Dissolving, Releasing Individuated Consciousness

Beloved ones, the time has come for a final threshold that is as necessary to you as breathing, for it is the acceptance of your reality as the full heart beat. Until this moment we have focused on the beat that is moving outward that shows you as an individuated consciousness, a functioning Twin Flame heart. But you cannot be whole in your being, in your presence, in your awareness, in your truth as Light, unless at the same time you can also fully be the other beat, the in-breath, that point where there is nothing but the All.

Until you can release even your own sense of being, your own sense of individuated life and completely embrace the God experience of the living All, before the outward beat, the out-breath, then you have no background for your being. You have no reference point for the truth of who you are, and no way to embrace the greater truth of Both/And.
Especially in terms of your living of grace, of your acceptance of yourself as the flow of life, can this be anything less than all important as you move beyond the human identity but truly beyond any identity at all, other than the vast and glorious unity of Love. Until you are ready and waiting to release it all, everything, including your sense of your self as important, as individuated, as a special life, then you cannot hold the vast awareness and you have no true reference point for this Love.

From any point on the spectrum it is impossible to be the functioning movement of Love unless you are the background as well – unless you can be that place and feel the truth of what it means to be everything resting and to find within yourself that pure spark of desire that brings forth the movement of life. Only then can you be God I Am moving, moving and living and giving, and only then can you understand that which is within you and that which you live within -- that which is present in every atom of your being, the consciousness of every electron and quark and the fact that in a hologram all of it is present right where you stand, as you.

Only when this great Love is the only thing that moves you and when this impetus for giving becomes your heart and when the movement of this Light comes forth as you in the world, then at last you are present and fully functioning always in the Real – no matter where Love places your focus.

How can I distinguish in words what I am showing you as the greater glory of your living heart, except to tell you that you must be willing to release the whole identity, the identity of an individuated you in order to be free enough to allow the vastness of this Love, the power of this passion for giving to become this movement that is expressing this life here and everywhere at once. You truly are not limited. You are free as I Am free, every Now. Until you can fully grasp this as your experience of life, then you cannot be the movement of Love living you in all dimensions at once.

So I have spoken to you of shedding your human identity, but beloved ones, you cannot do this until you know what it means to be the point where the universe disappears, where you become the ocean before the heart beat and where you know yourself as the waking consciousness of the whole of Creation That I Am as it blossoms into awareness in countless ways at once and all of those ways are you.

Every life is you. All I Am, you are. But not the “you” that can experience this through concepts and words, through the actions of an identity on Earth, but the “you” that IS that which I Am. That is what it is time now to discover – what it means to be the All of Love, right here and right now.

Only when you are dissolved into the limitless whole of God I Am can the forces of Love move you without any interference at all. When these forces of Love are moving, there is perfection that is complete and perfect. This perfection is the pinnacle of beauty and purpose, of giving, of ecstasy, of joy. It is the purpose of Creation and it is flowing forth through everything. That everything, dearest one, is you.

As I say this to you now, I am giving you the experience. I am showing forth in countless ways at once and of seeing yourself as the heart of Love reflected now endlessly. Every reflection is you. It could truly be no other way. You cannot experience this from the level of the human being. You cannot experience it through the mind or through the heart. You can only experience this as the Living All of God I Am, and this too is you, now.

Thus, I bring you now these experiences that will shift you completely, dearest ones, and take all the words that you have read and the concepts that you have embraced and make them a part of your being until you are completely free to be this fullness and to experience the wholeness of the hologram. Only then can you have perspective that is large enough to hold this, this glorious out-picturing of the world as the pure truth of Love, of My heart reflected in billions of ways.

You have embraced the concept that your brother and sister is you – that all you see is the reflection of your heart. Ah, but dearest ones, it is so much greater than anything you could imagine, and it is time for you to dive into the river, to become the ocean of Love. Then, from this ocean and only from this ocean can the great movement of Love pulse, and bring forth the Will – My Will – the Will of Love and have it show up here and now as you.

It is greater than allowing the Will of Love to live through you, even to allow Love to be you in the world. It is only when you become the vast glory of this unity, completely in communion with All I Am, that the true movement of Creation can really show itself forth as you.

For out of the background of this unified being, of this experience of the disappearance of the void, of the great and glorious ocean as it hovers in perfect silence – only from this can you feel the exhilaration of life rising up from the great depths within you and the power of Love fueling the heart. Only thus can you feel intimately the joy and its completion as the pure orgasmic explosion of Love, bringing forth a billion points, a trillion-trillion diamond hearts and every one of them a perfect point of view, each and every one reflecting wholeness.

Each one is a glorious heart. Each one becoming My expression. Oh, beloved ones, it is so far beyond words. You can call it any name at all but the truth is, it is this field of vast and glorious and timeless unity, and only this that can give rise to the Now, to a moment of perfect experience. You cannot know this experience without the void as well. Both of these things now must be fully conscious as you.

