Communion With and Adoration of God Is the Breath of Life

Beloved ones, each of you, I shall come to you in all the moments of your life that your days be filled with these communions -- a conversation with no beginning and with no end. Every time you open to Me, you make the Real connection and you shift your point of focus to the very highest of vibrations. Your heart recognizes itself as this great communion continues – that is the communion that I share continually with My heart.

Of course I would know My heart. I would know everything that lives within it. I would know each nuance of Love and know deeply every cell. It is very very important that this communion becomes the key because I promise each of you that we are meant to have moment-to-moment communion in consciousness and heart. I Am the All of Love and fully present in All That Is. I speak to you as everything, through everything and continue to have this deep and powerful communion with every stream of life that is vibrant and alive within this whole of Love I Am.

So everything that you look at, everything that you touch is holding a glorious piece of the hologram of Love and I can speak to you as each piece that you might know each glorious nuance, each stream of electric feeling, each wave of giving Love. This communion never disappears. We are in the holy dance, and this is what makes Creation rich for Me is this communion of heart and spirit.

Because this is a time in the world where the mind rules more and more, a time when My beloved ones seek to explain everything and call it “scientific,” it is easier for humanity to see Me as a nebulous All, to feel that life continues only as this merged whole. But the truth is very different. This communion has deepest purpose. You are My Message for everyone that communion with your Creator is meant to be part of your life.

This Love that you have for Me is essential to everyone’s life because your Love poured forth to Me is part of the living breath, part of the receiving and giving of the energies of life that keep the whole of Love functioning. You are not meant to live without this exchange, without the adoration of your deepest heart for the gift of your life, for Creation and for this communion of living Love.

So I want you to deeply surrender into this intimate communion and to see, beloved ones, how it supports you and gives you a richness, gives you this Love, returns you to the joyous communion of spirit and heart that we are – that your life in the world may be a reflection of this hologram of Love.

I invite you to make this communion with Me deeply part of your everyday life and to trust that this voice of the spirit, of the light is the voice to which you are meant to listen. You may test this for yourself easily, beloveds. First reach for Me through your consciousness and you will feel that expanded oneness. Then reach for Me with your heart and our communion will be so clear to you that there can be not a shred of doubt.

You cannot know who you are without this circle, this breath – giving Love to Me, your Creator, and I give Love to you, My heart. It is unstoppable, eternal, guaranteed. Yes, of course it is. But for those who wander in the illusion, it is important now to return to this deep and intimate relationship with God I Am.

The whole of Love I Am is speaking always in every cell, every atom, each electron, every movement of the light in the cosmos is a communion, a movement of Love, and this movement is the engine. It is the breath that continues life. It is everything that you need as the holy living heart of God. It is reflected in perfection in Twin Flame Love.

I invite you to also surrender to this but most of all, know that as you reach for Me in these sweet and intimate moments, you are shifting, making the background, foreground shift, bringing My presence into your stream of life and changing the vibration each time until you are only this River of living Love.

Let each moment be this fullness that is rich with My voice and My Love and that speaks directly, beloved ones, into your heart so you know this communion is serving you in the transformation of your focus from duality into the glorious Real of Love. With every choice to do this, you bring this vibration present also into this pocket of life on Earth and change the energy and relationship of everything, opening it to the Real of Love and the glorious Vertical life.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You and we open our hearts to each other. We ask, God, to be of service tonight as the living heart of God we are, as the completely clear conduit for Your amazing Love to pour into and through us to bless this precious world. God, we give You thanks for all the blessings in our lives, and most especially for the blessing of our spirit family, for this circle of hearts with whom we resonate in such joy. As we open ourselves to You, we open ourselves also to our beloved Twin Flame, that each of our hearts may be the most powerful conduit for Love.

God, I ask You to use my voice, my heart, my life in service to this Love, in service to this precious world I ask to be a crystal clear conduit as well for this experience together. I also give thanks for all the glorious and amazing beings of light who are here with us tonight and who guide us so lovingly in our lives. Amen.

Let us begin opening our hearts to each other and to God, feeling our hearts expand until they join together and truly create a living heart as we beat as one in service to Love. As we feel each other’s presence, we feel this vortex that we are, we feel the River of Life, that pulsing River of Love pouring through this opening. We amplify it now and pour it forth to the world. As we do, we feel all the tender Love and compassion, acknowledgement of the perfection of every human being and every precious life on Earth.

