Giving from the Real

Each of you must now remember who and what you really are into the height and breadth of your glorious being, in the one Now Moment. Only as each of you comes to live here in this pure, yet powerful energy, can you begin to explore all of your gifts that you are bringing to humanity. Only now when you come to know yourself and be swept up in the power of joy.

As you know, you cannot do anything to truly lift the world to Love until you are no longer functioning at the level of the problem. And yet, even saying this, I must clarify, because in truth there is no problem and to label it as such is to keep it separate from Love, separate from the perfection of God that it is. The illusion of time and of this great separation was only a blink in eternity. And yet, it encompassed enough of My heart that this moment has touched upon All That Is and must be brought back into the great communion for all to be restored to the purest good.

So certainly there is great reason for your presence here in the world. Yet it is also important to have perspective and to recognize eternity as the backdrop for the decision of today. This day I ask you to make your decision – to be the glorious Divine Feminine or the glorious Divine Masculine, living only from the Real, only the Love and most of all, to live only the giving. This is the secret to it all.

As you have noticed, there sweeps through the collective consciousness the beginning of awakening to responsibility for the vibration of each life and what it draws – that has come from the discussion of “The Secret” and will bring much to the shifting of the world. And yet, because I ask you to hold the very highest vision that you may always balance the beginning exploration of humanity, I must reiterate with passion that the only way to receive anything that is Real, is through giving.

For even the law of resonance cannot flow without the giving but rather, is like an engine that is completely out of oil. All the parts work. There is no reason that the engine shouldn’t power something but without the lubrication, it freezes up once more, and that is the truth of the law of giving – that even when the resonance is perfect, if there is no giving, there is no lubrication and the flow of life, of abundance and ecstasy is stuck and frozen once more.

So I ask you, each of you, both as a Christed heart, as the Twin Flame source of Creation, of power and inclusiveness to come out very forcefully about giving and the true law of multiplication, and of course, the essence of receiving as it is based in Me. Giving is imperative if this world is to shift. Because the ego mind has become so entangled and the human spirit has been dimmed and sucked into the backwards whirling vortex that is the reversal of Love, that even those who come to bring the light and who offer forth so much, fail to speak about giving as the true nature of My heart, and thus, the essence of all that you are.

Please add this to heart perception and explore this with intense dedication to living the law of Love. The law of Love is giving. Nothing supercedes it because it is the giving of Love that is the reason for Creation itself. It is the impetus rising up from within Me and exploding forth into All That Is. It is the desire, the need, the passion to give that fuels this great relationship that I have with life and with all that lives within Me as Love’s deep expression.

I want you to examine “giving” from every aspect of consciousness and from every minutiae of feeling that is the holy heart. Live it. Eat it. Breathe it. Let it truly live you. Let giving become your identity as the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine of Love. As you give, you will begin to find that your whole life works ever and ever more gloriously, more richly, with more abundance, because you are stepping at last into being your true nature.

No matter how often the ego mind tells you, any of you, that you are happy, that you are doing your work, that you are loving your life and loving your beloved soulmate, I can promise you that until you are completely dissolved in the giving forth of this Love, you will never be fully accomplished, you will never know yourself. Every aspect of life will reveal to you the shift that will happen when you make the transition from getting to giving.

Even the spiritual life, as you know, is usurped so often by the ego and comes to be about getting enlightened, getting real Love, when every moment instead must be about giving this Love. It must be about giving it with every iota of your being, every increment of your energy until the passion of your giving is the magnet that draws all of this glorious Love, all of the atomic power of Creation and delivers it to you – that by our will as one Love, through your alignment to living only from the Real, you will become able to lift this whole world with ease back into perfect Love. Perfect Love without any holes, without even one tiny stream of reversal, perfect Love that wakes all life on Earth back into its glorious potential and its fulfillment in the Now.

So you will find that the law of resonance when superceded by the law of giving actually becomes the most perfect statement of the power of the multiplication of Love that is the gift of the Twin Flame heart – the heart of God I Am. Oh, beloved ones, you must remember and show forth to others this powerful truth that you are the heart of God, now. Not tomorrow when you become enlightened. Not when you remember to act perfectly. But right now, this power and this passion, this explosion of life and its atomic energy is who you really are. You are My life.

Once you understand this and you choose it and you live it – the Vertical life, the Now Moment – you are the heart of God, right here on Earth because this is where you choose to focus. Unfreezing Love as a miracle, brought forth by your most tender heart that is living in true dedication to giving all that you can give.

I Am pure Love, given forth each Now Moment, and you are meant to be Love’s amplifier.


