I Am Coming for You, Humanity

Beloved ones, My heart, oh, beautiful humanity, I call to you and your heart rises in response. Today I Am here to say to you that the illusion of our separation can no longer hold sway. I have come to claim your hearts, oh, humanity! I have come rising up within you and I come also with assurance of My presence in the world, not in the shadow dance of the illusion but in the truth of the living Spirit, luminous and filled with glory that is that from which the world is made. Thus, living beneath the illusion of time and of lives spent struggling in the world is the pure Love of the living Spirit and the oneness that I Am.

It is time for the separation to end, for the illusion of duality to fall away, and thus, I have come to reclaim your hearts and to bring you Home at last to Me. To do this, I open every pathway to Love. No longer shall it be limited by your old heart’s beliefs for the proof that is the truth of My presence in your lives and your presence in Creation with Me as My heart shall now become more Real to you than the illusions of the world.

At first it may seem like a distant heart beat – something you are not sure that you are hearing. But soon this living pulse will begin to thrum through your life, and your heart will respond in spite of the ego self. I open also the vistas of beauty that shall become the symbols of the New World. All the living essences of this great Creation that you have named the Nature Spirits shall be dancing with you always, playing “hide and seek.” Pretty soon you’ll see them right away.

Very soon with every choice you shall step outside the illusion and time and move into the presence of the Real. All it takes is for you to look, to open the perceptions of your heart and to remember, dearest ones, that there are only two states of being. There is a “no,” and there is a “yes.” The “no” is the belief in separation. It is living with the ego mind’s beliefs. The “yes” is the “yes” to all Creation and to experiencing your true inheritance as the living heart of God I Am.

While it may seem yet for a time that there are gradations of little mind, in truth there are not. For the ego mind is the graven images, the false idols that have taken your attention from Me and from the Love of which you are made. The little mind, the ego self, cannot experience that which is Real, although beneath the words I can place the vibration that communes with your heart at the same time.

But the truth is you are either perceiving with your heart or perceiving duality with the little mind. For consciousness is far different than the ego mind, beloved ones. It is vast and it is part of the hologram. So when you are living from consciousness, you are always aware of everything, all dimensions, all Creation, all movement. All of the essences of the living and flowing Love are ever and always yours in an all-encompassing communion with life that is the truth of both consciousness and heart but not of the little mind and ego.

So to ponder the great questions of our relationship and our unity and to attempt to dissect them with the mind will never bring you the true experience of the glorious shared ecstasy that is that which I am awakening now in you, though it can assist you in raising your vibration and breaking down its own walls over time. Right now I assist you to take the leap out of the ego and into the direct heart perception of God – of All That I Am and of your own essence as a Twin Flame cell in the center of All That Is.

I Am coming for humanity. I Am reaching through every veil and each illusion. I Am washing away the walls of protection. I Am unveiling every heart. I Am watering the streams of life and beauty that are the movements of Love in the world. This Love will now become so Real to you that it doesn’t matter if it is in spirit or it is physical. The arc of the bridge now joins all dimensions and brings the vibrations ever closer, for the Real and the life in the world are bridged by this bridge world of Love.

This world of Love is your hearts, dearest ones, those of you who already hear the call. It is the living fire of your Twin Flame hearts that shall light the candles of all the rest. This lighting is now deeply underway as the fires of the living spirit flare and take hold and the pathways of life and of beauty are revealed now in the world.

Every precious beloved human being is a living piece of My heart, and because I Am a hologram, each part contains the whole. Therefore, All The Love I Am is here as you. From this moment, heart perception shall easily embrace the whole, move right through the illusion to the truth. The moment each person has a taste of what is Real, an experience of this great and pulsing Love – from that moment their candle is lit. A world of darkness fades from view.

This transition can no longer happen slowly. It now shall become that spark, that flare and that flame in an instant as heart after heart ignites. This ignition shall truly burn away all of the shadows, revealing the pure Light that is the dance of Twin Flame Love on Earth. The matrix of Real Love that is the true Double Helix, the great Twin Flame DNA is now brought to life in you, beloved ones, and from this moment you can no longer turn away.

This year is the year of the reclamation of the true inheritance of humanity, the DNA of God, the one true life being born in each Now Moment in, through and as You. Each experience of heart perception shall teach you of joy, and of reclaiming this joy as your essence; and of experiencing divine feeling and that which is the truth for you, living freely with delight in every moment, regardless of the illusion that swirls around you.

Every moment will be spent in attunement to the Real heart beat -- every moment that you touch Real beauty and each experience of Twin Flame Love, of the passion and the power and the atomic heart of God I Am – each experience brings you into your fullness and gives you back the Real power of your “Yes,” allowing you to build the matrix of the New World with intention and to hook it to this world, here and now, creating, beloved ones, the new Arc of the Covenant, though in truth it is the only Arc there is.

