Communing with Consciousness

Beloved one, I come to you today enfolding you in this Love, and I remind you that everything is conscious. Everything is full of life because Creation is a hologram and All I Am is present in every single part. I want to remind you also that every energy shift must be held by consciousness and that you, beloved ones, as the glorious Creator’s heart, have consciousness as vast as All That Is. This consciousness is sparkling, totally alive, intelligent beyond anything that word has held before, and ready now to make its entry into this field of life on Earth, this field that is made up of living particles of Love, every one of which is conscious. Every one is ever and always in communication with you.

The first phase of the work at Circle of Light was the establishing of the Twin Flame heart as the great and glorious conduit of the power of this Love. And while in Earthly years it has seemed to be a very long process, in the light of the timeless spirit a year is like a second. This is a Creation that is totally conscious and loving. On every level in every way there is always communication, communication through heart perception and the awakening to the field of consciousness and Love that we call “The Real.” Now you are bridging even more this hologram and adding to the power of My living Twin Flame heart, the power of the awakening of the holographic field of consciousness and Love unto the microcosmic level here on Earth.

So I have lifted all of you into the Real and now I show you that the Real is here as I have been saying regularly as I spoke to you about the truth of dancing atoms. When you perceive with your heart through the symbols of separation, what you find is the hologram of Love. Everything else is a projection of the ego mind, the sub-creation of a life on Earth, of pain and strife. You are the bridge of consciousness and heart between these things.

As we created the bridge to reconnect the heart, I took you first through the awareness of the separation, the awareness of your ego and what it is. Then I brought to you the concept of reconnection which we built. Then I introduced you to The Real and we began to gather experiences of this reality of Love, beyond the illusion of reversal on Earth. Then I gave to you this great awareness of the Transforming Heart and ultimately, the shift of awareness that leaves the identity behind, the identity of a limited human being. Ultimately I have brought you into the Real of Love, step by careful and loving step, that you might truly fly unfettered into heart perception, trusting your heart to give you true information that is the communication of Love, be it the living whole or any part. Accurate instant magnificent and unlimited, the heart perceives in feeling and instant knowing, and images are then used to translate heart perception, that you may comprehend it as the bridge through the mind.

Now we enter the second phase and this is the phase of consciousness. I bring you now into the conscious and living field of the hologram and show you the pure intelligence (for lack of a better word) and the absolute life and individuality of the streams of consciousness that imbue the living whole – that you may understand these interactions that have included this one with Nature as a part of the communion of the living field of consciousness and Love.

It is time to communicate with the atoms. This is the beginning of this new phase. So as I move you into a new awareness of your body as energy and assist you to shift into nourishing from the Real with Love, accepting My nourishment as yours, that as one the nourishment is acknowledged as the source of your life. The communion now becomes the communion of living Love, of the energy of life as you know it from the Real, and expecting the miracle of this communion, of this consciousness to be able to embody as consciousness (or we could say to “en-conscious”) the perfection of God I Am, here in this moment, and letting this acceptance then reveal the reflection of the body in a new way, timelessly perfect as I Am perfect and I Am whole.

What is needed is the ability to break free of the old images, the old paradigm, the old awareness of life as duality. Once this is accomplished, then to establish communion with every aspect of this living whole as both the individual “en-conscious-ed” stream of light and the great living whole.

So I bring you gifts always in reflection of the truth, and I have been showing you for quite some time this dancing field of energy which you have named the dancing atoms and electrons. I have brought this experience of this living light to your heart and you have felt it very deeply -- the awareness that all life is in communion and everything is a relationship with conscious life and living Love. All of it is meant to be interactive.

I want you to be My reverence for this most incredible gift of the awakening of this precious world into the communion of Love. When every, truly atom and electron and particle shall speak and make its consciousness known, and you who are the heart of God shall bring to it a vessel of Love and together create the New World. The New World is the symbol of the River of Life and the Twin Flame heart, meeting and floating in ecstasy and this is the next step on the bridge of light and Love that comes after releasing the human identity. It is releasing the world as physical and shifting into this glorious expression of consciousness and Love.


