God’s Intimate Availability

Beloved ones, let yourself come into the silence and know that there is nothing that you have to do, that you can simply absorb this peace and this perfection - that when it is yours, you know it belongs to everyone. So be this peace beyond all understanding and sink into the music of your heart where you hear me now as I request from you the greatest work of your lives.

Give Me back to My beloved children. Dearest ones, tell them that they can feel Me. Help them to open to the inner voice, to trust the inner vision, knowing that they may have to move through the jungles of the ego. But if I am their intention, I will lead them as perfectly as I have led all of you.

Please remember, above all Messages, the most important message is My intimate Love - that I Am present in the life and blood of everyone, and I Am totally and forever accessible. I Am truly a living hologram which means All That I Am, you are. I Am within you. You are in Me. We are one life. There is nothing that can keep us apart.

I Am present in every atom of the air you breathe and every atom contains All of Me. Thus, it is impossible not to see Me, to hear Me, to feel Me, to feel this Love - unless the smoke screen of the ego is so strong that it is believed to be everything.

So let this Love we share be what creates for others the room beneath, to feel a larger framework for life, to feel a greater sense of purpose and to feel the movement of My living spirit as it whispers within them of My Love.

I ask you to open in a deeper way, to a greater faith in what we are, until you feel Me, see Me and share this Love with Me in absolutely every moment. When you do, there shall be no room for any doubt in My prosperity, in My endless provision, in the glorious abundance of living Light I Am - that you can transform into anything once you believe it. Once you understand yourself as the heart of Christ, the living power and the focus of My Love.

What you decree as the heart of God I Am must become manifest. Only the seeds of doubt that are sown by ego can keep you from being perfect, so full of this great cornucopia of spirit that you are full truly to overflowing and completely aware of every nuance of beauty, every movement of My living spirit and every glorious manifestation of the power and the perfection of this Love that encompasses everything with your heart.

You are Mine, and therefore, you love with My Love and you love My children and see them as they truly are. You, then, can be the source of their abundance and of this unconditional positive regard for which they are hungry. Once you understand that we are one life and we are one heart. We are one outreach of living Love, then you simply allow My voice to speak through you, My Love to move through your heart, and My all-encompassing embrace to be expressed through you in your passionate Love for every being as I move through you.

Let Me open for you a world of magic and of mystery in which truly the laws of gravity are irrelevant. The limitations of a physical world imagined by the little mind, the ego, are passé and you are free to be the blazing Light of All I Am and to be the living embodiment of My freedom and My perfection.

It simply requires allowing another level of upliftment and of spiritual blending until you truly live and breathe as this glorious unity - one life with All I Am, every breath breathing the gift of harmony and receiving the blessing of inspiration. Every look is the eyes of God according the majestic beauty of every precious life.

Those who turn to you, let Me speak to them of their value and their beauty, and let Me bring to them the remembrance of their purity and the need for their acceptance - that their heart has wings, that it can leave behind the old imaginings of suffering, all images of being broken, and in the joy of a brand new spiritual morning, can behold itself as the heart of Christ in the world.

Let us be alive together in that singular communion of Love I Am that in this great expression of All That I Am, every heart can receive my blessing and My presence through you.



Beloved God, You Who are Everything, Who live within us, Who are us, Who are the glorious whole of which we are part... We come into Your presence tonight and we ask that You might open us. Open our hearts wide and bring us the experience of communion and freedom. Most of all, let our hearts be clear that we might be the conduit for Your Love, God, to bless and transform this perfect world we are here to serve, God.

We join our hearts tonight and surrender our will to You, give You our being, our will, our Love, our dedication. I join my heart with my beloved Doug, opening our Twin Flame heart and ask to be a crystal clear conduit for this exerience tonight. I also call to all the Beings of Light who walk with us, who commune with us, who assist us in our service to the world. I ask you to be here with us tonight and amplify our intentions and our Love. Amen

As we open our hearts, wider and wider and wider still... we begin to feel that movement of the spirit through us, through our hearts and as it moves, it links our hearts together, that our hearts become one heart for God, one heart for Love, one heart with the intention of purity, of giving, of being the Twin Flame expression of the glorious Love that God is. We feel the energy moving, heart to heart around the circle clockwise, faster and faster, creating a whirling vortex, an opening for Love, a doorway between the Real and the world.

