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  • Heart Perception and Communication In a Background of Consciousness
  • Claiming It All for God

As you choose heart perception and the resulting heart communication, you step into the only language that is based on truth. It is a language that is so pure it shall always exist beyond Time, and bring each precious being into the great symphony of Love in which every heart is heard as Love’s Real voice.

This experience of the heart, both perception and communication, only happens against the backdrop of consciousness, beloved ones. It happens wrapped in the rich silence that is full with overflowing potential, the great magnificent consciousness that gives relationship to Love – that out of the great River of Life, the great potential of All That I Am, only couched in this can each precious life truly discover the magnificent heart. The heart’s gift of relationship is the greatest gift of all, giving depth and richness, exquisite nuance and color to All That I Am as One and in relationship in Love to every precious life stream alive within the whole.

You have believed that your lives are full and textured, rewarding, fulfilling but beloved ones, as we open the door of true heart communication, both perception and exchange, you shall begin to understand what riches mean – true riches of the living heart. So each of you is called now to practice not only heart perception and the deep and living communion that shared hearts always shall bring to each other, but also the great vast consciousness that is the totality of your being before and beyond relationship. The pulsing life I Am, waiting to be sparked by Love, to be born into the Twin Flame dance.

Each of you is a wholeness that contains always both consciousness and heart, consciousness and Real Love. So as you practice heart perception and all that it can show you, I ask you also to practice as well expanding into the vast ocean of awareness that is your conscious being before your Twin Flame Love. Let this be the pulsing background, the shimmering message of life in all of its exciting potential as it waits to be sparked by you in your deep desire to give Love into the joy of relationship.

So as you breathe each conscious breath, let yourself be lifted into the awareness of the pinnacle of life in the Vertical, the Moment of Creation itself and let that great awakening of pure expanded consciousness simply be your experience without any limits at all, a great open awareness, consciousness as the living whole. As you do, you will truly become dissolved in the River of Life. The pulsing vibration, the shimmering life, the ability to feel each electron as it vibrates with its cargo of life and the great sense of glory, expectation of being pregnant with every possibility that can ever be imagined by Love, held waiting for the spark that will free it into action again, each Now.

Then into this shimmering awareness, this great field of undifferentiated Love, into this let your heart become present and open to the experience of its own rich perception of the relationship of life that is brought when the spark comes that ignites the Love and gives birth to your conscious heart. So it is into the background of shimmering pulsation, the great field of awareness, the vast consciousness of your being that your heart comes awake and makes contact with each other stream of light. As this connection is made, as you already know, it is the language of vibration that is spoken, a language that is direct, exquisite and rich, a language that contains every nuance of the great glorious God I Am, available to you to exchange in deepest Love, heart to heart, life to life, always in the experience of each living Now.

Living from here where you are in your offerings of service, using the perception of a limited human mind, I ask you to be very careful, beloved ones, as you enter into the beautiful realm of heart perception. Not to then fall prey to the ego mind’s encouragement to translate or evaluate or interpret that which your heart has experienced.

Rather, beloved ones, please practice allowing the perception to simply be, to be alive, full, and pure and rich in all that it holds within it, each touch, each message of the heart. Let it speak as it plays on the instrument of your great heart without any interpretation from the little mind or ego, no matter how tempted you might be to somehow make it manageable by bringing it into language. Instead please practice. Just practice letting it be, and then feeling the vibration that it is. Letting it be and then feeling the vibration that it is.

As you feel the vibration of heart communication, the vibration of the life stream your heart touches and the messages that they are giving to you, soon you will find that you begin to have a knowledge of all that is given to you in each moment or connection through the heart beyond any understanding of the mind.

These deep knowings are your experience beyond the doorway, beyond the world of illusion and time. They are your expansion into your greater life and your beautiful and vast being, and the language of the heart will be remembered without effort as you simply practice allowing its messages to be that which you live by again and again, choosing the vibration of Love, of God, of the heart of Love that is you, and letting this great holographic experience and communication be that which frees you. It is the opening and the blending that gives you back your universal life and lets you see every moment of your life on Earth from that much greater and more expanded view.

As you see your life here from the Real, beloved one, everything will look totally different but most of all, it is the vibration that will be shifting with your change in perception. The dynamic interaction of consciousness and heart will become for you that which it always is in the Real – the essence of your being and your Twin Flame Love in interaction with the great whole of Love I Am – the whole of which you are the heart.


Beloved God, we come to You tonight with open hearts and ask You to use us as the conduits for Your Love, to pour Your blessings and Your light and Your grace upon this world, that all life here on Earth might be lifted to Love effortlessly. God, let us be Your instrument in any way that we can. Purify our lives, our intentions this night, and let us be together a living heart, an organism for Love. Join us and bless us all and most of all, multiply our giving in every way.

I ask you, God, to allow me to be a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. Use my heart, my voice, my life, my consciousness and my Twin Flame heart with Doug. Thank you for this honor, this joy and this opportunity. Amen.

