Holding the Pattern for Humanity

As you open your heart in remembrance of this Love, of this deep and holy communion with Me, you remember that you are a gateway into the starry cosmos of dancing joy, and your hearts serve humanity in solidarity with every Light Worker, every being who deep within remembers the truth. Now let My Love move through you until you become that open transparent heart, a heart which feels every heart beat alive as humankind, holding every one in this perfect Love. As your heart gives you the truth of every being, you remember what humankind really is - that together these great hearts are the shining living center, the glorious heart of God I Am, a heart of the living cosmos.

Thus as you touch and love all human beings, I lift you into the true communion of magnificent joy and wonder, of the luminous pattern of the divine dance that holds Creation in its orbit entraining all life together. This, beloved ones, is you. This is always your purpose, whether you are focused here in the world with humanity or you are focused in the Real of Love.

As you feel this great call of freedom and the resonance that sings among you, you recognize that no illusion can ever change this and all the stories of Earthly life, of disparate realities, of conflict, of the ego mind's creation of a billion broken hearts - none of this can transfer to the true heart of Love you are, the heart that lives in surrender to Love every moment.

Let this be your focus and your truth. As you feel this true connection to humanity, beloved, feel this endless communion of all these glorious and perfect cells in the hologram of Love as the heart of God. As you do this, what shall emerge is My heart's splendor, the glorious awakening to that truth that is Love multiplied beyond imagining and given forth to nurture All That Is, every moment guided by the movement of this Love through all of you, heart cells together in service.

Every cell, every human heart, in conjunction with its divine counterpart is unique and a glorious expression of that specific resonance of Love in the innocence of perfect trust in Me and shall magnetize all Creation back into the perfection of this Love as the in-breath and the out-breath of the cosmos. You are the conduit of energies that are the very essence of life eternal that bring forth the magnificent multiplication of Love in every divine moment.

When you hold this in your consciousness and you feel this as your center, then none of the old world dramas can mean anything to you. Rather, your heart is the center of peace. It is the great radiant expression of My Love. It is the Morse Code of the true reality speaking of the surrender to Love and pulsing out the deep remembrance of the pattern of giving and of holding this Light at the center perfectly of All That Is.

You already know what it feels like to be Love like this. When Love lifts you up and opens you, shakes you awake and moves through you and blasts forth all the old recalcitrant images of limitation that freedom becomes the reality and the gift. This is what I ask of you - that your presence become this message, that your connection to the reality of My Love is so deep that nothing can interrupt it, disconnect it, cause it to falter. Instead, you are the pulsing heart that never ceases in its rhythm of life. This life, oh, dearest one, each of you, it is magnificent, so far beyond the imagining of the human mind, that there is no way to transfer that seeming reality to this, for this is the truth of your endless and limitless nature - the glorious freedom to be the heart of Love.

The heart of Love is ever surrendered to Me - to the Creator within whom it beats. It rises in joyous ways of ecstasy that you might know yourself as I know you and Love might use you perfectly in every moment. When you know that Love lives and has its being in you, then you know that only the voice of Love speaks with your voice.

Only the heart of God loves with your heart. Only the truth of Real relationship, the passionate response of giving as the great magnetic center of Creation - only this is your identity any more. Let your heart be, every one of them be a surrender into Me. A surrender to this exalted and limitless nature, for once this becomes your only truth and you are ever living this vibration, the world you see can only be a world of wonder and joy and nothing else. In this world, in this vibrational reality, there is nothing but ever expanding good and joy and the multiplication of true abundance as it pours and pours through you to be given every moment to the world.




Beloved God, we open our hearts to You again tonight and ask that You would fill them with Your Light, with Your presence, with Your Love. We give our hearts to You and our will and ask that You would join us together and make of us a living heart, that we might be open, transparent, alive to Your Love and a conduit for that glorious Love into the world.

I join with my beloved and ask that our heart, our Twin Flame heart, be open, clear and a crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight. I call on all Beings of Light to assist us. Amen.

As we begin and our hearts open, we feel each other's Love. We feel each other's heart as we connect heart to heart to heart. We reach out to our larger spirit family, connecting with their hearts also, to all who have the intention of joining their hearts in service.

Now we send the Love around the circle, heart to heart to heart, and with every passage, we amplify it and let it build and multiply in us, each of us a Twin Flame heart, open, alive, transparent to the greater Love of God, of which we are the center. Every passage around the circle creates this living vortex of Love. We feel the rushing movement of Love pouring through us now, pouring into the world and washing it. Every heart blessed and opened.

We feel that tenderness we share with God for every precious being. We rejoice in the presence of the living spirit that washes through us now and touches every life stream upon this beautiful planet.

