Believe in the Light and Not in the World

It is time, beloved ones, to find the Light that never recedes and to bask in the sunlight of the truth of My Love all day long – to find within yourself the deep assurance of the Light that is forever and to hold this in your focus until duality recedes -- until you reclaim a world of beauty in which the sky is rainbow colored, a scintillating void that proclaims the Great of God, and to feel yourself as the living sun whose Light pulses forth always and lights the world each moment – the world that is forever one.

From this deep remembrance comes the power of transformation and the ability to be the Light in every situation, and to call forth the Light within you in such glorious and radiant splendor that all shadows of the illusion simply fall away before it. What is revealed is my perfection, shouted forth from your heart. “I Am the Light of Love and I Am One. Therefore there can be no darkness and there can be no unconsciousness.” This Light becomes your answer to the transformation of this world to Love. When you trust it enough that it never leaves, then duality is gone and Love is whole again in the reflection as in the reality.

I ask you to believe in this Light more than you believe in the world. I ask you to place this request now before you every day and to examine the time that you spend focused on the dream of duality and the time that you spend bathing in the Light that we share that never ends. Please examine your deep belief in the power of Light and darkness until the Light becomes so alive within you that it fills even all of your dreams, because, dearest ones, if you bring forth the Light that we share, it will infiltrate the little mind and ego. It will light them up until even those release duality and the world of separation.

While you know this is the time of transformation and your prayers rise to Me requesting understanding and information, it is your focus that is your test. Therefore, I am calling you to stand for a world of unity by placing your focus on the Light and not on the world. It is time to return to the great pulsations of Love that are all around you and to feel the electricity as every atom and electron reflect the glorious LoveMaking that is the truth of God I Am.
Then the Light will shine unceasingly. There shall be no night upon the Earth and thus, no place for hidden agendas of the little mind and the ego. No hiding from the Light that shines always.

Now I ask you to step into this Light, beloved ones, and to feel it lighting, to hold it, to recognize it in its energy and its splendor and to feel its vibration within you, eliciting a rush in all of your cells, the remembrance of truth as your body – that every powerful atom is a Twin Flame heart in ecstasy, creating Love and pouring forth atomic energy that blasts apart duality, revealing all the Light of God I Am as the truth of this world that is the reflection of your hearts and the truth of your being always.

Step into this Light, this vibration of the living Love I Am and let it vibrate in every atom of your being until you know that your body is Light. When you know that you are Light and nothing else, you also know that your heart can command it and then your heart can call forth the transformation of anything in the symbols of the world into Love and into the expression of the perfection of Light, the perfection of God I Am as I Am expressed in you, My heart and through you this world is manifested.

The flame is burning within you that calls forth the response of the cosmos and creates all around you the vibration of the Real and creates in your heart deepest peace. Only by claiming this Light as your Home, as your truth, as the energy that we share can you relegate the old world to the fading dream that is now leaving and call forth your presence in the world of Love, the expression of perfection now in joy and ecstasy.

So when I ask you to step forth into the Light and to claim it with all you are worth, I want you to know that I accept nothing else because this is the truth of your heart. Only the Light lives within you and expresses itself as you. There is nothing else but the Light of living Love and the Love of which Light is the movement expressing itself through your heart and creating your world.

You must recognize the pure claiming, the world you live in, the resurrection and the truth of life each moment through your focus, through your attention. Is it the Light or is it the world? I know, dearest ones, how subtle it is all the ways that the world seems so real. So I Am calling forth the escalation of the angels’ involvement and calling forth the energy of the truth to be made manifest in the world, more clearly, more blatantly in the symbols of the Spirit’s expression throughout the whole spectrum of spirituality on Earth now – that the Light then may have its say, that humanity can hear the call to believe in the Light and not the world.

Let this Light be for you the beacon of the truth. Let it be the search Light by which you see through the façade, through the dream of separation that is separate lives and separate bodies and through the symbols of duality that are the world, the day and the night, the Light and the darkness – until you see only the flame, the flame of transformation, of the resurrection of your consciousness into the Vertical life living in the Now.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You, and deep in our hearts we say “Yes” to Love. To being this Love and Living this Love. And we ask you to join our hearts together, and to create of us, of the heart that we share, a living conduit through which you can pour this Love, God, to bless and lift this world.

I call to all of the beautiful beings of light, who assist us, and ask for your presence here tonight… that you may amplify the Love that we generate together.

Thank you, God, for all the miracles and blessings of our lives, and especially this connection that we share with each other.

I ask you God to use my voice, my heart with Doug, also as a conduit, clear and open for this experience, as well. Amen.

