Building a Matrix of Light for the New World

Now that you rise at last out of the miasma of Earth consciousness into the glorious expanse of freedom, I Am here with you, ready to gift you with the awareness that freedom comes in the transfer of your life energy and awareness into consciousness rather than thought. All of the feeling that is alive and yours must shift now from emotion to the true divine feeling of My living and beating heart. The currency that you use for life, beloved ones, must now become energy, not thought or emotion and certainly not materiality which is the deepest form of the illusion.

So as you become purveyors of energy, the living givers of the cosmos, I shall show you how to use energy to weave a new world and to create a new matrix of Light and joy that is to be the foundation for life now on Earth as it is in Heaven. In other words, the basis for living beyond the old structures of duality and ego is a world based in freedom and derived in energy and Love.

The matrix of this New World is yours, dearest ones, to create, for you are the creative heart of God I Am. By consciously weaving this New World into existence, you at last take on your mantel as the living creative Christ, the heart of God alive and present and aware in the fullness of your being of the essence of life and its flow, beyond time in the living Now.

You truly are co-creators with Me, although truthfully you are simply creators, for to imply separation is not the truth of this Love. In this Love we are one being with many streams of consciousness, just as you are one heart with two streams of consciousness that are the Twin Flame cells of the great Divine Matrix – the mandala of life that is the creative heart of God. Now you become fully conscious of your ability to weave life and energy, consciousness and Love, into regenerative creations, into life itself expressing in all these glorious ways depending on the matrix of energy that is their foundation.

This matrix of energy, beloved ones, is the basis of all creation. It is essentially what would compare to your very DNA. It is that which holds the codes of life itself and brings those codes of life to fruition. In this case, the true life of consciousness and Love working together to express what I Am in the great and glorious present.

So how do you build this new matrix that shall become this world of Love? You have begun already, beloved ones, whenever you function from your heart. Whenever you allow your life force to go forth with Love and intention, this creates a strand of life itself, consciousness and Love, with intention behind it. It weaves itself into a new pattern of pulsations of Love and expressions of glorious consciousness and intention of God.

So therefore I ask you to come now into the deep awareness of this moment and to allow the Movement of Creation itself to fuel the birth of this intention and thus become the lines of Light, the pathways of energy that you, beloved ones, shall use to “flesh out” with Love. You will build with the true building blocks of creation a shining, pulsing matrix of Light that shall draw to it all that once was the old civilization of duality on Earth and lift it up into a brand new pattern of life and Love that shall bring forth full consciousness in each stream of life, each Twin Flame heart that has dipped itself into the illusion of time and space.

You can see that this matrix of energy and Love must be powerfully magnetized as it is created to draw to it the essence of each human being and to return them to their truth as Love, for the principles of creation are universal and there must be a foundation of intent that then becomes the streams of energy. There must be a “structure” of Love that weaves the energy together and creates a living pulsing life. Only that which is truly alive in the Real sense of life as I Am can ever be a true creation and a true expression of My life.

Using this criterion with which to assess, you can see that most things on Earth do not qualify as Real creations, but are simply thought forms that have drawn to themselves enough energy to be out-pictured as the world, as duality, as thoughts and emotions. Once this thought and this emotion is distanced from Love and from the fiery essential energy of God, then it does become energy that is frozen and emotion that is a substitute for Love. Thus it also becomes empty structures attempting to create a false picture of a life, when it is instead an existence removed from consciousness and Love.

Once the true matrix of energy of life becomes a living pulsing creation of Love, then those things it is expressing truly become living energy capable of continuance, regeneration and the expression of eternal life. This is what you know of the great knowing of your heart. It is the truth of your being and your life. You are a self-regenerating glorious God-essence expressing the true nature of life, expressing the intention of the great creative heart of God I Am, as the center of All That Is.

This is what I ask you now to gift to humanity – a Real creation that shall be the New World. This creation must be fueled by a functioning cosmic heart for only such a heart can regenerate and can give forth the energy of living Love that must be woven into the matrix of intention and life in order to create Real life.

