Heart Activation - The Clear and Open Heart (Jeshua)

My beloved friends,

I Am here with you and I Am everywhere. I Am the expression of the pure heart of Love - the heart of our Creator. I Am what you are. And being here with me, heart open, permission given, allows you to partake of this energy that is made available to the world now.

This is an extraordinary time. The gift of this time is the lifting of the veil. What this means for you is that your heart is clear. In this moment now, as I connect with your beautiful hearts, the veil of misperception, of disbelief, of the ego's world is absolutely dissolved. And your heart is free that you may remember all that you are, that you might step forth and claim the reality of Love.

Your experience of this, my friends, may be a feeling of being very vulnerable, because the self-protection that the ego-mind has built is now gone. But I must tell you this, it is very important that you not turn right around and pick it back up.

So you are going to have to be strong, be willing to feel this vulnerability, to be willing to have a clear and open heart, and to stand revealed as the light of God - pure, pristine and beautiful -- not at all made to live the illusion of this world.

Many of you coming into this experience of life on earth made exactly that decision. You believed that because the heart that you can feel that is so bright and so all-encompassing, wasn't made for this world, you had to protect it. But the truth is, of course, that you didn't and don't. Your heart is is the light. It is the light of the I Am. It is the light of All-That-Is. And believe Me when I tell you, it is up to any test, for Love always takes precedent above anything else. And the Light is the movement of Love.

The first thing that I move you out of is that feeling of needing to be protected. For you are the power of God that does not need protecting at all. You are that which moves through any situation and brings clarity, brings light, brings the power of Love and brings tenderness and mercy and all-encompassing joy.

So your hearts may feel vulnerable for a while, but it will not take long for you to remember the truth and to be centered fully in the power of Love. Being centered in your heart, now that you have received this gift, this activation, is going to be very important, particularly for the next two months. For you, My dear friends, do get to choose. And you will have to choose to keep your heart open, active and available. You will have to refrain from hiding your light. And hiding your light has become quite a habit.

Assist each other to stay committed to living the open heart. Refrain from wrapping yourselves in the veil of self-protection again. For the truth is, that is only the ego-self that has imagined the need for protection at all, for who needs to protect the heart of God?

I Am this clear light to be your example. I Am here to show you that this light is never-ending and ever-present here in the world. And everywhere there is imagined darkness, your open heart now can shine, releasing the ego veils and empowering with Love. This shall be your work in many ways. The activated heart is ready.

I ask you to think big. To shift into your consciousness, not your mind. And to feel the magnitude of what you are here to live, here to bring, here to be. Stretching throughout the sky, holding the Real light, becoming the shining sun of the One here to light the earth.

Those of you who have been seeing this activation as a way to assist with personal goals, I will help you lift up to a greater vision of what is to be done, what is to be held, what is to be lived. For this is far beyond the personal life. This is the impersonal, ever-shining heart of the whole.

When you are past the first two months from this day of activation, your vision will expand exponentially. And you will find yourselves receiving instructions from on-high, leading you lovingly forward, step by step. Any feelings of vulnerability will have been firmly replaced by the wonderful feeling, the deep awareness, of your truth as the open heart - the Real, eternal, shining light.

The open heart is vibrant and clear and beyond the perception of duality. In this place you live the unfolding moment of the pure perfection of Love awakening as humanity. You will know your part to play as it lives you. It will be perfect and more than enough to fill you continuously with gratitude and with joy.

You will find that living with an open heart is very different than living through the ego-mind. And it may take practice at first to feel comfortable being in the moment and allowing Love to move in you and through you -- surprising you sometimes by what you do and say and showing you how perfectly the outreach comes and how far the light is projected through the open heart.

Your heart has its own vision. And from the perceptions of the world it is ever-upward, outward. Leading you into the expansiveness of the unending joy of God. But however you perceive it - going outward, going within - the experience is unmistakable. And it has begun.

I Am Jeshua, companion and friend, wayshower and that which lives in union with the center of your being. And all the ways that I Am perceived, the truth of our friendship is feeling the deep assurance that this Love we share is truly forever.

Call on me to reveal what it means to be the open heart if you have any confusion at all. And call on me as well if you feel tempted to protect your heart. I will help you shift instantly into the truth of Love. I will connect you with the power of the Love you are and you will remember in a way that's unmistakable -- that there is only Love revealed before the light.

As the structures of the ego-mind fall or fade away, the level of ecstasy in which you live will continuously increase until everything you thought you dreamed is pale in comparison. And I promise that we will rejoice together.

Mark this day and make the commitment to stand firmly, to live fully in your open heart. And live deeply in gratitude, for this is truly the most extraordinary gift. This is the turn that has been made. You are coming home to Love and I Am here to greet you.


Peter fox 26th March 2015 10:35 am

Dear Jeshua- I KNEW March 20 was hugely significant and now you have
confirmed it! I'm already rejoicing and thinking big- I will do whatever I can
A wondrous message. - Thank you SO much!

debs go lightly 26th March 2015 2:21 pm

Yael and Doug thank you for your open hearts bringing us this message. What a day indeed!
Jeshua our beloved brother, thank you, thank you.
Love to all.

FresnoHye 26th March 2015 8:08 pm

Thank you for the message. Taken to, and instilled within a heart of love. :smitten:

keryndawer 27th March 2015 3:12 am

Yes, I agree with Peter--the 20th seemed hugely significant to me as well. Now I understand with greater clarity (and purpose) the events of the past few weeks and can proceed with greater confidence and conviction.

Bless you for this momentous and wondrous message :) :) :)



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