Choosing the New World, No Matter How You Feel

You are alive in a cosmos of Love that is thrumming and humming with life force and joy and woven with the great shimmering web of inclusive unity that I Am. In this life of diamond-faceted wonder there is no such thing as isolation, despair or loneliness, for every breath is met with the Love that you share with All That Is. You are wrapped in a warmth and a sweet tender Love that is My deep and intimate Love for you, and you share the movement of life with the living cosmos.

In this cosmos of never-ending joy, every movement is met with not only with success but with the great updraft of the magnetic pull of My Love for you, carrying you ever higher and bringing you effortlessly your joy and the fulfillment of your purpose. This thrumming, humming, joyous, glorious, all-inclusive life is yours now, even here. This is the call that I send to you with My call to leave the old world behind and to accept that your purpose has begun and must now be fulfilled.

You have asked, some of you, what this means in your daily life. Does it mean that you must walk away from your "day job?" Does it mean it is time to simply throw the old world away and step out in faith into the new one? My answer to you is Yes. It is time to step into the New World with your whole being and to accept nothing less.

Yet how this looks to you in your life in the world is completely your decision. What I call you to is a great turning of the heart, of the soul, of the spirit and even of the mind, that all of your attention and your energy is now placed at the "foot of the throne," so to speak, in service to Me.

What this means more than anything, beloved ones, is that every moment's choice is this choice constantly to live the New World energy and to fulfill your purpose for Me now, no matter what it takes. It is the decision to step out in trust that Love will be there to support you. It is the decision to believe in true abundance knowing it is part of your true nature.

But for some of you this might mean making the decision to begin to incorporate your healing work while you continue your day job. For others it will mean a complete about-face and the beginning of a whole new career. There is no formula. The formula is in your heart. My request is about your relationship with life and with Me.

My request is that you ask yourself every moment about every move: how would this look in the New World energy? Then choose to act accordingly. Choose to act accordingly, regardless of how you feel. These last words I ask to be underlined, regardless of how you feel. The remnants of the old world and the old heart's beliefs could make you feel many old world things.

You might feel lonely, isolated, terrified, excluded, about to "fall off the face of the Earth." You might feel certain that you are going to starve to death on the streets if you step out in a new direction. All of those things are the ego manipulation. They are how the ego mind has controlled you - by using your thoughts to create feelings based in divisiveness, based in separation and in old world beliefs. Beloved ones, this is what must now change.

It is not as much about the outer expression as it is about your inner decisions and your relationship to life, your relationship to life and your relationship to Me. While many of you can soar into the realms of pure Light and your hearts are alive in the spirit, you are still also entertaining the old heart's beliefs based in a world of separation. Much of this is not fully conscious. Some of it is like a knee-jerk response, automatic, and even unacknowledged.

Regardless of the level of your awareness, if you will be choose to clearly and consciously make the decision to base every movement, every moment of your life on what you know is the truth of God and what you know you are here in the world to manifest - then I promise you, you have made the turn about that I ask.

Dearest, most precious heart, each of you has within you a radiant Light that sends forth My message showing you who you are, what your place is in the pattern of My heart and what you were born into the world to accomplish for Me. This is what I want you to tune into, and to honor with everything that you are. Making the decision to live based on this, knowing that the line of demarcation has been crossed and the old world must fall away.

Make your decisions consciously, daily, hourly, and moment to moment, even if your ego mind is kicking and screaming in fear, because, as I said in the beginning of this Message, you will rise effortlessly into the Light because the call of the Light is being magnified exponentially, daily. So any effort that you make will be multiplied thousand-fold. You will be lifted by My hands of Love, invisible as they may seem at times, into the great thermal updraft of God.

So you will soar into the realms of unity and you will bring this unity to Earth. But to do so, you must honor My call that comes to you now, hourly, that says: "Turn away from the old world quickly. Turn away, beloved ones, in heart and conscious and trust the symbols of the world to follow."

Rather than asking questions about what you should do, recognize that the level of doing is the result, not the cause. So your choices don't need to be made about doing or anything in the physical realm right now. They need to be made at the level of the heart with the power of God behind you, calling in trust on who you Really are, acknowledging your Twin Flame with you and claiming that power of life that is yours to bring forth into the world, consciously, expressing the truth of God's heart here on Earth.

In every way that you can easily accomplish it, bring forth that energy prolifically, abundantly, with energy and dedication, however it can come through you as the movement of My Love expressing itself as you and bringing the truth of the unity of Love into the world.

For some of you this will mean more prayer time. It will mean bringing yourself to Me in the silence. For others it will mean writing poetry of the spirit and bringing to Earth the truth that you remember of living in harmony with all life and what it looks like.

Once the decisions of heart and consciousness are reached and held, held consciously, held continually, there comes a point when that energy overflows into the world and the world is magnetized into alignment with your choice.

So create from your heart the remembrance of Real Love and the unity of wholeness, inclusiveness, of belonging so deeply that you are lifted up, exalted, acknowledged for the unique beauty that you are. Yet, also you are completely open to every other life that every other life can be honored by you and honored in turn.

The sense of belonging to the great whole, to the pattern of Love unfolding is so great that it defines your living Now Moment eternally. All the ways that the belief in separation has held you - these are the things you must turn around and choose instead the truth of Love and hold it. Step out on that choice in faith. Even if you can't see it anywhere before you, trust that it is there and that My hands are waiting to support you.

But I do not ask you yet to necessarily make decisions about action on the physical plane, because if you make those decisions without your heart being in alignment, they will fail. It is your heart that must come on board first, and it is your deep determination that must hold the truth, hold the choice for the living New World energy, no matter what your ego mind shows you.