While the world you know contains elements of Real life within it as it must, for though the illusion may be plentiful, Real life is ever present or there would be no possibility of transformation. So the essence of life is being held for you by that which you call Nature, but as you can see in the world you experience, the ego mind has created very successful separation from Nature for many human beings. This occurs either in the removal of their life from the essential pulsing rhythm of the natural world or by creating such scenarios of disaster and starvation and subsistence that the world becomes an enemy instead of the essence of God as Love.

This separation is ending and therefore the life streams that are Nature are also now expanding into the Real of Love and calling forth their own matrix of a world expressed as beauty in which there is no separation at all. They call you now to join them in the effortless and joyous new expression of a world of only Love.

Only true consciousness can build this matrix. Only Real Love can fill it out, and this can only be living through you when you become the awakened heart, the heart of God I Am alive to the Vertical, no longer identified with the horizontal life of the ego mind of duality, of separation -- rather, living the Now Moment in joy.

In partnership with Nature, the call comes now deep within to rise up, choose heart perception, gain the wings of Real freedom and allow the impulse of the Moment of Creation living through you to fuel your creation, through your Twin Flame heart, of a New World of Light and energy of joy and regenerative Love. As you allow this to pour through your open heart as you become the conduit for the intention of the whole, you will find yourself continually focused in the Real easily translating the symbols of the world into a true shift in consciousness beyond the ego’s machinations and beyond the emotions of old heart’s beliefs.

I invite you. I call you to come into the glorious Now Moment releasing thought, releasing ego and emotion until alive in your true expanded state, aware of the pulsing of your Twin Flame Love, you find yourself expressing stream of Light that join the streams from other hearts and become the intentions of God I Am as the holographic Love expressed through you. The Divine Matrix of the New World.

From this matrix shall come springing forth the pattern for new bodies, bodies of Light with cells of joy, conscious Twin Flame hearts beating in resonance with you as you also find your harmony with the great heart beat of God I Am and the wholeness of Love lives through you and speaks with the voice of the living spirit. It clothes the new matrix of consciousness with the energy of dancing Love.

With ecstasy it becomes the upholding agreement of this matrix as it comes together, until its magnetic power is stronger than all egos on Earth, stronger than collective consciousness, stronger than the illusion of separation and the belief in something other than Love. When this strength comes that is greater than the belief in separation, that moment of decision where humanity turned away shall be undone in that instant. That instant is always Now.

As this awareness comes from deep within you through the great pathways of the Real, you will also find yourself available as the conduit for these new energies in the world that become the ladder to the New World transformation of life on Earth out of the dream of separation into the living hologram of Love.

You have come to a point, another crossroads where you must step beyond the little mind and ego as a way to interact with anything -- your environment, your creation, your expression of life. The ego is the mechanism of separation and can never show you the truth of your heart. Only as you leap into the Real of Love and open your heart to All That Is can you ever be able to fully experience the true wholeness of God I Am, and thus, the truth that is you.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You tonight. We invite You in. We each say our deep “Yes” to You, asking that we become truly the living presence of Your Love here in the world and in that living connection to the Real. Beloved God, use our hearts and let us join our hearts together that with Your Love and Your energy we become a functioning heart tonight through which Your Love can lift and bless this world.
I ask you, God, to use my life, my voice, my Twin Flame heart with Doug as a conduit for this experience tonight. I call to all the wonderful glorious beings of Light who assist us and guide us, who show us the way and ask you to also be with us tonight in attendance and to amplify our Love. Amen.

Now as we begin, let’s join our hearts together, opening our hearts and making the connection with each other’s energy, feeling each other’s heart and feeling the energy moving between us, heart to heart to heart, creating a living vortex and feeling the energy swirling through us in a clockwise motion. We can begin to feel the magnetic presence of this heart that we are sharing as it magnetizes the Love and our intention amplifies it. We allow this great rushing Love to pour through us through this heart we share and feel it as it infuses the world.