This means that your identity, any identity that you have at all of yourself as an individuated you, must be given to Me, released, beloved ones. This means even the awareness of your Twin Flame heart, until you truly do become the All of Love I Am, standing where you are as grace -- not in grace, but as grace – as the grace of living Love moves you, because you are the heart of God in service to the giving of Love to the whole of Creation, every point of view, at once.

This takes embracing the vastness, the silence, the great and living void of pure potential that brings you every moment that exquisite tension, that feeling of impending orgasm -- brings to you awareness of the whole of the whole of God breathing, breathing this consciousness into existence Now after Now as you – simply emerging as the movement of Love directly from the whole as the Moment of Creation, as the heart of God in action revealed. The only revelation of who you are and what you do ever comes right here in the Now.

Beloved ones, there can be nothing but the present for the truth is you can’t exist except for here, in the Now, exploding into all My glorious energy, every bit of it showing itself as you -- as every life stream expressing the exquisite ecstatic union of the great and magnificent Twin Flame heart that is the Moment of Creation revealed.

Those of you who can feel this, who can go through the doorway into the Real and allow the vast and magnificent presence to dissolve you into everything and bring you in each Now to your holy birth – only thus are you God walking, God speaking, God loving, God expressing in service here as you, but every moment with the awareness that you are that I Am emerging, brand new and perfect in grace each Now Moment perfectly.

Until you can release all other identities and all other attachments to experiences here, wherever that here may be, and become the true freedom that I Am without limit – only then can you experience the Real you with no attachment to time or place, dimensions or flow, or any point on the matrix of All I Am. Then you become Creator, the breath of life and purpose emerging from the center of the whole where you experience as I do, as I am being everywhere, all dimensions, all points of view at once.

Out of this, Love will direct that sliver of consciousness that is called to focus in the world. So to experience this now becomes the current focus, for I have given you the experience of this point of view, of showing up as Love’s remembrance, of the pure and living heart of Love as an individuated you. But without the whole picture, the rich and vibrant oneness that is the All of your being – because we are One – then you have no point of reference for what it means to be the whole I Am and what it means to be and what it means to be the movement Love.

To do this requires releasing anything but perfect freedom, freedom that is so vast and glorious that it is absolutely limitless, completely fluid, ever and always in motion and expression, until you become the Real Now Moment, the heart of God coming into awareness of itself as a Twin Flame point of view. Let Me give you this experience for truly words can’t hold it, and to simply say that you are God I Am here doesn’t encompass the truth of what that means, and can easily be interpreted as the “little you” which gives the ego mind permission to grant itself importance. It can cut you off further from the Real.

Therefore, you take the doorway of your heart into the void, although “void” is not an accurate word. I use it only because it is familiar and you’ve used it as a point of reference. But it is anything but a void. So filled with life potential that it is straining with the energy as the energy is building to a crescendo that demands full expression on every plane of existence, filling the great hologram of Love with truly endless points of view. You, beloved oneS, experience them all. You experience them all, and then Love connects you with that which is Love’s expression of you in this Now Moment, perfectly.

So living by grace,this is your new mantra. Grace means that you remain fluid and choose no point of view, which gives the opportunity for Love to truly focus you, and for the power of this Love to be expressed as you here and now. It is so far beyond giving up an identity from the perspective of the little mind’s point of view. To do so is like the proverbial adage, “pulling yourself up by your boot straps,” and it is just as impossible.

Until now the approach to the Spirit has been through the spiritual pathway of evolution and choice from within the world. But the truth is that cannot work. The time comes when you must flip over, reverse the reversal so to speak and open yourself for the dive into the ocean, for the great and powerful rebirth into the All of Love without any limitations, with nothing holding on to an identity of an individuated “you,” because the fullness of your being, beloved ones, always includes Both/And.

Therefore, you cannot be that arrow of Love’s perfect impetus without becoming the All from which you also emerge so that your being and your experience are whole. It is time for them to be. For now, accept this opening and once again give yourself to Me. Step into the ocean of this Love and into the cosmos as it disappears, for it truly does blink on and off and both are happening at once.

You are the Light of consciousness which is the All and you are the Twin Flame heart. All the while this glorious movement of Love continues through you but now it becomes you as well. Not as a limited identity becomes you but as the hologram is fully present in you and you are dissolved completely into it.

Then when the heart beat pulses, the Moment of Creation comes as one. We are catapulted into relationship, and then you become countless points of view – miraculous Twin Flame hearts, one of which is your magnetic center, the focus of your being, the Twin Flame energy that is your heart. In that moment, you are God I Am, accepting your point of view. Accepting there is no separation from all the others, and therefore there is full penetration of consciousness into everything. Every heart beat of God I Am is fully shared, and yet this sharing takes nothing away from you.

Let Me lead you now into the great ocean and as I do, drink in this Love and feel yourself expanding into the unlimited and glorious consciousness. Oh, heart of Love I Am, thank you for being My expression in service to the giving of this Love at this point of focus which is the world.



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