Holding the Pure Love Vibration

The vibration of Love always comes in glory, holding within it the perfection of God. This vibration of Love will always be out-pictured if it is held perfectly within the open awakened heart.

So what I come to show you today is that as you are the heart of God I Am and you love as Me – as you love perfectly, unconditionally, from the Real, this Love will awaken the atoms, the electrons and will become embodied in consciousness as the symbols of this world. This is what beloved Jesus came to show you – that Love transforms all illusion effortlessly and perfectly, even the illusion of death. Held in this Love, even the weaving of the symbols in a way that will touch all of human consciousness is experienced by the heart of God as pure and perfect Love.

In other words, the heart of God walking in this world is enveloped in trust, experiencing glory, ecstasy, joy and bliss, even while this one person creates change in all the symbols and writes a story of Love upon the world

So I say to you that it is time to live as Jesus lived and lives, to be the heart of God so fully and completely that what you experience is the perception of Love beyond any illusion of symbols, and the power of your vibration simply moves the world of symbols into a representation of the expression of this Love that is perfect for those it touches.

In other words, beloved ones, if you are holding this vibration of pure and perfect Love, if you are living in the Vertical as the heart of God awake, open and giving, what you experience is consistent. It is the experience of ecstatic Love and it is the experience of the ultimate joy of giving. As your Love pours forth in service to the whole, your trust is complete that this service will live you and will create around you and in the symbols of your world the perfect representation of what is needed for each person you touch. Each person that Love touches through you.

I Am saying this to you now because it is time for the giving to begin to encompass this world of symbols so that you may be aware that it is in alignment to expect that the misrepresentation, the expression of the reversal, will be corrected by the presence of the true vibration of perfect Love. So that just as with Jesus, through your heart and your light there shall come the awakening in the atoms and electrons of the remembrance of their perfection, and their response shall be the rearranging into the expression of this Love in the symbols of the world.

It is important for you who are living this Vertical life to open up all pathways of giving, of giving forth this vibration, this flow of perfect Love with the expectation that it will transform the world of symbols into the expression of perfect Love. I want you to remember that you shall do as Jesus did, and therefore this arena of transformation, of what used to be called “healing,” of the remembrance of life of its origins, its truth and its purpose – it is important that you take part in this expression so that this Love I Am can truly be “en-conscious-ed” all the way into this world, that every atom and electron knows that it is perfect Love and dances forth its glorious vibration.

You will come to deeply be aware of the difference between these expressions – as the heart of God and as the little mind and ego. You will have no expectations of the ego mind and yet, have every expectation of the Spirit, knowing that only the living Love, the power and vibration of God I Am alive as you can resonate so profoundly that the atoms remember and begin the dance of glorious Twin Flame Love and ecstasy and recreate the symbols of this world as life. At the same time, not getting entangled by the ego and its projections of a future based in duality.

You will come to be able to instantly access the vibration and know exactly what you are dealing with and therefore understand how to always lift back up into the Real and let what comes forth be the expression of this Love beyond anything the little mind can imagine or life on Earth orchestrate at all. It is a level of trust in the Spirit I Am that you are just beginning to touch and holding this trust and holding this vibration, you must know that that which is named physical life will always follow first the call of Love. It is only when the call of Love is missing that the atoms and electrons follow the ego.

Therefore when Love is once again present, dynamic, the shift comes automatically to them because they are meant to be directed by Love. Love therefore always will get their attention, their allegiance and create the expression in the fingers of the world, the expression of the fingers of light that are the great God beings you are.

As you become the fully awakened heart, that which is expressing here on Earth becomes more and more expanded until you will become the full expression of the heart of God I Am, no more fingers of light but the whole great explosion. As you can sense, this will change everything in the world. You shall now become truly adept at shifting to your Real heart, shifting to Real Love in every Now Moment and experiencing how powerfully, how potently Love blesses you. Now you become the observer of how Love magnetizes the symbols of ego and returns them to the expression of only Love.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You and deep in our hearts, we give You our “Yes” and ask that Love truly come to live as us here in the world. Tonight we ask to join together, God, as a living conduit, as a heart, to allow your Love to truly flow through us to this world. Most of all, we surrender to Love all of our separate ego identities that we truly can become the heart of Love here on Earth. Thank You, God, for the gift of spirit family.

I dedicate myself to You again and again in every moment, and I ask to be the conduit also. Use my voice, my heart, my body, my being for this Love and this experience tonight. Amen.

Let us begin together by opening our hearts and reaching forth our heart perception to connect deeply with each other, feeling each other’s Love, feeling our greater being mingle and feeling the connection now of all of our hearts creating this heart in service. Feeling the energy moving among us, creating a living vortex through which Love pours into the world. Feeling the rhythm of the Moment of Creation, the heart beat of All That Is, we also join together sharing the one breath.

