Christmas Message from Jesus

Unwrapping the Gift of Our Heart

I am Jeshua, the one you know as Jesus. This year I decided to come to you myself to bring you this Christmas Message, for I want to show you how I lived my life and how easily the truth of Love is yours.

First, I want to remind you that Christmas is an opening, like a great Light coming into the world from on high. It is a time when the pattern of the living presence, the upliftment of the Angels and the truth of Love is made available to humankind because of the pure intention of your hearts and the power of your remembering.

You are the Christ child, just as I was, and you are the heart of God living, loving, breathing. I am here to assist you in understanding the reversal, the reversal of Love that is the structure of your world. I long to take you within, within the beauty of your own heart and return to you the presence of the Creator's endless Love.

What the reversal of Love means is that life on Earth is a reversed reflection of all that is Real in the glorious pulse beat of the living omniscience. All that is based forever in God on giving, on the extension of Love, has instead on Earth become focused completely on getting - on reaching outside of yourself into the world for sustenance and looking outside of yourself for someone to bring you Love.

The truth has always been that the Creator is your source of life, the sustenance of your being, the strength of your heart. Only from your truth as Love, as God's living beating heart, can Love ever be reflected before you as the assurance of what is within.

When I walked in the world bearing the gift of fully awakened consciousness from the moment I made the choice to enter the world, I lived and breathed in the wholeness of the living Creator's Love. Every breath that I took was filled with Light and warmth and nourishment. I always felt the living spirit as if the breath of the Creator were breathing me and suspending me in the warmth of Her/His grace.

Thus, because I knew the truth that I am the endless recipient of this perfect all-sustaining life force and this pure and intimate receipt of the endless Love of God - what I perceived in every person was this living truth of life, their identity as the pure and sparkling heart of the Creator.

Because I knew this endless Love as the truth of my own self, there were no barriers between me and the truth in every person. Living that truth of my heart let my heart be the one who "entrained," who lifted each person into their own experience of this holographic Love of which we are made. All the miracles, all the healings, all the things accomplished with my life came only from that acknowledgement of the truth within each person. They could see it in my eyes and feel it in my heart and suddenly the power of Love turned around that reversal and brought that precious life back into alignment as the Love of God ever extending that Love forth.

In other words, the flow of life was restored. In that restoration came the healing of all illusions of lack and fear and loss and disability. That breathing harmony, the endless singing perfection, that truth in which I lived became the truth for each of them who claimed their heart in that moment and was freed.

This is what I want for each of you and it is the gift I give you this Christmas, for you have reached the cusp of the living transformation of the world, Home to Love. You are ready for your own miracles and they come from the return of your focus to the truth of the Love in your heart that brings everything to you from within.

As you receive God's Love, you will understand true abundance - not with your mind, but with your spirit and your soul. You will understand that the breath of life is receiving from the Holy Spirit all that you need to be the expression of the Creator's generous heart.

From this will come the giving, the overflowing Love through your heart that you may walk the world as the living Christ you are, where fear shall never touch you, for you know you are God's Love. And Love supersedes all illusion in the holy Now and returns, by the power of entrainment, the magnetic presence of God's heart all illusions before you back to the truth of Love.

The flow of life is receiving this Love in the intimate communion and surrender to the Creator of All That Is and thus, the heart remembers that Love is who you are and only Love's extension, Love's giving is your purpose.

Out of this understanding that Love is born from within your heart and reflected before you in the world will you at last perceive relationship for what it is. It is the gift in the symbols of the world of the Love that you are returning to you, as the result of your joyous giving.

All of you understand the concept of tithing - that the more you give, the more you shall receive. I promise, my friends, that this is the essential flow of life. Only when you give with an open heart shall you receive what you give, multiplied. But only when you understand who you are, are you full enough to give.

So I want to tell you that I come now to you, to each of you, to be the friend of your heart -- to walk with you every step as you come to understand the truth that the precious heart of God is within you and is your truth that never waivers and never fails, and the source of everything in your world.