Let us begin by joining our hearts together. Feel your heart expanding, reaching out your heart perception, and really feeling the other hearts that are here with you. Let yourself feel the wonder of this deep and powerful family of spirit, sharing this dedication to awaken to Love and to be Love’s conduit. Begin to feel the energy passing around this great circle, this vortex, and feel how much of this beloved planet we are covering with our presence and with our Love. The Love that flows among us is moving in a clockwise motion, beginning to pull the pure Love from the Real into the world.

It is moving faster and faster until it is like a tornado of Love. Now it is pouring through this heart we share in washing the whole world. Our hearts can feel it touching, the vibration spreading, making a difference, and together we ask God through our hearts to lift the vibration of the world to Love.

Now holding this connection in our consciousness, in our hearts, let’s each make our own connection now with God.

Now, beloved ones, I am here with you as your Love. Your presence brings light into the world. Each of your hearts are like a great star of light. Let this now be your focus as you take a deep breath and you breathe it out. Let yourself feel the star of your heart. As you breathe in again, it is shining brightly. As you breathe out, it is pulsing forth Love and light. As you breathe in again, your heart light is shining. As you breathe out, it is truly a conduit for Love.

As you breathe in again, let your whole heart expand, and as you breathe out, your whole being is a conduit for Love. Breathing in again, you are touching the great silence. Breathing out you are connecting to the relationship of the heart. Breathing in, expanding into the great awareness. Breathing out, feeling the relationship of heart. Breathing in again, out into the vast awareness. Breathing out, making the connection, heart to heart to heart.

With each breath in, you expand even wider. With each breath out, you feel the heart light of all the hearts around you, and as you breathe, beloved ones, you become the breath of the cosmos, for truly the breath is consciousness and Love. Breathing in, you expand into the All of consciousness. Breathing out, you are the heart in the relationship of Love.

Breathing in again, I ask you to focus now on your own magnificent heart. With every breath, feel yourself floating ever more close to it as if you are on a feather held by a gentle breeze. Softly you are falling in wonder into your own heart. Your heart now opens to receive you like a great flower opens in the sun. Then softly you are landing in the great cathedral of your own heart. Let it reveal to you the pattern of light that is your very own matrix, written forever, beloved one, deep in your beautiful heart. As you continue to breathe, you are aware of the great living breath of All That Is, breathing in and out together while you are safe in your beautiful heart.

And now, let your heart truly open as the doorway to the Real that it is. Let it reveal to you the beauty, the patterns of light and awareness as you go now through the doorway of your heart into the Real of Love. You are floating now in the ocean of Love, remembering what it feels like to be supported, to be woven into the fabric of Creation and knowing that you are integral to all of it.

Beloved one, I want you to remember how deeply you belong, how much a part of this life of the whole you are and how important is your beautiful heart. All the years of believing in separation now fall away forever and you are returned to your communion with the wholeness I Am. You are a part of the ocean of Love. As you expand your conscious awareness, you can feel this interweaving of Love and feel how much you are a part of everyone and everything, and all of it is a part of you as well.

Everywhere there is the wonder of life as a shared experience with no possibility of feeling anything other than the miracle of communion in Love. I ask you now, each of you, to take a deep and powerful breath and breathing it out, to give yourself over to floating in the ocean of Love. Your whole being totally is relaxed. Now, place your focus on your heart and once again, feel the wonder of knowing that you are totally eternally loved. As your heart knows, you are forever resonating in response to Me, to the vibration of the Moment of Creation.

Now, as you open even wider and place your focus on this communion of Love, I place a spark in the center of your heart that becomes your Twin Flame Love. Rising up now in the wonder of relationship I am asking you to be the mirror of My Love, to be the embodiment of the Moment of Creation. I ask you, beloved one, to say “Yes,” and to remember this moment, this interaction, to hold it in your awareness always because this is the truth of who you are and the truth of our relationship forever. If you hold this request and your answer and the birth of your Twin Flame Love, you will always be in right relationship to All That Is and in right relationship, perfectly, with Me.

You are made brand new this moment. Can you feel it? The birth of your heart being born for the purpose of embodying the Moment of Creation forever. The heart of God remembering each Now Moment that which it truly is. As this moment plays forever, the rising up of your Twin Flame heart at My call, My request of you to be the embodiment of Creation and your beautiful “Yes” – and once this comes, I plant in you the seed of your purpose, your uniqueness, your service. I plant it now in your Twin Flame womb, that space in the heart between you. I ask you to remember it – that this is Creation and you are the creative heart of God I Am.

As I place the seed, it becomes the embryo of your purpose. I ask you now to feel it, to let it feel you from the realms of Love in light, vibration and color. Your purpose is speaking to you, and having spoken. Having spoken it is your turn to amplify and to nourish and to bring to birth the purpose of the heart of God you are. As this spark becomes again the flame of your Twin Flame Love, reaching up to the Moment of Creation, saying “Yes” to my request again – you begin to feel the process of creation as it lives in you, in you, as you, and through you.