Now, we attune ourselves also to the One Living Breath – each of us letting our breath out, taking a deep breath in, connecting with the hologram of Love and breathing out as the heart of God. Breathing in, connecting to the Moment of Creation, breathing out Love as the heart of God we are. Breathing in perfect Love in communion with our Creator. Breathing Love out into the world. Breathing Love in from that pinnacle, that explosion of light. Breathing Love out, now from the center of our own hearts.

Breathing Love in once again, in communion. Breathing Love out as the heart of God together. Breathing in perfect Love and breathing it out as the River of Life. Breathing Love in, in communion with our Creator. Breathing Love out as God’s heart.

With each breath in, feel yourself become pure Love. With each breath out, you are the living River. With each breath in, you are filled with perfect Love. With each breath out, you are the heart of giving. Breathing Love in, beginning to feel that vibration. Breathing it out, it pours into the world. All around us is the living song of Love that is this shared heart beat of God.

Now, beloved ones, as you become this Love, I ask you now for your deepest surrender. I ask you to release all that you are to Me and let Me support you perfectly. Relax into My Love. With each breath, a deeper surrender. Everything becomes relaxed and peaceful and you are truly floating in the ocean of Love forever. I Am your support and your anchor above.

Now, dearest ones, breathing in, place your focus upon your heart and let that focus now become your awareness of Me. Let My Love gently touch you and begin to open your heart further, while you feel your heart becoming the glorious doorway, the doorway of moving light into the Real of Love we share. Through this doorway you see the fountain that is the fountain of living light that is the Moment of Creation, raining down upon you and nourishing your precious and most beautiful heart.

I am lifting you through the doorway into the glorious Real of Love where you are vast and magnificent. You are always fully present and in this presence, I ask you, beloved ones, to give Me your hearts. Let Me touch your heart and open it, even more. As I do so, I Am the living sun. This warmth is now unfreezing any last vestiges of old heart’s beliefs that have kept you hiding from this Love.

Your heart becomes a living flower, responding now to this sun of golden lotus or a white one, opening countless petals. Each petal absorbs the light of My Love. As you feel this Love, beloved ones, I ask you to remember deeply and powerfully your Home in Me. Remember this tender closeness, this powerful communion. Remember the living breath that we share as one. Remember this magnificent Love, so perfect, so all-consuming that it truly fuels Creation as you are My center.

Open, dearest, precious one, precious beyond all description, and let yourself truly feel this Love that I give you, pure, indivisible, infallible, and limitless. It will always always support you. It will feed you life in ecstasy. This Love I Am pours right to you. All That I Am, dearest ones, is yours. For you are My passionate and glorious heart. You are the center of All I Am, and I Am giving Love through you.

Breathe Me in. Receive this Love. So close we are one breath. Your heart now opens and pours Love to Me. Your adoration, your response to Me, your Creator. Breathe in once again this pure and perfect Love that I pour to you, All I Am in every Now Moment. Once again your heart responds naturally and automatically by pulsing Love to Me in gratitude for life.

Every breath now becomes this deepest communion. Deeper, more profound than anything else you can ever experience because this is the center point of All I Am and it is you. You, my most precious, most magnificent heart.

Once again I now open you like a gift to the cosmos. I open your hearts, beloved ones, each of you, even further. Your heart now opens up as wide as the very cosmos itself and in your heart, you feel this Love for all life. For All That I Am, every precious and glorious life stream, every amazing awakening new important Love. Every dance, every note to the song of life you feel is in your heart. Every bit of it is registered indelibly in you.

Every life receives My Love, in you, and through you. The tenderness and the power are beyond all description. Out of this amazing Love between us that never ends arises the perfect reflection that is your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame’s Love is a mirror of life that shows you your Love for Me. The very same breath of giving and receiving is reflected with your Twin Flame as well.

You become truly omni-dimensional, the center of the center of it all. Your Twin Flame heart is now pumping Love as the overflow of this Love we share. As you breathe together your Love for Me, Creation is expanded through you. Can you feel how the pinnacle of the Moment of Creation becomes more in your Love? More because of your orgasmic union and your Twin Flame Love sent to Me, that the height of Creation is highest and more beautiful, and that perfect Love now returns to you.

As you feel it wash through your heart, beloved one, watch how you become this Love. How Love itself shows you how to deliver the power and the purpose of the Love that is given through you. Love itself, this great experience of shared life, shared purpose, shared breath now becomes that which guides and illumines you and assists you to make more of itself. So all the while that you are breathing, breathing your Love out to Me and then receiving My Love for you, your Twin Flame heart is amplifying all of it until it overflows and pours forth to bless all Creation.

