I Am a Conscious Twin Flame Heart

Beloved ones, I speak to you again about consciousness and the Christ heart, the living glorious heart of your divine, unique expression as the Twin Flame cell of the heart of God you are. For together we are awakening this whole sub-creation of life on Earth into the truth of the Real divine nature of that which all of you are, and into the recognition that everything on Earth is a reflection of your consciousness and your heart.

Now in the Real the expression of consciousness and heart is this glorious wholeness of God I Am, singing forth in the great symphony of Creation and all of it magnificent notes, each Twin Flame heart holding its note in the divine and glorious symphony and every expression an expression of the wholeness of the living heart and consciousness of God I Am. Full circle, full awareness in alignment with the great heartbeat of life, consciousness, your awareness and energy moving forth in a great pulse, an explosion into the expression of glorious Love. This is the divine heartbeat, the divine wholeness, that which is the circle of life, consciousness and heart, energy and Love, moving together in a rhythm that is the expression of the Now Moment of Creation.

Yet, here on Earth, these expressions have been separated from the Real Source of life that I Am, and consciousness has become ego mind and heart has become old heart’s beliefs. Together these form a limited identity of humanness out of which comes all of the reflection that constitutes the conglomerate human life, the consensual dream of separation.

For all of you whose hearts are awakening and whose awareness now is joined to this great field of consciousness that is the Real of Creation, it is time to drop all last vestiges of identification with that which is human, because I promise you, beloved ones, those of you who have said “Yes” to Love and claim your truth as the heart of God, there is not only no need any more to engage in the dream of humanity. There is great need for you to be fully lifted into the focus on your Real identity, because as you know, beloved ones, always, it is that which you focus upon that you bring to life through the co-creative power of your glorious Twin Flame heart.

So, it only makes sense for you to step up and fully claim not only the awareness of that which you Really are, but the living Now Moment experience. That which I have brought to you in the experience of these Messages on the Christed heart is the upliftment into the Now full experience of the totality of your glorious being as both pure and magnificent consciousness and glorious pulsing radiating giving, ecstatic Christ heart. The living heart of God in its outward flow of giving is ever filled with the pure awareness of the consciousness I Am, that the wholeness of Creation is lived out, beloved ones, is you, and in All That I Am, perfectly, moment to moment.

What does this mean to you as you live your lives, beloved ones? It means that I Am sustaining you in the new vibration which isn’t, of course, new at all but is the truth that you have always been. It is the vibration of perfection, of holiness and ecstasy and the great Love Making that is Creation, being given birth through you in each Now Moment.

Oh, beloved ones, your glorious hearts are like a rose made out of the cosmos, designed out of the energy of pure consciousness, of life expressing forth in ecstasy as the one great union that ever results in giving – in giving the Love that we are. And yet you know that to use these words “I” and “we” is inaccurate because there is only life expressing itself as one great expression, yet with unlimited parts, all of which are the hologram of the One.

You are consciousness and heart loving All within you, and giving forth your Love as your heart comes awake, becomes fully conscious, fully functioning, blazing forth, expressing, radiating, pulsing the Love that we give. Therefore, what I Am showing you is more a reminder than anything of what it means to have “stepped up to the plate” and said, “Yes, God, I Am the expression of the living heart of God right here. I Am the Christed heart, the hologram of consciousness and Love.”

The exquisite Twin Flame expression of Creation focusing here, and this focus, beloved ones, is what I draw your attention to, because it is so very important that you remember, every moment, where your focus is. It is on your true nature, your consciousness and your Love, your glorious Twin Flame heart, radiating Love each Now Moment, here on Earth, exactly as it is in the Real. This is the shift that I have lifted you into, and that I remind you of today.


Beloved God. We open our hearts to You completely tonight and ask that You will use us all to be this glorious Love. And joining our hearts together to be a truly open conduit through which this Love can go forth to bless this precious world. For each of us, beloved God, we give You thanks for all this Love, this joy and the privilege of serving You and serving Love. For being the full and glorious embodiment of the Love that we are. I ask you, God, to use this voice, this heart, this life and everything about it, and this Twin Flame heart that I am with Doug, to be this message, this Love, this energy, tonight and always. Amen.

Let us begin by connecting our hearts together, heart to heart with each other, creating a living vortex. Notice the joy as we feel each other’s hearts, we feel our Love connecting. We feel the beauty and the power of this heart that we create. Let us feel the energy moving around this vortex, clockwise, growing stronger with every revolution. Deep within, feel the magnetic presence of your own Twin Flame heart, being amplified, magnified, multiplied by this Love we share together.

