Believe in the Light and Not in the World

As the sun sets and you watch the daylight recede, you await the darkness with acceptance and even anticipation, that it brings to you the release of sleep. My Message to you this day is to no longer believe in darkness, seeing that even this night time experience is a reflection of your heart’s beliefs. It is a perfect reflection of duality – that there is daylight and darkness and that you spend part of your life awake and conscious and part of it unconscious and asleep.

It is time, beloved ones, to find the Light that never recedes and to bask in the sunlight of the truth of My Love all day long – to find within yourself the deep assurance of the Light that is forever and to hold this in your focus until duality recedes, until you reclaim a world of beauty in which the sky is rainbow colored, a scintillating void that proclaims the Great of God, and to feel yourself as the living sun whose Light pulses forth always and lights the world each moment – the world that is forever one.

From this deep remembrance comes the power of transformation and the ability to be the Light in ever situation, and to call forth the Light within you in such glorious and radiant splendor that all shadows of the illusion simply fall away before it. What is revealed is my perfection, shouted forth from your heart. “I Am the Light of Love and I Am One. Therefore there can be no darkness and there can be no unconsciousness.”

These things are the great hoax that your little mind has pulled in convincing you to look into a world that you created and then used that world as proof of duality’s existence. Until your focus changes with enough power and frequency that the Light remains before your mind, your heart and your spirit, the world cannot change. You must remember, beloved ones, that you are the cause and you are the Light that lights the world – the Light I Am.

This Light becomes your answer to the transformation of this world to Love. When you trust it enough that it never leaves, then duality is gone and Love is whole again in the reflection as in the reality.

I ask you to believe in this Light more than the belief in the world. I ask you to place this request now before you every day and to examine the time that you spend focused on the dream of duality and the time that you spend bathing in the Light that we share that never ends. Please examine your deep belief in the power of Light and darkness until the Light becomes so alive within you that it fills even all of your dreams, because, dearest ones, if you bring forth the Light that we share, it will infiltrate the little mind and ego. It will light them up until even those release duality and the world of separation.

On their own they shall become truly instruments of Love’s design, for that which is of the Light always shines, even the little mind. So, rather than see it as an enemy or as something to be conquered, know, dearest ones, that it can be transformed by the Light we share. But I must say to you that even bottom line, you can see the percentages in the time you spend focusing on your life in the world, on your body, on the things that it takes to maintain them – or focusing on the Light of God I Am and the truth that burns within you.

So while your heart urges the transformation and says to you in every moment sweetly, that everything can change in an instant and all is transformed by Love – your mind remains focused on the world of physicality throughout most of the day and the evening, and little mind dreams fill your nights.

But you have the choice as to what you believe in and what you focus on, where you put your faith. Because you are the focus of My heart, your focus is your statement about what you bring forth each now.

Therefore, I ask you to very gently lead your little mind back to the sunlight of your heart until the Light simply takes over and washes the little mind with grace. And the ego falls by the wayside of the heart that has surrendered and the mind becomes the ally of this eternal Love. This eternal flame that is burning as your Twin Flame heart radiates forth its splendor, seeking the world of Love.

While you know this is the time of transformation and your prayers rise to Me requesting this and requesting understanding and information, it is your focus that is your test. Therefore, I am calling you to stand for a world of unity by placing your focus on the Light and not on the world. It is time to return to the great pulsations of Love that are all around you and to feel the electricity as every atom and electron reflect the glorious LoveMaking that is the truth of God I Am.

Then the Light will shine unceasingly. There shall be no night upon the Earth and thus, no place for hidden agendas of the little mind and the ego. No hiding from the Light that shines always.

Now I ask you to step into this Light, beloved ones, and to feel it lighting, to hold it, to recognize it in its energy and its splendor and to feel its vibration within you, eliciting a rush in all of your cells, the remembrance of truth as your body – that every powerful atom is a Twin Flame heart in ecstasy, creating Love and pouring forth atomic energy that blasts apart duality, revealing all the Light of God I Am as the truth of this world that is the reflection of your hearts and the truth of your being always.