You get to choose either the reversal, the world based on the illusion of getting something from outside of yourself, or a world that is the expression of the Love you are, that is vast and truly endless, without limitation, ever-flowing and always supporting you. When it overflows from your heart, then, it shall manifest the truth of who you are all around you in your life easily as the abundance, the ease and grace of living, and as the reflection of pure Love dancing in the movement of Creation that is your Twin Flame.

All of this lives within you and this is where I turn you. Only when you see your truth can you see the truth in those you are here to serve, those you love.

So this Christmas, as you open your gifts, open the greatest gift and that is the gift of your heart and experience within it the endless Love you are. Experience the Love that is given to you abundantly by our Creator with your every breath as your heart beats to the rhythm of the pulse of the universe.

Once you truly feel that Love as your endless nature and accept your heart as the doorway to the source of everything - I will lift you with me into the endless sweet communion in which we breathe in that truth of Love given to us each moment. Letting it wash through our being and consciousness, it will show each of us who we are. That limitless Love then will ready you for seeing the world as it truly is, bursting forth with the Creator's energy, alive with the movement that is the powers of life, the masculine, the feminine and the creative urge that brings new life into existence always through the heart.

Then, alive as the Christos, every day shall be Christmas, when the glorious abundance of life flows easily through your heart. Received from God in humility and moving in joy through your being, it moves you in the world every moment perfectly. Then, every heart that comes before you, every person who touches your energy, each one who looks into your eyes will see him/herself standing there. The communion of the God within you, the living Love that you are will shine forth and bring them into harmony with their own truth as the heart of Love, the great heart of our Creator, standing in the world, even though until that moment they were pretending to be limited, to believe in loss, in darkness and fear.

The moment the flow is shifted, the ocean of Love is your home and your heart is the source of the miracles of Christ for everyone. I Am Jeshua and I Am here for you, here as your friend, as your mentor and here as the miracle for you, to show you who you are and how to awaken this Love through accepting the gift of God's presence that is ever speaking in your heart.

Accept the Creator's Love. Allow it to multiply, supporting it with your "Yes" to living the truth of Love. Then you can step forth with me by your side and be the miracle that shows the truth of Love as every heart and brings forth the gift of miracles that come simply from the acceptance of the truth of who we are as the Creator's Love.

Will you unwrap the gift of your Real self this Christmas? Will you let me bring that gift alive in you? Let me instill in your consciousness the determination to return your will to God, that the Creator's Love might enter the world through you as it is meant to. Each of us is the pulsing star that beats to the eternal rhythm of the living heart of the Creator that we are. The Christos. That is all of us. Each of us is an integral part of a holographic miracle of God's presence as Love in us and through us, in giving to all life and especially to the heart of every person.

Make your affirmation now, your choice to be the Christ you are and to allow your focus always to be within your heart, that doorway to the endless truth of who you are as the heart of Love. Love is unwavering and Love is also a miracle in itself, for it is ever and always multiplying. There is more of it for you and through you for every heart you touch. Every life that you connect to, every moment the living breathing universe breathes through you. The voice of the spirit speaks with your voice. And the soft whispering of the Creator's Love in the intimate message within says to you, "You are whole, perfect, glorious and unlimited as the beating heart of God, loving the world Home."

I am here to assist you always. Please call on me and I will show you how it feels to live in this living cosmos of unity, when the breath that breathes us ever sings that living OM and multiplies itself through us in giving, so that every life is nourished and every life is seen Every life is receiving and giving in this magnificent dance of God.

I am Jeshua and I am with you as friend, as mentor, as your champion, as your guide in this moment of awakening. I am here as that which brings you the remembrance that you are Love unfailingly, endless, abundant, and ready to be amplified and given. May the gifts of life return to you in friendship, Love, fulfillment, abundant life and joyous interaction and relationships, and the miracle of the Twin Flame reflect what is the truth -- that you already are the beating heart of Love.


michael mayer 25th December 2008 5:45 pm

Indeed, Blessed Are We in this everlasting Love, Free...Being Our Truth...Thank You:)...michael


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