It is the Tree of Love, the divine couple, Adam and Eve in the Garden. All of this, beloved ones, is you as the pristine Love I Am, as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, brought to full consciousness, passionate and glorious, experiencing Real Love in its fullness and bringing this vibration to Earth. Every moment that you experience Real Love and true consciousness, you create a line of living Light from the Real into the world. Every moment that you do this. Whether or not it is in your consciousness, you do this as a living Twin Flame heart, restoring the Real DNA to humanity, reconnecting humankind to the divine matrix, the great Double Helix of God -- the activity of the living spirit, all the luminous sparkling Light and the great and shining inspiration that lifts you into bliss, into forming prayers of gratitude every moment with every breath.

As this becomes your experience of you, you become a great Light in the world and that which has named itself “darkness” can no longer have sway at all, but must dissolve in the Light, in the truth that there is only One, one great heart universal in which you are a beating cell in glorious attunement with the one heart beat, every one of you raising your voice in songs of praise, in deep contentment, in joy, pure joy, of life.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You tonight, saying “Yes” to Your Love. So as we each give You our deep “Yes” to Love, we join our hearts together and ask that You create of our hearts a living vortex through which You can pour Your glorious Love to lift and transform this world to Love.

Thank You, God, for all the miracles of our life, for the joy of our spirit family, for being here together tonight. I pray God that You will allow me the blessing of my heart, my Love, my life, my Twin Flame heart with Doug being the conduit, the clear crystal clear conduit for this experience tonight, and I call to all the other beings of Light who assist us to be here with us tonight. Amen.

So now as we begin, let us join our hearts together by opening our hearts wider and wider and feeling them connect. As you feel each other’s heart, we also feel the energy moving among us in a circle creating this vortex of Light and Love, and creating through our hearts an opening into the Real, into the realms of Love.

We can feel the shared heart beat and all the energy in this vortex. We also reach deep within, connecting to the silence and to the breath we share with the living whole, the one breath of God. As you let your breath out and take a deep breath in, as you breathe out, let all tension fall away. As you breathe in again, breathe in to the center of your heart, and breathe out pure Love. Breathing in again, open your heart so wide that it becomes the vortex. Breathe out the pure Love of God.

Breathe in now, all the way up into the Light, to the Moment of Creation, and breathe out pure Light into the world, breathing in again to the Moment of Creation and breathing out the Love. As you breathe in again, you begin to feel the living whole and now it is breathing out with you. Breathing in with the breathing cosmos, feeling the pure joy and breathing out Love into the world in ecstasy.

Breathing in to your communion with God. Breathing out, filled with the sweet Love. Breathing in to this communion again. As you continue to breathe in alignment, in attunement with the great breathing whole of Love, allow this communion with all life to fill you and to feel every life connected in the great hologram of joy.

Now beloved ones, in this sweet communion I sing directly to your heart and you can feel this song calling you in its vibration, opening and lifting you to Me. As you bathe in this glorious Light, the Light fills your being and washes through your consciousness, and you are present in the glorious Real. Every atom of your being is alive in this vastness, and every atom of your being is Me.

You feel each atom singing your song of Love and whispering your name, “I Am,” “I Am the truth of Love,” singing perfectly. Your name is My heart. As you float in the ocean of Love, you are supported, held perfectly in Me and the one Love sings to you and breathes your name in ecstasy. “I Am the One that is Two.”

The spark of your heart ignites. Can you feel it? Reaching higher. Reaching for the ecstasy that is this communion at the Moment of Creation itself. This heart of fire becomes the great union of Twin Flames dancing in ecstasy, reaching the explosion where all life becomes fully conscious in you, in Me.

From your heart there comes a fountain of Light and Love and grace that flows in a great all-inclusive circle encompassing all life. The cosmos is alive now within you. Look, beloved ones, within. Can you see all the wonder of the countless streams of Light that are rejoicing within the whole of your being?
Can you feel how your Twin Flame heart is the nourishment that feeds perfectly each life, feeds it the nectar of pure Love and pure Light?

The perfect nourishment of life! Every life is alive in joy. Within the great vastness of your being, all life is in holy communion. All life is connected by the beating of your Twin Flame heart, as the Love that pours from your orgasmic union keeps the heart of life beating and fuels the ecstasy, the nourishment of all the life streams, all the glory within.

The vast and wheeling cosmos of your being sings within you. Can you hear it? All the sweet songs of vibration singing their Love for you. Their Love for you is your nourishment. It fuels you, fuels this vast life and allows that flame to spark again and rise and rise in ecstasy. Two flames joining into one, pulsing together into the explosion of the glorious awakening of life and the fountain of living joy pours forth from your heart again encircling, encompassing all things, encompassing all in Love.