Beloved God, we are here tonight opening our hearts, saying YES and joining together, asking to be the conduit for Your glorious and perfect Love to flow through to bless this beautiful world. God, especially we pray gratitude for all the incredible gifts of our lives and most of all, for this gift of our spirit family – of these hearts that so deeply know each other and rejoice in each other’s presence and in our devotion to you. Thank You for showing us who we really are, opening our hearts to the joy of Your presence. Let this night be not only our experience of communion with You but the giving of the gift of Your Love to the world.

I ask You, God, to use me, my voice, my life, my heart to be the conduit for this experience, for this message of Love and I give You thanks for the honor of these gifts. Amen

Let us begin by opening our hearts and feeling our connection with each other, feeling the opening, the vortex of Love that our hearts create together and feeling the Love now moving through us, enlivening, blessing and giving as it rushes to the world to water each thirsty heart and bring each heart remembrance. As we feel this energy moving, creating this living vortex, we recognize our unity as a living heart of Love, and into this heart comes the heart beat. We are ever aware of its presence, the heart beat of God that moves through us as God’s heart, as we give forth Love.

Remaining aware of this great cosmic heart beat, we turn now to our own breath and unite our breathing with the one breath of All, the breath of God the living cosmos. As you let your breath out and take a deep breath in, feel the Love filling you. As you breathe out, the Love pours forth through you as you become a glorious living heart. As you breathe in again, you can feel God’s presence, and breathing out, every cell and every atom rejoices. Love pours forth and breathing in, Love fills you up again.

Breathing out, Love pours forth in a great and glorious river, washing the world in Love. Breathing in the Love and breathing it out again. As you breathe in, expand your awareness, and as you breathe out, feel that living breath of the whole, breathing together, breathing Love in. Breathing Love out again. The one great breath in and the one breath out and you can feel all Creation breathing together, one great breath.

You recognize, beloved ones, how this breath connects you to every other stream of life in the living and glorious whole. Love now is breathing. All is Love breathing you, breathing you in and breathing you out. You are the essence of Love. As you breathe in again, you focus on your heart and breathing Love out, your heart ignites. With each breath in and out, the fire of your heart grows brighter and this living flame within your heart calls now for your focus and draws you in to the dancing flames that are the Twin Flame heart of Love.

As you are drawn, drawn, drawn in…the fires are all around you but they never consume you but they never consume you. They ignite you as life and you can feel life exploding in you. As you dance now within the flames of Love, you begin to sense the power, the excitement and the energy of the Twin Flame heart that you are. With every breath the flame grows, fanned by the one breath of the living whole and your heart expands to accommodate the flames that reach upward with every breath, reaching, burning, celebrating life and Love and reaching for the great communion where the two become one and we are together in the pure point of life, in communion at the Moment of Creation itself.

You are held now, beloved, at the point before the explosion. The held breath of God waits and you are waiting with it. The energy builds now within you. Something is speaking deep in your heart, and you realize that rising up within you is the desire to give your Love. I ask you to feel the urgency of this deep desire to give Love. Feel the longing to give all that lives so passionately within you, born of your Twin Flame nature. So much there to release. So much that you have built in your heart. So much Love, it totally consumes you and you must find a way to give it. Until…this need to give the Love that burns and burns and expands in your heart becomes All that you know that you are…that you feel, until it bursts you apart.

Then your heart slams open and the great molten Love pours forth in a great orgasmic explosion. YES! YES! Giving! And you can feel the great rush of your giving, pouring molten Love throughout Creation and igniting ecstasy, the fires of Love in all that is alive in the cosmos, in your great being of Love. Still your heart is pulsing with overwhelming joy. All that you feel is giving and the pure desire to touch with Love each stream of life, from the tiniest particle to the greatest streams of energy.

Alive in your being is this movement, and the gentle reverence of Love blessing every life, every movement of Love, alive within your being and still your heart is a fountain with Love pouring forth. As you feel the Love being given, it lifts you beyond any emotion that you have ever felt before, and now you are aware of Our communion again and of Our shared depths of experience as we give, beloved ones, together.

Feel yourselves as My heart, opened by the flow of giving, until you are so wide open that All That Is is included in you. All That Is is yours to love. How tenderly encompassed in your heart. With the deepest and most profound tenderness, that which you give makes contact with that which receives. Can you feel the miracle of this moment, this connection, when Love is given and received? And this miracle is the reflection of your Twin Flame Love. All around you dances the beauty of life streams, energies, angels, all of which are giving Love and receiving it in this beautiful exchange of life.

