God Power and the Will of Love

I Am here with you. I Am all beauty, all movement, all life and I Am all power. I Am the pinnacle of the Moment of Creation containing all the energy of Creation itself vibrating at such a phenomenal rate that it becomes the glorious and massive explosion that creates the conscious cosmos and the relationship of all life.

So I want you, beloved ones, to feel this power and to attune yourself to the miracle that is this highest vibration. Allow this vibration to penetrate your being so fully that it pushes out everything else until you become the vibration of God claiming God power - until you become the living Christ, the heart of God in true alignment always in relationship to Me. Acknowledge that there is one power, one life and that it is always a relationship of devotion, of surrender and of all encompassing Love.

As you claim this vibration and hold it in your heart, everything in the old world must give way. Nothing of duality can touch you at all if you are in true alignment with Me. So I Am asking you to use the word "God" as your doorway to this vibration and to feel it responding to your call. Feel our partnership. Feel this energy consume you until there is nothing else.

When you feel and truly know this power as the truth of your inner experience, then I promise you that you can step forth into the world and change everything in an instant through the power of heart, consciousness and voice speaking the vibration of God to which everything must respond.

When you claim this God vibration, there cannot be the world within you. It will push away duality and all the dreams and convoluted patterns of the sub-creation of ego mind in an instant. It will allow you the freedom to be the speed of Light, to be the power of the one great explosion and to use that power to fuel the movement of Love as it commands you - that you can step forth into your life and claim God perfection.

Please, dearest ones, go within and feel, feel this power, feel this Love, feel the vibration that begins with the word "God" and moves forth with "I Am," becoming the Will of Love as it is focused through your heart. You already know, dearest one, that we are on the threshold of transformation and that all of you are called forth now to accept your true identity.

Now comes the time to stop thinking about it and to claim it. Take action in becoming this great power of exploding Love here and now. To do this takes you now beyond words. It takes you into the realm of pure heart experience as you feel yourself move through the doorway beyond time into the Moment of Creation to become the chalice, the receptacle, the witness for the power of Love exploding into fully awakened consciousness, God I Am focused through you.

But first you must feel your identity as My heart and your relationship to this power of God I Am as it shakes your whole being and defines your atomic nature and vibrates with such magnitude and intensity that you hear and feel and know and are nothing but this.

You are the vibration of exploding Love - louder and more and more intense until your whole being is consumed with it and you feel and experience your Real identity as that which brings this power into the cosmos of relationship and makes it accessible to all. It harnesses it through Love to speak forth the voice of Christ following the Will of God I Am. It transforms the wilderness of duality into the Paradise of perfection in the symbols of all cosmic languages, alive in every dimension because it is "en-conscious-ed" as your Twin Flame heart and thus becomes fully accessible to everything I Am.

The other awareness that you must have to be successful in this claiming of Me and of the power I have gifted to your heart is to truly and continually experience the circle of the one great and living breath that unites, encompasses, unifies all life and brings to you the true experience of the Oneness. This must be the truth of your feeling nature, not your thoughts, not what you reach for but rather, the experience of divine feeling and the true unity of life.

When you feel the Reality of the shared breath and of the circle, of all life which breathes as one, only then do you comprehend on a deep atomic level that there absolutely are no barriers. There is only the communion of atoms, electrons and the passionate waves of Love that flow through it all. Therefore, you are moving throughout our shared being with every breath and with every choice for God.

Of course it cannot be done through the mind and this is why I say we are moving into the areas beyond thought where you must let go of everything but experience. The little mind truly cannot dwell in these realms of Love, cannot be a part of this unity experience. It will always be on the outside looking in, stuck within the world of duality, for this is where the little mind dwells.

So you must leap into your greater being to claim God power, to feel this resonance rattling your being, communing with your every cell until all that seemed so physical simply flies apart, disappears into the Real of Love and you are free to be the experience of claiming the power of the Moment of Creation, harnessing it with the unifying circular breath that encompasses all of Creation and permeates all things.

Yet it is always the entrance into the Vertical that takes you here to this experience of Creation and of the great explosion of Love. Can you feel the resonance building? Feel the vibration moving through you. As you call to Me, open to the Will of Love and ask Me to be God power through you, that we may demonstrate a world of no boundaries, no limitations to the abundance and joy of the truth of Love I Am, focused through you, My living giving Twin Flame heart.



Beloved God, I give You thanks for all of these amazing hearts that are gathered here together tonight. Thank You for the incredible gift of our spirit family and thank You for the purity of all of these hearts' intentions. So, God, I ask You to join our hearts together and to create of our hearts truly one heart, a living vortex tonight, through which You can pour Your Love, that we can amplify it.