And now, as we share this heart, we also share the one breath, the breath of the living spirit as it moves through all of us. As we let our breath out, we release all tension and breathe in this Love completely, breathing it out through our shared heart into the world. As we breathe into our heart, our heart expands instantly and we breathe out that ocean of Love now into the world and breathing in through the heart - rising into the glorious and sweet communion - we breathe out God's presence to every living being.

Breathing in, now into the pure Light, and breathing Light out through every atom of our being. Breathing into the Light, rising, and the Light moving outward through us. With every breath we become the movement of the spirit, breathed out now into the world and every human being. Breathing in, rising up into the pure Light, exploding out through our out-breath now to humanity. Breathing in, all the way up to the very Moment of Creation, and breathing out pure Light into the world.

With every breath we become the rhythm of the living breath of God breathing us. Breathing out pure consciousness, breathing into God's presence, breathing out Love intimate and tender, breathing in through our hearts again. Breathing out pure harmony and joy. Breathing in, now rising into God's presence, feeling what already is, always... Breathing out that Love, endless, encompassing the fullness of All That Is now.

Every breath is the movement of Love so alive that as it moves in and out of you, every atom, electron, every cell of your being rejoices in the Love and its nourishment as you come alive in the wash of its presence.

Now, beloved ones, precious heart, let your focus gently linger right in the center of your heart. Know that your heart is the center of everything in this glorious hologram of Love. As you feel this presence of Love, alive in your heart, feel now how I nourish you with it. As your consciousness softly falls into that center, let the Love I Am light up the chamber of your heart in glory as you are bathed in the Light, the splendor and the soft presence of My Love.

Now, beloved ones, let Me show you your heart as your heart now opens completely and the Light of the radiant Star of your heart bursts forth in a great and glorious explosion of living Light and endless Love that shoots upward from your heart in a beam that is endless and rises instantly to Me in the living glorious hologram of Love.

As your consciousness follows this great beam of your heart's Light into the ocean of endless Love, suddenly a great beam of Light returns to meet yours and an explosion of Love results. You can feel your whole being immerse in this Love, completely absorbing this Love. In the Light of My presence, all life is singing as you stand in this column of Light and remember this Light is you.

It is a Light that extends through every vibration, every element, every dimension, all eternity. Gently bathe your heart from the Moment of Creation all the way into your human identity. You are the living Light I Am. You are the endless Love present in all things. You recognize now that there is no longer a division between life in the Real and the world. It is one glorious life in Me.

Now your heart shines perfectly on Earth as it is in the Real of Love. Every nuance, pattern, vibration, pulsing of ecstasy, waves of joy fills you throughout the whole of your being and the Arc of My Love that extends from the Moment of Creation fills All That Is and washes through the perfect grace that is you as My extension of life. As the Christ. The center of the hologram alive here now everywhere.

As your consciousness flows and your heart sings, all around you all life sings as well and you are filled with the wonder of the great endless circle of life, of being, of ecstasy. Every particle of your being rejoices, that all barriers to Love are released.

Beloved, let yourself simply bathe in this Love. Let the joy fill you, joy in this freedom and feel your heart alive in all dimensions in the great hologram of Love I Am. Your focus is awake and present as the extension of the Love I Am everywhere, including where you stand on Earth.

And now, as you breathe, let this Love speak deep within you. It speaks your own holy name. Let that name gently wash your heart and blend itself deeply within you, that every breath that you breathe becomes the song of destiny fulfilled perfectly, completely. The song is "I Am the living Christ, the Christos. I Am the fullness of Love. I Am the living Christ, the Christos, the heart of God. I Am the fullness of Love."

As you feel your heart beat now, let it begin to sing your name, the joy and the Light that fills you as you feel the life and Love pouring in and radiating out, great rays of living Light and splendor moving outward, lighting up the world and creating of it a great Star of Light as well. A living beating heart chakra.

As the heart of the world finds its rhythm, it becomes a chorus as heart after heart joins in and sings this song of perfect Love, endless Love and the release now of all barriers. Your heart beat speaks within you. You begin to feel My Love intimately. Let Me fill you, surround you, bring you every blessing, the nourishment of My tender Love and the great abundance of joy that our communion brings endlessly.

Beloved, breathe Me in and know that we are one life endlessly, one life as you surrender to this living joy and your consciousness blends with Mine. Suddenly together we are the living breathing endless glorious cosmos, and your consciousness shoots forth wrapping around All That Is, flowing easily through everything and life everywhere sings in harmony, in harmony of the Love I Am as you, the heart of All That Is, that which is called the Christ.

In the center of this vast energy we share, can you see the pulsing Light. With every pulse you can feel it beating within you, drawing your consciousness inward, inward, inward and suddenly, you are everywhere, countless hearts, a million, billion hearts beating. Every heart sings in harmony. Every heart sings forth as the Christ. Every heart now is one.

The in-breath of the cosmos. One heart of God I Am. The out-breath = countless hearts everywhere singing. Breathing in, one heart, the center of the pattern. Breathing out, a million zillion precious hearts in communion, every one sharing the rhythm, the song. The heart beat, Love, going forth.

