Facing Me Until You See Me in Everything

Beloved ones, I Am calling you to a new focus this moment, this eternal moment, that it may become the truth of your living presence, that your vision, your consciousness may be filled with Light that expands truly forever. You are wrapped in the endless harmony of the living song of Creation. The pulse beat of Love is the rhythm of your heart.

Your every breath is the dance of Twin Flame union and you are alive in the endless abundance, the joyous and glorious unity that washes away like a dream at night all thoughts of anything other than Me and the truth of Love I Am as the truth you are as well.

When you have allowed this joyous communion of Love and grace to lift you up, to fill your being, to become your every moment, then, at last you are ready to turn and face the world, seeing only Me, feeling only Love and carrying with you that vibration of endless unity that it might touch each life, each heart and bring the world back Home to the truth of God.

You know how, when you look without wavering into a very bright light, when you look away the light remains, filling your vision and your thoughts. Dearest ones, this is what happens also when you truly focus on Me, when you allow the Light to fill your vision, to lift you up on wings of freedom. When you look away, when you turn back to the world, your eyes are so filled with Light that all you see is Light. All you feel is Love. Everywhere you look and in everything you experience.

Only thus, can you at last free the world from the dream of separation of pain, of betrayal, the dream of duality. As long as you see the old world and as long as you feel anything other than Love, you are holding these old patterns in place just as powerfully as if you believed in them. Every bit of resistance is the power of God brought to bear, to amplify that upon which you focus. For that is the law of resonance and the truth of Love that you are. Your focus is everything. This I have said to you many times. And yet, the world still pulls you.

Those of you who have felt My touch, who have felt the uplift of freedom, who know within your heart that you are endless, timeless, ecstasy swimming in the spirit of perfect grace - you often find deep resistance to the world of pain and suffering and much confusion about how I could allow such things to exist. Yet deep in your heart you know that this world is a human creation. Only when you totally love it will you free it, once and for all, from the dream of being separate and alone, which is impossible in the truth.

Yet, beloved ones, so many of you long to leave this planet, to fly away into the Light and thus, claim your inheritance. I must tell you that until you can love every tiny nuance without any resistance at all, dearest ones, this world will hold you. It becomes a self-perpetuating repetitive co-creation until at last you love it and by your love set it free.

I Am perfect Love. I Am grace and I Am harmony. Yet only when you are steeped in this as a living and feeling experience, will you be able to walk through the world and love it free. This is exactly what Jeshua did -- seeing the truth in every heart and loving each being as the living God and sanctifying that Love as it moved through each heart and being, appearing before the eyes in every moment as Love's expansion. The choice for unity is always there. That which you see and feel is what you choose.

So when I call you to look only to Me, I mean seeing Me in everything, not turning away from a world filled with the illusion of suffering. Rather, becoming My heart that bathes every presence with the greatest Love, alive in the heart of Love that is you.

Facing Me you feel the truth of limitless Love and freedom. You feel the glorious ecstasy that comes as the heart of God. Every moment Love moves through you, making of you its messenger, its conduit, its eyes and its eternal heart. When this spirit moves you to go forth in giving, your eyes will be still so filled with the Light, that all you see is the living presence. You will see a beacon of Love in each heart, the glory of the living spirit and the pulsing, endless unity that sings in every heart. It will be awakening to your touch and your inclusiveness as you acknowledge My presence in everything that you touch, including yourself.

Oh, dearest ones, your feelings are the magnet calling tenderness into the presence of each human heart and bringing it into attunement with the heart of Love I Am in every moment. In Me is endless joy. In Me is limitless giving. In Me is abundance so grand, there is no beginning and no end. As you stand awash in the feeling of perfect Love and joyous presence, then when you turn in service, we are ever and always still joined, that you see My face in each countenance and feel My heart beating in every precious chest.

Then you are facing Me no matter where you look, for what you feel is Love, what you see is beauty, what you know is this living grace that lifts you higher and higher beyond all Earthly confines. The whole of Earth life is ever before your heart and Love brings you powerfully into the flow of grace.
Then you are My heart bringing each life its freedom, affirming by your presence the world's wholeness, its Love and the power of mind and soul to feed heart, and thus you become My vision.

You see with eyes of the spirit and heart of Love until nothing interferes with your heart. It sees through every delusion to find the endless wholeness and peace and the total glorious resonance of perfect inclusiveness and giving. At first you will need to remember to turn back until you face the Light, until this great exploding River of Life washes through your being, feeding every breath in cascades of golden energy and opening up the riches of My limitless kingdom.