I ask that You join us, each of us, with the awareness of our Twin Flame's Love, that the power of that energy and our intention may truly bring the miracle of transformation to this precious world. I ask that Doug and I and our Twin Flame heart be a crystal clear conduit tonight for this experience. I call to all of the Beings of Light who assist us and ask for your presence and assistance as well. Thank you. Amen.

As we begin, we feel the energy moving between us, connecting our hearts, heart to heart, flowing clockwise around the circle of our hearts. With it comes all the energy and power of God. With every circumference of the vortex, the energy grows and we can feel it raising the vibration, opening us to the Love and to that glorious energy of Creation.

As our hearts are joined, we set our intention to be the clear conduit for perfect Love to flow through us tonight to bless and lift this world into a world of only Love. Now we acknowledge also the one shared breath, shared by All That Is, that is now breathing through us. As we share this breath, our awareness extends into the glorious unity of all life within the hologram of God.

As you let your breath out, relax and take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, feel the Love pouring through your heart. As you breathe in again, breathe into your communion with God and breathe out the Love and the spirit into the world now as a blessing. As you breathe in again, lift up and open into the Real of Love and breathe out the Love through your open heart pouring it into the world. Breathe in again, going Vertical, up into the pure Light and breathe out this Light through every atom, every electron and breathe in to the Real again.
Breathe out pure Light through every atom once again, and feeling yourself as the Light, let the living breath of All I Am breathe you again and again.

Beloved ones, as you feel My presence, fall into this surrender and allow yourself to float supported by My Love and let everything else be released. As you breathe this Love that I send to you now, first let it fill your heart. As you breathe it out into the world as a blessing, feel your heart filling up again and notice this rhythm as you float and watch as your heart opens wider and wider as you continue to surrender deeply into the Will of Love.

Now, let your consciousness rest in Me, opening to the Will of Love. Feel the Will of Love filling you up and showing you your deepest true self. As you place your focus on your open heart, see how the Light comes blazing through and your heart opens wider and becomes a doorway into the glorious Real of Love. Let yourself float, your consciousness softly falling into your open heart and you move through the doorway into the wonder of the magnificent Real of Love.

There is Light everywhere, so much Light and you remember it deep in your soul and in the Light, you are called up the beam of your open heart, moving to the Moment of Creation, a great beam of Light traveling upward, called by the magnetic presence I Am. As you rise upward, your spirit blends into the great Double Helix of Light with your beloved and glorious Twin Flame. You are one life dancing in the Light.

Do you remember this glorious freedom? You do, beloved, for I Am your power, your glory and you are My heart.

The Light calls you upward and you feel yourself breathed in and out in the dance that is at once both surrender and ecstasy as you continue to rise again. You begin to feel the vibration, the power of Creation itself and you remember this vibration as it rushes through your being and speaks a deep "I Am" of God. As you feel this power rattling your very atoms and dancing through your being in waves of power, you remember, beloved, that I Am your energy. I Am your life. I Am your food and you are meant to live on this God power, to drink it in to your very being.

As you do, you become merged in the wonder, the ecstasy, the orgasm now. The Moment of Creation is upon you. You are in it, explosion of Light and joy and all of Creation is singing a part into the void, and again, exploding into the "Yes" of God.

As you accept this life, this power, this glory, I ask you to drink it in. As it moves now through your being in great waves of ecstasy, it comes storming into your Twin Flame heart ready to burst forth, amplified ecstatically and sent forth by Me as you. You are My arrows that I launch. You are My focus. You are My heart in the Real. As you feel this power moving your heart, remember what it means to be the movement, the focus of All That I Am moving forth as the Will of Love.

Now, beloved, My heart, each one of you a perfect cell, watch, feel this energy as it shoots forth from your heart, glorious, magnificent and filled with the very power of Creation, energizing your being, feeding every atom, powering every electron of Light as you remember "I Am God" and you are the living Will of Love.

As you see and feel this stream of Light and Love rushing forth from your heart, I ask you to allow Me to show you how to focus it, where to focus My Will. Right now let it focus on the center of Creation aligning with you, My heart, and amplified exponentially, send it forth to touch the Earth holding the new pattern, holding the awareness of this power, this energy, this Light, this great orgasmic Love. Watch it, a beam of power, of Light, electricity creating a doorway, an opening directly connecting life on Earth to the Real, to the Moment of Creation. Through this doorway we shall bring humanity into a bridge world of Love.

