Christed Heart Series - Heart Perception

With every breath and every heartbeat, you are attuned to the greater Love, the one Love I Am, and thus, the Love you are. In this time when you now walk this road as Christ, the most important thing for each of you is to understand and live this - that behind all symbols of phenomena of life in the human world, beneath every movement of the play, there is only Love. The stage upon which life is lived in this illusion, the very stage is Love itself, and your heart can perceive this in each and every moment.

So the time comes, beloved ones, as you accept the mantle of your Christhood for you to close the gap, complete the circle, in each and every moment of your life - especially now as that which is happening on the stage of the human drama becomes more and more intense, as the light reveals the shadows. It is imperative that you, beloved ones, see only Love.

The only way to do this is to use your heart perception for the little mind will always engage at the level of the dream and only the heart can show you the truth behind the illusion. So, the time has come for you to send forth the great beam of Love from your heart, to send it through every layer of the illusion of a life of separation from Me, to connect with the Love of which all things are made.

For beloved ones, you can no longer afford to believe that life is separate, that you are separate from Love, that there can be something else other than My Good, My presence and My Love for you. It is time to remember that the whole platform of life is ever and always only Love, and it is only the mind's dream, the illusion of separation that keeps you struggling and keeps you feeling human. It keeps you from completing the circle of Love that is the truth of all Creation.

As you now walk forth into the world, you will discover a world in which the shadows rise up, becoming larger and more intense as the ego mind seeks to continue its life. In each of you, day by day, you too will face this choice of remembering which instrument of perception you must use in order to truly view your Real life. For your Real life is Love in Me. It is joy, each and every moment. It is the expression of freedom. It is dancing through the moments of your life because you are living completely through your heart.

It is understanding through heart perception that everything you see around you is a reflection of you, and that the reflection can be either the dream of the ego or the true perception of your magnificent heart. Therefore, I now ask you to make the daily decision to perceive with your heart, to allow the beam of your heart to touch every symbol, every life in the world, everything that you see and feel, and focus only on the heart's perception and not that of the ego mind.

At first this will take effort as you consciously make the switch from believing the little mind's story of who it has made you to be - to asking your heart how it feels about you, about your essence, your nature, your Twin Flame, your Love, your purpose alive here on Earth. As you ask your heart and you listen and feel it and allow your heart to be your instrument, you will find it easily showing you the one and only truth and that is the heart perception of Love.

So every person is revealed to you as the great expression of My living heart. Each one becomes clearly an expression of Twin Flame Love because the heart can always perceive this, these things that the little mind cannot comprehend. And therefore the illusion will lose its sway and each day you will become more sure of the truth that your life springs directly from the living Now Moment as an expression of My glorious outgoing Love and my ecstatic joy in giving.

As the little mind loses its hold on you, it will become subservient to your majestic heart, but it takes your choice and your holding it with
dedication. It takes your focus on the perception of the truth of the heart before this shift can occur. I have often spoken to you of the background, foreground shift that must occur for life on Earth to be reborn in the Spirit, for life to reverse the reversal and reveal the circle as never ending of My Love.

There are many ways that this shift can be seen as occurring - many ways that it will touch each precious life. One of these is the shift in your organ of perception from the little mind and ego to the glorious open heart. This shift truly is a way of turning your world upside down for everything that you have believed has been the story of the ego as it names you a limited human and explains to you its "take" on things, and repeats verbatim the hypnotic suggestions it has received, until you become truly expecting the worst, seeing only what it believes and accepting its identity for you. But even more than this, its identity for everything that you see.

You already have all experienced more and more moments of this shift when you recognize that you are looking on the story of your life, and that it is filled with beauty, with gifts, with truth, with the essence of our communion and your deep inspiration, and yet, what you see when you look upon it through the ego mind is fear and worry and old evaluations of yourself.

You recognize now, beloved ones, that if you believe your ego mind, you are throwing away the most magnificent gift, and that is the gift of your Real life in Me, for this can only be perceived through your heart. So you have entered now into the time of the establishing new patterns, and most especially of shifting the way that you perceive from the essence of the dream which is the story of the ego to the experience of the truth which is the perceptions of the heart. The difference between the two is the old world and the new.

It is very very simple and it is easy to see that the world that you experience is based, beloved ones, totally on the instrument through which we see. Is it the two eyes of the ego mind, of duality, of separation, of the belief that you are limited, cut off human beings? Or is it the one eye of your magnificent heart, the single eye of unity or magnificent Love - the truth of the living Spirit which is that you and I are one, and this oneness is the truth of Love in which all life is a symphony, in which each life shares and it is forever a symphony of only Love and good.

So as you make the shift to the heart and you send forth the beam of light which is the moving particles of Love, let it be for you an extension of the Vertical Breath, where on the in-breath you reach upward to feel the highest vibration of the magnificent and glorious truth of the one pure true Love, and on the out-breath, as you pour Love forth through your heart, allowing it to be focused by Me, you allow yourself to be given the perception that completes the circle -- the circle of Love, that as you heart lights, touches any form of life, it goes right through the illusory world that is based on two powers, on that old heart's belief and makes connection with the Real Love of which that life is made.

