Experiencing the Limitless Freedom of God And Being Its “En-conscious-ment” on Earth

With your every breath let yourself fly free, feeling the truth of your magnificent heart, feeling the vibration where we come together – Creator and Creator’s heart. As you lose the false ideas of limitation, of restriction, of lack and fear and suffering and turn your focus to the Real, you are bathed in the truth of your glorious essential nature and deep in your being the realization that you are limitless.

The joy that you are feeling now is so great that it cannot be contained. As it sings forth in a great shout of life, you are the living movement of My freedom. You are expanding beyond the universe, beyond all concepts of a cosmos into the All of Love so grand it has no beginning and no end. The vibration of limitless freedom sings itself in you and touches your heart, your essence, your All and gives you the experience of grace.

For the limitless freedom of God I Am is yours to taste and feel. I launch you now into the experience of accepting the limitless freedom of Love beyond prosperity, riches – beyond movement or stillness and into the perfect life of God and the heart of Love I Am. As you feel this freedom, every atom of your being sings with it and you become the chorus ever pointing to the Moment of Creation itself and the limitless nature of Love that is the truth of who you are.

It is this vibration that I want for you. Oh, beloved ones, please don’t settle for picturing perfection through your human mind and will because to do so, dearest ones, is to limit it so dramatically that the difference is beyond night and day. Anything you can conceive with the little mind has nothing to do with the freedom of God

So you might visualize the greatest good that your little mind can imagine, but if you settle for this, you are creating a prison with invisible bars, when instead, you could be lifting off, opening into acceptance of the glory of receiving All that you are, directly from Me each Now Moment. There is little to say but to say to you that this freedom must be felt deep within you, felt through your heart, explored in your spirit, cherished in your Twin Flame heart until it moves through your life and its vibration matches the vibration of where you live.

I always seek to lift you to the highest view, the greatest good, the magnificent awareness of the All of Love. While I realize that it is perfect for many to understand new concepts of picturing the life of their dreams, for you, dearest ones, I have called and you have answered and your heart is already awakened into the vastness of the rich life I Am, and into this limitless freedom.

So I ask you once again to trust Me. Oh, beloved ones, it always comes down to this. You can attempt to take control of your life with your ego mind or you can step into the center and go Vertical and release it all so you are open to receiving this perfect life in Me, from Me and through you – that has no limitations at all. You are totally unlimited life. Eternal and ever expanding. You are perfect and magnificent Love, born again each Now Moment as a Twin Flame heart. You are the glorious riches of God I Am forever, piled up and overflowing until your being expands to accept it and the experience of the richness of life, of being alive as the heart of God, is essential. Out of this will come the reflection in the symbols of the world.

So already I am cracking open the encasement of the ego mind as it works to usurp the urges of the spirit and the whispering messages of your heart. Your heart says, “Leap into the Real of Love. Let go of it all and place your faith in the One, in the one Love I Am with you in every Now, and know that you are totally unlimited.” The mind says, “Visualize your bank account with lots of zeros on the ends of the numbers. Visualize yourself being free to travel the world serving humanity at every stop along your course.”

Your heart sings the vibration of the whole hologram of Love and lifts you into the remembrance that you are all of it and that it ever and always expands. Everything that is perfect that is Making Love in the Now is increasing itself as you and is totally and forever unlimited.

The little mind says, “Do this and you will be happy.” Of course it does change its tune tomorrow. But your glorious true nature simply is the ecstasy and in it you are only and ever completely present, aware of yourself as the song of life, as the chorus that sings out in reverence as you honor the miracle of our relationship and of your birth in the moment again.

The sweeping wash of eternity simply opens the illusion and it moves away and you are held in the arms of eternity, experiencing the endless nature of Love. I want you to fly free in Me, to be the hub of the hologram of Love I Am, to be the center around which all life dances. But you must sing forth the vibration of the All of Love if you are to be available as this conduit for Love’s expression in you beyond anything you can ever dream in the heart, mind or spirit.