Oh, beloved heart of God, as you breathe in again, open your heart even wider, moving right up to the Moment of Creation itself. Your heart is a part of the explosion. Suddenly you are exploding forth all throughout the cosmos, your awareness. You are great streams of living light, and you are endless without beginning, without end. Pure awareness, pure consciousness, open and waiting. I stretch your awareness now even further outward and hold you in the precious silence until life is beginning again.

Held in silence, silence that is pregnant, pregnant with the vibration of life. Everywhere there is electricity, the buzzing of electrons, the vibration of energy and life, and you can feel it building, this energy building up. Feel it building even more again. And yet all the while you are basking in the silence. You are consciousness open and waiting. Then, here it comes. It is building, the electricity getting stronger and you can feel it. The desire ripples through you and through All That Is, the desire to give Love. The silence is crackling. The energy rises and rushing through your awareness again, the call comes and you answer out of the vastness, “Yes. I will give Love.”

The moment that the “Yes” comes you are exploding into life and suddenly in communion, Twin Flame Making Love. The relationship is born again and you are it. Can you feel the joy overflowing in your heart again and again? Oh, beloved one, accept this gift. Accept this gift of Love that I place within you, and be for Me the embodiment of All I Am, and of this great desire to give Love. Let yourself become this deep choice. Your whole being becomes this heart, and you are transformed into something new. God I Am in relationship.

Now I plant again in your Twin Flame womb the seed of your purpose, and holding you, I ask you to turn your precious focus back to life on Earth to deliver the child of this purpose, that which was grown in your Twin Flame womb, this purpose that is the expression of the heart of God on Earth. You, the embodiment of the Real, the embodiment of Love for the world.

I ask you, now, to extend your being from the Real into the world making connection with the symbol of your embodiment, the body, yet holding your focus in the Real and remembering the pattern of Creation that continues, beloved ones, every Now Moment forever -- that I plant in you the seed of your purpose that becomes the embryo that you nourish with Love, that you amplify, energize and grow until you bring to birth your purpose into the world as the expression of the Love we are.

So as you go forth to be the conduit, the open heart, the Love of God embodied, beloved one, please remember you must receive your purpose, the purpose of each creative moment, from Me, and then, you amplify it with your Love in your Twin Flame heart and bring it forth through the gift of focus. Receive from Me in the Moment of Creation itself the spark, the seed, the pattern of your purpose, moment to moment to moment.

So as you open your heart now, let Me place within it your purpose for this moment of your service. Feel it connecting, taking root within you, in your heart that you share with your Twin Flame, and now, bring to bear all the power of your focus and hold it there until it is ready to be delivered into the world. This, beloved one, is how we must work as we bring this precious world Home to the Real. Saying “Yes” to Love each and every Now and letting Love be what guides you through the rest, not allowing the little ego mind to insert its desires, but receiving always the perfect from Me, each Now Moment, forever.

I ask you now to take a deep breath and feel the great expanse of your being and to feel the Vertical axis going upward in vibration to that glorious explosion of life that is the Moment of Creation. Then, accepting from Me the planting of your purpose within you, within your Twin Flame womb. Now, holding your focus on that purpose that has been given to you by Me at the pinnacle of vibration, the Moment of Creation. Let it grow and blossom within you, feeling the expansion of your heart as it grows in intensity, in light, in all dimensions until you can no longer contain that which grows. It bursts forth in great pulsations of Love, of vibration and of life, creating a magnet that will draw to it the molecules that give it form in the world of symbols. It goes forth to create the New World, the world of only Love being born here through you.

With another breath, a Vertical breath, up into the Moment of Creation, then accepting once again in this Now Moment your purpose, accepting it from Me into your Twin Flame womb and placing all of your focus upon it, including your glorious “Yes” – until once again, it grows so big, so powerful, so full of energy and life that it must come forth into the world first as energy that draws to itself the symbols of the world – symbols that reflect your heart again and again, every Now, until you have built a world of perfect Love using the symbols that reflect your heart.

Beloved ones, I ask you now to let your heart feel the world you live in. Let it become for you your instrument of perception, extending it forth all the great energy of your magnificent heart, reaching out with it to touch the world, and letting your heart give you feedback. Can you feel it? How the heart speaks the language of resonance? Your heart is like a crystal – pure clear resonance that creates a vibration that is the song of the life you touch, and this vibration is instantly connected to the Vertical. I will show you the truth of what your heart has touched, instantly and perfectly every time. This is the joy of heart’s perception.

Reaching out into the world with your heart again. Letting it touch now another person, someone you care for, and let the vibration of that touch come into your heart, resonate, and go Vertical, and you will receive a response. The whole holographic awareness of the life that you have touched as it Really is, as the embodiment of My Love.

Now, beloved ones, once again I connect you with each other, creating once again your awareness of this heart that you create together. I ask you to hold this energy of this shared heart of giving gently within you as you go forth into the world, that I may continue to pour forth this glorious Love again and again through you.

With every breath you remember the experience that shows you that you are the heart of God I Am.



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