Every Moment of Ego Is a Moment of Service

As you open your heart to Love and to allowing Love to live you, to be the living flow of your life, your every breath, the beat of your heart and your one intention – then out of this Love will come the great awareness of the passionate constellation of Love’s expression that in the stillness of the Now Moment is shown to be only One -- the One Heart of God I Am, the great Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and each of you a singing note in this great and glorious song.

It is the song of My full expression of the God-Being that I Am, as in each moment of creation I re-discover Love’s movements and feel within Me the deep necessity to express My heart. You, dearest ones, are this expression, meant to be the “en-conscious-ment” of the living Love I Am in its celebration of joy, in the ecstasy of creation -- of knowing Myself as I Am and allowing that Love That I Am the fullest expression in the ongoing Now Moment.

How does this relate to this little “you,” this ego form? It really doesn’t, beloved ones, and that is why I ask you now to drop the human identity and to embrace this glorious truth of you as a living Twin Flame presence, allowing this world to be the seed of this explosion of Love, expressed.

How can I possibly place into words this experience of the instantaneous and complete awareness of all that is alive as Creation and all that is alive within Me as this magnificent expression of Love? and you as the living “en-conscious-ment” of My heart? You, beloved ones, are meant to be this expression in ecstasy, in ever-new and glorious discovery of the potential and the fulfillment of the Love I Am, ever expanding in the Now.

Because of this rich and unlimited depth and diversity and multi-dimensionality, there are truly unlimited and endless possibilities to this magnificent expression of Love. You were never meant to be anything other than this – than the fullest expression and expansion of My Being and most of all, the vibration of My heart carried forth in the ongoing act of giving all of the Love That I Am.

Yet, understanding even a fragment of this truly indescribable diversity of Love that is the expression of My being and My heart, then you can see in an instant what it would mean for the reflection of the “reversal” of this Love That I Am, and all the potential for the denial and separation and for the expression of the opposite of Love.

For something to be the “en-conscious-ment” of this turning away -- that, dearest ones, is the ego. It is that which is “en-conscious-ing” anti-Love – not in the sense of something evil, but as the flipped-over reflection of what is Real. Therefore, all the possibilities of anti-Love. Once this possibility has been allowed and “en-conscious-ed,” it is every bit as vast as the possibilities of Love, and this is what we deal with when we embrace life on Earth.

When we hold life on Earth in Love, we are holding the reversed reflection of My heart, and this reversal would have to be painful because it pushes away all that you know within and holds you to an unnatural pattern for the embodiment of who you are. I use this word “embodiment” on purpose here rather than the word “en-conscious-ment” because consciousness is the truth of My being and the natural milieu of the Love you are. The reverse of consciousness in its fluidity is that which is solid and that which is frozen.

But I want you to remember that as you choose Love – as each of you makes this choice – then a great expanded expression of anti-Love is returned to the Real in an instant, brought back to the truth that there is only Love, and that part of the reversal is you.

Therefore, those of you who have made this choice, who have deeply and powerfully made this commitment, who have felt in your heart that your identity lies with Me and understood what it means to be the Christ – you have already made this choice. Therefore, all the anti-Love in your lineage, all that you have inherited as life on Earth is returned to Love.

You can know that every time you work with ego, every time you are confronted with the “dream” of life on Earth, every time you feel yourself struggling with this identity as a separate beleaguered human being – KNOW, beloved ones, it is not yours. The time of your own work is well past done, and that everything you are encountering as the ego and the world is totally a part of your service.

Now every moment that you can look upon the world, look upon “the dream” of the ego, however, you encounter it in any way – you are returning that expression of the “reversal” all the way back to the Real of Love.

So the “walking back” that some of you have seen as so endless only seems that way because you do it for so many. Every day now that you encounter your own ego, know that it is truly not yours. Does this excuse you from accountability? Does it excuse you from making new decisions for Love? Of course not, dearest ones, it is for this reason that I have never said these words to you before. Because as long as you are here in the world, you are here, beloved ones, because I need you. I need you to be right where you are, serving the awakening to Love as if it were your own.

For, the truth is that it is. You do already know this. There are not millions of people. There truly is only one. One heart of God. One expression of Love being expressed in truly countless ways. One expression of anti-Love, one great expression of the Real that has been turned backwards, with its back to the Light looking out into shadows. This one, this one choice, this one Twin Flame heart reversed is “en-conscious-ed” and embodied in millions of ways – millions of expressions of the one great heart, or as we say, all the heart cells.

Therefore, it is true on the deepest level that as long as there is one heart turned away, all hearts are separate from Love.

This is why it is “personal” even though as an “en-conscious-ed” heart cell, as a specific expression of My heart, you as a Twin Flame heart are secure in your acceptance of our unity and the one song of Love. At the same time, it is also true that it is you who are lost here – you who are dealing with the ego because there cannot be separation from any part of My heart. Therefore all of you truly are as one.

