Drinking the Light Three Times a Day

Dearest ones, come and let this Light bathe you many times every day. As you feel it filling you up and bringing to you this deep and endless peace, you will come to realize that this Light is more important to you than food. It is more important to you than all the things your mind lays before you that you must do and be and accomplish to be whole. For if you allow this Light to be the core of your being and the central focus of your days, it will draw you into right relationship with Me. As you feel true nourishment you can't help but remember from whence comes your true life and identity, not to mention your spiritual food. The food of your Light Being - more grand than all the world's treasures, and with it comes this endless Love with Me.

The Light as it shines draws from you the focus of your heart and your heart knows that its place is as My center, ever and always rising to Me in songs of Love and deep devotion, and then, opening to receive My grace. Grace is the truth of the center of Creation, for all that is around you is blessings and the excitement and joy of giving Love to every stream of life and every dancing particle of Light and wave of Love. If you will simply remember to drink in this nourishment, to bathe in the Light at least as many times each day as you feed your body, then you will rise inexorably into the pinnacle of Light and Love exploding, and you will know yourself as the true recipients of this Kingdom of eternity.

It is not something that you do with your mind, so step out beyond the affirmations and attune your heart to the true miracle of Love and life's exploding beauty that is echoed in your Twin Flame's heart forever.

As you return to your Home in Me, then you move beyond the little mind's deception and you move beyond the illusion of time. Doing this, you become the harp upon which I play the song of life and being the center, you experience all things at once. You are the in-breath and the out-breath at once and this means that at the very same moment, you experience your divinity as merged within the whole and your unique relationship as a Twin Flame of Love.

Because these experiences are fully present all at once, ever and always part of the living moment, then you become a being of such all-encompassing vision and your heart is the miracle of Love, bestowing My grace on everything all at once. Words obviously cannot hold this because words are of the little mind, and the little mind's perceptions are all horizontal, moving through the illusion of time, believing in a past and a future. When this dissolves in the Light then all of Creation is here with you in this ever-present streaming joy of the glorious living Now.

As you hold this Love and you become this Light and you are the experience of divinity that folds all things in perfect Love within it, then that which you are goes forth to bless the world as you stand forth as the Christ, as a Twin Flame living heart, nourishing the whole and blessed for it. The Love that goes out from you continually in pulsing waves of ecstatic giving comes back to you multiplied by every life stream that it touches and blazes into your waiting heart to lift you back to Me in your perfection as the crown of Creation, the star of My living heart, alive in Me.

You become the true experience of living grace and the Earth that you walk on truly is Heaven, for all that you see is the Light and all that you experience is the Now Moment beyond the illusion of time. Therefore, every life that you touch is that miracle of both/and, and you feel and see the truth of everything existing as an individuated spark of divinity and a wave in the living ocean of Love. Because of the nature of the hologram, each life steps forth whole and complete, fully "en-conscious-ing" its aspect of divinity and breathing in the ever-harmonious whole, so that every life is encompassed in Love and every life is filled with beauty. Each life intimately is in Love with Me. Every life is mated perfectly with the counterpart of its energy that the great movement of God I Am can continue - that the energy generation that is the essence of your purpose is reflected in all life that you love so that the Light and energy and Love that you give is ever and always fed
back to you.


Beloved God, we open ourselves to You, heart and consciousness, our whole being and we ask, God, that You flood us with Your Light. Fill us completely with Your Love and open us on every level and every aspect of our being that we might truly be Your open heart in service to the world tonight. We ask that You join our hearts together and create of us one great heart through which You love passionately. Thank You for this honor of being here in service to this precious world and all these beautiful beings, as we clear away the illusion of separation.

I join my heart with my beloved Doug and ask to be a conduit, a crystal clear, an open conduit for this experience tonight and I call all beings of Light to assist us, in gratitude. Amen.