You are my beating heart and we are ever in heart communion, and the heart you are is ever and always omni-dimensional. All that could ever impede the flow of this glorious Love is washed away in this great River of pulsing orgasmic Love.

As you continue to feel our loving communion, Love comes to breathe you, and that which connects All I Am in one living breath makes of you Love’s conduit. Most of all, My beloved ones, I want you to feel our communion, how your magnificent heart is meant to be this circle of the in-breath and the out-breath of Love, that All I Am and all the Love I give is sent forth through you each Now Moment. You are My heart, beloved ones. The heart of God I Am, and I want you to truly feel what this means.

Open yourself even wider. Once again feel with your heart how All I Am is alive within your great Twin Flame heart, and it is watered with the River of Life and Truth and nourished by this Love through you. Heart beat by heart beat, do you feel what it is? The heart beat is your Twin Flame union and this breath of life is the fuel of Love that brings you together until the great orgasmic release brings your adoration and your receipt of this Love into a great stream of giving.

Once this heart you are is truly giving Love, you are Home. All is right. You are aware of your place and your purpose and your joy and your ecstasy and our glorious communion that is reflected between you and your Twin Flame. Oh, the depth of this Love is endless excitement. It is tender and glorious ecstasy and its potential, beloved ones, to multiply all My good is beyond all comprehension, exponential beyond calculation. You are the heart of Love’s possibilities to become the “en-conscious-ment” of giving.

The heart of God I Am giving of itself.

Rest once again. I Am holding you perfectly and you are feeling the feeling of this Love. Focus, beloved ones, on feeling this amazing Love. Feeling it in your heart, in the center, the center of your being, the center of Creation, the center of the feeling Love of God. As your heart gives this Love we are, you now become the very Love you are giving.

I Am giving Love, always and completely. I Am receiving Love from you and I return it. This breath, this circle, this cycle is the pulse of All I Am, of all Creation and it all flows through you. You, My most magnificent heart.

With every breath, Love is breathing you. Your Twin Flame heart is pulsing and the light flairs up each Now Moment and pours through the living vortex of your great Twin Flame heart to nourish All I Am with this Love, to nourish All I Am with this Love.

I want you to feel the feeling of this Love that is endless, joyful, magnificent, orgasmic, limitless, ever-present in the living Now. The heart of God is alive as you.

Now, dearest ones, feeling the feelings of this Love, the urgency as it amplifies, to give it, please place your precious focus back to life on Earth and feel how it feels to love it as the heart of God I Am. If the Love pouring through you is so strong it makes you feel as though you might disintegrate into it, then you know you are connecting with your true Twin Flame heart. The heart of God has no limits.

I promise you that you will withstand the glory and the power of this Love as it rushes through you now, dear ones, to love each life, each precious one, each amazing glorious member of the community of God I Am, even in this reversal that we call life on Earth. As you place the world within your heart, feel it but feel only what is Real. What is Real, dearest ones, is the joy of this Love and that is what you are feeling now for this precious world that is held now tenderly in your heart, as we breathe our communion together, in and out creating the pulse and the breath of Creation of God I Am.

I Am perfect Love and this Love is felt now by you. This feeling of Love is your nourishment. Please take it in and let it feed you now. Perfect life is your spiritual food. All that you are is the heart of God, the living conduit for the pure and glorious Love I Am. The whole world fits easily into your Twin Flame heart and all the while we are pumping Love through you, letting each Now Moment be the miracle that it is meant to be, while you are feeling ecstasy.

There is nothing, beloved ones, that each of you cannot love. Nothing that won’t fit in your heart. As you feel this feeling of Love and communion, you are aligning the world’s vibration with the Real and All the Love I Am is one. The separation, beloved ones, is mended.

I Am the hologram of Love which means All I Am is present in you. Yet I Am also intimate, personal, in communion with each of you as My own precious heart. I would speak to My heart in the tender voice and whisper of My Love for you. I would ever and always share this one living breath with you, the breath of Creator and Creator’s heart, the alignment of perfect Love to you.

Anything that comes before you in the world or of it, you may hold in your heart and feel the truth. The moment that you do, what you hold is returned to perfect Love and you feel the joy of this moment as you are My heart giving Love and aligning everything with this holy communion. It is the communion that we share, beloved one, and it is intimate and will guide you as you open to Love even more.

Dearest most precious one, let Love become you as you become the feeling of My heart. I Am That I Am, the All of God, the living Love, and I Am in communion with you, My heart.



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