Even a Moment's Shift to the Heart Brings the Reality of Love

When you shift to your heart, beloved ones, you move instantly into the Reality of Love. Even if the little mind continues on, giving you not one pause to register what has changed, your heart knows for sure. The Reality of Love penetrates everything and finds its way between the atoms, weaves itself between every thought and fills your being with joy.

If you pause for even the span of one breath and look for that wave of Love -- if you place your focus on your feeling nature, then you will recognize that something has changed. Beneath the chatter of the little mind, beneath the bombardment of its images, your construct of the reality of ego is being dismantled very gently. Through it shines the glory of Love that brings to your being deep recognition, and a sense of being "found" by that which calls you from deep within and pulls you to your true identity and to your Home in Me.

If you will pause and breathe and focus on the feelings of Love, then the truth that you are bringing forth by your choice for even an instant to shift into your heart will make itself known in the most wonderful way -- feeding your deepest needs for the truth of who you are.

Because the creative power of the universe is Love and the impetus of this Love is feeling, then your shift is made manifest, first in your heart, and then in the feelings of joy, of ecstasy. From the creative point of Love that you are, these feelings will move themselves through everything.

Suddenly you begin to perceive the Light that is the result of Love's movement. That which you believed to be physical is revealed to be luminous Love. Even the things that have challenged you are opened up and begin to flow. Everything becomes alive to the new possibilities of Love.

What I want you, dear ones, to understand is that even one moment of shifting to your heart affects everything in the most profound way, and will transform your life. It will enter gently through the realm of feeling and push aside the veil of time to reveal to you the shimmering miasma that is the world and bring you the possibilities of Love, the power of the heart of God, the endless resources of the cosmos, the abundance that is your inheritance.

Every breath becomes holy and Real and freedom breathes your name. All of this can be happening, beloved ones, while the little mind chatters on, continuing to put forth image after image of who it thinks you are, oblivious to the movement of Love that rises from within it and bursts forth, outward into the world.

I remind you to shift to your heart, regardless of the little mind's evaluations of the results. If you believe what your ego mind tells you, then nothing changes moment-to-moment. Somehow it magically jumps the gaps, ignores the explosion of Love and does everything that it can to make you believe you are consistent in the identity that you have taken on as a human being.

Oh, dearest ones, the heart knows differently. It knows that between every thought is the universe in all of its dimensions and limitless possibilities. All the creative powers that live within the heart of God that is you… One moment's choice is all it takes to turn the tide and to change the course from the backward swirling ego dream of duality into the indescribable joy and freedom of the Love you are.

Though the little mind will continue, your heart begins to show you the cracks, the places where the old world identity can no longer contain all that you are feeling. As the feelings of Love break through, because they are the energy of causation -- because you are the heart of all Creation -- you begin to find breaks in reality, gently transforming the little mind, opening it and bringing you freedom from the need to create the world that you think you understand.

Understanding, as you already know, is overrated. What you understand with the mind, you box in. What you allow to flow with the heart's Real energy brings you the experience of the truth of Love and fills you with the Real food of life that is this Love delivered to the Now. Whether or not the little mind can register all that occurs when you shift to the heart, I am asking you, beloved ones, to trust Me that in that choice everything is changed.

Love comes to you as feelings to fill you up until you overflow with such a dynamic range of expectation and of joy that the illusions of duality can no longer hold you. The rays of Light that are the movement of Love break through until you find that even the senses are filled with Light. Every feeling is a wave of Love. Every breath is a Moment of Creation, and you are Love's outreach embodied.

But regardless of how long it seems to take you to bring this experience through the mind, I promise you that it happens instantly. All Creation comes to find you and to bring to you every possibility available through the heart of God, the moment that you choose your heart. The moment that you choose Love as your reality you are instantly brought back to the center, to the place that is the unity of Love, not the duality of the ego's creation.

So beloved ones, choose now. Choose the heart as the vehicle through which you live. Make the choice to experience this Love. Then, pause, breathe and feel. Feel the richness that moves within you that can't be labeled by the mind. It feeds you a new type of information and brings with it the most exquisite feelings of pure indescribable joy.

At first it may be impossible to find even a little crack, a pause in the images of the little mind, but every time you choose, it becomes more Real and you are able to identify these feelings that are ever yours beyond the realm of time. The truth of your heart is waiting to be recognized. And so, you choose again.

It is an act of faith to choose the heart, even while living through the mind. Every choice opens for an instant the life of God I Am that is who you are. It brings you into the Reality beyond time, beyond the definitions and experiences of the world.