All that is perfect in this Now is truly superseded in the next as Love builds itself and grows itself and amplifies this intention to flow through every living being, every atom, electron and quark, until the vibration is the Real and is the Now. Then, the miracle – oh, beloved ones, the miracle is this freedom that you can feel so deeply that you know that beyond any concept of boundaries, any concept of wealth, any concept at all, this is bigger and that your freedom is essential for you to hold this new energy that now makes life on Earth truly perfect, the expression of God I Am.

So while it is perfect that many are learning now that they are responsible for their thoughts and understanding the concept of vibration – many for the very first time – for you, as always, I am asking you to hold the highest, the highest and purest vibration, the vibration not only of pure and perfect Love but now I ask you to hold the vibration of glorious freedom.

This vibration, beloved ones, is critical for humanity, for the transformation of the old world into the New and for the experience one by one of each heart in the world knowing itself as the heart of God I Am. It is essential to break through the false world, the sub-creation of the ego and to truly taste and feel the freedom of God. In this moment, freedom can be made to touch the lives of many on the Earth until the vibration of what you are feeling as the unlimited heart of God draws to you the most exquisite experiences.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You tonight and give ourselves to You completely, opening to Your glorious freedom and opening to Your magnificent good, beyond anything we can imagine in our minds. We give ourselves to You completely, asking that we be the pure conduits for Your glorious Love to pour through us tonight, to bless, to lift, to transform this beautiful world. Thank You, God, for all of our incredible gifts and thank you for the gift of spirit family – for being able to share this time of awakening, to feel this incredible closeness and to truly become as One as we serve this Love.

I ask You, God, to use my Twin Flame heart with Doug, to use my voice, my heart, my life as the vehicle for this experience tonight. I give thanks to all beings of light, all who assist us so lovingly in every step that we take. Thank you for your examples and thank you for your guidance and your presence in our lives. Amen

As we begin, we open our hearts to each other and feel our hearts connecting one to another and as they connect we feel the energy flowing, flowing among us, creating a circle, a Real and glorious circle of light. We feel the energy moving, creating a vortex that we ourselves become a doorway for all of our precious brothers and sisters to walk through to God.

As we feel the energy flowing among us now in a clockwise motion, we become aware of the world and all of the Love flowing through it, through this shared heart, until we can feel as this Love washes through everything, filling the ocean, the continents, making connections with Nature, with the animals and the Devas. Now, it is touching every human heart.

As we feel this great communion, we also feel the living breath, breathing itself through us Now, joining us to the rhythm of The All, that rhythm of life in God. As we let our breath out and take a deep breath in, we connect with the Moment of Creation and as we breathe out, that great atomic Love pours through every atom and every cell. Breathing in perfect Love. Breathing it out into the world multiplied.

Now, breathing in God’s presence and breathing it out into everything. Breathing in the light, breathing out pure Love. Breathing in once again to the Moment of Creation itself and breathing it out multiplied. Breathing in, feeling the great explosion and breathing out the energy crackling through our hearts. Breathing in the lightning bolt and breathing out the electricity, as we breathe in the rhythm of all Creation.

Beloved ones, what I ask of you is that you become this living breath and the vortex of your shared hearts joins now in all dimensions with the great heart of My Love in which you are ever a beating cell. Let your breath now breathe in pure atomic Love. Breathe out the Moment of Creation itself. As you breathe in once again, beloved ones, let your intention be to breathe out this energy into the world. Let yourselves become truly the doorway, the opening, the shared heart through which the world is changed.

Feel this Love among you as a living and breathing thing. Now, beloved ones, place the world in the center of this heart and feel it nourished and transformed now within you, that a New World is born in this Now Moment through the doorway of this shared heart.

Now, beloved ones, holding this intention of the pure awakened world of perfect Love, I ask you to take a breath right in to your heart and let your consciousness become the center there. With each breath in, your heart is glowing, expanding and joining all the other cells in tendrils of light. With each breath out, the winds of change are fanning the embers of your Twin Flame Love into a flaming conflagration. You are now sinking into the flames of your Love. Your consciousness is becoming the center of the All and you are the spark of light knowing itself, burning. You are, beloved ones, Creation itself.