We also share our intention and our energy and the one breath of God. As you breathe, let your breath out and take a deep breath in, expanding into the Real of Love. Breathing out the Love through your heart, joining together again, one breath, one heart beat. Breathing in to the Moment of Creation itself and breathing out Love through your open heart. Breathing in to the pure Love of God and breathing it out through your whole being.

With every breath, breathing in to the Real and breathing out the pure Love that is our essence. Breathing in now to the pure Light and breathing it out into the world. Breathing in to the light and feel lighter. Breathing out Light through every cell, every atom. Breathing in to the Love that is the pure Love of God we share, and breathing out Love through our hearts. Breathing in to the pure Light, the highest vibration, and breathing out Light through your whole being.

Breathing in to the Love that is the pulsing heart of Creation. Breathing it out into the world. Breathing in to the Light, to the pure essence. Breathing it out into the world. Breathing in Love, expanding your heart until the All of Love is present through you. With each breath in you become the expanded presence. With each breath out, you are Light’s delivery. With each breath in you are Love and with each breath out, you are giving.

Beloved ones, My heart, My presence, All That I Am in the world. I ask you now to be the heart of God and to share this experience together with all humanity. As you breathe in to your heart, expand your awareness of your heart as vast as the Real, and allow yourself now to become fully conscious that you are the heart of pure Love. As you breathe in with Me and breathe out this Love, allow yourself to very gently sink into your heart now. Softly, gently, falling into the vibration of Love that you are, as the pure essence of Love as it is given, right here, right now as you.

As you find your awareness now, centered within your heart, I ask you to expand your awareness to your heart in the Real of Love, to allow your heart to be the wings of God, lifting you, lifting you into the Real, as you open gently yet surely into the vastness that is the pure ocean of Love. You are supported as you are floating in this Love, resting gently, suspended. All around you is the warmth of the presence that I Am as the vast hologram of Love.

You are feeling the stillness floating in this ocean. Everything is peace and you know that you are waiting, you are waiting for the moment when the rising of Creation begins. Yet now you are tenderly held within the Real and you are filled to overflowing with this Love. In the center of your being you find there is a heart flame that is the spark of your magnificent Love. It is rising from the center of your being, from your heart, feeling the urgency to give, feeling the awakening of the consciousness of Love in all that it is meant to be.

I ask you now to be My heart. Allow yourself to feel your true nature. As you rise from the center of the stillness, you are ecstasy waiting to reveal itself fully. You begin to feel the movement of two energies in the center of your being. These energies have an urgency, moving from the stillness toward an expression of their nature and the expression of the Love That I Am.

In the rising of these energies each of you can feel that you are both streams and yet, you are aware that in their expression, one of them expresses your nature, and the other one complements you. As you rise into the ecstasy of the expression of this Love, a pulsing within you begins, and you move into communion with that which is your Twin Flame, the reflection of God I Am for you.

With every breath you are both in-breath and out-breath, coming together in the moment in between. You are the heart beat of God I Am, pulsing together, creating the movement of Love. As the movement rising continues, you are joined in the glorious dance of Love, consciousness expanding beyond the two flames. You are aware of the greater Will of Love, of all the streams of Twin Flame Love together creating the matrix that is My heart. As you move in this mandala that is expressing the Love of God in and as you, together, in this exchange, the urgency, the ecstasy continues until it builds, beloved, into this explosion of My heart that is the full expression of My Love.

You become a million streams of light and fire and life expanding. You become the Moment of Creation as ecstasy and the full complete consciousness of All I Am, of all that is alive through you, until this ecstasy becomes so much more than even can be held by All That Is. We fall into the stillness once again, the silence, the other side of the heart beat of God.

Once again you are the ocean, softly moving in sweet ripples of Love, suspended in the stillness, rocked in the arms of God, incubating once again this Love. Beloved, heart of God, know that in your center you are the furnace, the fire that rises always from this stillness feeling the two energies and yet, they are magnetized as one. You become the explosion of life, of God, of All I Am.