You can deliver the pathway to seeing one life, one Love, one joy, one grace, one movement of giving, seeing All That I Am - that you might feed it and amplify its glorious resonance, until the whole world is in rhythm with the pulsing of the heart of God I Am, through you, always. Remember to look to the Light until you see nothing else, no matter whether you are staring at Me or you turn around to look at humanity.


We open our hearts to You tonight. As we open our hearts, we ask You to come in and fill us with Your glorious Love, to expand these hearts so they come together, creating one heart, open and clear that we might be a conduit for the pure Light that You are, to come through us, to lift and transform the world into a world of Love. Thank You, God, for the gift of our spirit family. Thank you for the blessing of Your continual presence in our hearts, our consciousness, our life.

May we be joined also by the Angels and by all Beings of Light that we might truly serve Love on Earth. I ask to be with my beloved Doug an open Twin Flame heart and a pure conduit for this experience tonight. Amen

As we open our hearts, wider and wider, allowing Love to soften them, to erase their edges, to remove all limitation to the Love that we are...we feel our hearts joining, connecting heart-to-heart in a salutation of Love that truly includes everything. As we feel our hearts connect, we feel the truth of our sisterhood and brotherhood in Love, in God, our presence as the heart of our Creator in the world.

So we set our intention tonight to lift all hearts free of the illusion of separation that the truth of only Love might become all of our reality. We feel the energy, the Love, moving between us, heart-to-heart-to-heart, clockwise around this vortex of Love and we reach out in inclusiveness connecting with every being who is dedicated to the awakening of Love on Earth. Feeling the joy and the power building, we also feel the living spirit moving, the breath of God through us as our Creator breathes as us.

As the breath of life moves through all things, so it moves now through us. It breathes out through our bodies and it moves in our glorious life. It breathes life in every cell and atom of our being. We breathe in to the unity of Love and Love breathes out as us. As we breathe in this rhythm of receiving and giving, we allow Love to wash away all resistance, as we surrender into grace and joy. We breathe in now to that sweet communion with God, and breathe out God's presence into the world.

We breathe into that communion again and breathe it out to every heart in every human being. Breathing into the communion with all life, and breathing pure life to humanity. Breathing into the unity of Creation and becoming the breath of unity for the world. We breathe in now, dissolving and breathe out as the living spirit moving to being beyond all limitation, and we breathe out freedom to the world. As we breathe in now, we open our hearts and breathe out trust to humanity. Every breath becomes a statement of giving our will to God, until we feel ourselves as the movement of God's Love, every iota of our energy claimed by the great movement of Love.

Now, beloved ones, I Am here in you. I Am the voice of Love speaking as your voice, and I Am holding you in perfect Love as you allow Me now to touch your beautiful heart and feel it open to Me, as a flower opens to the sun, as a star blazing in the Heavens. Your heart remembers how vast it is, remembers its limitless freedom and now becomes the gateway between the Real of Love I Am and the world, humanity, the Earth. As you allow the touch of Love to open you further, you recognize the starry cosmos through your heart's open and clear doorway.

I ask you to allow yourself to join your consciousness and your heart and to slip through your heart to freedom and lift into the glory of Love. Higher and higher as you ignite in wonder, as the great flame of the awakened Twin Flame heart, so pure, magnificent, bright, glorious, reaching for the Moment of Creation, rising, rising higher and higher, becoming the pure magnificent Light - until you dissolve into the one flame of worship that joins with the explosion of Light. The Light I Am cascades into you, a fiery foundation of pure energy. You drink in this life.

Every electron electrifies, ignites even greater passion, and in the out-breath of God I Am, you become the impassioned heart, rushing forth in limitless joy and giving. In this eternal moment, beloved one, feel your heart, two flames blazing together, nourishing life, loving All That Is as the great heart of the living and endless cosmos, as the presence of the Love I Am. I ask you to truly feel this Love, feel it as it rushes through your heart. Feel the passion and feel the tenderness as you wrap all Creation in this Love that is vast and yet intimate, as you are the great circle of My Love enfolding All That Is, and yet, your heart experiences the miracle of intimate, tender, endless Love for each and every life.

Each movement of the energy within Me...while also embracing everything, awash in the rich waves of pulsing Love, with no limits, no boundaries to your open heart, a heart so vast it loves everything, as the living heart of God I Am holding All That Is in perfection. The blazing Light of pure consciousness shows everything perfectly in a miraculous exquisite swirling dance of galaxies, of consciousness awakening to grace, singing forth joyous celebration. All of it is alive in you.

