Christmas message from Yael

Dearest Spirit Family,

It is Christmas eve and I am thinking of all of you and feeling so much gratitude for each and every one of you that I had to reach out and write.

Thank you for joining me, joining us at Circle of Light, heart-to-heart, as we lift this world back to Love. Thank you for your prayers, your meditations, for keeping your focus on what is truly Real. And thank you most of all for believing in Love and for your faith in God. It is knowing that we share this devotion -- that our focus is on the Real outcome -- that lets me know we are Spirit Family and that my heart is always yours.

What we are creating here together, this amazing new pattern for life on Earth, is worth everything that all of us have been through. If there are days when this doesn’t seem true, just remember to reach through your hearts to each other, to the miracle of Spirit Family and open your heart also to God, and you’ll feel the remembrance fill you.

We are not of this world. Rather we are here, first, to experience the illusion, and then, as we open our hearts to Love, to lift the whole world, by like resonance, back to the oneness of God. As God shows us humanity as the infant Christ, we know that it truly is happening – that all we’ve held so long in our hearts is coming to pass.

It is my commitment to God this Christmas to be the conduit for God to bless this wonderful extended Spirit Family each and every day. I’d like to ask each of you to receive this energy and Love and to amplify it and pass it on, while cherishing this ever-expanding heart we are creating together -- a heart that God can use to pour forth the Love.

Thank you. Thank you for being my family of the heart and Spirit. May these holidays be filled with miracles, with joy and Love. It’s impossible to express in words how glad all of us at Circle of Light are that you are our Spirit Family. Whether our connection is brand new, maybe even as yet tentative, or we’ve shared many connections and workshops, please know that we are blessed by you.

With all my Love, Yael



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