As you let your breath out, breathe deeply in, taking in the Love and as you breathe out, it pours through your heart, through this vortex into the world. Breathing in perfect Love from the Moment of Creation itself and breathing Love out through all of our vast glorious being. Breathing Love in again. Love pours out through your heart. Love moves in through your being, and every atom in your being is breathing this Love.

It washes through you now and lights up every particle as you feel the rhythm of the one breath of God I Am. Love now comes to breathe you. So with this breath, feel the surrender. Feel the relaxation and feel the wonder of being held perfectly in My Love. And now, beloved ones, as you breathe Love in, feel the place where we are blended. As you breathe out, feel the on heart breathing Love with you. Breathing Love in from the Moment of Creation and Love breathes through you now to bless the world again.

Breathing Love in, it washes your being and breathing Love out, feel your own heart expanding. Breathing Love in again, place your focus on your heart breathing out, and feel this Love washing your heart and making it now perfect. I want you to feel yourself as perfect Love, beloved ones. Perfect Love breathing in and perfect Love breathing out. Perfect Love is centered now in the middle of your own heart.

As you focus now on this center, you feel your deep commitment to every other Twin Flame cell in the heart of God I Am. You are aware of the living breath, breathing the heart of Love, and Love comes to support you and to show you now your perfection. Relax into My loving presence and come now into the ocean that I might wash you in this Love and hold for you the mirror that reflects your perfection as My heart.

Now, beloved ones, each of you, I take you to the bridge world that you might feel and know the power of Love’s translation of the symbols of the world. As you continue to be supported perfectly by Me, I ask you to remember the cathedral of your heart and to find yourself gently floating into your heart’s presence where you will find yourself before the doorway of your own heart cathedral. Let it speak to you deeply in the language of symbols and notice it is made of crystals, all reflecting this light.

See the rays of light extending outward from this cathedral and notice the power and beauty of the energy of your heart. Trust this language of symbols to be the bridge tonight between the Real of Love and life on Earth where the energy becomes available for the transformative power of Love.

And now, beloved ones, each of you, reach for the doorway and open it and step into the cathedral of your own Twin Flame heart. The first thing you feel is the vibration, lifting you up in ecstasy as you look upward into the spire of this magnificent cathedral of Love. As you enter into the cathedral, you are filled with deepest reverence for the message and the magic of this bridge world of Love. In the center of this cathedral lies the altar. You gently come to stand before it, saying once again your deepest “Yes” to being the vehicle, the embodiment in both consciousness and heart of the living Love of God I Am.

As you stand before the altar, your Twin Flame comes to stand with you and together you open your heart and being to the experience of this Now Moment and the beauty and the Love. Before you and above you is the great beam of light, gold and white, the spiral of pure Twin Flame Love and you feel yourself rising into the glorious Vertical, up as if you are pulled by the Moment of Creation itself, and you find yourself intertwined in your Twin Flame arms of light as you rise on the wings of spirit, upward opening into the cosmos of the glorious Real of Love and drinking in pure light as it pulses forth each Now.

Feel it filling your being and opening your Twin Flame heart and the rays of light are streaming forth from the heart you are together. From the Real you see this reflected as you look down upon the cathedral in the bridge world of Love. You recognize that this great movement of living Love through you is amplified exponentially through your Twin Flame heart and given outward in blessing always, that Love creates the response.

Now, beloved ones, open your hearts and feel the messages return to you from all that you have given. Begin to feel the circulation that is the pathway of Love that as it is given to your heart, unconditionally, it always returns to reflect to you the perfection of your Love. With every breath there is a circle of breathing in and breathing out that is part of the one breath of All That Is, the movement, the pulsation of Love.

Holding this feeling of energy, of dancing particles of light, let your heart be filled to overflowing with the joy of being Love. I present to you now your purpose as a Twin Flame cell in My heart, and I plant this purpose within you, in your Twin Flame womb of Love. With every moment of giving, this purpose shall be fulfilled and in the circle shall be reflected back to you always as perfection.

Now, beloved ones, please place your focus once again from the Real on the cathedral. See it shimmering. See it radiating. See it reflecting all that you are in symbols of perfection in the bridge world we are building between the Real and the illusion. Very gently now, I ask you to return, moving back down the Vertical axis into the cathedral of your heart, to stand at the altar once again, bringing with you your awareness of the Real, of the power and the beauty of Love, of your perfect connection together and with Me.