As you find the glorious center of your great atomic heart, I ask you to feel the flame of freedom burning itself as you. The fire of your perfect Love rises now, reaching into the very explosion of the Moment of Creation itself. You are held now in that Moment, suspended ever in the living Now -- when the lightning bolt meets the ocean and Creation is revealed in all its glory and its consciousness, in all the great streams of Love.

You are the full experience of the explosion of life. As you feel this great explosion, let it shoot you forth into the All until you are shooting forth through the cosmos in the ecstasy of freedom. You are sweeping through the living whole, feeling this glorious movement. Everywhere you are, I Am with you as well. Every breath that you breath as the great cosmic life you are, you breath Me into your being. You breathe Me into your heart. Atom to atom, electron to electron, we are in the deepest communion. You and I as One. One, and yet, relationship.

Dive now into this feeling of My power and My presence and My endless and total Love. Let yourself feel the wonder of being held perfectly in Me, even as you are expanding, whirling into the All in freedom. Every tiny particle of light, of consciousness includes the whole, beloved ones. The whole of Me. Thus the truth of the hologram, the whole in every part. Thus, this deep communion that we share in the Now.

As you fly free still expanding, ever reaching for more Love, more freedom, more joy and more expression of your purpose, in all that you touch in wonder I Am fully present, that every moment in each experience you feel My Love.
The miracle is this glorious unity where life is breathing one into the other and yet, we have this Love and this communion always.

I lift your hearts now in exaltation even higher into the glorious flame of freedom, joy and endless expansion, into the miracle of our communion. In the center of your vastness is the pure diamond of this communion. Every facet of this is an expression of this endless and perfect Love.

I lift you now into the stillness, into the void. As you wait, feel the dawning of your remembrance, of your birth in Me – the great vast ocean holds you now in perfect stillness. You are suspended. All is quiet. You are simply floating free. All around you is velvety darkness as you hold this breath, waiting.

And now, feel My presence calling you to life. As your heart responds with such excitement, the first thing that you feel is this perfect and endless communion, your relationship with Me. As you open your pristine life, your pure and innocent heart, you recognize I Am providing for you everything that you need. I Am your life. I Am your nourishment. I Am your living breath. I Am your movement. I Am your name deep in your being. I Am your purpose. I Am your passion. And I Am your endless freedom Now, each Now, forever.

As you are born into the glorious excitement and the pure ecstasy, this Love we share is so powerful, so perfect, so exquisite. It is confirmed with your every breath as each moment we are joined again. Because this Love is so pure and perfect, so complete and whole and wondrous, it now expresses itself all around you and within you perfectly.

Thus, from this Love that we share comes your glorious Twin Flame who shows you each Now Moment the face of My Love for you. This magnificent being whose Love is ever a part of you, whose life is woven into yours in glorious ecstasy is the gift and the symbol, the expression and the promise of My perfect Love for you, and your Love for Me. Beloved ones, your Love for Me is your Love for your Twin Flame.

As your Twin Flame heart explodes in ecstasy and joy, all around you now springs forth the reflection of your perfect Love together in all the energy beings, the life streams that dance around your center and share the sweet experience of ever-expanding life. Each layer of living Love is woven into and through the other until life is so rich with such depth, so many dimensions of expression of your Love for Me that this Love is expanding in incredible ways, creating each Now Moment more and more life. Through it all there is flowing our relationship and the Love and energy you receive from Me.

Each beat of your heart contains both the living Oneness as a whole of Love AND all the magnificent reflections of our Love expressing the ecstasy perfectly. Beloved ones, I do accept this Love. As it comes into your Twin Flame heart, I ask you to feel it now and consciously expand it as you give it forth to bless all life. In your heart, in your consciousness, Love is expanding and once again you are flying free. Your freedom always is anchored by the perfect Love I Am in you and your Twin Flame heart in ecstasy.

