Gratitude, The Greatest Prayer - The Thanksgiving Message

It is your purpose, beloved ones, to live the truth of God I Am, the endless freedom, the magnificent abundance, the glorious and ever-present Love and the deep pulsing awareness of Creation itself within you as the force of Love’s deep expression through your Twin Flame heart. It is your purpose to express these things with all the energy of your true being into the symbols of life on Earth, creating a world of only Love.

Every symbol shall be a symbol of freedom and all around you is the living landscape of light and the great mantle of the Christ, pure Love, extends from you to wrap around every precious heart and to bring them across the bridge, the bridge of Paradise, of Heaven on Earth into the glorious Real – into the reclaiming of their truth as the heart of God, as pure Love, as the vessel of Creation itself, and to hold for humanity this vibrational tone until every last person is free.

This is the purpose of Love within you, the purpose for which you were born on Earth and the purpose of your heart and spirit now as you embrace the truth of your being. These are the purposes of Love to be multiplied in your Twin Flame heart letting all other distractions of the ego mind now fall away.

It is your focus on the truth of your being and your passionate purpose in service, plus your devotion to Me and your attunement to the Real of Love that will keep you ever opening into the luminous eternal presence, becoming the living fountain of life. The greatest tool that you have, dearest ones, for expressing this, your spiritual purpose, is the deep abiding power of gratitude when it is gratitude for your Real life in Me – gratitude for the truth of each precious heart as seen through Real heart’s perception and gratitude for the glory of the ever-living Christ, held perfectly in attunement for you by beloved Jesus and his Twin Flame Mary Magdalene.

So every moment of every day let your heart sing in gratitude for the truth of your Twin Flame being and sing out your assurance of this ever-present consciousness as the essence of every human being. As you hold the world perfectly in the highest vibration of Love, singing praise for the beauty of the light expressing into the symbols of Heaven on Earth – these expressions of gratitude are the energy by which you call forth all the legions of light to come to your aid in uplifting all humanity and bringing peace everlasting to Earth.

I want you to know that gratitude is one of the highest forms of praise and prayer and that every song of gratitude is a request into the Real for all the angels to come to your assistance to create that which you sing in your praise. Therefore, please remember as you come into this day named for your gratitude in life, Thanksgiving, that you truly are in attunement with the Real song of praise and gratitude that is the song all Creation sings in Me every Now Moment.

The impact of gratitude is far beyond your imagining. It rises like a great wave of hope and easily passes all barriers, effortlessly dissolving them and opening every person to the light, lifting the veils of forgetting, the beliefs in separation, dissolving every block to Real Love and then rising to the Real as a call that calls forth the greatest response from Me.

Gratitude is unfailing because it is impossible to be grateful for those things that are born of negativity and separation for the heart knows unerringly the vibrational truth of gratitude and follows it as it rises like smoke into the sky as a signal for each person to believe – to believe in the truth that resides in their own heart, to believe in trusting pure Love, to believe in My presence and your inheritance of perfection as you stand firm in your acceptance of Me and of My presence always in your life.

The heart that sings in gratitude is a heart that shall remember the truth that I Am “en-conscious-ed” in you and that every movement in attunement with Real Love opens a pathway to freedom for every human being. So I have called you to a greater purpose than the little purposes of the ego mind in service. I call you to the purpose of transforming life on Earth into the reflection of the true heart of God I Am that is present in every human being.

As you allow this purpose to be fulfilled in you, please remember you are My heart’s focus, for knowing this shows you that once Love has attuned you, you must play every resource in this service, especially the resource of your attention, of your focus and the power of your heart.

So, yes, Love will live you perfectly but this doesn’t mean that you withdraw from the world but rather it means that Love always finds in you its doorway opening, to allow it in the world accepting the direction of the living God I Am within you, listening to the truth of your great heart, expanding your capacity to stand on the truth of Love no matter what the world places before you.

Holding to this truth, praying gratitude for every precious heart, allowing the living spirit to speak through you and seeing only Love’s perception so clearly in every precious one that that which they are is called forth. Thus, the truth of their abundance and their expression as the heart of Love and the perfection that that always brings forth becomes manifest through them as well.

This is what Jesus did always and is that which brought forth what is known as “healing,” but in truth it was simply the attunement of every heart into the true realm of gratitude for the gift of perfection and life. Once the human spirit is raised up and remembers its divinity, it becomes the heart of All I Am through which the power of Love is brought forth on Earth as each heart allows Me to focus it as the laser light connection of the Real into the world – that the illusions of separation can fall away and each heart sees its truth in the living Now.

All fantasies of separation including death itself simply vanish in the beauty of the light and the remembrance that you are One with Me and I Am eternal Love. I Am grace and wonder. I Am the perfection of Love each Now Moment. These things, beloved ones, are worthy of your gratitude and worthy of your focus each Now Moment, that that which is the truth of the spirit becomes alive in the symbols of life on Earth.

Open your hearts now, beloved ones, and from the Real please feel the waves of gratitude that rise up from the Earth and as you see their true power and their great radiant presence and their ability to lock on to the Real and to bring it into focus on the Earth – you will begin to appreciate this great tool I have given you and that tool is the gratitude of your heart.

So this Thanksgiving let your heart be attuned to gratitude – not to the things of the Earth but for the truth of your being and the gift of the availability of the highest vibration of Love available to you now and to every precious life on Earth as the doorway to transformation swings wide open and I call you irrevocably Home to Me. Home as the heart of God. Home in the truth of Love. Home in the abundance of the spirit, and Home, beloved one, in the freedom that is unlimited. Home in the endless fount of glorious Love and Home in the awareness that this is your inheritance – pure and perfect and eternal. Every prayer of gratitude brings forth the pure response of Love and brings the incarnation as the world of the perfection of Love we share.

One heart alive and beating eternally in the unlimited and glorious expression of the great mating of the forces of Creation as they become that which shows you who you are. This Thanksgiving Day, let it be your deep commitment to keep your focus on Me, to keep the gratitude rising, true prayers of the spirit into the Real as a call for assistance in bringing everything you are grateful for into full expression everywhere you are, beloved ones, including the expression of the vastness of your being and the perfection of your truth as pure Love – expressing perfectly as Heaven on Earth.


johneblums 23rd November 2011 9:32 am

This is not a "pure" channeling from God, for God knows who is the true Twin Flame of Mary Mag-dal-En Soph-Aur, and it is NOT Jesus-Sananda. Mary Sophia Kristina Mag-dal-en (David) and her twin flame are my guides together with Mother-Father "God-dess" and so I known who Magdalen's Twin flame is , as well as their archangel names.

LordJesusChrist 24th November 2011 4:04 pm

The Good Force be with you!
Happy Thanksgiving Day! What a wonderful message you have for Me today! Many Thanks!
Live forever and prosper!
:thumbs: :angel: :coolsmiley :smitten:


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