Your Love is the nourishment that feeds all life. Your breath is the one breath and the song of life sings itself in omni-dimensions, each Now Moment complete. The hologram of Love in you.

And now, beloved ones, heart of God, Love I Am, once again move your focus to your heart and see and feel the whirling Light, the great and glorious pulsing Love and place your focus in the center of the vortex of your great Twin Flame heart. From your heart I ask you to open your perception that allows you now to see the world, to see the pocket, the membrane, the sub-creation that is life on Earth.

From your great heart flame, create a great arc of light that streams forth now joining the Real of Love with the very center of the world. From this place of vastness and unity, from being the oneness of Love, I ask you now to move consciously across this arc as a Twin Flame Love, encompassing the vibration from the pure and perfect resonance of the Moment of Creation itself and moving gently across the arc, moving your vibration ever-closer to the world.

As you do, experience the Light and draw it around yourself, creating bodies of Light and pure essence until you are hovering right before entry into the circle, the membrane of the world. Consciously encompass life on Earth in your Twin Flame heart. As you do so, beloved ones, feel the fire of your Twin Flame heart infusing all life on Earth with the power of your Twin Flame Love.

With the spark, the explosion and the fountain of life itself, bring this nourishment to the world and witness the power of Love, atomic, eternal, all-encompassing. Love encircles it all as you hold it in your heart.

And now expanding your focus outward once again, merging into the All of Love, connecting deeply in your communion with All I Am and becoming the power of Love. You become the living heart beat, beloved ones. You become both/and. You become the living hologram infused, vast, and all-encompassing and you become the holders of the world – tenderly in your heart.

Both are in existence now at once, as you feel yourself vast, complete and in communion with the great living breathing whole of God I Am as the center of your consciousness, the expansion of your own heart… as it moves in and out, into the vastness and back to the Twin Flame Love. Two parts of one heart beat.

Now, you become the same for the world as you become both the vastness and the heart that holds the world encompassed in Love. One breath you are the vastness in complete and glorious communion, next breath you are the heart focused on the world, encompassing the whole world in Love.

Now, beloved ones, remember that you are pure consciousness and you are My heart and we are building new matrices of living Light together as we form this new heart beat for a new world of only Love. Thus I ask you now, beloved ones, to focus on your heart again. This time on your heart that holds the world surrounded now in the Real by other streams of living Light, other beings serving the world of Love and assisting with the work of your heart.

From your awareness of encompassing the world in Love, I ask you to sink into your heart and to move through the center of the world until you are focused as a person whose open heart embraces, encompasses everything that comes before it in the world with Love. As your heart encompasses all things in the world in Love, they shift and transform instantly.

Love reveals to you perfect molecules, atoms of Twin Flame joy, a life that is symbols of beauty and the focus is always on encompassing Love. There is nothing else, dearest ones. The heart of God is reborn now as the world – in you and through you. Your consciousness swings out into the Real as you encompass the world in your heart, and back into the world focused as your person with a heart that encircles everything, with the transforming power of Love.

One breath and you are the heart that holds the world, bringing nourishment and joy – and the next breath, you are in the world, open heart encircling everything that comes before you, transforming the world to joy.

Now, once again, consciousness becomes the Real, the energy moving to the vastness and reaching for the pinnacle. The Moment of Creation is now connected through you to the arc that flows from your heart to the world. Every Now Moment, the explosion into Light, into consciousness and Love and awakening of the hologram of Love I Am becomes the fuel for your heart, bringing the Arc of our Covenant to encompass the world in Love. Bringing it alive now.

Like a lightning bolt it is crackling with the energy of Creation that fizzles along the arc and now infuses the world with Creation’s very energy, electrifying all life on Earth. You feel life on Earth now becoming un-reversed and the vibration of separation is dissolving. You are one with the peace. There is only the Real of Love. Separation could only be an illusion.

Love is a circle, encompassing everything. Nothing can ever be separate. As you breathe in this nourishment directly from Me now and rejoice in Love’s assurance, there is only Love now. As you reach within your holy heart, you feel the remembrance, an echo of a world once held separate, now a pearl of beauty, a pocket of exquisite joy held right within your heart where a world of separation once dwelled.

This pearl of beauty and Light is so luminous, so filled with Light, so exquisite in its patterns of electric energy, its movements of the molecules of Light that it inspires the opening of your great Twin Flame heart into new songs of beauty. This pearl in your heart that was the dream of separation becomes the genesis of new life, now merging with Me into the All of Love.

Every breath, every heart beat you are all dimensions and the heart beat that contains the world as it was, as it is and as it shall be. You are the world’s continuum and you are the Arc of the Covenant in and as Me.



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