As we share this heart, we also share the breath of the living spirit, the breathing life of the whole of the I AM, as it moves through us. We join in spiritual consciousness with all others whose serve the Light, especially those whom we have named our "spirit family." Encompassing the Earth with our Love, we let the breath of the spirit move through us, breathing us in and out together. As we breathe out, we open and empty. Breathing in, we are filled with Love, breathing it out through our hearts into the world and breathing into the ocean of Love again. We breathe it out through this open heart amplified, and breathe in again to that vast perfection, breathing it out to bless every being on Earth.

Breathing in, into the deep and rich silence and breathing out that space and silence into the world. Breathing in to that living wholeness, and breathing it out for every human being. As we breathe in, we join in consciousness with the All, and breathe out the Love to the consciousness of humanity. Breathing into the living whole, breathing out wholeness to the world. Breathing now we rise to the purest Light and the Light breathes us into the world perfectly. We breathe in to communion with God, and breathe out that sweet assurance into the world. Breathing in to that communion of Love again, and breathing it into every human heart and consciousness.

As we breathe in, we open and Love breathes out as our heart. Breathing in, we hear the harmony of the universe and breathe that harmony to the world. With every breath we release our humanness, and we become truly universal, allowing that breath of the living whole to breathe us in and out, that every moment we release into the will of Love any small identity, anything to which we claim - that we might be free, as free as God who breathes us now to touch every heart and consciousness.

We feel ourselves becoming the living bridge, stretching from the perfect unity of Love into the world as the open heart, through which God loves and becoming the encircling arm of the Creator. With every breath that we breathe, we are the movement of Love, the awakening of consciousness as everything. Deep within our hearts is the point where we meet in communion with our glorious Creator.

Now, beloved, my precious heart, in this moment I Am the fullness. I Am the riches of the cosmos. I Am the abundance of life I Am to you. I ask you to open and receive this. Drink in the nectar of life and let it fill you with the glorious awareness, the energy of the Moment of Creation itself, and realize the power of your Twin Flame heart as the atomic energy of Creation alive and focused through the heart I Am in you.

As you place your focus on your heart and feel how vast it truly is, you become the great wings of the essence of the movement of Love, the movement of the masculine, the feminine, the Will and the ocean of inclusiveness. As the great wings of the heart of God I Am... feel how boundless is your heart and stretch those wings of energy outward into the vast omni-dimensional cosmos. The heart perceives all energy. Every electron touches those wings like raindrops of Light, washes, delivering endless energy and Light.

Open your vast and glorious center and take it in. Drink in the essence, of Light I Am. Feel it as it charges up your being, the greatest electricity, the energy of All That Is, the power of God I Am is yours, always, alive in the center of your great Twin Flame heart, of your being, directed by the power of your focus.

As your great heart opens, it is immersed in the wonder of this living and endless Love, bathing in My presence like tender and gentle waves that wash through every atom of your being and resonate through your heart. As these waves touch the center, they deliver your perception of life. As you feel them, they radiate through your being, showing you the majesty of the cosmos, reveal to you the patterns of energy that spread throughout All That Is, always from the center, from My heart, reaching every dimension at once. All of it speaks to you, resonating in your heart of Love and the heart of Love I Am answers, beloved one. It answers as you.

I extend My Love in you, as you, through your heart. I stretch you that you might feel your capacity to be the heart of Love I Am in all things. Thus, everything lives in you and you live in everything. Any moment your heart can connect with any point in the living cosmos, and the great atomic power of My Love, the life I Am, is instantly delivered through you. The communion of Love occurs right in the center of your being, right in your heart where I Am ever present, living, loving, gloriously as you.

