Gratitude and Wonder Open the Heart’s Doorway

Beloved ones, we now enter into a time of miracles and I would have you, precious hearts, open and ready – not only for yourselves but that your hearts truly may become the living doorway of transformation for humankind, the collective heart that is the heart of the Love I Am dancing here on Earth.

All of you know that you are on the cusp of a shift so dramatic and so exciting that it takes you beyond all normal avenues of perception, shakes you loose from the dualistic world and delivers you directly into your heart, that your heart may become that through which you live every moment.

All of you know and say often to each other that your creations, be they intentional or not, are appearing more quickly and more dramatically and therefore, you also say, one must be careful of what you think. I would say, take care of what you feel -- that your heart may become the field of resonance that takes you easily beyond the dream of life on Earth, beyond the play of these identities as limited beings and grants you entrance into the living magnetic and glorious flow of Love that is the true Reality of this joyous life that we all share.

I would say to you, please listen to Me deep in your heart, and I will show you a life of wonder in which every joyous particle of all Creation shall dance with you in full consciousness and sweet communion. It is the entrance into the shift, into a life of miracles, into your heart’s expression all around you, into the creative dance of the open, unimpeded heart that brings the world into full expression as the co-creative artistry of God.

The doorway to this life of miracles is wonder and gratitude. The moment that you are grateful, you move from duality into the heart’s jurisdiction, the heart’s pure resonance. Gratitude, beloved ones, is the language spoken in the Real of Love, sung by the Angels and whispered as the shared breath that moves through All.

As this time makes itself known, it comes to your heart to seek entrance. It does not come to your mind, for the mind is simply the creator of this chimera, this projection of a dream’s reality. The heart is the center of the living whole. It is truly the pattern of the energy of God I Am that brings to you your co-creatorship in its fullness with Me as we share this dance, both blended into the wholeness and loving each other eternally with beginning, without conclusion, yet ever multiplying this Love into ever-increasing expressions of the true creativity of the heart of God. This is you, beloved ones, the center of the ever-moving universe and that through which I ever love All I Am.

So, more than the shift to a new instrument of perception, the shift from the mind to the heart, there is a shift as well in the whole energy field of the collective consciousness of humankind that in essence, to use the easiest possible description, now unglues the cohesiveness of the particles of Light that make up this realm of duality, this experience, this life.

Everything now moves with much more easy fluidity and there is room now between the molecules for grace. That which has seemed to you to be tangible and solid, when read by the heart and thus read accurately, is revealed to be the most exquisite dance of life and Love. As soon as there is room in your perceptions of life, room between the molecules of physicality, room that gives you freedom, not only to co-create but to explore in new ways, through the heart you have access to all this open space that is filled with the true substance of Love and the Light that allows you to behold it, to recognize your oneness with it.

Guided by the vehicle of your heart’s perception, you realize that as you blend with every part of life in holy communion, as you shift and change, as you dance as Love, as you allow the living Will of God I Am to move through you, then each molecule, each atom, all electrons, each point of Light, each photon…whatever you name them…they bow to you in honor of the pure heart of All I Am.

As Love wills them, so they shall do. Just as I Am with you, both joined together in unity and in relationship, so are you with all that comes into your conscious field, into your heart. Thus, as Love rushes through your open heart, a new expression of this life that we are together is instantly available, ready to celebrate a new freedom and a new ability to be the world in whole new ways.

What I am attempting to say to you is there is no difference between you, dear ones, and to use Jeshua’s parable, and that “mountain” that you seek to move. When in your heart you feel the unity of shared life and experience your heart’s communion with those precious Twin Flame atoms that make up that mountain, then when you move, so does it. As you dance into a new pattern of joyous life, the mountain dances with you and becomes that which the highest movement of Love wishes it to be.

So, yes, you are standing on the edge of a whole new relationship with life. It is so fluid, so joyous, so filled with grace, completely awash in the waves of Love, powerfully revealing, as the Light comes, that flash of life ever given again in the eternal present in which you live. As you meet and join with the truth of life, it is all this one magnificent hologram and everything begins to change and changes in that same instant.

The quickest way, beloved ones, to enter this new life, to become the shift, to dance the New World into being is to live each moment in total gratitude for the miracle of life itself, to live in wonder that even the smallest things can be revealed through the heart in whole new ways and to recognize that everything you thought you knew is completely fluid and open to change.

When you marvel at the reality of the perfect Love of which All Is Made, then that which you see with your heart opens itself completely to you and gives you its heart – whatever it is. In that moment every illusion of separation goes. Every old world dream that there can be other than Love and all the shadow forms of such misperception – when loved perfectly by you – throw off their old costumes of despair or lack or all those backward swirling vortices, and shouting surprise to your stunned and delighted heart, they leap to become attuned with you, you who are the heart of God.

