Hitting the Mark

Beloved ones, as you bathe in the living sunshine of My Love and feel it warming your whole being, you will feel yourselves come awake. Your very atoms at last remember and drink in this energy of life directly from Me every moment, filling you up with wonder and joy. Let this fill you with the pure exquisite River of Life that is your food, your life, your nourishment and is your connection to the ever-flowing energy of the living whole of Love I Am.

As you open your whole being, you become aware more and more of your heart as the center and focus of your identity -- the point of all divine feeling and your information about the world as the living energies of God, rather than separation and illusion.

As you have this experience more and more fully, you must make this your focus and most of all, make the communion with Me the center of everything. I must be your point of focus. I Am the truth of your very being. In order to step into that which you truly are, your focus on Me must be unwavering.

Dearest ones, I know how distracting the illusion can be. The time is getting closer when there can be no margin of error and no wavering between the worlds. Your choice has been made. I know this. Your hearts are mine eternally. The time now comes for your focus on God I Am to be the target, the aim of the arrow of your life unwaveringly.

You have heard that the word "sin" means "missing the mark." The only "sin" is missing Me. It is the belief that there can be any separation between us. That has caused all this pain and suffering - all the lives spent wandering in the desert of illusion, all the frustration and degradation of anti-Love. All the illusions of the world have come about because the focus of humanity faltered and the world outside became more important than the communion with God within.

So I Am asking you to return your focus to the living Now Moment expediently and to commit your whole being to maintaining this communion and living from this Love. Not from that which the world gives you and not even from your relationships. Only from the point of life's generation that is your immersion in My being as My living heart.

When your focus is clear, your transformation is inevitable. It is as sure as the one breath we all breathe. It is as consistent in its expression as the pulse beat of Love I Am coming forth through you each now.

So as you have chosen your heart, now choose your focus and keep it fully on Me. As you do and you attune your heart, your heart becomes available to clearly show you the Will of Love for you in this Now Moment.

Thus, when the Will of Love moves through you, you can place your own will at its service and use the power of heart, of consciousness, of energy and voice to bring it manifest directly through the molecules and atoms of life, taking shape as color and form in the world before you.

I ask you to speak as the heart of God when you feel the Will of Love flowing. Add your voice as the heart of God I Am to creating release from the illusion, creating the feelings of joy, the energies of communion and sharing, creating the bridge world of perfect Love in the symbols of the world.

So I Am asking you to hold your focus here, to feel the truth of your whole being attuned to it, to recognize the power and the living pulse of your Twin Flame heart as part of Me. When the call comes, you know it. Having kept your focus on God I Am, you are in a position to speak as My voice and to love purely as My heart and to bring forth the power of transformative Love into manifestation in the world.

With every focus on this unity of Love, you close the illusion of duality, bring all things that are opposites to the center point of God I Am and this becomes your only reality. The word that you speak is the word of Christ, the word of My living God heart sent forth by Me to love the world in very specific ways.

Each of you, beloved ones, has this way before you. It is unfolding even now as we commune. It is knocking on your heart that you may transform all duality into resonance with the unity of Love and the truth of My one great being of which you are the center.

Let every moment be the most delicious communion as you drink in this exhilarating energy of life. Let it feed you, entice you and lift you up so far that I Am the only thing that you see. Once this is your truth - that I am all you see and that you love and you follow Me willingly, then the Love I Am can move through you, through the great Vertical axis and speak with your voice, using the words "I Am the heart of God. I Am Christ." And the decree following after it.

As your heart holds this to be the only truth, then every atom and electron must follow it and will convey My call to humanity to be in service totally and totally awake in every Now Moment in glory. Every breath is a key to the Real. As you feel the Real of Love with all you are, then your senses become attuned to this more rarified vibration. You begin to see the Light that is now raining and feel the pulsing waves of Love as they touch your hearts. You hear the voices of the Angels calling, calling humanity to rise and to awake.

You will hear the celestial song of life as it peals like bells across the Heavens and calls your true name. "I Am the Christ heart of God. I Am the Will of Love in action and the Will of Love is _____." You fill in the blank with whatever I Ask of you, whatever I speak and move and live as you.

So no more "missing the mark," dearest ones. This is what I ask of you. Hold your focus truly unwavering and feel the joy in the great expansion, the expansion of Love that now comes to you right here to free you from the burdens of your life on Earth as perceived through the little mind and through duality - to give you the freedom of the heart.

Every moment is a Message and if you pay attention, you will be amazed. For things are changing. Life is opening and the Light hits the Earth more powerfully every single day.

So if you choose to make Me your focus and to live the Vertical life, then your life becomes an adventure in awakening to joy and in feeling the true power of Love coming to you now directly from Me each and every Now Moment.

Oh, beloved ones, you have never felt joy like this. Joy like what is waiting now for you, but since you cannot have two things at once, two things filling the same space, you must release all your burdens, all the burdens of duality and let Me lift you through your heart to freedom so that you can feel your truth. Truth that is eternal and unwavering. Truth that is the essence of your nature, that you may speak as Christ as long as you live this Love and hold forth your focus now and each Now Moment from now on.

Of course, as you do this, time ceases and you move into the ecstasy of the All. Ever and always present in the wonder of the birth of Love as it flows forth as you from Me, giving birth to the world through your heart now.

Every Now Moment is explosive life and if you align with it, dearest ones, it is inevitable that it will blow apart all false boundaries, any pretenses of the ego and every and all false identities. It will leave you standing clean and new, truly born again as the heart of everything, as the living heart of God I Am. And so, dearest ones, you are!



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