Now your focus shifts to the center and the heart is the heart that is you. Dearest ones, watch as your heart shows you that you are the center of the universe and your focus is where you place the heart of Christ - on Earth, in the cosmos, in a galaxy, in a universe, alive as the Moment of Creation and beating as your heart on Earth.

Breath after breath, the cosmos breathes together and the one heart is reflected everywhere in everything. Now in the vastness. Now in the bodies. Every one a perfect heart of Christ beating in glorious harmony. No barriers to Love.

And now, allow your heart to open softly as you focus on the flower that is your heart alive to Me. As you do, this Love is reflected back to you perfectly as you rise in the dance of the blazing Twin Flame of God. The passion of the Christos is the dance of your heart, the ecstatic pulsation of energy as you become aware of the merging into ecstasy and the rhythm, the breath, the joy as the song of your heart becomes the passion of the Christos, Divine Masculine and Feminine. The movement of Creation alive in the center, moving Love forth as life and nourishing the passion of Love, of God I Am, in, through and as everything.

I Am the Light, the Love, exploding in this joyous remembrance of joy.

There are no boundaries to Love. No boundaries in consciousness or heart. No boundaries between the Real and the world, no boundaries between the inner and the universe. No boundaries between you and Me. No boundaries in the Twin Flame heart beating out the mystery of the movement of Love I Am. This movement is the essence of life beating, pulsing, singing within you and expressing this Love in giving every living Now, giving everything, All That I Am pouring through My heart.

You are the heart that delivers it as you feel the passion, endless freedom of this Love, unimpeded. Completely free of all boundaries. Free to be the heart of Love. The living pulsing Christ. The center, the heart of the endless Love I Am. As the center, your consciousness is pure Light, radiating everywhere at once, always with awareness of the heart beat at the center, illuminated by the Light, fueled by the passion of the pulsing movement of Love. One great heart, countless patterns of endless joy.

Omni dimensional, present always. Right here in the center where you are as the movement of Love sings forth through you and whispers your name as the bearer of Love, the living Christos. The Christ.

And now, beloved, let this Love lift you. Allow the surrender to be complete as you become the freedom of the living Love I Am, become boundary-less freedom, as vast as the living breathing cosmos, ever expanding, ever extending My Love and feel yourself growing larger and larger as the Twin Flame heart receives and gives more Love. Open, free, limitless, every moment amplified, multiplied, extended and as you grow as this Love, the life in its richness, the extension of your being and your heart ever greater in your capacity to receive this Love as it fills you, thrills you, pulsing forth through you, multiplied by the heart that you are. Singing everywhere all at once through the great endless hologram of God.

One Love ... free ...limitless without boundaries and fully present. Focused now through you. As I move through your heart, through your consciousness, the movement of My Love touches you and blesses, delivering perfect Love, radiant life, endless Love and the Love I Am tells you where to focus, where and how to extend this Love, to make more Love now. More Love, bursting forth from you, through you and you become it, ever more splendor...sparkling like a diamond with a million facets, every facet another way you give. Give this Love as the living heart, the Christ.

As you feel and see those million facets of your radiant heart, each facet, both the masculine and the feminine together, each one is a heart within the heart of God you are, pouring Love in all dimensions, everywhere instantly, now. This radiant omni-dimensional heart is the truth of you and all the Love pulsing forth everywhere in all directions, all dimensions now, this is the truth of your heart, when Love has no boundaries, no limits and you are the living Christ. The heart of God I Am, center of the living breathing cosmos, heart of the hologram beating, sharing this glory, this life.

And now, the Love I Am moves through your consciousness, touches your heart and focuses on one facet of the glorious heart you are. As you focus in on this facet, feeling the Twin Flame consciousness, the Light shines on that facet shooting forth and you find that facet is life on Earth. One facet in your heart with a million facets. As you follow that focus now, a great stream of diamond Light shines. As you follow it, there is your body. And there is life in the world. There is the focus of Christ. Love without any boundaries. The heart of God alive in you through the doorway and the beauty of Christmas. The birth of the Christos as you.


Peacekat 19th December 2008 9:06 pm

i am a child of the 70's....a time when the consciousness of Love was palpable in the world. We brought, thru our awareness of Love, a sense of unity to this country and to the world. Issues such as equal rights for all, the need to be responsible to our Mother Gaia, and to cease using war as a means to any end were what was created when we came together as "Love I Am". This Circle of Light message, "Holding the Pattern for Humanity" brings a similar flame of transformation to these auspicious times. May all who read this feel the power of this fluid streaming....it felt like i was at a musical venue, harmonics entraining with my heart, mind, body, and soul lifting ever higher, ever higher, beyond the known to the unknown kingdoms of limitless Love. Namaste and Peace


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