Beloved God, we open our hearts tonight and deep in our hearts hold forth our “Yes,” our “Yes,” God to You, to being this Love, to being awake and aware as Your living heart and we ask You to use us tonight as a living heart together, as a conduit for Your Love to bless this precious world and every life upon it and within it. Let our every breath be a prayer of gratitude for, God, we are so grateful for all the blessings that You give us and especially grateful for this amazing gift of spirit family that we may join as we are tonight, heart to heart, life to life, spirit to spirit in service and in devotion to You.

I ask You, God, to use us together and to use me, my life, my voice, all that I am in service to this awakening Love. Amen.

As we begin, first I’d like to acknowledge the presence of our beloved Jesus, his Twin Flame Mary Magdalene, and all the other beings of light and Love who assist us. Now we join our hearts together, opening our hearts and reaching for each other, acknowledging this deep heart commitment that we share. Joining together in Love, we create one heart through which, as God, we love the world. We can feel the one heart beat pulsing through the center of this heart that we now share. We feel the River of Life as it washes through us.

Now we begin sharing also the one living breath as we breathe out together and take a deep breath in filling our whole being with God’s Love. Breathing out this Love through every atom and cell, and breathing it in again, reaching upwards for the Moment of Creation itself. Feeling that pulsing explosion, we breathe out the Love. Breathing in again, accepting the life and light and breathing it out now through our hearts. Breathing in again, open your heart, wider and wider and breathe out the Love through your own heart and the heart we share. Breathe in the Love from the Moment of Creation itself. Breathe it out amplifying it in the Twin Flame heart that you share. Breathing in perfect Love. Breathing it out amplified. Breathing it in again and breathing it out with a prayer and a blessing for all life on Earth.

Now, beloved ones. Feel My Love within you, that with every breath you breathe, it rises up in acknowledgement of this Love that we share. As you continue to breathe, expand your awareness and feel the living atoms that make up your body being nourished by this Love and this life. So with every breath in, they are washed in energy and with every breath out, they exhale as well. Breathing in with every atom and every cell. Breathing out as a unity of living Love together, you are a living cosmos and all that lives within you shares the field of your being as one life and Love. You are the guiding awareness, consciousness and Love that tenderly expresses your will to them.

As you breathe in, again I ask you to expand your glorious heart making it a doorway into the Real of Love. Through it now let your consciousness fly within, into this living cosmos that is your glorious being. Your awareness now is enhanced and every atom feels your Love and you are centered in your pulsing heart, feeling the Love received from you as you pump it forth to these atoms, washing the atoms and electrons, the particles of living light that are your being in the one light and living Love of God I Am.

As you breathe in again, see every atom becoming brighter. As you breathe out, see the Love pour forth from all atoms at once. Feel this beautiful rhythm of the breathing in and breathing out in which the microcosm of your being harmonizes with the Real. As you open up your consciousness, let it spread throughout the cosmos. You are free and unfettered, unlimited, glorious, magnificent consciousness and Love. Every breath is a movement of awareness of the one life breathing, and every heart beat is a heart beat that is shared both within and without.

All that you are is reflected all around you and within you. I stretch the awareness of your being further into the Love we share. As your consciousness and Love expand, you touch the shining atoms as Twin Flame hearts and recognize the beauty and the power of the Love they share. I touch your awareness now and lift you into the whole, that you may understand that within your being is this very same hologram of Love.