Many of you ask Me continually to help you understand this concept of unity and of relationship together, recognizing that it would be so much easier to choose one or the other. But the truth is, as I’ve already said, Both/And. For there are both -- the unity of all the Love I Am and the choice for separation; and there is the multi-dimensional expression of the vast and glorious nature of My heart. Each of these is true, each one in their element and none of them precludes the other.

Yet, the ultimate experience of God I Am is the experience of the giving heart and there truly is only one heart of God I Am. That heart is always giving Love, and with that heart I do have “relationship” as well as the continual awareness that all the Light and living waters of exploding truth that go forth from Me are the expression of My own one heart that is the “en-conscious-ment” of the two forces of Creation and the Moment of Creation itself. It is that moment that pumps forth the blood of life which is the atomic power of living Love, and washes every stream of consciousness and heart, every Now Moment, forever.

But all of this is so far beyond the capacity for words and certainly beyond the boundaries of the little mind. Each of you can only hear the truth of My living presence as it speaks within you as your heart. Again, as it speaks within you as your heart.

Just as My heart has trillions of expressions of Love, all of which are My Love which is one – so too, dearest ones, do your hearts have such expressions, each one containing the whole and each one fully conscious as the “en-conscious-ment” of living Love, of the Twin Flame Love you are, I Am – the whole being FAR more than a summation of any part, for each part contains all of the whole. This is the miracle of the holographic God I Am and this hologram of Love is you.

So you have to sink beyond the words and into the realm of your true heart’s perception to find the grace of understanding through the essence of this living Love, how vast and how truly dedicated is your being to this expression of the heart of God I Am. This heart that is you. You, who are My “shout” of “Yes!” to life. You who are the moment that I understand My living Love “en-conscious-ed” eternally as My heart.

It is so far beyond words that I ask you to be patient. When the heart of Love that you are can truly embrace it, through your heart’s verification you will have all your proof of this great multi-dimensional nature of our being, the great creative heart of Love I Am and My powerfully-expressing heart.

You can only feel the truth of these omni-dimensional expressions of Love, of the countless and limitless ways My Love is Real, and of the unshakeable truth that every moment you are alive in Me, breathing in the Love and breathing it out and being the “en-conscious-ment” for all that I give.

All that I give, you are. All That I Am, you give, in this deep exchange of living breath of conscious heart and of the glorious, indescribable expression of the pure white of the Divine Masculine and the rich gold of the Divine Feminine and all the sparkling reflections that are expressed as all Creation, all of which are “en-conscious-ed” as you.

Thus does this universe, this cosmos and this world truly live within you, beloved ones, and you who are this logos are appearing here as human beings to “walk back” this “dream” of anti-Love – to return to God I Am every aspect of My heart until Love is the only expression in all dimensions in all Creation. That is what you are doing here.

Yet, in telling you that you have no ego, that your ego is your service to the world, I Am affording you not only the deepest truth but the deepest trust as well that you will never allow this awareness to be usurped by the ego mind that would use it to power more of itself. So if you ever find yourself feeling special, feeling different and especially feeling no need to be continually focusing in the present, and aware of the temptation of ego – then you know that you have been tempted and have taken the bite of the apple and each time that you have this realization, bring it back, dearest ones, at once. Bring it back to the Moment of Creation and the true birth of only Love.

Each time you take it back to only Love, you bring back that whole expression. Because you have no idea how many expressions of anti-Love are powering this human illusion, this conceptual agreement of reality, then you must know that you will walk forth again and again and again for as long as it is necessary to be the conduit through which Love magnetizes every heart and brings all awareness Home to Me.

So it is bigger, oh, far bigger, than the little mind can ever comprehend and you must know that through the mind you can only touch the edges. Through the heart, oh, dearest ones, you can feel the truth that there is only Love and that Love becomes the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as a way to express itself even more dynamically – a way to multiply and amplify the Love I Am – that you can BE that which is given forth Now.

Therefore, be humble and be at peace, even in the midst of the ego because your heart knows that it isn’t Real. You, all the while, are Home in Me, reaching out with the focus of your intentions to touch a stream of anti-Love in the world and to instantly return it to Love. Every moment life on Earth is changing and it could be transformed in an instant, except that the ego mind is wily and keeps convincing you to make another decision and to see before you, to see within you, something else – something other than Love.

So it is My request to you to find your Twin Flame center that you might be this atomic power of Love to fuel the transformation, to use all this glorious energy to quickly bring all streams of anti-Love Home, Home to the one Love I Am.


DENISEANEW 14th January 2008 2:33 pm

i always am overwhelmed by the message from "the voice of home" that comes
through doug and yael.
thank you for you service to love


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