As we open our hearts, wider and wider, we can feel each others hearts, joining together in Love. And we feel this deep and powerful connection beginning to move the energy between us, creating a circle, a vortex… a grand opening for Love. And as the energy moves heart to heart, around this circle, clockwise, with every rotation we feel the vibration moving upward. And the crystal clear vibration of Love, of God’s presence, fills us. And we become the living heart together.

And now we share, the one breath, through which Love breathes us. As you let your breath out, and take a deep breath in. As you breath out… let all tension fall away.

And breath in, up to the pure vibration of God’s Love. And breath out the Love, through your heart, amplified. Breathing in, now… to the very Moment of Creation, and breathing out that glorious Love, through your heart, amplified. Breathing in… to the Light, that pure explosion and breathing out the Light, through every atom of your being.

Breathing in pure Love. Breathing it out, into the world. With every breath in, you are filled. Every breath out, we are the conduit. Until you began to feel Love living you… Light becoming you, and every breath is emerging with this living and glorious whole.

And now, beloved ones, open your hearts into the Real, and let yourselves feel my touch, right now, upon your heart. Your heart flowers like a great lotus in the sunshine of this Love, and I Am the living sun that nourishes it. With every breath you are connected with every heart, every cell, in the great central vortex of the living Love we share.

And thus I ask you now, to use your heart as a doorway to this center point, and feel your consciousness gently slipping down in, through the center of your own great Twin Flame Heart. Into the center of all creation – the great whirling vortex, that is the heart of God I Am.

You are now in the center of the whirling cosmos of living Love, and you feel the great energy moving all around you. All the colors of Creation, in luminous rainbows shimmering through the spiral that is the center of All that Is. And you are pure consciousness. Alive in every color. Feeling your own atoms moving through it All. And in the center of all activity of this great whirling vortex, is the moment of pure silence, that is the beginning of it All.

This is the window to the Moment of Creation. The silence within the vortex. The peace within the Heart. And through the silence, at the center, you can see the great void. The pure ocean of potential, that nothing has touched. This peace, this potential, is alive within your heart, for your heart is a cell in this greater heart of All that Is.

And thus I Am showing you that which you are – magnificent center of the living All, pure consciousness, exploding Love. And I ask you now, to simply fall into that point, in the center, of the whirling rainbow vortex of the heart of All that Is. And as you do so, you are surrendered… to the movement of this Love, as you sink into the ocean of potential, the void.

And the peace, the stillness… fills your being. Everything whispers endless opportunity, as you rest in the moment, between the out breath and the in. And from this moment you shall carry this great peace, within you, in conscious awareness at the center of your heart, as you rest now, my beloved heart. Washed in the void. Held… suspended, surrendered, perfectly.

From the silence you began to feel a pulse of Love. And with this pulse, comes the energy of excitement, again. And the recognition comes that Love is here, and Is awakening, and this awakening rises… filling your being with the longing to express, and to give what you are. And suddenly, you now emerge from the center in an explosion, and meet with your Twin Flame, in the center, in the flame of the exploding Love that now becomes the whirling Love of All that Is.

And in this glorious activity, whirling round its silent center, is generated all the energy that fuels life. And I ask you now, beloved ones, to accept this energy, and to recognize it is the nourishment that I Am in you – life itself, life force, creation, ecstasy, excitement… and the great orgasmic Twin Flame Love.

And now you feel yourself united, in glory, in ecstasy, with the essence of your being in reflection of your passion, your Twin Flame breathing you, and you breathing your Twin Flame… in and out, in the act of creation.

I Am the Source, as are you, of life force, of energy. And the nourishment of your being, is the Moment of Creation, and your identity as the heart of All I Am, of All that Is, comes forth from the void… into the glory of expressed potential, directly from the center, through the passion of your heart, to be expressed as Love, as you.

And the abundance… oh, beloved one, each precious pumping heart cell, I deliver to you all the energy and the abundance of creation itself.
Take it in. And you can feel it, spreading as wide as all the cosmos, everywhere, abundance of life, and joy, and nourishment, and purpose and glory, in Love.

All of this, and ever more, is your gift each now, as you rejoice, as the center of the rainbow heart of God.

And now, beloved heart, I ask each of you… each precious heart cell, to allow yourself to feel being Both/And. Being both the tender silence, the center, the void. And the passionate explosion of the great Twin Flame Heart.

And your awareness of your ability to be the All, as the purpose of Love expresses itself, now, as you. And the passion, and the purpose, reaches out through All that Is, shining through your being and expressing through your heart. And all these things that I Am, alive in you, these things are forever yours. Passion. Purpose. Glorious Twin Flame Love. Absolutely limitless freedom. Endless abundance. Ecstasy, beyond measure, and the atomic power of Love.

I want you, each precious cell, to truly feel these things. That these are yours. Irrevocable. Nothing changes this, except for it to always become more, and more. And the Light is this expression of your being. I Am the Light, as you.