Let Me repeat that again. Hold your choice for the New World energy, no matter what the ego mind shows you, because if you acknowledge the ego mind's fragmented pictures of divisiveness and allow it to bring forward the past, then you simply create the self-perpetuating motion of duality and nothing changes.

So for all of you - each of you has come into this world to stop a stream of darkness, to stop a thread of duality and return it to wholeness and Light. This you must now choose to do unfailingly. For some of you, your ego mind might choose to fight back. And believe Me, I do know that it can shake you until your teeth chatter and make you feel like you've been cast into the fires of Hades.

But if you hold firm and reach up your hand to Me, you will always always find Me there, waiting, ready to lift you up and to free you from the pull of gravity, the gravity of the ego mind's world and give you the freedom to fly free in the Light while living here on Earth. That is your labor of Love and it is the truth. The truth is the truth, and that truth is Love's unity, that nothing can divide it or separate you from it. When you choose this, then all the evidence comes to support you.

But you first must make this choice, regardless of your feelings, regardless of how it looks. When you've made this choice again and again in every situation that comes before you, then doors will open. New ventures will appear and the old world situations will fall away effortlessly. But you must start the movement and claim the truth. You must place your feet on that path every moment by going deep within, calling to Me and asking to feel the New World energy in that situation and to choose it wholeheartedly.

It is time to lay down the world. It is that moment of which Jesus spoke when the Christ would come again and every person would be called to stop what they were doing and to follow Christ - to follow the living Christ within and to walk away from the old world perceptions, the old world feelings and way of doing things. First, in heart and consciousness, and then, in the symbols of life on Earth.

I ask you, beloved ones, to tune into your heart and you will feel the call. You will feel the trumpet blowing that heralds the entrance of this Age of Love and that says, "The Christ is here. Come, follow the Christ within. Come and be the heart of God Now, and live that truth every moment consciously, beginning Now."

Turn to Me for your guidance, dearest ones, and you will know the right steps for you. For some of you that step may be changing things in the outer world because it will put you face to face with your ego and help you make the choice for Love, for unity, for the truth of God that I Am in you Now. And again, Now.

I do encourage you to implement in some way the expression of what you know in your heart for the world - that it might enter into the world consciousness, that interwoven pattern of reality that creates this shared experience. Anything that you can do to enter this new consciousness into that collective consciousness of humanity is important. But the most important is the choice of your heart - choosing for the New World energy and stepping forth, acting as the Christ, regardless of how you feel. Not some of the time at which all of you are good, but all of the time.

Turn, dearest ones, to Me. Turn away from all the feelings that are part of this world of duality and choose and choose again to be free, and ask, and I will provide for you the avenue to accomplish this. I will lift you up, transforming the old world feelings, transforming the fears and old heart's beliefs. I will be here, bringing you the truth of the Real of Love for you, beloved ones, to bring into the world.

You are My life here and I Am ready for My full expression through you. I Am ready to be alive in a world of beauty in which every dancing electron is bursting with Love and every breath is so full of prana, it glows and shimmers. It washes through your bodies made of Light, sparkling every molecule into perfect remembrance of the dance of Love that is your body, the expression of a beautiful piece of My heart bringing forth your piece of the truth of Love as a treasure for all beings to cherish. In turn, all beings cherish the treasure you are, and every set of eyes deflects to the heart and sees with the one eye of the vision of Love, and feels the language of vibration speaking through your whole being.

If you feel the call from Me to fulfill a purpose for Love, choose to fulfill it now in heart and consciousness and watch to see if there is an ember burning that invites you to step forth into the world to create a signal fire for the New World - that the fires may catch from heart to heart until they are blazing. That great fire that is spoken of in the Book of Revelation can then sweep the Earth.

The fires of purification have already been raging. Now, dear ones, it is time for the fires of Love. Those great and passionate roaring fires of ecstasy are waiting to be born on Earth through you, that there can be so much Light to see by - Light blazing from your burning hearts that are burning with passionate Love and devotion, that every life finds its truth revealed.

If you choose this New World energy and take this seriously, every life on Earth will come to assist you in all the myriad ways, with all the energies that are present and waiting to dance. The Nature Spirits, the elements, the ancestors, the great and moving spirits of the world itself, the passionate ascension of the Earth as she garbs herself in rainbow hues of majestic Light and waits for all her molecules to ascend with her. All those molecules that are humanity and her connection to Me.

Everything is woven so intricately together, and your hearts are the center of it all. So you are absolutely necessary to the plan and its fulfillment. Just know that things on Earth are now accelerating -- accelerating until every day shall be exponentially more powerful, more filled with Light and energy than the one before. Those who are in alignment with the rising fires of Love will simply find their ecstatic hearts exploding with joy.

But those who have blockages and resistance to living Love and to fulfilling the purpose for which they were born may find that the fires are the fires of the energy needed to burn the blockages away. I want you to remember the power of choice, the power of you, the heart of God I Am, the power of the great focused consciousness that you are as the focal point of My energy on Earth.

So I do not have one answer for all of you about what this call means in your life, except that it is the call to choice -- to choosing the New World energy, choosing Me, choosing the unity of Love and the power and purpose of your Twin Flame heart, Now, with all your dedication, with all your might and all your majesty and grace.

It shall be done on Earth as it is in the Real of Love, effortlessly.


natasha stewart 15th October 2008 9:59 pm

well....what can i say??!!.....good grief you guys are goooood! this msg has reached me and it has become abundantly clear that god is not rampin (messing) with us! or me at this precise moment!! amazing...thankyou...xx Natashaxxx


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