Can you see how every atom shines forth its great awareness of the Moment of Creation as the pulsing Love we share? Your consciousness now notices each atom as a Twin Flame heart, lit from within in response to the great explosion of Love. You are awake in a glorious star field of Love and consciousness, filled with gold and white atomic suns, pulsing this message of Love. All around you is the ecstasy and the streaming particles of dancing light. Each one leaving a trail of light and energy that you can feel. I stretch your awareness and I open your magnificent heart until your heart now encompasses this whole glorious cosmos. As within, so it is without. One being, one life. With each breath you are closer to each atom that we share, as if you are enlarging each atomic Twin Flame heart until each one is personal to you. Each one you intimately love. I bring you now these precious atoms and each one touches your heart and your heart responds in deepest Love and deepest knowing as well.

You know each atom, beloved ones. You do. For you are the heart of God I Am and each atom is yours to love. Each one comes to you now that this Love might pour through you to fill them up, atom by atom, with the power of this glorious Love. All around you and within you the explosion occurs, the one moment of Creation itself also is a hologram happening everywhere. Everywhere, always, at once. Every sweet electron, every particle of life is animated with this pulsing Love and swimming in this consciousness each Now Moment forever.

All around you now you can see the dance, as the atoms greet each other, forming patterns now and streams of light that are the consciousness of elements we share. Streaming through your heart is the pure nourishment of Love that sees all life on this atomic level throughout this great hologram of Love. Pulsing forth through your heart, this living Love we share, lighting up every Twin Flame heart, every atom everywhere.

Now, beloved one, I ask you to release your awareness of yourself and let Me open you into this field of dancing atomic Love. Let your being become the field itself and every glorious atom dances within you as you are spread throughout the whole of Love I Am. The light, the magnificent light pulsing from countless Twin Flame hearts as on the atomic level you are filled with awe at this glorious and most personal Love. For within your being now, you can feel each one, each Twin Flame atom and every one speaks to you and shares its essential nature, that you may celebrate each glorious life, each magnificent atom and each electron, each particle of light that makes it up.

These electrons of light are cups of Creation, holding the essence of the explosion itself and delivering it unerringly to feed each atomic heart again and again each Now Moment. The movement of each electron, each cup of light is a trail washing through this living whole as it goes about its business. You are able to feel the delivery now of this nourishment of life, as it is poured from the cup of the electron into the atomic heart. The pulse of light shoots forth when the nourishment is received and the amplified Love is given to wash Creation again.

Now, the movement of Love occurs and you are speeding through the cosmos instantly, alive in a great streaming river of living light, the River of Life itself. Rushing, dancing, feeling everything, aware of the trails of light, aware of the nourishment and the seeds of transformation as each Twin Flame heart accepts the Love. As you are washed through the cosmos as this River, let yourself expand even further into Love until every particle of energy in your being is singing forth this Love that we are.

As this great wave of living Love and the energy it puts forth, I turn you now, oh, beloved ones, as the River of Life, to Earth. As you rush through this field of living conscious Love, you become aware that there is only these same atoms, electrons and particles – Twin Flame hearts, alive and sharing the energy of Love. You are vaguely aware of thought forms creating a shape of limitation but it has nothing to do with you on this atomic level, for you are simply a River of living Love.

Streaming forth within you and all around you are these precious electrons of light, carrying the energy that is given forth as Twin Flame atoms give forth the Love. Delivering it to other hearts, amplifying All That Is, that All I Am is self-aware and ever creating more Love within. As you feel yourself flowing through the pocket of reversal, what you notice is only the Twin Flame atoms, the particles of light, the electrons of Love in the star field of God I Am. There are wisps of thoughts of separation but they do not touch this atomic level. You are ecstasy held within consciousness. You are the essence of Twin Flame Love.

Each heart beat of God I Am is centered within your being and flows forth from you as a living heart in the macrocosm and the microcosm and you are aware of all at once. Pulse of Love after pulse of Love and the glorious field of life on Earth is sparkling, vibrating, energy that is honoring the truth of Love.

Once again there are no barriers and you are washing the Love back and forth until it becomes a very Real wave form upon which the electrons of light can surf. This wave form is the energy of Creation, coming forth to wash the whole in this tender Love that is vast and also is personal, both/and, always at once.

