Closeness with God is the Key to Releasing Duality

Closeness with God is the Key to Releasing Duality and the Illusion of Separation.


As I continue to show you, our relationship is pivotal to everything that you are and all that you do in service to this beautiful world All that you are feeling as you allow this penetration of My Love into every area of your life shall become the living torch, dear ones, that lights up the world and shows forth the pathway to freedom. No matter how many ideas and ideals the spiritual life places before you, the truth of our Love is the only door to your freedom and your awakening.

Yes, your Twin Flame is a reflection of this but a reflection. Not the cause. The only cause is our Love together and it is this to which I call you now. I am now sending forth the call to humanity to return to this closeness with Me and to release the choice for separation from God that is the feeling of duality and the transformation of the ego dream of fear.

You will notice how many spiritual paths still avoid the relationship with God, with Me. And you will notice how many people still are nervous about discussing a Real friendship, a Real relationship with the All That I Am. They rather make it something vast and somewhere deep outside of each life.
But I Am a hologram and thus I Am personal. I Am fully present in you and you in Me. Fully conscious. Fully living the joy of this Love. It is the one qualification for opening the illusion, the membrane of separation that keeps life on Earth continuing. It is the deep desire in each precious heart to reclaim that relationship with Me.

First must come the reconnection with Me. So what I ask of you whose hearts can feel Me and who are opening to this tender closeness is to understand that this closeness IS the Message that you bring forth to the world as a blessing after you fully begin to live it. Ah, but as you live it, dearest ones, you begin to feel fulfilled as nothing else can fulfill you.

Every moment as you recognize the power of our closeness, not to mention its depth and beauty, you will discover yourself blossoming as you never have before because our Love is so deep that feeling My perfection you know that you can be nothing else but perfection yourself. It is your destiny that this Love is combined in your heart.

You become the perfect heart of God and every movement of this Love between us goes forth to become the sweet perfection with your Twin Flame. It is then to be delivered to the world as this glorious and living torch to guide everyone to the one clear answer - closeness with God I Am. Closeness means no more separation, the complete and glorious blending of your spirit and the awareness that the All of Love now fully reclaims you and your life, then, expresses this perfection in every magnificent way.

As you take this in ever more deeply you truly will resonate with the awareness that nothing else will do because nothing less than the perfection of our Love can be manifest in your life and do honor to this Love that we share.
Once you feel this Love, now when you look into your beloved's eyes, your days contain all of Me and all potential. What he or she sees there will open up his/her heart, the perfection that he/she understands is you, must be manifest in his/her life because nothing else will do, nothing else will honor the perfection of your Love shared together each moment.

Once you come to this place of the fullness of our Love, all the empty spaces of the illusion are filled and that deep abiding loneliness that has accompanied you through all of your lives, all the dances that you have danced in the illusion - at last all of these can disappear. Rather than feeling that innate despair, that deep abandonment of Love, you can recognize, oh, beloved ones, My Love is always there and all you have to do is say "Yes" to our Love and the old ways are completely mended because they came from our separation and I Am giving All I Am to you.

I always have and always will, but it is up to you, beloved ones, to accept this. Ah, but as you do, the richness of your life multiplies and you become the all-inclusive heart, holding the world within it in perfection in all the glorious ways that I love the world and love it Now as you. You become the gateway, the literal opening into the Real through which we shall bring every heart, that each one will know My Love for them in all its glory, all that is becoming now so personal - until every doubt, every fear, every separation from Love in any way is totally dissolved in the glory of this light, and you become the expression of the unified God heart saying "Yes" to Love because we are One.

The perfection of the Love I Am becomes your only option because this Love we share is so powerful and so potent and so deep and so moving and so rich in how it feeds you that it becomes the only thing you want, beloved ones, and therefore, it is granted. The separation is ended that became the world and freedom becomes your life.

Only by living this closeness with Me can you share it with My other precious ones. Oh dearest ones, those of you who can feel your truth as My heart and feel the call of these Messages that I send you - I ask you to do all you can to bring every heart into Me and show forth the potential of our closeness. Simply be present in the midst of all the pathways to the spirit and simply pour forth the truth of our union.

Know that I Am opening up the intelligence of every heart, the true deep and glorious heart perception that every person will have the opportunity to have more, to understand Love's extraordinary potential to bring freedom into every life. I Am every answer and I Am filling every heart completely until you are full to overflowing with My tender and personal Love and you are feeling every moment My touch and I Am all that you need.