It is you who hold within the powers of Creation itself, who are the Double Helix of Twin Flame union that now, when your heart at last is truly open, may come to live right here as you with stunning clarity, constantly revealing that great mating of consciousness and Love that is the hallmark of true creativity as the heart of God you are.

So right now, open your heart and feel Me. Feel how deeply I Am One with you. Feel also the intimate and holy pulse beat of this tender and personal union where we are Love knowing itself as you and Me as the heart and the heart’s Creator. Feel the deep and endless gratitude that is ever part of this eternal communion. Right here where everything is possible, this energy of endless potential, this moment of pure anticipation of what Love shall create next.

This is the place where gratitude begins and miracles are how you live. Every imagined boundary, all limitation, all perceptions of separation meet, dissolve and open into a brand new moment of endless creation that you bring forth now to instantly create the world of Love that is your heart’s truth. Are you ready? Gratitude is the handle upon the heart’s door and gratitude is the Light that you see by. When you take a breath, open your heart and leap through into the life in which you truly live, that ever is a life of gratitude and wonder.

When you look at the world through the two eyes of the ego mind, you see so much that looks less than “good.” You see with one eye the good and its potential expression, but with the other, oh, how you see Love’s opposite. And as these two perceptions continually emerge, they create cacophony, crashing continually into each other. Part of you is seeing through the perceptions of your human life – that each person has God within them. The other is seeing all of the cruelty, the lack of balance, the greed etc. And of course, the two can never create balance because both are the pendulum which is imagined to keep the drama of the world going.

But when you look between the opposites, then you find the grace, the held-breath that points to the heart. In that space, that space between the breathing in and the breathing outward, one simple thank you and you shift to the heart. Suddenly you feel the truth beyond the dance of giving and getting, of bad and good, of those who live in opulence while others starve, of all the sea-saw dreams that create the human world. Right in the center is that magic door knob that opens through saying the words or feeling deeply the truth of gratitude.

In that one shift, you are free and you are alive to the heart’s Reality. Your heart, speaking that language of gratitude, begins to pour forth all there is to be grateful for. Each one brings you closer to that highest resonance of pure Love, of the open heart through which I give more and more, more Love than seems possible in the world of the mind. Then, like waving a magic wand, the heart reveals the real truth that all you see if Love dancing before you, trying on hats and enjoying costumes but everywhere, always endlessly knowing that Love is all there is, and the heart – your heart – is ready to reclaim this.

As you begin your prayers of Thanksgiving and rejoice in the day that is given for this, for those of you living in that part of the world, allow yourselves to feel that space between where I Am shining through, between the molecules, calling to you around the atoms, beaming messages to your heart through the center of every electron and giving back to you your full awareness that you are the co-creative heart of God I Am.

Every moment is a pulse point in the living whole that can connect you instantly to the hologram where I Am fully present in everything. The whole of God is in your fingernails and you are in the center of All That Is, completely and fully alive and conscious, connected through your heart to the center of everything.

You are the heart of God that gives this Love. Let it be given now right here on Earth to your full capacity so that you might find that that upon which you focus your consciousness, when giving gratitude, completely unwinds any and all patterns of Love that have been reversed, and gives you back the energy that it has taken to believe yourselves separate from Me and from all the Love and only Love I Am.

Again, whisper in your heart, “thank you.” Now increase this to “Thank you, God.” Use whatever word speaks to you of this living hologram of endless and yet tender and personal Love. As you say “thank you,” and shift from your head to heart, you will feel your heart take over and the thank you becomes the pure resonance of living gratitude that truly is the magic wand of co-creation, and the ability to ever amplify and increase the Love that is ever given through you, lives within you and that you use to co-create a world of Love, a world of endless beauty, the true reflection of limitless grace and Love and the abundance of the endless life I Am.

These things live in your heart, ever-present – stepped into pure gratitude but where before, dear ones, gratitude seemed to lift your vibration, now it opens up everything and brings you fully into the Moment of Creation that ever is and is ever ours to use to create more Love and to see the truth of a living universe in which every particle and every wave form dance the dance of the Twin Flame heart of All That Is.

Thus, as you know yourself as the heart of the All of Love, so too do you accept your true inheritance, until you become the heart’s open doorway through which every precious person alive in the world can see him/herself clearly and find the way to endless miracles through the gift of gratitude.


LoveBeing 26th November 2009 5:36 am

Thank You dear God. You touched my heart.

Thank You dear God. Thank You dear God.

oconshane 26th November 2009 8:16 am

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Iam so grateful for your presence and beautiful touching message.


Bright Sorcerer 26th November 2009 10:56 pm

Beautiful, relevant and timely in more ways than I can explain. Blessings, Nick

Nickola 27th November 2009 2:11 pm

The energy of this message is so great




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