Feeling God’s Love and Light of Perfection

Feeling God’s Love and Light of Perfection Is How We Begin Heart Perception

I Am the fulfillment of all of your longing, the longing for Love that lives deep in your heart that won’t be denied no matter how you fight it but lives on as a secret fire burning. I Am the sweet Love that washes your being, that listens and hears you in all you reveal -- spoken, unspoken or dreamed. I see all you are.

I know all you have experienced, every thought that has entered your mind, every secret desire and every aversion and I love you with a Love that will not be denied, that is as vast as the universe and as sweet as this moment, as infinite beyond the ability to describe. I Am Love and I hold you and wrap you within Me. I promise you I will be with you forever and give you every good thing.

All of the ways that you have looked to be loved, I love you thus and so very much more. When you are held in this Love that is endless and cosmic, uplifting, soaring, vibrant and free, when I wrap you in comfort and hear every sorrow and reflect to you endlessly that you are perfect to Me, in every dream of Love’s greatest fulfillment I Am all to you that you can dream or imagine.

In every longing to be seen or to see, to have one who knows you and loves you completely knowing all that you are, have been or will be – this is the Love that is ever within you, that inspires you and allows you to aspire to be free. This Love that would melt any heart and rebuild it into the glory of the cosmos, into the wholeness of God, this feeling of being completely respected and honored with the honor given to the Angels and tenderly cherished forever and ever – this feeling is alive in the center of you, in the place in your heart where we meet and are ever alive in the perfection of Love.

This is the feeling of true heart perception -- resting in a Love so grand and so strong that nothing can ever influence it, remove it or change it in any way at all. The warmth of this Love that is vast and yet tender, totally cares and sees you completely – this is the place where your heart begins to see and the feeling of Love reveals all.

This is the resonance of the alpha and omega, of the circle of Love where we meet endlessly. This is the place where your heart understands life and can perceive with the wholeness of God. This is the great Light that burns in your heart always that illumines all movement of Love and of life, that reveals the dance of every electron, that communes with the spirit of all streams of energy, that honors all things that are alive in this wholeness to which I Am granting understanding eternally.

In every Now Moment in this singing communion that begins with this Love and encompasses all things, All That I Am is known by you and you are known perfectly by All That I Am and loved, oh, dearest ones, how you are loved.

So, as each of you comes to this place of acceptance where you are ready to be the heart of the living whole of Love I Am, when you are ready to allow the heart center living so that the eye of the one heart of Love is your guide, then know that this feeling of Love is so unconditional that it knows every nuance of your life, of your soul and loves you completely.

This is the Love that I Am and I Am touching your heart with it now, that you might recognize this resonance of communion with Me and the power and the beauty of your heart to see this perfect Love in every life, to honor and accord it and to live by the law of Love always, to be the open conduit for Me.

Let your heart become your instrument of perception that Love now becomes all that you see and that every illusion of other than Love is washed away in the circle of the beauty of your heart. Every breath brings you into alignment with Me where we become together a life dance lifting you higher to the Moment of Creation and then opening your heart that you become Love’s great wave giving forth of itself endlessly, effortlessly until everything makes perfect, beautiful, eternal sense in the dance of the truth of only Love.

So, heart perception begins with this feeling of My Love for you and your Love for Me, and right now in this moment no matter what has come before, no matter how many eons it has been buried under the debris of the illusory ideas of the mind, right now your heart opens and is free to accord the song of Love that you are as I see you in all of your magnificence and perfection.

Let Me play the song of your life upon your heart, of your perfect creation as the heart of Love I Am. Let Me show to your heart its glorious and true nature as the forces of life creating to give. Call it whatever you may, your heart is two flames in the vastness of your eternal nature and comes right now to fuel your life with perfection and to reveal to you how easy it is to live completely in the resonance of Love.

Everywhere you look, I Am what you see and this vibration is what your heart shall always register. Seeing thus, beloved one, you become the heart of Christ and all who look upon your heart or gaze into your eyes will suddenly remember their own truth, their own heart and step free of the dream of limitation, the dream of something other than Love.