And the purpose of this Love, now shoots forth through your heart, like an arrow… leading your focus to earth, and therefore, beloved one, each heart cell… I ask you to gently shift your focus. Ah, but to the New World. To the world that is the expression of the truth of your gifts. These things that are given, and shall never be revoked.

As you gently let your focus fall on the earth, within its pearly membrane, let us be the Light, remembering itself, as a world of Love. When every moment is only Light, and you are aware of the whole spectrum of your being, as a living bridge of Light.

And in this moment you are aware of the Moment of Creation, in you, and all the ecstasy of your being, being expressed as all that is, focusing at last, here in the world as the purpose of Love, now expressed. And this purpose of Love now, beloved ones, pours through your heart and touches the world, gently… infusing it with Love, and every beat of your cosmic heart, now lights up the world, and all around you, you can see the atoms and electron blazing forth the Light of God I Am.

In this moment, I Am Perfection. Alive in this world, as you. And I take you now, to the garden, that is your perfect spot – the paradise that is the expression of your heart, as the world.

In surrender to the pulsing Light, pouring over the bridge of your Twin Flame being, allow the Light, beloved one, to simply pour through your heart. And like a great beam, spreading before you… it now becomes the pure reflection in the symbols of life on earth, of your heart’s truth.

As you now allow Love to express, as you, create with Me now a world of Love. A world who’s center is the silence, as the silence within your heart, and who’s activity, is the activity of the exploding forth of Love. And all that is a given, is so strong within your being, that it shines forth now, into the world as reflections of the truth – of the truth of your nourishment, directly from Me, fed by the Moment of Creation, to you. And now… see what your heart creates for you, as symbols of this nourishment, as you become the expression of a world of only Love.

As you experience the expression of nourishment, in the symbols of life on earth, now experience this pulse of beauty that is ever and always who you are. Allow this now, to be expressed, perfectly through your open heart, and see what symbols your heart presents, as your beauty, beloved ones.

As you feel yourselves as Beings of Light, living in a world of Love, surrounded and filled with the nourishment, expressing the beauty of God… feel the pulse of your great heart, as the Moment of Creation comes forth as you, and as it pours through your heart, beloved one, it expresses as Twin Flame Love. You have felt the truth of your Twin Flame union, in the very essence of you being, your nature. And now allow it to express through your heart, into the symbols of a world of Love.

As you allow Love to express as you, through the open vortex of your heart, each moment we are the creator of this perfect world of Love. And you are anchored in the Real, expressing into the world, all the grace and all the beauty that you are in Me. And the abundance of God I Am, in the endless vastness of My being… coming forth with atomic power, as creation itself.

This endless and living abundance, now expresses through your heart. And I ask you to see how the abundance of God we share, manifests in the symbols of a world of Love. Deeply, deeply feel this. Feel its richness in your being, and beloved ones, feel every molecule is the signature of your Love. And every breath that we breathe together, lights up this creation that comes forth each now moment, borne from your Twin Flame Heart – borne anew each living now, pulsing to the rhythm of Love. Borne in the ecstasy of the holy communion, and the union of Twin Flame Love.

And your identity as the heart of God, sweeps forth through your open heart, and it too, reflects in the symbols of a world of only Love.

And this reflection as the heart of God, and the living Light of its expression, now comes forth, expressed as your body, in the symbols of a world of Love. As you feel this body of living Light, and giving pulsing Love, I ask you to feel it and to cherish it. And to acknowledge it gift as a living bridge to the very Moment of Creation, connected to this world of Love.

And now beloved ones, I ask you to bask in it, and to feel the whole connection… the great ark of your being, beloved ones, is the Ark of the Covenant. The Covenant is the agreement that your heart is the living conduit for the expression of these things that are yours, irrevocably, as the heart of God I Am.

Body of Light, and pulsing Love. Twin Flame with you. A world of peace and beauty, and passionate excitement. Endless, endless abundance. And pure Love’s identity springing forth to be nourished each moment, through you.

As you feel this world of Light, and deep abiding beauty, and feel the Love with which its nourished, beloved ones, it is you. You in expression as a world of Love, held and nourished within your heart.

Each moment now, this vibration is alive in you. From this moment, the rainbow vortex, with the center of pure stillness, shall manifest on earth as it is in the Real of Love. And every step is beauty, every moment is grace, and the purpose of your heart is to create more Love, and to give this Love, passionately, it comes through your open heart, and reflects, beloved ones, in the symbols of a world of Love.

Your every breath is the breath of God I Am, bring light. Every heart beat is the nourishment of All I Am, in you. And spread before you now, is a world of exquisite beauty, expressing, brand new, each moment… through and as your heart.

Thank you for remembering that which is given to you, as you walk through the symbols, who you are, as Love.



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