Know yourselves as this heart of Creation, and feeling this energy as the Twin Flame heart of God you are, I ask you now to feel this womb of Love that is the point where the Twin Flame life you are comes together in unison, in unity, in ecstasy, orgasmic Love. From this point to stream this stream of Light pouring forth the Love along it from your Twin Flame womb and to create now a brand new matrix of intention and of Love, creating the energies of a new world.

Allow this Light and Love to speak to you through your heart to show you your part as this creation, as together we weave a new world to bridge from life on Earth into the Real of Love. With every moment as you feel this breath breathing you, breathing through you now, I ask you now to amplify each moment this fiery Love and pour it now into this new matrix. As you do, see it come to life.

All around you, you are aware of all the other streams of Twin Flame Love streaming forth and pouring into this matrix the Love from your heart, the great and glorious heart you are, the ecstasy in every Now, fueled by the moment of rest as you become the pulsing living heart, giving life to something new, giving life to this new creation as Love is expressed as you. You see it now shining and amplify the power of Love, pouring through your Twin Flame heart, until a world of Light and perfect glorious Love expressed in the eternal Now becomes a living presence in the Real.

Now together, oh, beloved ones, I ask you to place your focus into the world that was the reversal and to make the shift to lift that world into the new matrix. In one moment from the old into the New. Amplify this new life with your heart. Through your heart, beloved ones, each of you is creating and from the Real of Love, creating now, that every moment is brand new. In the Now, the instant, one creation turns into the next. The living Now is ever exploding forth. I ask you to feel its potential and to take it in to your magnificent heart, amplify it as you are this Love, and pour it forth as a new creation instantly.

As you feel the New World given birth in this living moment, I ask you to feel and know that it is one with the true intention of your Twin Flame heart and holding this awareness of the Love you are as the heart of God, holding also this brand new matrix, I ask you to extend your awareness through the spectrum of vibration from the Real of Love now into the world of duality.

Place the intention of instant transformation of the shifting of the old world to the New in the divine instant. As you feel the awareness of your Twin Flame heart, alive as the Moment of Creation, I ask you to also feel your point of focus now as your life in the world and to make the connection that all the energies of Twin Flame Love, the energies of Creation in this instance are now delivered to the world of duality, to bring instant transformation.

Beloved ones, this is the opening of Twin Flame Love in the world. It is the beginning of the full restoration of the truth of Love on Earth to be emissaries to allow this Love to live you – to feel every moment your divine nature, to be the passionate Love I Am, present in the world and to allow the voice of Love to speak through you, to bring awareness of this atomic Love, this glorious living energy to every heart on Earth.

As you feel this connection to the Real of Love each instant, please recognize this energy that you are as the Twin Flame heart of God can now fuel the world, that all you need as energy – be it light, heat, fuel, electricity, all of it is power and is meant to be fueled from within you. You are the doorway, beloved ones, you who are conscious in bringing this energy fully into the world to allow each human being the gift of Love’s awareness and access to their Twin Flame heart in the Real.

Every heart beat in the heart of God I Am pulses now through you, eliminating the veil of illusion and bringing this Love into the world – that from the world you may now step instantly into the New World matrix that is the Creation of your Twin Flame heart from the Real now, waiting for you to open the doorway for every heart to step into -- instant transformation.

This is the intention of the Twin Flame heart you are – instant transformation through atomic Love of the frozen world of duality into the fiery fluid ecstatic Love of the Real, through the bridge of the divine New World matrix, now ready, now fueled by you through your Twin Flame heart.

I ask you to maintain this connection with your Twin Flame Love, beloved one. Let this be a continual experience as you become the living intention of instant transformation from the world of duality into the world of unity now. With every breath and every heart beat, I align you with the Real and with the atomic power of your heart – the Real heart of God that you are. Let every heart beat be this intention, instant transformation into the world of Love and access for every human heart to the Twin Flame truth of Love that they are in the divine instant.

Let Love speak this truth through you, translated into every language and into every vibration, every expression that is needed that every heart may hear the call and awaken into the joy of Love. Thank you for holding this new matrix as you walk forth in full awareness that you are the heart of Love and you are the power of transformation for the old world into the New. And then, into the Real of Love.



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