As we join our hearts together, let us feel that connection and feel that energy of Love and Light moving among us. As this energy rises, we become this living vortex through which the All of Love reaches to love the world. Heart to heart we hear the song, the vibration of Love humming through us until we feel ourselves simply being moved and lived by Love.

As we join together heart to heart, so too we join in the living breath, the movement of the All within us. As we breathe out, we empty and breathing in, we are filled, filled with the Light of God. Breathing out the Light moves through us perfectly and breathing in, we open into the Light again. Breathing out we drink it in through every cell and atom and breathe it out. Breathe in once again into the pure and glorious Light.

Breathing out that Light into the world and breathing in, into the pure Light again. As we breathe out, the Light floods every part of our being and we breathe in to God's presence again as we breathe out pure Light into the world. Each breathe in we rise to the pinnacle. As we breathe out, Light radiates outward through us. Now we breathe in through our open heart to the ocean of Love and breathe out pure Love into the world.

As we breathe in, our hearts open wider and wider and Love breathes out through us in giving. Breathing in now into that sweet and holy communion, breathing out God's presence to the world. Breathing in, become aware of the living breathing whole of God and breathe out that presence into the world again. Breathing in to the glorious living breathing cosmos. Breathing out pure energy to humanity. Breathing in through our hearts we expand into the Love and Love breathes us outward now. Breathing in to the great humming breathing living unity and breathing out that unity to the world.

Now, beloved ones, I reach deeply into your being and open you perfectly to Me. Your heart opens like a great flower in the sun and every breath you breathe brings freedom. As you breathe let your heart remember and let yourself feel your heart's freedom. As you open your heart, it becomes the crystalline doorway easily opening to the Real of Love. I softly but insistently pull you now into the star of your living heart as it shines perfectly as the gateway between the Real and the world in the balance. I pull you gently through the doorway and lift you easily to Me.

As you open to this Light, let it fill your whole being. You become infused in this living Light. It pulses through your being lighting up every electron and great sheets of living Light rain into every atom of your being. As you soak in this Light, it feeds you and you remember this Light is your food. You become the recipient of the living Light of God I Am, radiant, flooding your whole being, as you drink and eat and live by this Light as the essence of all you are in Me.

Now the Light calls you to rise upward, called by the magnet of My presence. As you rise you find two streams of living Light entwining into one living rope of Light, pulsing upward answering the call. The Light streams upward and you are filled with the deep acknowledgement of this energy as the energy of your devotion and your deep communion with Me. You become one Light in passionate communion and now, once again you are two. The living breath of breathing Light moves within your being and you are Light breathing itself.

I am your nourishment. Take Me in. Let Me live in you. We are one Light, one life, one consciousness expanding into all eternity. As you spread outward as Light, particles of pure energy, you are touching All That Is, penetrating the whole cosmos in perfect communion with everything. A particle of your Light being touches every stream of life, every energy. Every particle of Light in your being is fully conscious and thus, you know all things intimately and perfectly.

You are the Light that infuses All That Is and thus is all life known to you. Your consciousness infuses every particle, and thus does life live within you completely and effortlessly revealed in communion with the essence of your being, as you are in communion with Me. The living movement of the holy breath sweeps through your being and washes every particle of Light with the deep message of unity, as life moves and dances and knows itself in you.

And now allow your consciousness to rise and open in the Light and as the Light floods, intensifying into the All of God we are, into this unity of Light and life and Love, the electrons dance with greater life, more intensity and you are the living All, as we and as I. Both/and are present now at once, this sweet communion between us and between you and all streams of life - and the awareness of this one vibrant living being who is the All as unity. Most of all you can feel the electric energy of the Light as it moves and lives as you, within you, and you in all things.

You are diffused through everything, beloved. You are the breath, the life of My being. And now you hear the call of the center and the magnetic energy pulls you in a swirling, living vortex of Light, round and round and round, faster and faster, until it becomes an explosion of Light. You can feel what it means to be the center and the Light draws consciousness and comes to understand Love and power rising.