Let the pure Light fill and illumine All That Is within the hologram of God and feel this Love wrapping around everything, bringing gifts to each blaze of awakening. Let your heart experience the communion with All That Is. The breath of the spirit breathing within you... The pulse of the heart of God, the rhythm and the awareness of a Love so vast, so perfect, the power of movement and encompassing the movements of the masculine, the feminine becoming the expression of one life... bathed in pure Light so bright, Light is all you see. Filled with Love so powerful it is everything.

You rest in the arms of eternity, My presence filling your view and whispering to every atom and electron within you that I Am life being expressed perfectly as you. Once more I call your vision, your focus which is the focus of Creation itself, all the energy of the living cosmos moving to you, that the Will of Love is focused through your heart.

I call you once again to the pinnacle, lifting you to the very purest Light that you become the living blazing flame of God with the fire of Creation burning through you, that burns in an ecstasy of Creation itself, giving you the gift of All I Am, that it might light up the hologram of All I Am, that you might love All That Is as My heart and that this Light, beloved, is all you see, just Love, all you feel now. This passionate movement of ecstatic Love is the expression of the wholeness of your being as the pulsing heart and the great flame of consciousness, embracing and loving All That Is.

This Light fills everything. There is nowhere this Light is not. This Love is the substance of Creation. Everything is part of it. Feeling the vibration of perfect Light, the explosion of Creation in the living Now, the pulsing of Love ever-reaching out, rushing through your heart to be given, I move through your consciousness and your heart. And now, shift your focus to the Earth that you might hold this Light and feel this Love as the only truth of God in everything, including everything in the world.

And so, I move your focus gently to the point of Light that is humanity and bring this Light to bear on everything you see and this Love on everything that you feel, that now, beloved ones, you might be the full awakening of both the vast expanse of your being, the awakened heart and consciousness of God, and the Will of Love focusing as a life, as a being in the world, seeing only the Light and feeling only the Love. For this is the truth of Creation, regardless of what minds are dreaming.

Thus I ask you to stand now in the world, awake to the living cosmos, being the eye of Love, the voice of the living Spirit and the heart of Love I Am in the world, now, tuning in the world as you've seen it, as an expression of the dream of duality. As you walk through that illusion, you are the energy that brings forth the unity that is Light and the power of Creation that is Love.

As the Light shines, what is revealed is that Light is the only truth and Light eliminates shadow. Love awakens every heart. As you see only Light and feel only Love , beloved ones, you transform the illusion by the law of resonance, and also because the truth is all that truly is.

And now, I bring to you the vision of the old world you are transforming. As you watch it streaming past your consciousness and feel it moving in your heart, hold firm to the awareness of your vastness as well as that great fire of Light and Love, that you may also be the living Christ, My heart alive in the world, that by the power of your vision and your energy, each precious heart is loved intimately, and every consciousness illumined by the Light that brings the remembrance of truth. You stand in a world that is lighting up as you watch it before your true spiritual eyes, and the true meaning of Revelation is revealed as the Light of the spirit burns away the illusion and the Love I Am is fully present in the world, standing here, now, as you.

I ask you to feel Love moving, to feel its resonance in your heart, to remember it, to experience the awakening as the heart of Love, as I reach as you for My precious ones, loving each life perfectly, seeing only Love no matter what the dream.

And now, the Light as your consciousness and Mine, as the great and glorious eternal flame that sets fire to the world, that the spirit may illumine everything to reveal the truth, there is only Light present, and only Love. It is time, beloved ones, My heart, that the covenant be reclaimed by your agreement to be My heart in the world, to bring the truth of Love I Am to everything, by standing as the heart of Love in the midst of it, and letting this heart love intimately and perfectly until one heart remembers this unity that includes all hearts on Earth.

And now, within your heart you can feel every heart of every being focused in the world, and each one is like a star in the living cosmos of your vast heart. Each one is acknowledged and cherished, held in tender inclusiveness, honored as perfection and brought into attunement with the Christ which is My heart vibration, the heart of God I Am which is you. Your heart has wings, beloved ones, great wings of the living spirit that wrap the world like My loving arms, and hold everything so tenderly.

I imprint on your heart this experience of being this vibration, this heartbeat, this energy that shimmers and pulses in acknowledgement of the perfect communion of All That Is in the Love that wraps around everything, the Light that illumines each consciousness and makes of the world a blazing star of Light that lights up the Heavens, a pure heart that once was a world that believed itself separate. It now remembers that I Am Love uniting everything. And you are My heart in expression. The song of Love is now singing through you. This vibration brings the attunement that your heart is Mine, bringing everything back to Love this instant. Love, it has always been. Love is all that is.



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