Now, we can feel how deeply connected we are and how filled with gratitude for the Love and the service that we share. Maintaining this strong connection, let us open to feeling that living River of Love, of energy, of light, rushing through this heart we share and washing the world in Love. Feel the Earth responding as She drinks in this living nourishment. Feel the Love and the gratitude being sent from the Earth back to this heart that we share.

We can feel the bridge that we are building, the bridge between the Real and the world and recognize that we are holding both energies easily and blending them joyously in this shared heart. Recognizing the deep fulfillment of purpose that is such joy, let us also now begin to breathe together, creating a new song of harmony with the living breath and heartbeat of the one Love we share.

Let your breath out, and take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out, your whole being is filled with living Love. Then breathing in again, breathe out that great rushing River and breathing in the pure Love of God…right into your open heart. Now, breathing it out to the world, breathing in the pure nectar of Love, and breathing it out, amplified, glorious, beautiful.

Breathing in the Love from the Moment of Creation and breathing it out to the world again, amplified, always more. Breathing it in, feeling it fill you and breathing it out through your glorious heart, breathing it in, feeling all of your atoms and breathing out Love through them all, until, beloved ones, you are the living breath, the one breathing life of all. Breathing in true Love. Letting it fill you. Breathing it out as the heart of God I Am. Breathing in pure Love. Letting it fill you completely. And breathing it out with the most tender compassion.

Breathing in the joy and breathing it out into the world, feeling it lift you and open you further. Breathing in Love again. Breathing it out through your heart to the world. And now, breathing in, beloved ones, feel your heart opening like a flower to the sun, and breathing out pure Love, letting it fill you and move through you and breathing in life again.

As you continue to breathe this living Love, beloved ones, recognize your being as a living hub of life, and place your focus more deeply on your heart. Letting yourself feel the power of this Love as it rushes into you in fullness, I ask you to see your heart opening, even wider than it has ever opened before. Breathing in Love into this great opening heart, a mystical flower in the sun, and breathing out the Love filled with perfect nourishment and nourishing the whole world.

As you continue to breathe, I ask you to open your heart perception and reach both upward to the Moment of Creation and downward into the pocket of reversal, and I ask you to feel yourself holding the balance, holding the vibration that begins with the Moment of Creation and the great explosion of Love, the highest vibration available, and at the other end of your connection, the beloved Earth, the world, all lives upon it. The dream of duality, separation being loved by you.

Feel your heart, how perfectly in the middle of this great expansion of Love and stretch your heart’s capacity until, beloved one, each of you, you deeply feel the connection and that this bridge is you. You are the living bridge between the Moment of Creation and the world, and right in the center of this bridge is your magnificent heart, holding the vibration of pure Love.

Into this living conduit I pour a special light. It is the living call to the remembrance of the awakened Christ heart. Beloved ones, I ask you tonight to set the pattern for all of humankind to begin this journey of reclaiming their own Christness, Christ being My living Love. Tonight we set the pattern of the awakening of the heart of Love that IS humankind in the truth of who they are.

So I ask you, taking another breath, to fill your heart to overflowing with the Love I Am, and releasing this breath, feel the bridge begin to vibrate and recognize that duality is being magnetized into oneness right now, beloved ones, through you.

Now, gently shift your focus to your beautiful and awakened heart and softly let your consciousness sink down in. You are floating on a pure white feather surrounded by prisms, rainbows of Love. Rushing through you is the greatest joy, the deep remembrance that all is perfect, as you softly drift down inward into your own heart. As you move in, the petals open, embracing you as you softly sink down in, into your heart. Gently resting there, I ask you to begin to look around and to notice that the chamber of your heart is pure light, magnificent, a cathedral made of crystalline light, vibrations of Love. Your own unique vibration as a Twin Flame heart.

As you look upwards there is only the endless movement of the living dancing atoms of Love. You can see them moving upward and feel their consciousness, their intelligence as they return to the Moment of Creation to be refilled with Love. Just so, beloved ones, I ask you now to prepare your heart that just like these electrons, you shall bring your heart to Me each Now Moment to be refilled with Love.

But first, the preparation as the living bridge of Love. To this end I ask you to step more deeply into the great cathedral of the living heart. In the center of your heart, beloved ones, you can see the altar and radiating down upon it are two great rays of light. As you watch you can feel the energy building and you recognize your own deep Love as one of the rays of living light, Love being given every moment. The other ray is the energy of your Twin Flame living light.

