Being the Whole

All That I Am is one glorious whole filled with so many unique expressions of life. Each one, each unique energy is vital to the functioning of the glorious whole. Analogies can be helpful, so it is useful to consider the body and how there are so many uniquely functioning organs and parts, energy streams, pathways, connections within it. Yet all are part of one whole body and each one is absolutely integral to the functioning of the whole.

It is the whole life that I now bring to your focus, you who are the focusers of the energy of My heart. The mending of duality is the living of this wholeness, not just its acceptance, not just the awareness of its truth but its presence in you and you in it as part of this one whole expression of life.

What happens to create this duality that we call life on Earth – that which created all the many possibilities of anti-Love – is that each separate life stream or energy within the whole began to view itself as separate and as having no part in the functioning of the whole. In other words, beings who are meant to be ever and always linked, aware and sharing with the whole began to see themselves as acting totally separate and began making choices as if they were alone.

This then becomes like a body in which each organ refuses to cooperate, in which there is no regulation, no harmony with the other and therefore, one organ can go riotously off balance creating far more of the substance that it is meant to produce while another does nothing and simply exists. You can see that the body would very quickly deteriorate to the point that it would lose itself as a cohesive and functioning life. So you can see, My beloved ones, just why life on Earth is as it is. All these glorious life streams meant to be functioning together, each one is making choices as if he or she were totally alone with no responsibility to anything other than self.

Now that we have come to the transformation point of this summer and the decisions in your hearts have returned Love to the pinnacle, what now becomes most important for all of us, beloved ones, is to place your focus upon the whole instead of upon your part, to the point that all of your energies go to creating the glorious functioning of this whole system of life in which each part works together to create the body of God that you call “Earth.”

All life on Earth does become one again in focus and purpose and the circulation of Love is returned to its rightful place as the priority, the continuity, the weaver of great homeostasis that is the piece of God I Am here and now. Each of you as you open your heart to Me becomes a hub, a living sun, a collector of life elixir which through you then gets passed along to connect with the other hubs and extend again and again until all life in this world sees itself as one.

Because this vision of the oneness is where it all begins as consciousness, and the Love that is poured among you is the truth of your functioning heart, what I ask of you is to be these conscious hubs of energy, allowing in the River of Life and pumping it forth in harmony while your consciousness remains completely connected to the whole.

Dearest ones, you have the capacity to be alive to the whole of life on Earth, effortlessly and easily tuned in to all the miracles, to all the decisions, the nuances, the movements and the great expression of Love as it moves through this body of God and emerges as the Christ, the one whole heart of God functioning as Twin Flame Love, awake to the living cosmos as a wide-open and giving heart.

The step between where you are and where this must go together is the expansion of your daily consciousness to include the whole world -- the expansion of your daily consciousness to include the whole world. I mean the whole world as it is in Me and as it is in this singing forth of life that is appearing here in each Now Moment, waiting to be complete through the availability of My own precious and glorious heart.

Thus do I ask you to expand your awareness until you encompass all life on Earth. Having done so, now I ask you to connect your open heart and feel with heart perception all that is happening in the world. Can you feel the flows of energy and can you sense the little eddies, the places where the energies are stuck? Can you also feel that pull of the reversal of Love? and how so many streams of consciousness have focused now on the miracle of Love and only Love in order to bring this shift about where everything is returned to the unity, to the one heart of Love that you share – bringing forth this great pulsing sun that shouts out, “I Am the miracle of pure and perfect unity of the oneness of life.”

As you connect with the whole of life on Earth, allow your heart to be the conduit for My Love and you will feel just how easily this Love returns each life back to the remembrance of its connection with the center. Until now you have seen yourself in many ways -- as LightWorkers, those serving the awakening of Love on Earth, as Twin Flame hearts, as open conduits for the pulsing Love I Am. But always it has remained an identity of one -- the sense of your individuality and your ability to function alone which the ego, of course, cherishes and does all that it can to enhance.

What I Am asking of you now is to release your whole identity that you become truly part of this great and glorious whole. This doesn’t mean that you have no sense of yourself as a unique life stream in Me. What it does mean is that you feel yourself as part of this living whole before you feel yourself at all in any other way. Your heart will now become known to you as the keeper of the whole, as part of the beating heart of God I Am in which your Twin Flame cell is a center.

You are not unique and not separate in the sense that you can make a decision without the rest of the cells of My heart together and connect yourselves so intimately not only with Me but with all the world, all the life streams, humanity, the animals and the precious beings of Nature. These become for you a truly awakened pulse in your own life, your own heart, your energy body. You will be aware of how your every decision affects the whole and how the whole of this precious life is the essence of your nature as the heart of God I Am.

You have also seen yourselves as becoming like the Masters and pictured yourselves as beings of light looking upon the world and serving those who awaken to serve this Love. Yet, until now you’ve not felt the continuity of your life as a part of this whole. What I am asking of each of you is that regularly throughout each day and certainly the moment you arise, that you will open your heart and attune to this Love and let yourself feel how the whole of life on Earth is doing in relation to this awakening to Love. You will feel it, My dearest ones, as if it is your own energy body because, dearest ones, it really and truly is. You will get the sense of the vital and amazing dance that is the weaving of energies on Earth that are bursting forth into manifestation now each moment.

You will also feel those pockets of reversal, those places where the energy as yet is flowing backwards. Because it is within you, beloved ones, and not something without, it will be as close to you as your breathing. Our communion doesn’t change at all but rather becomes the communion that lifts the whole of Love as you and gives forth a perfect world of unity in which each life is aware of the living whole until the living whole is fully remembered. Pulse by pulse, joy by joy, you will feel the whole awakening until every organ of life on Earth, of this great Christ being of living Love is truly aware and open and functioning and pumping life through the miracle that is life on Earth, that is My beating heart of which you are the focus.

As you begin to truly live this opening, to connect with others through this energy, you will begin to experience the wholeness, beloved ones. When you are approached by another, you will recognize that a part of you approaches. These things that we are focusing on – on building your awareness that physicality is an illusion and that all is electrons of living Love – you will experientially grasp that each life that you touch and transform, you touch and transform for the whole. You will begin to receive feedback instantly in your glorious consciousness of the oneness of life that we share, that is awakened Love on Earth.

So it doesn’t mean that you ignore what is in front of you and it doesn’t mean that you don’t serve the individual. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t open to transformation for yourself. It just means that you no longer believe in any way at all that there is something outside of this one Love. Rather you are feeling the unity of the whole, even if there are those parts that are still in reversal. The functioning life that is this Earthly life, this one heart of God I Am pumping forth the moment of Creation itself will become truly the magnet, the elixir of Love, the entraining heart that is yours, bringing about change without once breaking the continuity, the awareness of unity. One Christ. One Love. One heart. One body. All of this is pure and perfect Love in which you play the most integral part.

I have explained to you before, though it may seem difficult to grasp, that the beings of light and Love that you call the Masters or the Angels are dissolved into the whole of the Love I Am. They exist in this pure sweet communion until there is a reason for Love to call forth that organ, that energy, that unique stream of functioning in which case they step forth as a Twin Flame Love and are available for Love to use.

This will be the same with you. Rather than continuing to be an individual on Earth, you become truly the Earth heart sharing this moment of awakening to life as the consciousness of the Christ of God, the heart of Love. You are awaiting the miracle of awakening to all of it for every pure life stream on Earth. You will become such blended and perfect Love that you too are dissolved into the whole. With each pulse of life from the Now Moment itself, you shall be present as My conduit to the whole, in perfect Love and alignment with the choice of unity that you are making each Now Moment.



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