The perfection of this life as you emerge from this great Love as I give you forth as a mighty gift to Creation, this perfect Light that shines as you, that dances forth as Twin Flame Love, knows everything that I Am, alive as you, and is ready now to manifest every precious nuance of God that sings itself forth with your name as a gift for the awakening of this world.

So as you stand, stand in your truth of this perfect life, of the perfection with which I birth you forth in the pure Light of eternal consciousness, the awareness of this being, this great creative life that is our unity. Let it show to you your true being and reveal in this moment your Real nature that every step you take, you take in perfection and the path upon which you move is made of Light.

Everywhere you are, I Am also, one life revealing itself in its diversity, the perfect expression of which is you. As you feel this vibration of perfect life that is ever pulsing forth, let this become that by which you attune yourself before ever stepping forth into your life each Now. Every moment you are the Light of God revealed and the heart of Love moving in the world.

Once you accept this Love and your perfection and allow it to become an endlessly present experience, then as the eternal moment reveals itself as daily life it will gather around you the images of a perfect world and a glorious experience of life.

Full heart perception is to acknowledge, to feel both things – both the Love in which I hold you and through which you live and the powerful beams of consciousness that move you -- that you might become the living unfoldment of the Will of God, that you might be both the Love and the consciousness that creates illumination of the Love I Am and makes of it the fullness of your expression and your experience.

Thus as you attune your heart each morning when you awake, bathing in this Love I have for you and reveling, beloved one, in its acceptance, it becomes the signature of your heart’s awakening in its continuity of the living Now and you are the motivation of the pure Light that brings forth Love that it might multiply in amazing ways.

That Light, dear one, is your perfection shining forth from the Moment of your Creation and shining through all dimensions, all illusions of time to find you wherever you are perceiving yourself and to illumine your heart that you are motivated to become the fullness of the Love I Am expressed as you.

Feel this Love and know the answer to every search. When you allow Me to love you as I truly do, it brings to you a joy in life, a confidence, elation and power that comes from knowing that you are loved for yourself unconditionally forever – regardless of all the ways the little mind has created judgment. These wash away in My Love’s presence and you remember how it is to be the heart of God, loved by your Father/Mother, loved by your Creator forever and always.

When you accept this Love, your heart awakens. You remember what it means to live through Love’s vision. Then the Light can begin to show you what your heart is meant to create, to manifest in the realms of God that go on endlessly, that the Love you are may be a blessing as it is meant in all dimensions in which you live, including, beloved, your life on Earth.

Attune to this Love and know that if you look outside yourself and long for Love to come to you in any other, you have simply forgotten to love Me first, to accept the Love that is your true fulfillment that it might then be perfectly reflected in the dance of Love you share with others. Then feel the Light, for it will vibrate and sing its song into your atoms and cells, each one of which shall honor Me and become the Light’s most perfect expression as the movement of the Divine as masculine, as feminine, as Love and Light, as heart and consciousness.

The whole of God is in you, and feeling it, you now accept it and you become the entraining heart for Love’s fulfillment of life on Earth. Thus do I call for your shift to the heart. Let it begin with the attunement to this Love I have for you forever and to this Light that is your perfection. When you allow this Love, this consciousness of perfect life in God I Am, then all that comes forth to be seen as your life is the perfect expression of these two things as they endlessly dance the dance of Creation -- My heart and I together.

So all the ways of lifting up, of opening, of stilling yourself, are simply to bring you back to the moment where you can remember to accept My presence and to feel the Love that I give you and the life with which I infuse you perfectly now. From this place, step forth into an expression of life that is perfect, perfect in whatever symbol you choose to express it, perfect as a magnificent body made of Light and expressing our perfection, perfect as you accept the abundant flow of Love and see it made manifest as the symbol of money. Perfect life as your heart is extended and sees the reflection of the truth in another, of the great heart beating – the heart that you are, in reality.

As you accept your life from Me, accept this Love and let it live you. Accept this Light as it becomes your illumination. Then any old world symbol will fall away and the world of only Love shall take its place in an instant. Thus shall you see and feel your perfection and accepting them both now, step into them and let this resonance inform each molecule that this Light and Love become your very atoms.

Most of all, please recognize your heart and consciousness as ever infused with My living wholeness and let this step now into this perfect life I Am expressing now as you.


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