Changing Perspectives in God and As Us

It is another dawn, not only of a new day but the dawning of a new awareness of life and its meaning ? a new awareness of perspective and of the luminous nature of your being. Today I open you into a great expanse of the living light and I show you that your being is Love and that this is that which you truly are. You are the living fires of Creation, fully conscious, fully Love, granted by your place at the center of the great OM, the ability to expand or contract according to the Will of Love.
Therefore, it is Love?s call that brings you into focus. Ever and always this has been so because this is who and what you are. And yet, what you must know, dearest one(s), is that freedom means to never be caught in any one perspective. One of the greatest gifts that you will learn here in your life on Earth is this, for you shall gain the ability and gain it soon, to return to your vast awareness where you can be the dancing light, aware completely throughout The All, and you can be Love?s focus here, and shift these every moment.

In other words, beloved ones, by your focus you can become the living breathing life of All, OR the focus that is this body. The only inconsistency with your greater life is your current inability to notice that you have gotten stuck in one particular focus, and that focus is the focus called the ego mind. The moment that you release yourself from this one perspective and a thought perspective at that ? that moment, dearest ones, you are free. You are free to remember that you ARE the universe, and that everything that is in expression here is a living part of you.

Now I have said this to you before, but until you gain the ability to silence the little mind, none of this is Real. It is simply only words. It is concepts that also get filtered through the ego mind and relegated to the ?back burner? somewhere so nothing will interfere with the little mind?s position as the focus here on Earth.

But you are stepping free. You are witnessing the miracles of pure Twin Flame Love and you are aligning yourself with the great questing Twin Flame heart that offers the gift of Love to all Creation as well.  As you experience this, you regain your freedom, and as you do, you secure the background, foreground shift in the recognition that you are the living breathing whole.  From this experience you can understand ? not with your mind but with your living spirit ? that everything that you perceive on Earth is a part of you, and that a complex and glorious being that is who you are is being aligned in this moment with the great, very Real ?I Am.?

In every breath you must re-populate the precious world of Nature, for every symbol that you encounter is a reflection of your spirit, coming to sing to you as the melody of pure light. So I bring you the experience of sharing the Love of your being in truly countless ways as life on Earth. As you share, you will be amazed and humbled at the nature of your beauty and the expression of Real Love as your Real life.

And so it is that the one breathing life of All is ever-changing its expression in and through you. So the birds that come to sing before you, the swallow here this morning, is a perception shift, a gift of Love for you, that speaks to the truth of your being and says ?I am your Love.? You recognize it as a message sent to yourself.

So I ask you this day to remain completely centered and completely free, beloved ones, from the ego mind and to open your being to the great flexibility that is your ability to be this great Love and to shift how you interact with every life within you, including the celebration of one glorious heart. I Am That I Am and you are My expression. You are the living whole  -- that through which I see Myself. And just as well, so it is with you that every blade of grass, every natural form of life is an expression for you of another part of your Real self.



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