As you feel into the truth of your own heart, then that by which you live begins to change, and in the periphery of your awareness comes a new touch, a feeling perhaps of My presence, the surety of being given great gifts, even though you cannot identify them.

Questions that are posed for you by ego are answered in an instant by your heart. Every thought of fear is drowned in Love, though your mind might refuse to see it at first. The feelings of Love expand.

So what I Am saying to you, My dearest ones, is choose your heart as an act of faith, of trust in the Reality of Love and feel into a new experience of your life that is born in the feeling realm of the heart you are. It comes into the world as the result of the heart's experience.

The feelings of the truth of Love are cosmic and have nothing to do with human emotion. They are, instead, the waves of Real abundance that are your life being given to you as a gift of the perfect heart of All I Am as your Creator. In the shared reality of this hologram of life, Love bursts through you in waves of ecstasy and begins to show up as your world.

First comes the explosion of pure grace, of life limitlessly abundant and given through you effortlessly that you might feel this magnificent gift of life. You feel your heart as the heart of All That Is. You allow the Divine that is so vast to be focused here and now as you in all of your beauty and your unique perfection, heart expressed and then, made manifest in every plane of existence.

Your heart can feel all of this all at once. You are alive and fully conscious throughout the whole of God. You are dancing through the cosmos this very moment. You are receiving this gift of power and perfect Love. This world is meant to be the expression of your heart that is always and forever the creative power. That which has been pretending to be who you are will fall away in the face of Real Love and the feelings of who you are.

The shift to the heart is the gift of your creative choice to receive this life and to determine how to use it. As I call you, beloved ones, to remember your heart, then the heart delivers Love's pure resonance as waves of feeling and gifts of ecstasy, as limitless abundance and joy that from the place of creative energy will come a new experience of life.

First, the inception in the heart of God, the birth of Love through the heart you truly are, drawing to itself your life experience as the reflection of your creative heart… Every electron moves by the waves of Love that register in your being as divine feeling. Thus, your choice for the heart returns you to who you are and brings to you the gift of Real creative life, allowing your experience of the world to change in an instant.

Then, as you place your focus through your heart, you begin to recognize things you have never seen -- a luminosity to all the things you are seeing, waves of upliftment, of ecstasy that come to you from deep within. If this is allowed, it will move you moment to moment, making you the expression of My heart in action.

You might find, after a choice to shift to the heart, that what your eyes see looks slightly different. Suddenly you can see Light shining from within everything your eyes rest upon. From another choice you might find yourself with a feeling in your heart of instant awareness of the whole experience of heart communion with another life, be it a person or an animal or a touch from an invisible being with whom you have a true accord.

It is so easy to believe the little mind as it says to you, "I do these things and nothing changes. What am I doing wrong? Why is it so hard? Why does everybody else seem to be able to meditate?" or whatever your little mind's game is. Don’t' listen. It's just a "con." The little mind is gaining control so that it can lead you away from Me and away from Love.

The moment you give Me your heart, the ego is gone and we are Love in perfect communion, in a joy of giving and receiving endlessly that mends the gap, the choice to believe in separation from Love. Thus, of course, this is the end of ego which is the vehicle of duality.

So, every choice is of the utmost importance. Every choice has results that can be felt, though many cannot register through the ego, through the persona of a limited human being, because they are based in the glory of God that you truly are, of being so in harmony with the All of Love that your every heart beat is creative.

I Am asking you, then, to choose again. Choose your heart. Make the shift and trust Me, that every choice for Love has so many results that there is no way to mentally keep track of them. Always, always the heart can feel them.

Begin your day every day with the shift to the heart. Then pay attention. Place your focus there until you feel yourself available to be experiencing Love. Watch as the glory I Am shines through, bringing to you a completely different feeling about your life, about your identity, about, dear ones, the things that are possible…and about the abundance that is ever yours as the truth for each of you of your being.

Then, allow your life to change. Allow the heart perception to be valid, more valid, beloved ones, than the observations of the mind. More valid than the identity that it has created, more valid than all your lives and stories, right here, right now, available to shine forth the truth of God you are that you might be the open heart, a transparent blessing, a vehicle of this holy Love.

Feel it. Feel it, feel it, feel it. Feel it through the heart and not the emotions, and then, watch when even the mind begins to register the magic, the beauty, the mystery of the awakening of true remembrance that you are Love, a perfect vehicle, ready to serve.



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