God’s Call This Christmas: Stepping into the Light of the Christos

We enter the time of year again where there is an opening for the Light of the Christos, a time for a great infusion of Love. This is a time, beloved ones, when the veil of illusion is dispersed and the Star of the living Heart of God is truly visible, calling to you with the song of resonance to the truth that lives within you.

I speak of the truth of your heart and of your glory as the Christos, yourself - as the true living consciousness of the center focus of My Love. All that you are is available to you now at this time.

So I come to you and ask you not only to look at beloved Jesus, at Jeshua who lived the Light of Love clearly. This year truly look at yourself and step into this great beam of Light. Let it bathe your spirit and fill your consciousness with wonder and bring you the remembrance of your own heart.

As you stand in this Light that shines clearly on Christmas, by agreement of your consciousness with Jeshua you will feel the true relationship of your heart with the living hologram and if you open your heart, you will feel the truth of our Love.

Jesus said continually, "I and my Father Mother God are One." This is your truth as well. I Am asking you, beloved ones, to truly feel it this year, to feel it in your heart, in the very depths of your being and in your vast and glorious self, the self that is the great functioning heart of God as the living pulsing giving center of the All.

All That I Am and shall ever be is held in the center of your being, that you might show forth this truth of our Love to every life stream that you encounter. As you walk each step of your life surrounded in this warmth, in My Love, in My tender support, My cherishing of you - and you feel this truth, this embrace of this loving circle of My arms, My Love, My hands holding you (using the analogy of your current life) - let that feeling permeate your being.

Let it lift up your feelings and inspire them until every moment you can feel that great Star of the living Heart of God, pulsing through the center of your being and shining forth from within you -- out in radiant splendor to cherish every life as I do.

If you feel your truth as the living Christ, the heart of God, and feel My support and My truly endless Love for you, then you will know that your vibration is in attunement with the truth of Love you are and the currency of life is yours. The riches of Love are yours to spend through the great outflow of giving. You will begin to be the miracle of the awakened Christ in action on the Earth as you, whole, perfect, complete and filled with joy, never ending, and the assurance of My presence and My Love.

The core of all of this is our relationship, the sweet communion of Creator and Creator's giving heart. Every breath you take becomes this living, breathing communion of a Love whole and perfect, a life filled with scintillating beauty. This feeling translates into the world around you and creates a world of Love, a consciousness of joy, a life of peace and plenty and a world of harmony - without any effort placed on changing anything outside of you.

I remind you today that the world is merely a reflection of heart and consciousness. It is the expression of that upon which you focus and its vibration is established through your feelings. So bathe in this Light and let it be for you the attunement that brings you the rich feeling of who you are -- that as you feel it, you shall be it. Your heart will be transparent that the Love I Am can be given effortlessly through you to the world.

Beloved ones, rather than seeing Christ outside yourself, let this be the Christ - mas in which you make the deep commitment to being the extension of the outward flow of Love, the heart of God in service in the world to humanity. Let it become a living presence within you, the experience of your divinity as feelings as you open in trust to Me and let Love live you.

Recognize and claim this truth of Love as the living, breathing center of your being and recognize My living heart as you, as the power of Divine Masculine and Feminine, radiating from the realms of Love, from the Real of God I Am into the world perfectly as you.

This Christmas, let that which is born be the Christ within your own heart. Rather than remembering the experience of Jesus, let him become your guide to your deepest self and let him show you how to rise up and claim it right now in this very real moment, in the center of your life as you live it, that you might become that to which you have been aspiring.

Become it now that every moment you shall be surrounded by endless beauty and you can feel that Star of living Love within you. Its Light shall be so powerful that you are risen in its presence, becoming the living son or daughter of the One Love I Am, felt within you until that resonance expands around you and radiates itself into the world and you become the Christ born this Christmas for the world.

Let the manger be the chamber of your heart and feel the Angels singing as they herald you. See that Star shining in the Heavens to announce your coming. See the Wise Men before you in the faces of your friends. Accept their gifts as you feel Me loving you through them, and acknowledge that which has been born in you on Christmas Day.

Stepping forth into this endless golden splendor and My timeless and intimate Love and support, let that which you have longed for become that which you now live by allowing the birth of the feelings of the Christ to now be born in you. Jeshua (Jesus) can now walk with you as equals, sharing as a mentor on your path and showing you the mercy that endless grace shall bring to every precious heart upon the Earth as that heart is washed in this remembering on Christmas Day.

You know the truth of holographic consciousness. Dearest ones, someone must begin. Every change in consciousness began with someone. Let the Christ be born on Earth now as you, as you accept My Love and stand forth in your radiance, claiming the experience of Christ, the heart of God I Am as you, loving perfectly.

Every breath is part of the living harmony, part of the living song of Love shared with the Angels and pouring now into the world that every heart may sing this song, this great hymn to the Love and Light I Am. All it takes is that deep internal "Yes" and the giving over of life into the moment and the birth of the Christ within you.

No more waiting for the future to finally bring you those understandings that will set you free at last. No, dearest ones, the time is now and Light is born on Earth again right here in you this Christmas. With your "Yes" it all begins perfectly in your consciousness, in your heart and in giving the Love I Am without conditions, without judgment, with no evaluations of the ego mind. Simply let the flow of Love pick you up and expand you and make of you a new thing in My Love, that you may deliver Me into the world effortlessly -- simply by being in My presence and sharing this gift with humanity in all the ways that Love guides you and asks you to live it, to deliver it and to claim it as the Christos.

I want for each of you a world of breathtaking beauty in which you truly know that you are in command. I want you to know that the power of God resides in you, that your Twin Flame heart is beating, that the power and explosion of the Moment of Creation is yours. It is within you and it is yours to live and give into the world. It is yours to be the open heart of grace in which My presence shining forth is delivered perfectly to every upturned face. Every heart is waiting for surcease from the confusion of the illusion that there can ever be a separation from Me.

The heart of Christ is the heart alive to My endless Love, the heart into which I speak moment to moment, affirming your identity as the center of the living endless hologram of perfect Love I Am. Oh, dearest ones, each of you, please feel this. Let the feeling resonate within your being just like the trumpets of the Archangels. Let the awakening of Love flood your being, wash through every particle of body, heart and spirit and lift you beyond the reversal that Love may be your truth endlessly.

So let this Christmas be a time of deep accepting, a day in which you spend time with Me, a day in which your heart rises in worship and affirms your choice to be the harmony, to be the living song, to be the endless hands of Love touching everyone, to be My heart loving humanity free. It starts, beloved ones, with what you feel and what you choose.

I bring you the gift of the upliftment, the opening, the great ray of Christos presence, that you may simply step into the Light this Christmas and choosing deeply, be free - free to be the living Love I Am, free to be the heart of God in splendor, free to be the Christ as yourself giving every moment to the world.


patriciapearl 24th December 2008 11:45 am

It is my choice . . . Count me IN!

December 24, 2008


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