the conduit for Your Love and Your life and Your grace to lift this world back into the truth of Love. God, we offer ourselves tonight, and ask as we surrender our Will into Yours, that You would use this heart that we create together to entrain the world to Your perfect Love effortlessly. As we join our hearts, we hold in our heart every brother and sister on the Earth, every life. We hold them in respect and tenderness, in Love and joining my heart with Doug, opening our Twin Flame heart to You, I ask to be a clear conduit for this experience tonight. I call to all Beings of Light to assist us. Thank You, God, for the gift of serving Your Love here on Earth and for this precious spirit family. Amen.

As we open our hearts together, we feel our Love expanding, connecting, heart to heart, effortlessly, and every moment as the Love moves among us, we feel the vibration lifting and we feel the presence of the living spirit filling our hearts and consciousness. As the energy moves between us around this circle, this vortex of Love we create, we hold in our consciousness the Earth and every being upon it, that all might be returned to perfect Love and joy. As we share this heart, so too we share the one breath, the movement of Light and spirit that breathes us in and out. We allow this breath of the living spirit to breathe out now to us and breathing in to lift us into the consciousness of the Creator. Breathing out, we breathe out perfection into the world.

Breathing into the pure Light again, we breathe it out to every being. Breathing into the communion we share with the living Creator of Love, we breathe out that Light, as life force to the world. Breathing in now to our hearts, we rise into the ocean of living Love and breathe it out through our hearts gloriously into the world. We breathe in perfect Love in communion with God. We breathe out that union to every human being. We breathe into the stillness that fills us and breathe that stillness to every life for centering. Breathing into the peace beyond all understanding. Breathing out peace into the world.

With every breath in, we find ourselves dissolving into unity. With each breath out, we are the heart breathing. Breathing in the pure Love and breathing it out to everyone. We surrender into the glories of our union with our Creator and breathe out that gift to every being.

And now, beloved ones, as you become this open and giving heart, let yourselves remember how it feels to be the doorway between the All of Love and all of humankind. As I lift you into this sweet unity of Love and breath and spirit now. As your heart opens, you remember your Home is in Me, and effortlessly you are moving into the ocean of our Love. As I hold you, I ask you to breathe in My presence and feel Me as I fill your whole being and wrap you in this tenderness, this grace and the abundance of My Love forever.

Your heart - as you feel your heart become truly the doorway between the world and the Reality of endless Love and unity, with every breath, recognize that you are the bridge - the heart through which I love the world. As I place my seal upon your heart, you rise into the Light like a flame. I ignite you with the explosion of life, Light and grace. Every moment we are in communion. One breath. One life, One together as you breathe in My presence and remember.

And now beloveds, as you shine brighter and brighter, rising into the Light, two flames as one, reaching from this moment of pure grace and surrender in the pure Light all the way into the world. As you become the living Arc of My Covenant with humanity and you feel yourself as the heart through which I love, the flow of Love moves across the arc of your being and through your glorious heart into the world.

Every movement of these waves of Love feeds your own joy, amplified by your own great eternal and glorious heart. Every moment your heart spreads its wings around the world and lifts life on Earth into the Real of Love. Your heart is as wide as the cosmos itself. The world is easily riding within it. As you feel the rush of Love, as it moves through your being, you recognize the one heart I Am is you and you are all life. You are one heart in Me for My life is woven into all things. Every moment now you feel life born again within you and holding the world in entrainment with this energy of the living, beating, eternal heart of Love.

Your heart becomes the center of All That Is and thus are you the heartbeat of Creation. The rhythm of your heart is the rhythm of Creation. You feel this beat, this energy move within you as you move as Love through all things. Can you feel how perfectly I Am this Love in you, and how you move and live as you are the wave of Love washing everything. You spread out through All That Is. In the truth of Love I Am, all dimensions, all life is One, one Love, one heartbeat, one breath, and one voice singing the song of unity, perfect Love always given now.

And thus, let your consciousness follow your heart always, for your heart moves you easily as you touch All That Is and know life intimately as the living heart of God as you. As you rest, woven into all life, All That Is, every life communes with you. You hold the vibration of perfect Love being given each moment from the center of All I Am and entrained by the heart of God I Am. As you touch and feel this living ocean of Love I Am and you weave it all together by being this heart of Love, every life responds perfectly, accepting this communion of endless Love, brought into alignment with My heart.