Beloved God, we open our hearts tonight inviting You to fill us with Your Love and with the awareness of Your presence, our unity with You and with each other. Thank You, God, for all the gifts that You have given us and especially for this gift of our spirit family as we share this Love and service together. God, join our hearts and create of them a powerful conduit for Your Love that we may lift this world into unity and wholeness again. I ask You God to use my voice, my light, my Twin Flame heart with Doug, all that I am. I ask also to be crystal clear conduit for this experience that we share and for your Love. I also call to all the other beautiful beings of light who assist us in so many ways and give you our thanks and ask for your assistance tonight as well. Amen

Now, let's begin by joining our hearts together, feeling each other's Love moving through us, around this wonderful circle of hearts, creating a vortex of Love and energy that we now multiply exponentially through the power of our Twin Flame heart. This vortex is blazing like a sun with all its energy, moving with all the living Love that fills it. As we feel this Love moving among us, we become aware of the world, unconsciously pour this Love through this heart we share to bless and uplift the world.

Now we begin to breathe together, feeling that shared living breath of the whole of God that breaths us. As you let your breath out, empty yourself. As you take a deep breath in, feel yourself filled with Love. As you breathe out, let all tension fall away. As you breathe in again, feel the upliftment. Open to the Love and breathe the Love out through your heart to the world. Breathing into the Moment of Creation itself. Breathing out this incredible Love. Breathing in that perfect vibration and breathing out this resonance into the world.

As you take each breath in, begin to feel the presence of God breathing you in and out. As you breathe in, this presence, this Love, it breathes out all the Love of Creation through your heart and the heart we share, until the rhythm of this breath simply becomes that which you live in perfect Love each moment. Breathing in perfect Love, breathing it out through every atom and breathing in through our shared heart to the Moment of Creation. Breathing it out again.

Now, beloved ones, as you take each breath, feel yourself opening to Me, to the one Love, the living All and feel All That I Am fill you, filling up your whole being, expanding your glorious heart and lifting you so gently into the presence of eternity into the living Now Moment. You can feel the perfect stillness and feel the vastness of the breathing cosmos and feel, beloved ones, the kiss of My Love as it touches your precious hearts. Feel My warmth fill you, gently, now.

Feel it washing through your whole being as we merge into one and you now remember what it means to be the unity of Love. I spread your consciousness out until you touch every precious and glorious life and enfold it in the being that we share and love all life with your heart. Can you feel, dearest, most precious hearts of God, how rich and how tender is this Love? Can you feel how deeply we love each heart, each precious diamond heart that we share?

As you feel yourself expanding, held in the All of Love, you remember what it means to be the living breath of the All of God. Yet, as we breathe one breath forever, we also love deeply as Creator and Creator's heart. In each living moment both of these experiences are ever and always present in this heart of Love we share. For you are unlimited truly, omni-dimensional, experiencing all the richness of Love that we are and therefore you become all things at once, feeling, loving, giving, exploding into the All, everything happening in this Love we share.

But most of all now I want you to feel how I love you and how I live within your being and speak within your heart. As you take this breath, I blend with you and breathe this Love together. I support you perfectly in this living Love we share. As you feel your heart now blazing in your center, pulsing out the rhythm of Creation itself, you feel our communion alive and generous and always and ever precious and ecstatic and forever. In this moment now, dearest ones, sink into this heart and let the blaze of our Love become the power of the Love we share.

Listen to My voice as it sings in your heart and from your heart you feel the living song that I sing always in you. As your consciousness reaches through all of your being, everywhere it touches I am there. Every point of focus, wherever you place your attention, here I Am speaking to you, deep within your heart and singing this song of Love throughout your every atom, always this relationship as well as our oneness.

In this moment you become every dancing atom of Love throughout the whole of Love I Am but still focused in your heart. Can you recognize what it means to be the living All of Love and the giving heart of God, everything at once? In this Love we share so tenderly, there also is passion - the joy of life expressing as My heart through you. Into this joyous flame of Love comes now your perfect reflection as the Twin Flame heart of God I Am is the Love you share.

Holding this remembrance let your Love now climb higher, straight into the Moment of Creation itself. As you feel the glorious energy, the lightning bolt of consciousness, the explosion of ecstasy that is the Love we share, it feeds you electricity, atomic energy and lights your whole being, the vastness that you are and every electron in your being. Breathe in this energy and let it electrify your heart, and let it transport your consciousness into the pure exploding glory until you are flying forth throughout the whole of Love and every atom of your being is fully aware that it is fed from this connection - the connection that we share. I Am the Source of your life. This life that is endless, ecstatic and glorious - let it feed you now, ecstasy and endless joy.

Feel yourself expanding into this Love that is reflected before you perfectly everywhere you are throughout the whole of Creation, everywhere your consciousness touches this energy that you recognize as you. You can feel deeply that you are one with All I Am and the power of Creation resides in you. You are fully conscious as every life. Every life stream in the All of God is you.