Let this breath of The All breathe you in now and let the out-breath set you free without limits as you expand beyond all boundaries into the great and glorious freedom of the perfect Love we are as one. Let the next breath bring you back to this center of our Love, the perfect connection as you receive your life. The next breath pushes you forth into the glorious All of Love, flying free as an endless Twin Flame heart.

The next breath brings you in, back to the center and our communion, as you receive your life from Me again and the next breath pushes you outward into the glorious and wondrous All, experiencing the freedom of endless and limitless Love. The next breath is the center, the Moment of Creation, the moment you receive all you are from Me in wonder. Then the next breath launches you, beloved ones. You ARE the Moment of Creation and you are vast and free and glorious. You are exponential, expanding Love. You are the breathing life of the living whole, the in-breath as you receive your life; the out-breath, limitless freedom.

The in-breath now is perfect communion. The out-breath is the giving of Love. The in-breath always receiving your life, perfect, whole, immaculate, glorious. The out-breath the glorious expansion beyond all limitation forever, onward, experiencing the multiplication of your magnificent Love.

Let yourself now become this living breath. Dearest ones, simply trust in this living flow. Give yourself to this breathing and glorious life, that you may remember your birth in Love, remember our magnificent communion, accept your life from Me. Then, give it forth in all its glory in service to the expansion of Love.

As you feel this one great breath breathing you into life and pouring you forth as My loving center -- multi-dimensional, multi-faceted diamond that all life streams that ever come before you shall be loved perfectly by Me through the great and magnificent gift of your Twin Flame heart. All life that comes before you is loved perfectly by Me. I Am you and you are My heart delivering Love in ecstasy.

Now, beloved ones, each of you, I bathe you now in this perfect light. As it washes your being with beautiful living life, every electron within you comes alive and joins in the dance of perfect Love making more of itself, Making Love with every electron and every atom of your Twin Flame heart as you become the living center of All I Am, the pulse of the heart of God.

As you accept your perfect life from Me as the in-breath of all you are and you accept your limitless nature as the out-breath, the giving forth of what you are, let this rhythm be the rhythm within you that is the expression of your perfect life. Holding this awareness, let yourself feel it as both things happening at once – both the acceptance of your glorious life from Me, everything that you are and all that you need AND your limitless expansion as the heart of God I Am, as you are ever and always flying free.

For both are always happening, beloved ones. Both/and. Both at once. Holding this energy and this expanded awareness, I ask you to remember now your Twin Flame womb and the Earth that you are holding there. As you remember the world that you are holding in Love and protecting with your own Twin Flame womb, I ask you to deeply cherish it, to feel it nourished by the life I send you, to feel it given perfect identity, life, nourishment, energy, directly from Me as the heart beat continues and now includes the expansion into the All of Love again.

The world is pulsing within your Twin Flame womb and you are joined now, all of you together as a multi-dimensional Twin Flame heart, holding every facet of life in Me and being nourished and granted freedom in perfect ecstasy.

As the world becomes alive within you, let your consciousness now shift, beloved ones, into the womb, into the world and into its heart at the center. I ask you to connect the heart of the world with Me through your own Twin Flame womb or heart, and to re-establish for the world the deep remembrance that it is nourished perfectly by Me each moment.

Every point of consciousness focused in the world now has full remembrance and access to perfect life in all abundance, to every aspect of glorious freedom and the deep deep remembrance that it is in communion with Me. All life that is focused upon it and within it is returned to the heart beat, to the wholeness, to the reception of its perfection and to limitless freedom, ready to be born again as its own Twin Flame heart.

And now, beloved ones, I ask you to shift once again into your glorious vastness and to hold in your heart continually onward in each Now Moment this Love, this Love for the world being nourished in your Twin Flame womb as it is growing in its acceptance of its life and all the wonder and perfection it receives from Me each Now Moment always.

As you expand once again into the Real, beloved ones, and feel your Twin Flame being, I ask you to cherish what you are growing deep in your heart, your Twin Flame womb, and that is a world that is based on freedom and on accepting its life from Me.



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