God Only Loves

Beloved ones, I Am calling you into a tender relationship with Me ? into a new Love, an expanded power, a greater joy, one in which your humanness is effortlessly transformed into the living Christ, the celebration of My Love. I ask you to remember this word ? effortlessly.
The upliftment of your human life is now happening. Now you are relating to life in the human drama as a fascinating testament to the ingenuity of the human imagination, as you let every part of every story give you cause to rejoice -- rejoice in the storyteller?s power. Rejoice in the tool of the amazing little mind. And as you honor it, it will give to you its allegiance and become the wings that take you, like the phoenix, into the new life of the Spirit.

If you take delight in every human life, if you are truly lovingly fascinated, then any last parts of you that are as yet mesmerized, any parts believing that you are less than My perfection, any of those things that yet hold your attention ? they will fly to you on gilded wing to be lifted with you, in your heart, into the equivalent realms of Spirit where every Now is a celebration of your creative genius as the co-creative consciousness of God.

For truly, every human creation, every story, every enactment of human limitation, every one is using your creative power, but switching it backward into limitation. But the power, the imagination, the genius, the setting, the great exciting explosion of patterns of life experience ? all of this is your natural creative consciousness.  All of it is the power of Love fueling creative consciousness. All of it is the expression of your glorious life force, our communion. It is only when it is turned backward into getting and to self-centeredness that it becomes an expression of the world of duality.
I say this because we are together creating Heaven on Earth, dearest ones. We are creating together the platform of unending Love, of glorious good, unlimited magnificent abundance in the symbols of the world, that humanity may have the very needed bridge for the acceptance of their unlimited nature and qualities of Love.

So, yes, in the Real all is perfect. The decision to believe in separation was re-decided in the next Now Moment. Yet in this world of time and space, that decision is being enacted in slow motion so that the hearts that need to gain understanding, can -- understanding of why such a decision could be made and how true Love transforms it.

So you are truly walking between the ?worlds? or dimensions. And it is this position that requires the greatest hearts with the capacity to stretch all across the dimensions, to have tenderness and compassion for those not yet aware they are unlimited, while automatically transforming every limited thought into the wholly free and unlimited consciousness of Love I Am, We Are.

So your job is to take delight in the symbols, the story of a life on Earth, while keeping your powerful focus on returning each symbol to Love, returning visions of this world into visions of paradise.

If I Am only Love, dearest ones, then I only love. This is obvious, isn?t it, when written here like this? Yet, you often believe that I Am only Love and that at the same time, I am against certain things. Dearest one(s), this is not possible, for I am only Love. Therefore, all I do is love. Everything. And you, as My Love?s expression, My heart, My vehicle through which I give  -- you, dearest ones, also are only Love. And Love is all you can give.

Therefore, whatever you touch with your awareness, dearest ones, only love it. If you do anything else, you are not really you, not really being the expression of that which you really are. If you pass judgment on anything, find fault, turn it away, then you have chosen to believe a lie, when you choose to feel something else, something other than Love.

Where I am going with this is the awareness that as you truly accept your role as Christ, you truly become the bridge by loving as Jesus did ? looking right at the world and loving it, passing no judgment, turning nothing away, having no resistance to anything you see on Earth. Rather, dearest ones, including it all in your heart.
When you realize that you are One with every life, then you find a most tender compassion that upholds each person?s beauty, regardless of what they believe or how they have behaved, because you can only love. The Real you/Me.

You will also become aware ever more clearly that since I Am Love and you and I are one, that no matter what the ego places before us, we can only love. And with such Love, we always transform.

So if there is something that doesn?t seem perfect, please lift up into your Christ mind and then, please love it because Love is the only transformer. Love is the only Real. Have the greatest compassion for this drama, but do not identify with it, please. Instead, simply rise up and love it, holding it in your Christed heart, with the deepest most heartfelt compassion and the most tender Love.

Let your heart fly free as much as you can. Rejoice in the expansion of consciousness and your assuredness in Real Love. Draw close to Me, dearest ones. This is an integration, a time that is necessary ? a time to love with your Christ heart, a time to be only Love, regardless of what the appearance is. Be only Love and reach out with it in tenderness and compassion, for tenderness and compassion are the bridge for the arrival of the Christ heart, Christ consciousness, Christ mind which knows that it is not separate from any form of life it encounters. Rather it is always Love meeting Love.

Let Me gently guide you as you keep releasing your little mind. For this is by far the most important thing to do right now. Return not only to Love but to trust and to faith, and to living in joy, loving from the Real, while extending compassion to all life on Earth, and closing the gap for all time. Remember, we are only Love. Forever.



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