Love becomes relationship, one becomes a heart of two and the great flash of awareness that giving Love is everything brings the mating of Love with Light and I am awake and giving Love in you, through you, as you to everything, everything in the All of Love I Am. Oh, beloved, My heart, feel this devotion to every precious amazing life, every pattern of energy, every sweet gathering of consciousness, every movement of Light in the cosmos, every bit of it yours to love as My heart eternally.

As you feel this Love rising within us and passionately rushing to move forth before the vision of the heart from the precious expansion of life in all its amazing beauty, treasure after treasure, precious life after precious life moving in a great dance of energy and all of it now based on giving... I give Love through you. As it pours through your heart as Twin Flame, washing every life stream, it comes back to you as each life sings out its gratitude. As you take it in, it is amplified and comes back to Me in the song of your sweet devotion. I in turn pour it to you. Oh, beloved, please feel My Love. Bathe in this Love and let it hold you. Let it be always that in which you float and feel the One.

Feel the energy, the passion, the power and the peace as the Love I Am pours in and through you. Once again loving all of life. Can you feel the heart of God I Am as it knows itself as you? All the facets of your being, your unique consciousness are the facets of the gem that is you as you radiate this Light in every dimension, omni-directional and dimensional, the living heart of God I Am.

So, I bring you the world, the sweet pearl of the dream of separation and as you gaze with your heart upon the world, the Earth, the heart sees only that which is respondent in its perfect patterns of Love. The heart sees no illusion, no smoke and mirrors and you are My heart seeing clearly as I ask you now to see the Earth and all life streams upon Her and within Her and in Her energy field.

I move your vision closer now and the world, the Earth, comes nearer, and you can gaze now easily at that which we name the world and see all the points of consciousness that are creating this world, the dream of a world that could be separate from Me. And yet the heart sees as you see now, beautiful radiant streams of Light and energy and billions of star-studded points of Light, all over this pearl of energy, this pocket that is life on Earth.

I bring your focus here to bring the Light, to open the consciousness. Because you have asked Me to serve this awakening, I Am here with you again, placing your focus on the world of duality but seeing it now through your open awakened heart and seeing only the patterns of living Love that make up humanity. As you come closer and closer in your vision, using the perception of heart only, can you see the heart of God I Am dancing as the world. For there it is, beloved heart of God. Your glorious reflection and every bit, every life, every heart cell expressing knows itself as the jeweled heart of Love, of God.

It will be seen clearly by you without the overlay of the ego as you use the vision of your heart to show you the world in its freedom from the long dream of separation. As you feel My Love moving you and loving as you and through you, this pattern of magnificent Light and energy, the colors of the spectrum of the Real in its movement creates the most magnificent world. Within it sparkles every Twin Flame cell, pulsing out its own particular pattern but speaking the language of Love and of Light.

Now, beloved heart of God I Am, holding close your Twin Flame vision as the open heart of Love, I move your focus gently down the stream of Light and energy and into the world itself, that you might bring into focus all the points of consciousness that you have named humanity. Every one is seen now through your heart, the most exquisite jewel of God expressing the perfection that is My heart and sharing that perfection with you in this sweet deep communion of Love.

As you find your focus landing in the world, that which once you perceived as a body is seen now as all particles of pure and perfect Light within which is a radiant shimmering star that is the anchoring of a cell of My heart. The world becomes a ball of living Light made up of a billion pulsing shining stars, each one blazing forth pure Light and drinking it in, the in breath and the out breath circulating as nourishment, the Light and Love... and expressing the truth of My heart.

From this moment in your focus in the world, every life shall reveal its truth to you, heart to heart, consciousness to consciousness, and energy to pure Light energy. As your vision expands so does your Love, and the world is My heart in beauty, held intimately in My Love and expressing itself through you every moment, perfectly expressed as the living shining heart of Love I Am, nourished now by the Light.

Every breath Love breathing you as you love the world, perfectly, eternally as My heart. Heart beat after heart beat now.



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