Step into this Light, this vibration of the living Love I Am and let it vibrate in every atom of your being until you know that your body is Light. When you know that you are Light and nothing else, you also know that your heart can command it and then your heart can call forth the transformation of anything in the symbols of the world into Love and into the expression of the perfection of Light, the perfection of God I Am as I Am expressed in you, My heart and through you this world is manifested.

Therefore the flame is burning within you that calls forth the response of the cosmos and creates all around you the vibration of the Real and creates in your heart deepest peace. Only by claiming this Light as your Home, as your truth, as the energy that we share can you relegate the old world to the fading dream that is now leaving and call forth your presence in the world of Love, the expression of perfection now in joy and ecstasy.

So when I ask you to step forth into the Light and to claim it with all you are worth, I want you to know that I accept nothing else because this is the truth of your heart. Only the Light lives within you and expresses itself as you. There is nothing else but the Light of living Love and the Love of which Light is the movement expressing itself through your heart and creating your world.

So you must recognize the pure claiming, the world you live in, the resurrection and the truth of life each moment through your focus, through your attention. Is it the Light or is it the world? I know, dearest ones, how subtle it is all the ways that the world seems so real. So I Am calling forth the escalation of the angels’ involvement and calling forth the energy of the truth to be made manifest in the world, more clearly, more blatantly in the symbols of the Spirit’s expression throughout the whole spectrum of spirituality on Earth now – that the Light then may have its say, that humanity can hear the call to believe in the Light and not the world.

Let this Light be for you the beacon of the truth. Let it be the search Light by which you see through the façade, through the dream of separation this is separate lives and separate bodies and through the symbols of duality that are the world, the day and the night, the Light and the darkness – until you see only the flame, the flame of transformation, of the resurrection of your consciousness into the Vertical life living in the Now.

You understand what it means to have faith. I Am asking you to make your faith a reality by placing your attention on the Light that is pushing you and on the power that is your Twin Flame heart, that this vote cast may assist Me in tearing down the world between us, between Me and every precious heart of Love that have been erected by the ego mind and its stories of duality, stories of My turning away when in truth, I Am Here, so alive within you that I Am the truth of your own hearts and I Am waiting to appear before you in the visage of your Twin Flame, magnificent in the symbols of the world.

But you have to be willing to live from the single eye of the heart of Love, of God that you are and to place your vote through giving, through opening your heart again, accepting its power and its truth and stepping into what you know inside is the image of this living Light, of the pulsing glorious vibrating living Christ that is the truth of you right now as the one who wields the Light and through the Light transforms any image.

Any image that is the world can shift now instantly if you are the incarnation of this Love, if you claim it, live it, breathe it, believe it and focus on the truth of the Light that you wield to the point where there is nothing else but this Light within you, pulsing forth in great atomic Love until you hear it, feel it, breathe it, speak it and move within it. Step forth using the words “I Am” and proclaim the heart of God expanding now through focus, focusing on the point of Light I Am.

If you call to Me, I will show you this living Light within you and how it feels to live it, to trust it and to wield it. What I ask of you is to step into it, bathe in it and feel it until you know that you can claim it as your own. When you claim it, dearest ones, then you become the Flame of God, the Flame of Resurrection burning in the world, for the world, for the Light of Transformation to bring Love back to the world in its unity.

Then you become as Jesus, as the Masters, of being, of living pulsing Light whose body is fluid energy, whose heart is like a living sun, whose hand is the great I Am extended and whose every point of focus is Love unfolded, unfurled, unfettered in the world, until your every step appears as a miracle but is only the Light exploding forth in all its joyous power, reclaiming the unity of Love as the world.

Then, dearest ones, there need be no choice, no choice between the Light and the world because then, beloved ones, they are one.



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