Let yourself feel the wonder as you move your consciousness throughout the All of Love and feel all this life and the wonder that you can be everywhere at once and yet, always aware of your Twin Flame heart identity as you emerge from Me now. In an instant you are the angels feeling the purity as it rises up within you and sings their part as the heart of God you are, love each angelic life and know yourself as the Love I Am.

And now you are the living wind of this moving cosmos, rushing fully conscious, whirling through the All and delivering the Messages of pristine consciousness born again each Now throughout the All of God. Each life stream is precious, alive as you and alive within you and you are its heart. All the while, beloved one, you are forever conscious of the heart of Love you are as the Twin Flame God heart.

Let yourself simply be all of this at once, filled to overflowing with the wonder of this Love. As one living being we share the touch of every sweet electron, every being in living Love. The Love I Am moves you and gently shifts your focus according, beloved one, to the need of Love. Therefore simply allow, allow Me to live you, to open up your consciousness to guide your precious heart - to open before you the vista of unity and to gift you each moment with this treasure of our Love.

Your heart can easily encompass this awareness and speak in the language of living Love that is beyond the mind. So simply allow the experience as we breathe life together and the Love I Am is conscious and alive as you. In this same Now Moment you also feel My Love for you so tangible, so Real, so close and so potent that at the same time you are feeling the wholeness and the joy, you also feel this tenderness in this sweet communion that I share with you. Each breath is a kiss we share. Each moment a revelation of just how I Am present in and as you.

As you feel this Love I Am deep within your heart I expand your heart now to encompass this Love and to feel the shining light that comes from this communion as I feed you life energy each moment perfectly. Your being now remembers feeding from the explosion, drinking in the energy of this great orgasmic Love that electrifies your being, shines out from your heart, dances before you as your Twin Flame Love. You live on this energy on this life each moment. I promise you it is always all that you need. Drink in this electricity, feel its vibration as it wakes up every atom and electrifies each electron and brings you the atomic energy of the Moment of Creation expanded exponentially through your Twin Flame heart.

Can you feel it now exploding as you place your focus on amplifying this powerful vibration of exploding dynamic Love that powers all Creation in great orgasmic wonder and pulses forth, beloved one, from your Twin Flame heart?
You are fed and given life directly each now and this life, this atomic explosion keeps all of life moving, fluid, electrified, dancing forever, forever powered, beloved one, through your Twin Flame heart.

I want you to feel this power, feel this explosion, feel how this light electrifies all the life I Am, rushing forth from your heart, delivered now to every life. You are the living conduit for the Moment of Creation itself and this, beloved ones, is so very important. As you now turn your focus back to life on Earth and from this expanded consciousness, see - remembering - and hold the world made up of the decision to believe in separation from Me.

As you place your attention upon the world from here, beloved ones, I ask you now to charge up the world, to pour forth this energy of Real exploding Love, to electrify the world, all life in the reversal and allow this atomic explosion to reconnect all life to Me and to restore the movement to the Love that has been frozen, that has created the world.

So as you place your focus carefully upon the world and all within it, let your focus be the lightning rod that takes all this exploding energy and pours it into the world. As you feel the power pulsing from your Twin Flame heart, you can see the pocket of reversal becoming filled with light and energy and the electrons now begin to move. All the Love that has been frozen, all the focus that has been reversed begins to become fluid, unfrozen and moving and opening up the living flow between all hearts.

Now, beloved ones, place your focus throughout the whole of your being from the Moment of Creation and now into the world, into the pocket of reversal, duality, into the symbols that are the world itself, into the center of the planet and all its people. I ask you now to anchor the power of your Love and you can feel yourself connecting as the bridge to the Real, from the world all the way to the Moment of Creation itself. Feel the line of your being, your attention and your commitment connecting all dimensions, uniting Love and allow your heart, your Twin Flame heart to be the conduit.

You can feel the pulse beginning, the explosion of Love pulsing forth through your being, you, the living conduit, electrifying everything in the world that you touch. Everything upon which you place your focus, hold in your Love. This great electrifying energy is delivered now. Now and Now and you can feel the shift as the power of Creation unfreezes the Love.

From this moment, beloved ones, I ask you to be conscious as the conduit of this energy, this atomic power of your Love and to watch as it pours forth from you and to allow Me as I speak within you to show you how to anchor the power of Creation here. Here in the world of reversal that at last, that which is frozen is returned to fluidity once again.

Remember this connection, this connection to the Source, this connection to the energy I Am in you. Go forth with awareness of the whole of your being from the world to the Real to the Moment of Creation itself. Plug each life, beloved ones, into this Love, that once again this atomic power may light up every life. That which was disconnected is reconnected once again and Love becomes electrified, fluid and free, moving as the energy of Creation itself and all that was dreamed to be solid and physical is once again returned to its state as energy expressing atomic Love.




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