From your awareness, dearest ones, expanded in the Real of Love, let your heart feel this Love and feel your awareness now as a Twin Flame cell in the great God heart, My center, reflected in every heart on Earth. As you feel and know the truth I Am - that every heart is already Mine and perfect - allow this Love to move through you. By the energy and by the Love, through your heart surrendered, reach for every heart on Earth.

Now we connect them. We connect them by a stream of Light through the doorway to the Real of Love, creating, beloved ones, a new pathway and weaving with your perfect Love the remembrance of their identity, feeding them the Moment of Creation and allowing it to live and move through you. As we create this doorway, these pathways of energy, we create a new consensual reality based on the truth of Love.

As you feel your heart remembering your own truth in this surrender, feel it resonate and once again, the power as it builds from the Moment of Creation through you and rushes forth to open the doorway. I Am the power through you, awakening every heart in the world to the remembrance of this Love. As we do, as we build this new pattern of energy creating a new consensual agreement, I ask you, beloved ones, to hold this for Me, to set this intention through your hearts - that as the time comes to make the shift, to lift each precious heart to this remembrance, your heart will be the power that we use to accomplish this.

Now, once again, I draw you up and I feed you as you rise once again in joy. Open and feel. I Am feeding you the energy, the power of the very Moment of Creation and you are this resonance as it powers through you. I Am All That Is, God power, God Love and you are living by this energy. Every moment your heart feeds on this resonance, drinks in this Love and shares this one glorious breath.

As you breathe it in, and remember, your consciousness easily expands and opening to the living whole, shares the energy with every stream of Light in the living whole. One breath, one life, limitless without boundaries. I Am fully alive in you. As you breathe deeply with the whole of Love I Am you are drawn to the Moment of Creation, for it is a living part of your being - you, the heart of All I Am. And this living explosion of All That Is into consciousness and pulsing Love is your life - your life, your food, your identity, anchored fully conscious in you now, no matter where I ask you to focus, the power, the Light, the energy, the Love, fully alive and resonant and accessed perfectly through the word "God."

Every living Now resonates "God" through you. I Am God power focusing through you now, God, the living breath. I Am God, your life. I Am God, the glorious explosion. I Am consciousness and Love, and I Am loving as you.
Pulse after pulse, wave after wave, moving your Twin Flame being. As the energy rushes through you, it is orgasmic. It is ecstasy and power and the Will of Love lives in you, perfectly now, opening the hearts of humanity. The arrow of your consciousness and the focus of your heart stream forth to the Earth and blaze the new pathway, opening the new doorway, creating the new consensual reality. You can feel the bridge world building through you, creating an alternate reality for humanity now.

In this living moment it is already done. One Love returned. One circle of life limitless Love without boundaries, in your heart as life on Earth is returned to the Real of Love. And yet, dearest ones, you are God consciousness reaching into duality and laying the pathway through time back to the Real of Love.

As you reach forth tenderly, stretching your consciousness back into the world, yet fully alive in the Real of Love, I ask you, beloved one, to be this living bridge, to be the opening, the doorway and to bring humanity through, back to the Moment of Creation, back to the living whole. Every breath your consciousness expands and you are fully conscious always, functioning now from the Real of Love, alive to the glorious life streams who are also serving humanity.

Supported, held in this communion with Me, fed, enlivened and powered by the Moment of Creation now, aware of all dimensions existing simultaneously and also alive in the world, being the bridge. God power focused, creating the New World Reality. Held in your hearts perfectly in every Now Moment.

Dearest ones, as you rest in the Real of Love in Me, from this moment on you shall remember that you are fed and held and loved perfectly while you are the bridge for the world in each shifting reality. As you see the world changing, becoming more fluid, know that you are anchored up in Me, supported, surrendered into this glorious Real, into the ocean of Love and into the power of the Moment of Creation itself.

As you shift your focus now extending some into the world, let your heart feed this focus. As you feel My Will, the Will of Love moving through you, I ask you to claim the power by speaking forth the power, "I Am the power of God and I Am a world of only Love now." Can you feel the Moment of Creation alive in your heart? And hold your focus, whole and in tact? While you focus as well in the world in a body made of atoms, a Light - and limitless dancing Love?

As you walk forth as this Love into the world, hold the Vertical connection, "I Am the living power of God and I Am a world of only Love now." "I Am the power of God and I Am that which God wills." As this Will of Love moves you, dearest one, fill in the blank. "I Am the power of God and I Am ______." Whatever Love moves through you, walk forth into the world fed by the explosion, powered by the Moment of Creation and aware that you are the heart of All That I Am, the heart of God now.

Every breath is unity. Every heartbeat God power. Every moment is circular. Time is surrendered into the living and glorious Now. You, beloved one, are the living bridge back to the Real of Love.



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