Also it receives from Me directly the true and innocent perception that is the perception of the heart. The heart sees only Love and it feels Love's truth as a living vibration, and as this vibration then travels back to you from the beam of light, when it reaches your heart it connects with an explosion that is the whole essential essence of that glorious and perfect life. It is the gestalt of the circle of pure Love that is expressed perfectly as the life that your heart has touched, and the expression of the new Love that is made when your heart light makes connection with that precious life.

Every time this happens - each time your heart connects - a new refrain is created in the magnificent song of life. So your heart movement, connection and communion is that which is expanding My great life and writing new refrains to the song each and every moment, always and forever. You are the expansion of My Love, dearest ones, and you do this through the power of your heart, always through perceiving through the instruments of your hearts.

So the mind looks and it always sees two things. It sees two possibilities, it sees duality, it sees bad and good, because it is a fabrication of the decision that was made to believe that you could be separate in some way from Me. Therefore, everything that the mind sees - the little mind and ego - always contains the seed of its opposite, for it believes that there can be something other than Love, and so creates it - because you of course are My co-creative heart.

So as long as you perceive through the ego mind, there will always be perceptions of old heart's beliefs based on fear and on pain and on random acts of negativity that are born in the world of separation and fear. It cannot do otherwise, dearest ones, and if you are attempting to perceive Love and only Love through your little mind, then you are causing yourself endless and unnecessary frustration, because the little mind cannot see only one thing. It is a product of the decision to believe in separation from Me. So everything that the little mind sees contains two possibilities.

The only way to return to Love, to live it and to feel it, to experience the ecstasy that becomes your true life to create the resonant field of pure Love, of Heaven, of the experience and the expression which we call the New World - the only way to experience this is to view life through your heart, because the heart is who you truly are. The heart is your essential nature. It is your truth as Me. It is the focal point of the God I Am, as it is expressed as you, in you and through you, dearest ones. The heart seeks ever to expand Real Love, because the heart is My essential nature and My truth and it is the instrument of perception from the Real.

So, when I ask you to now practice seeing life through your heart rather than perceiving life through your dualistic ego-mind, I am giving you the key, dearest ones, to the effortless return to Love, and that key is simply this. You must use the correct instrument of perception to see the world that you want. If you want the world of Love, the New World, Heaven on Earth, if you choose to live each moment as the living Christ heart, then the only way that you can do this is to use your heart as your instrument of perception each and every moment, and the heart will expand any and all Love. It moves right through the illusion of separate bodies and separate lives and connects you with every being in the ecstasy of oneness, and the interweaving of each giving heart.

So the heart perceives the living song and each note is cherished while the whole song of Love is always available. Therefore, what the heart sees everywhere you look is Me - is the God I Am expressing, in every one of you. One Love in many many glorious streams of expression, each one the heavenly nuance of the one great Love. The heart understands these relationships of harmony, of the subtle inter-weavings of the great Christ heart which is the whole of humanity, each one an expression of a new way in which I love.

The old world will fade from view instantly when you change the instrument of perception through which you view the world. It is a fallacy, an old world story that says you need your little mind, that you must be analytical and you must track the physical life, and therefore, you must retain the dualistic perception of two eyes and of a mind that sees the world as outside of yourself.

But I say to you that you do not, that you no longer need this instrument of perception that was born of a lie. You can drop it, beloved ones, right now, this instant, and you will never miss it, and you will function perfectly. But what you will find is that the Christ life in you will do the directing, will speak with your voice, your Love, through your heart, will move you in the flow of divine life, inspired by that which is your expression of Me. Every moment is pure joy. Joy that lifts you into faith, into the assurance that Love is all you need and will sustain you always in all things.

Every heart then becomes a doorway into the Real for you. Each one is a revelation of My magnificent Love, and each one is an affirmation of the magnificent creative power of the living giving heart of God that is you. Nothing is as beautiful as this, and yet, dearest ones, all things live within it - that when you experience heart perception and you have made the background, foreground shift, you will discover that all that you saw before you as the world becomes pure beauty, because it is only the reflection of you. It is the song that you sing about life. It is your heart's beliefs about your environment, about life supporting you, about everything that you have and are in Me.

Therefore, with the heart you will see that everything you touch is Love singing to you. Especially you can feel this through Nature. As I have said, Nature is totally an expression of your Christedness, of the scintillating vibration of your great Twin Flame heart. But what I want you to understand most clearly is that as you move right through all the symbols of life on Earth with your heart, you make the connection with the circle of Love. All things thus lead back to the beginning, to Me, to the living Now Moment as the expression of one Love, to the glorious celebration of life each Now Moment in its magnificent array of the refractions of light that make up a living dance of Love.

As I said before, the very stage itself upon which the play is acted out turned out to be made of only Love, pure essential, the conduit for ever more Love expressing itself as you, in you, through you, creating beauty that these bodies of light and hearts of joy and moments of experiencing pure Twin Flame Love all before you, revealed their secrets - that when you look through that which seems to be physical, using the instruments of perception that is your heart, you will discover the essence of Love is behind it, something beautiful and uniquely created in our joint co-creative Twin Flame life - ever and always expressing as you and Me.