Now you notice, beloved ones, there is a vortex opening in the world through which the energies and thought forms of separation are being pulled upward, lifting up to Love. That which has been the out-picturing of separation is being pulled in to the center point of oneness and that which had believed in Love and something else is being magnetized back to the One. You become this same living magnet drawing to you that which has been separate and through the power and the tenderness of your own Twin Flame heart, you are mending the separation, creating Oneness and letting it flow upward through your Twin Flame heart to the Moment of Creation itself.

In this Now Moment the construct of time is ended and that which had been waiting upon Me is now lifted from the Real, magnetized to the One and recognizes itself as the center. As you hold the awareness of this field of consciousness and heart, beloved one, recognize that your consciousness is a cup like the electrons, a cup that holds the center point, that holds the transformation into the All of Love. For all things must be held in consciousness.

Consciousness is the cup of Creation and beloved ones, you are the “en-conscious-ment” of the mending of all belief in separation from Me, from Love. You are the center point, the lifting up, the coming home, all of it held within your glorious awareness. I celebrate you as the Twin Flame heart within Me as you celebrate the atoms with you. Star fields. Holograms. All within each element and all of it truly living Love.

Now, beloved ones, I lift you up again, up to the Moment of Creation, filling you with this glorious pulse, bringing you back into consciousness as your Twin Flame heart. As you become aware that you are ever one, one heart with two streams of consciousness, I give you My Will as the heart through which I love, to bring every precious Twin Flame atom that has believed itself as separate somehow from this Love back into the living whole.

You become now the Will of Love, the heart of God I Am, reaching out to all life on Earth. I place your awareness through the spectrum of All I Am and anchor it in the pocket of life on Earth, that you may commune now with the atoms, the electrons, the particles of light and the waves of living Love becoming. the manifestation in the symbols of the world, beloved ones, of the reunion of every atom, each atomic Twin Flame heart with the Moment of Creation itself, and full awareness of its place in the whole. What this means is that I ask you to allow Love to live you, to let Me be the movement through your heart that reaches forth to bring awareness and to embody the atoms, the electrons, the particles of light in the wave form of Love.

Your consciousness, beloved ones, is the movement of My outreach, the tender greeting and the awareness of every atom in a personal relationship with you. Just as I Am ever and always in relationship with My heart, the atoms of life on Earth will now relate to you. I ask you to allow the River of living Love to guide them all into the expression of perfection in the symbols of a Bridge World of Love.

You will feel the movement of Love in your heart guiding you, placing your attention and you will also know that Love will bring about the awakening of each atom into its fullness and its place to create symbols of perfection, symbols of perfect Love, symbols of ecstasy and joy through your Twin Flame heart and through your focus as Me in the world.

Can you feel the fountain that is your heart as it pours forth these waters of living Love, pours forth the River of Life to bring nourishment to every atom that has believed itself to be separate from the one great whole of Love. Feel the universal heart beat, beating this pulse now through you. You can feel the response coming quickly, instantly, from every atom in the world. And you will know through your heart as they wake, beloved ones, and you will enter into this deep communion. You will find the most joyous interaction with the atoms, the electrons and the particles of living light that make up what we call “the world.”

As you breathe this one breath, let it bring you full awareness of the great whole of Love that we are and also the most tender and passionate outreach to the atoms of life on Earth. Lighting them up and returning them to this glorious communion, you will find this a wonderful interchange as you begin this communion on the atomic level with all life on Earth – through your heart, pouring the particles the living Love, emitting light to dance forth in their movement.

You are the holographic consciousness and Twin Flame heart that will guide them on their way, beloved ones. Thank you for being the focal point, the conduit for this glorious River of Life. You become now the living chorus. You become the very River of Life, and I say to you now, “rejoice!”  Rejoice in the miracle of communion. Rejoice in the ecstasy of Love. And rejoice in the power of the Twin Flame heart. Be it yours at the level of the cosmos or be it the atoms that make up the world.



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