Thus, having felt yourself as you truly are, the limitless glory of living Love everywhere, alive in All That Is, now I place you on the cusp of entraining all life on Earth back into alignment with this same glorious wholeness of Love. I open your heart completely and perfectly. At the Moment of Creation it illuminates all of you, every cell in My great heart, letting the Moment of Light inception, illumination pour through you to the world, bringing all life into alignment with Love.

You are the place where Heaven and Earth meet. You, beloved ones, are the opening through which humanity sees Me and sees how I love them. I shine through the radiant heart of Christ which is the perfect heart of God I Am. As you shine forth this Love, it reaches out and touches each precious and beautiful human being and right now, you can feel every touch, every man, every woman, every child on Earth. Every one is known to you perfectly in perfect Love, as you love them as the living heart of Christ, the entraining heart of God.

As you love as the doorway, the window, the open heart that lets the Light shine into the world with nothing to interfere, every moment this touches a human heart, you are filled with endless joy and with the awareness of the Light, Love, as you. As you extend this Love , as you reach into the world and touch every precious and amazing life and consciousness, feel the moment of pure sweet communion as My Love makes the connection and all hearts are open to Me.

Every breath becomes a whisper of grace and a call to remember God, to remember their part in this heart that shines, illuminating all life on Earth and entraining it perfectly with the heart of the living Christ, which, dearest, My beloved, is you. And now, as you extend this Love and your consciousness, blessing the world, you begin to be aware of every story, each belief, every old dream of human limitation. As the bridge, as the Arc, as the hand of God reaching, you lift up each precious one to Me and wrap them in this perfect Love. As you breathe in, you breathe them back to communion and your each breath out is the giving of this great Light, the power, the illumination and the entrainment of every heart, each energy, back to the Love I Am.

Now, beloved, let your consciousness expand both ways at once, easily...that you may be aware of the perfect life, the endless peace, this tender and perfect communion; and at the same time, perfectly aware of every life lived out in the dream of a life of separation from Me. As you build your awareness, your ability to hold it all, to hold the Light of the Real and the images of the world and using your hearts - bring them both to Me, that I might make a new creation out of the Love we bring.

Breathe in this perfect Love and speak as My heart. Deliver it to each life within the dream and watch as Love opens up every consciousness and makes a new world possible. Let Me love with your heart, for you can reach easily into the world effortlessly and lift it up with your heart entraining it all back into perfect Love and communion with this living glorious hologram of joy.

With every living Now, you will feel both the life and Light and perfect Love of what is Real, and the dream of a separate world and an identity lost and human. You will weave them all back across the bridge of your heart...back into the experience of unity and giving. I Am perfect Love. I Am freedom. I Am the Arc of the Covenant, the entrainment of each heart in the world, back into the unity of God, the unity of Love.

As your Twin Flame heart rises and shines, you recognize the great Double Helix. The life of All That Is is alive in you, the blueprint of great and burning Love brought perfectly into the world that every heart is in freedom - free to fly, free to be the Light, to be living as that which joins the world with the glorious living Love I Am. As you feel My touch upon you and you reach with pure heart perception, you see a great diamond Light that is the Light of our collective consciousness, the consciousness of perfect Light and perfect Love, wrapping the world in grace to be entrained, beloved, by you.

As you reach from the pinnacle of the very Moment of Creation, the great explosion of life, Love and consciousness all the way into the world as the living bridge of Light, you light up every particle of energy and the whole world sparkles and dances and shines. Your heart is moved and joyous and in every part of the world, the dream shifts and Love shines. Each heart reflects that glorious diamond that is Love and consciousness as it flows through everyone, through all, and the world is returned to the whole of Love I Am, the heartbeats perfectly aligned. One life in Me and one heart, beloveds, that is you, the center of the living All of Love.


Elizabeth Howell 1st February 2009 11:30 am

Thank you for this beautiful message. As my twin and I join in love, we feel the energy of earth lifting with us. What a beautiful experience. I'm so thankful to have been blessed with this message and to have found circle of light.


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