Now, beloved ones, return your focus to Me, to the Moment of Creation and let your precious hearts be the recipients of this great Love I Am giving. When it enters you, enters the center of your being, it explodes in a great miracle as you receive this gift of Love, of life, of all that I give to you in our sweet communion. As you say “Yes” to this Love, something comes alive in your heart that knows itself as this vibration of pure Love being given, yes, and being received.

You are perfect Love, the center of All That Is, and your heart now opens like a flower letting Love be your growth. In the center of the flower is your Twin Flame’s heart, beating with yours, dearest ones. This heart beat is felt deep within you as your hearts beat as one forever. One Love that is also two, merged and released to merge again, building, building the charge of perfect Love until it must once again be given.

As you open your heart to give, all that you are truly knows that this is why you exist, why I Am alive as you. This moment of expansion, of opening, of your heart becoming the explosion of the pouring forth, the giving that is so delicious that it washes you in ecstasy again. Every particle of your great being says “Yes!” “Yes” to the giving and “Yes” to the receiving and the great heart beat of Love goes on.

Now, beloved ones, feel how perfect this union is, of the great Twin Flame Love that you are as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Know that you may blend your consciousness with All That Is, and you may love All That Is with all your heart, and yet, you will always retain your own nature and our intimate relationship.

Now there is, rising up, the greatest joy in honoring the gift, the gift of being the living sparks, of being the Moment of Creation, and all the power, all the beauty, all the glory comes in this moment of ignition of Twin Flame Love. It explodes forth in a great rush of giving. All is well. All is Love. You are held perfectly in Me as your focus now opens up into All Creation – All That Is alive to you. You are My encompassing heart, encompassing all of life in your heart, in your Love and being the gift, the giving, the flow of life and Love each Now.

Now, dearest ones, as you feel My heart, feeling all the other Twin Flame cells within it, you also feel how there is a little part that has turned away from the giving, that keeps itself separate from the flow, keeps itself separate from the rush of Love, from the giving of Love and the receiving. This part of this collective heart is life on Earth. It is the essence of humanity, of that pocket of reversal, dearest ones, and as you recognize this pocket now, this membrane around the circle of those cells, beloved ones – as My heart, I ask you to encompass it, to take it deep within your Twin Flame heart and know that you are returning it through your own heart to the magnetic presence of the Moment of Creation itself.

You are returning it to only Love. I Am only Love. All That I Am, you are as well. Now, encompassing this part of My heart, allow the Love that you have to give to pour into it. This heart of separation, these cells that have turned away now find themselves being cracked open. The Love given can now make entrance, and you can feel the awakening of all those cells. Those Twin Flame cells that had been separate are now coming alive and giving Love and returning to the Moment of Creation, until giving is gloriously multiplied and proceeds along its way.

Great rushing waves of glorious Love and your heart is open and present and all that you are as Twin Flame Love rushes forth to give. Most of all, in giving, to encompass All That Is in perfect Love.

Now beloved ones, I ask you to shift your beautiful perspective to see the pocket of reversal and the human lives that are being lived within it. Opening the membrane, your consciousness is fully present, alive in the Real and in the life on Earth with exactly the same awareness and the ability to give Real Love, and to encompass all in inclusiveness, to wrap all that you find in Love. And to magnify and multiply the Love you find in every heart before you.

So, feeling your own heart, feeling your life, your Twin Flame Love within it, I ask you to now allow yourself to gently touch the reversal and to encompass what you find in Love, to encompass what you find in the world of symbols with your all inclusive heart.

Now, allow Me to bring to you that which has seemed the most difficult of all your experiences on Earth. I bring this before you now – whatever it is for each of you, the most painful, the most difficult of all the illusions of anti-Love in the world, and I assist you now to open your heart so wide that you can easily encompass it. Feel it totally dissolved. In its place is perfect Love. Once again, you recognize Love is infallible and even the deepest illusion of separation, of pain, of anti-Love, of lack, of limitation is loved free and transformed effortlessly when it is encompassed in a heart that is giving. Encompassed in a heart that is giving. For giving is the living flow, the highest clearest energy of Creation, and I ask of you to use your Twin Flame heart to encompass the illusion of separation and by giving Love, to free them from reversal, and let them be fluid Love once again.

For as you know, Real Love is ever and always dynamic and flowing and its essence, its direction is giving. It can easily return the illusion of anti-Love into the truth of Real Love once more. One shift in your perspective and you can take within your heart this whole world. Another shift, beloved ones, and you are working with your life in service, encompassing any illusion before you in your giving heart, and returning it to Love.

So you can see that even the deepest pain, the darkest fear, the greatest illusion are easily transformed when they are encompassed in a giving heart and loved. Encompassed in a giving heart like yours.



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