That moment, that place, that endless point of consciousness connects All That Is through you, and this, My dearest heart of Love, is the truth, the fullness of All I Am. Truly you are made in My likeness - All That Is living Love in you. As you sense the power of your heart and recognize its openness to everything, feeling the communication of Creation happening now through you and recognizing how perfectly your heart shows you every life within Me, I turn you and place your focus on the Earth, that you might remember your capacity to be this focus, this communion and the power of the great heart of Love, as you gently shift your focus to the world and to the heart of every human being.

As you hold now the world within you and you observe with your heart perception, can you see all the lines of Light that connect the consciousness of every being, and intersect in the center of your heart, as the great Twin Flame conduit of radiant Love, the true perception of the heart of the living hologram that I focus now through you.

As you feel every heart, each consciousness of every precious human being, open to your heart perception and feel the power of God I Am move through you. In this instant it all shifts and the perception of the Real heart of Love becomes your experience of the world and everything in it that appears to you through the heart openness receiving. Fully present in the world through your heart I ask you to see the real world, to see, beloved, the truth of Love as the resonance of the pure heart of Love, opening before you like flowers in the sun showing forth the true heart of every being -- that through the perception of the little mind might see themselves as limited or struggling.... But through the perception of your open heart are revealed now as perfect.

As you feel My outreach of Love, let it rock your being. Let it open you completely that you become this outreach of Love so deeply that it rushes forth through you, wrapping itself around every precious life, treasuring each precious being that might perceive limitation. But your heart sees freedom. Feel the resonance of the communion between you, heart after heart all together, each one opening to receive My Love, to receive the truth of their being and thus, now entrained through the heart of Love that is you, to love perception of the world. The vibration of Light, of consciousness and Love, rather than the vibration of duality established by the mind.

Let every breath that I breathe as you now be the outreach of Love, as you feel your heart becoming that which unifies all life on Earth. Now as you allow the perception of your heart as the vast, endless heart of Love present in the world as the focus of My outreach, My inclusiveness and the power of God, endlessly revealed in the great living pulse of the cosmos. Can you feel it alive in you at the center of your Twin Flame identity, experience, attuning every heart to the rhythm of the giving forth of All I Am? And the heart feels the pattern of the instant communion and the new identity creating the ability to perceive the world that the heart sees perfectly - a world of Love and nothing else.

And now, beloved, as you feel My presence and this deep and sweet communion, allow the Will of Love to move you and to create of you a perfect conduit, to be the expression, to be the power, to be the purpose of the heart's true perception of the world of Love already there for Love is the only true creation, and Love is what the heart sees.

I move your focus from the vast to the focus now of your life in service as you perceive your energy through your heart open to the power, open to the Twin Flame heart beating, always present here, wherever the Will of Love I Am moves you to focus now. As you see the world from the perspective of the heart, the pure heart expressing as a human being, allow the heart to show you the world of Love as only your heart can see it. Awash with the energies of the pure and living gold that is the tender kiss of the feminine... and alive with the power and the movement, the pure white Light of the masculine, as they move in a dance of ecstatic creation and blaze forth this glorious energy, the Moment of Creation focused here as the heart of Love in the world.

And now, dearest ones, each of you, look upon the world that Love has made without any overlay of the ego dream, the world as the heart sees it and see the wash of beauty, the glory of Creation, the energy of the Angels attending you. See every particle of energy in the world as a Twin Flame atom or electron, straight from the Moment of Creation, sent to nourish and commune, ready to be launched into the world by the heart of Love that is you.

Let the feeling of divinity, the resonance of the heart perceiving, show forth the world as unity, as harmony, as a song of Creation where every step is blessed, the Light I Am rushes to support it, and only the spirit communicates. Every communication is beautiful. Each moment a dawning of perfect freedom for every being in the world.

The diamond Light of the spirit holds within it the energy of abundance and grace which I place in your hands and for your use that it might pour forth to bless everyone as you become the focus of the heart, seeing the world that Love has made. The world that the ego mind created vibrates at a whole different resonance and doesn't appear to the heart as you stand forth as the power and the freedom and the living heart serving the world.

Heart beat by heart beat perfectly.



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