Rising up into the ray of light, rising up now, beloved ones, I am asking you to become this great ray of light. As you rise higher and higher and higher, and as you rise up you can feel the dancing atoms, the electrons of Love and their movement, and you know yourself as this ray of light. All the while you are aware of your Twin Flame’s ray of light as well. I ask you to feel these two vibrations, the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine and when they touch, what is created in your Twin Flame womb.

As you hold this question and hold the opening for the planting of a new seed, I am filling your Twin Flame womb with the vibration of the living Christ, the embodiment of consciousness, of this pure heart of Love. Now that you are impregnated with the Christ child that is humanity in your Twin flame heart, your Twin Flame womb (they are the same), I ask you to feel this gestation beginning and to feel the joy in the awareness that you are bringing to birth humanity as the Christed heart.

Beloved ones, this Love is everything. This Love that you share together with your Twin Flame in this glorious merging, this great ecstatic Love that is the Moment of Creation itself, and the power of your Twin flame womb is great, so rich, so active, so powerful that easily you can bring to birth humankind as pure and glorious Love, as the living Christ.

Beginning tonight, as the implantation into your womb of Love and watching now, you can feel it growing in you, as you and of you, and I want you to feel the great surge of Love that every parent feels, and know that as Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, I Am these parents as well, and you and I are one. All of this Love is so powerful, so poignant, so tender, so joyous, so overwhelming in joy and tenderness that you wrap this growing embryo in great waves of Love.

All around you and within you, the electrons of light are dancing and I ask you now to feel the vibration of these particles of moving Love, and to hear the soft yet powerful emission, the shimmering movement that everywhere is and by our will, let us feed the embryo pure magnificent light, living moving Love.

And now, beloved ones, I ask you to reach up and to become the Moment of Creation, to dissolve into the explosion of Love, of light, of power, and as it rushes through you, please direct it once again into your Twin Flame womb. Now the living Christ is growing stronger as the Angels gather all around you and the light and the Love are pulsing within your glorious Twin Flame heart, this living womb of Love. In every direction the light is shooting forth from this amazing new life within you and holding it tenderly you gaze upon humanity becoming the living Christ heart.

Now, I ask you to return your focus to the great chamber of your living heart and to create in the symbols of the bridge world the birthing chamber for humanity, for the birth of Christ Love in and as the one collective heart, the collective once-human heart. All around you there are the Angels and beloved ones, they are here to assist you, and you can see all the colors of the rainbow shining into this temple of your beautiful heart, illuminating the altar, filling you with joy and all the while, you are still aware of yourself as the rays of light, tenderly creating the altar as the welcoming, as the birthing bed for the birth of humanity as the living Christ.

As all is ready I ask you to fill this chamber of your heart with the song of your joy, of your welcoming, your caring, your tenderness, each of you preparing a unique and perfect chamber as you awaken something new in your Twin Flame heart, that of Divine Parents.

Now, remembering that you are pregnant with humanity as the Christ heart, the Christ child, the awakening to embodied Love, I ask you now to light a candle as the Eternal Flame of the Christed Heart, and to place it in the center of the altar in the cathedral of your heart. While this flame burns, the gestation continues and every moment I ask you to fill your Twin Flame womb with Love, to consciously nourish humanity as the Christ child every moment, beloved ones.

With unwavering faith, keep your focus on the joy of the birth that is imminent and on what it feels like to be holding in your Twin Flame womb the gestating embryo of humanity as the Christ.

Now, taking one last look around the magnificent chamber of your heart, fill it with pure light, wash it with glorious Love and softly begin to leave the chamber of your heart, knowing the gestation shall continue as you hold the vibration of purest Love, and as you together are the bridge from the Real to the world, as you are rising up, you feel the flower once again, the flower of your beautiful Twin Flame heart, and this flower is now holding you and lifting you, lifting you upward, out of the chamber of your heart.

As you gently return to your focus of your service on Earth and your body, which you remember is also living light, I ask you to open your heart completely and feel the great rush of Love pouring forth, washing the world, circling it, returning to your heart. Beloved ones, let your heart now hold steady, unwavering in the faith of humanity as the Christ, feeling the power of Real Divine Twin Flame Love.

With every breath, you are the living bridge and your heart is the center point in which the Real and the world are joined and something new is nourished. For this, beloved ones, how I thank you and how I wash you in this great River of living Love that you may hold the vibration of Love perfectly each Now Moment always.



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