Through consciousness you are always able to experience the oneness, the great glorious life, the one life I Am. Ah, but through the heart, beloved ones, you can experience relationship. All the singing jewels of expressions within the whole are yours to delight in, to dance with, to love and yours to expand on as you create, as you dance together with all streams of life the great dance of expanding Love. Then everything that your heart shows you is given as a gift for you to delight in, beloved ones.

You are the experiential heart of God I Am and the gift that you are to Creation, dearest ones, is the ability to share in this dance - to give and receive Love in truly countless ways, and through it all to know yourself as Love creating more, as the Twin Flame heart of God multiplying through the dance every divine feeling of giving Love, and creating more of that which you give, dearest ones. Each experience is ecstasy. It is the song of your deepest truest heart, as you know and love yourself, that which you really are, and every precious life that you have the honor to love.

So this world, this world of experience, this world that experiences both Love and fear is simply an aberration in perception and it is easy to repair. Your hearts have never changed what they see or what they do. Every great beam of heart light experiences only Love and sends the message back into your Twin Flame heart that God I Am is expressing here as this unique stream of Love, and as that glorious expression of the Real. This has never changed and never will. The only thing that changed is the shift to looking outside oneself and believing in something separate from the oneness that you are. This choice to believe that there could be something outside of
Love and of Me and of the pure life and good that we are - each moment, only this is the problem, the illusion, the reversal. It is simply a fabrication of the little ego mind.

Thus, my dearest ones, do I give you a most important key that to live the Christ, to accept the mantle of the living God you are, simply requires the returning to your heart as that which you use to perceive each and every moment. This completes the circle of Love, heart to heart to precious heart, streaming rainbow streams of glory, ecstasy and the Real, tenderness and joy in each and every moment, and the reflection before you of your Twin Flame Love. The heart is the most powerful part of you. It is that which is ever and always fully present and Real. Always it knows your union as a Twin Flame heart.

So I ask you to practice moment after moment, making the choice to perceive with your heart, again and again and again, simply extending the Vertical Breath down and outward through the heart and the beam and connecting with each life before you, and remaining focused on your heart as it receives the information of that which it finds before it - that which Love has touched. As Love is returned to light and that which is human and limited must change, it is so important, dearest ones, that you be able to use your hearts, not only to see and to feel with, to see what is Real and what is illusion - but to be able by doing so, by going right through every symbol and connecting with the Love, then you are the bridge through which life is always revealed.

What you perceive through your heart perception will be transmitted to others around you through the medium of resonance, of vibration, of energy and thus more and more people, your beloved brothers and sisters, will begin to experience heart perception. This is what you might call the evolutionary shift, but in truth your heart has never stopped perceiving. It is simply that you have turned the other way. So the moment that you turn back now, dearest ones, in that instant you are restored to the experience of only Love, and all the limitations that you believed in are simply gone. They fade away because they were only the perception of the little ego mind.

As you extend the beam of light that is your heart perception, it goes right through the illusion of the world of separation and reconnects you to the Real of each and every life. It closes the gap, completes the circle, from Love to Love, all of life, and gives you the opportunity to pour forth your Love and to create from the Real a world of unity and joy totally released from duality, from pain, from all belief in separation.

As you do this, beloved ones, as I said before, your heart will reclaim all of your senses and suddenly you will find that you are seeing life and you are feeling Love and you are hearing the chorus of angels and you are smelling the perfume of the Divine Feminine or experiencing the vibration of the angels, and have completed the circle through your heart perception. You are living in the Real, even while you have your life here in the bridge world of Heaven on Earth. As you live this way, I promise you that Love becomes your nature. Love will speak your sentences. Love will be your movements. Love will be your truth and it will happen without effort but with joy beyond imagining, because from the Real, the living spirit will be expressing through your heart that which is true of you, that which is your Love, pouring forth in service to every precious life.

So your life will move from joy to joy, and everything you see you will recognize as Me in the glorious dance of awakening to the Love you are. There are many who understand that it is imperative to turn off the little mind, to seek the silence, to learn to live beyond the ego. But there are as yet very few who are actively engaging in the true mode of perception which is the perception of the heart. Thus do I give this to you, and ask that you share your experiences so that each of you can take nourishment from each other and keep on choosing Love, choosing to perceive through the heart - that a world of Love is what you see, what you experience and what you create, and the old world then can easily simply fade away.

So do not cause yourself undue distress or more work than you need to by attempting with the mind to understand Real life. Instead, dearest ones, shift to the heart and simply allow the heart to speak through every medium, every channel, every moment and you will discover that life is returned in all its eternal fullness right now to you, without any confrontation, any rejecting of any experience. Rather, let it all fade organically and easily as you keep choosing to perceive with your heart.


Peter Fox 14th May 2023 2:23 pm

Perfect Yael and Doug and God- just perfect. Thank you SO much.


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