I ask you to surrender once again to invite Real Love to live as you and feeling Love’s movement filling you perfectly, return your focus to the cathedral around you, standing in this River of Light in the cathedral of your heart. Now, beloved ones, let us go exploring in this world of communion and communication between the realms of pure consciousness and Love and the world of duality. You will find there is a doorway on the side of your cathedral and I ask you now to go to it and open it, to step out into the garden of perfection in your bridge world of Love.

See the beauty all around you as the symbols of Nature, for Nature is the doorway always of communication and communion with the Real in the world of symbols, holding life and the symbols of its beauty. Let your heart now show you your perfect Nature setting where you can feel your heart perfection in the symbols of a world of only Love. You will find in this setting another altar, outdoors made just for you surrounded by scenes of beauty that speak to you of Love and purpose. As you stand or kneel or sit before this altar, please allow your Twin Flame’s presence to bring the connection with the great River of living Love.

I ask you to say “Yes” to allowing this Love to completely become this expression that you are. Please invite it to live you perfectly and as you do so, open your heart wider and wider and wider still, feeling your Twin Flame’s presence with you until you are ready now to feel the River of Life pouring from the Real through you to be expressed through your heart as perfection in the symbols of a world of Love.

As this Love comes pouring through you and you surrender to its great pulsing flow, you feel it pouring forth through every particle of your being and your heart, and you are the heart of God lit so brightly that you are brighter than a million suns. The great Moment of Creation is exploding forth here and now as you. Your shining and glorious purpose comes rushing into you through your heart, given forth as Love, extending who you are perfectly into the world of symbols, of pure and perfect Love.

As this Love extends itself through you, becoming more and being given, it touches the atoms and electrons around you and lights them up as well until they reflect to you the perfection of your Love. What this means now, beloved one, each of you, is that you can look at all the symbols of a world around you and see you expressed as this beauty, be it Nature, be it a body, be it a transformation of someone near you. Everything your energy touches is transformed to perfect Love, appearing as symbols of Love’s perfection in this bridge world of Love.

So I want you to feel your body as perfect, as the perfect expression of particles, of light and Love that are holding your purpose in symbols. Feel what it feels like to be expressing as the perfect symbol of God I Am in this bridge world of Love. Feel the energy, the vitality, the beauty, the symbol of eternal life as youthfulness and notice that your body is certainly not physical but is atoms and electrons of living light, radiating, resonating, expressing who you are in the Real of Love in the symbols of Heaven on Earth.

Feel yourself moving now effortlessly, your heart light shining on all around you, and notice in this world, this bridge world how all you see is reflecting your beauty, your purpose, your Twin Flame Love in the symbols of a life on Earth. A life on Earth lived in perfection. A vibration of Love so powerful that all it touches is returned to reflecting Love and only Love.

So duality is mended and only Love is expressed here in this bridge world, and this world is one beat from your life on Earth. From this moment, beloved ones, you are connected to both this bridge world and its expression of perfect Love in the symbols of Heaven on Earth. And you are connected to life on Earth in the pocket of reversal still in place where you are present in service.

You are now able to reach into this world of Love and draw forth these symbols of perfection and let them manifest instantly on Earth. This world, this bridge world, beloved ones, is where you learn now how to work with energy, with light, with the expression of living Love as it pulses through your being and manifests in the symbols of Love on Earth – that it may become for you clear that Love itself is meant to be the author of these symbols every Now.

As it is, you become the expression of perfect Love in the world, the living Now expressing itself as symbols – that you may know intimately the atoms and electrons and particles of living light and commune with them through your Twin Flame heart that they might hold the pattern of perfection in the symbols of the world, dearest ones. It is time to begin to move reality, for lack of a better expression yet. The Real of Love is waiting to live you in the symbols of the world, dearest ones. You must feel in your heart the truth of this. Feel the energy of Love and only Love expressing itself as you, until you allow Love to express on Earth as it does in this bridge world of Love. Instantly, effortlessly, from the Real – allowing Love’s perfection as you, to be reflected by the atoms and electrons in the images of a world of Love.

Retaining this energy of living light, beloved ones, please return to the cathedral, pass the altar once again feeling your dedication and your deep “Yes” to being this bridge. Then, very gently bathing in the River of Life, it is time to walk to the front door and to open it and to return to your focus of life on Earth. But the bridge world and the Real are close to you and you remain now fully conscious, that you may pull into the world all that exists in the Real of Love through the bridge world of Heaven on Earth.

Gently return your consciousness, focusing it on your heart, and allow your life in the world to return but feel the atoms and electrons. Can you feel them? Feel their Love? Their communion as they shine forth waiting to reflect the truth of Love that you are in the symbols of a world of only Love.



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