I Am Everything

Just as the waves of Love are ever moving through the cosmos, so is life ever expressing through your heart. Your heart is the essence of your essential nature. It is where the truth I Am comes forth to meet the world. It is only when you are in your heart that you are engaged in the living cosmos, that you are available for Love, not only to use you, but to be how I appear, here, now, in this space as point of focus that is you.

As you awake, you open to expansion, leaving behind all of your perception of limits, reaching far beyond the idea of life in a body and becoming truly a universal citizen. This is where I meet you. I meet you in freedom, in freedom that is the song that has your name, mixing with the universe and tasting eternal life. It accords the thrumming, dancing vibration that is the expression of My truth everywhere.

I Am here as the voice within you and I Am here as the endless silence that is filled with the richness of My presence and the infusion of Love as your only true identity ever. Yet, it can only be experienced now in the living presence by the open heart that lives joyously. Thus, I come to encourage you, each of you precious hearts, to leap out of the limitation and safety of your contracted life and to embrace life so openly that you become this communion. I come to assure you that consciousness is all you are and it is unlimited. The heart is the truth of how you are made and is your only true instrument of perception when it is fully open.

Each of you must choose again and again on this spiral of awakening to push through the ego's urge to constrict you, to grab on to your heart and affirm this as your identity. Choose to make the heart your perception, your focus and you will find yourself immersed as consciousness in the unlimited and Love as the true identity, focused here and now as your ability to give and thus, to live life as a celebration of openness and trust in the flow.

If you trust your heart to be that which is your interface between the vastness, the silence that is unlimited and the pure expression of Love that is your focus and thus, your identity...then, you will become a being of inclusive joy, able to experience every nuance of life, to recognize each atom as a living presence, to be the song of life as it rushes forth, with ecstasy. To be My passionate out-reach...while at the same time, the living Now...to be the heart of Love that is forever the open conduit for the substance of which I Am made to be focused as you.

This is a reminder once again to choose heart perception and to choose it fiercely. I call you to the unlimited life, and I ask you to make this your commitment. Ask your heart to show you an experience of the living cosmos all at once without any interpretation from the mind. While some might call this living in the silence, you will find that it is so full that it is everything. It is the food that shall ever feed your spirit, the spark of life that moves you forth and the power of the energy of Creation that completes the circuit from Me to you and sets you free.

But you must choose to live with heart perception. If you find yourself aligned with the limited ego, with the stories of the "little I"...it is yours to make the shift to open your heart and to choose a different experience of life, to choose inclusiveness and freedom and joy, and the ability to feel the ocean of Love, to drink life from the rush of the Light of the living hologram. You will know all there is to know, all at once by being immersed in the sea of continuity, alive to the nuances of grace, fed by the River of Life as experience, the "en-conscious-ment" of Creation itself.

Yet in the midst of this endless rich activity, in the midst of all the electrons of Light, you have the choice to focus on eternity or to focus on the limited ego world. Every choice brings you your experience of life. As you choose expansiveness and the open heart, you will come to feel the language of ecstasy. Your heart will speak with every glorious atom and instantly, you will know all things at once. The rich silence that is the basis for all movement shall live within your being to support all the explosive energy moving through you that you might be the open consciousness of God I Am, the freedom of My spirit and the heart through which I love.


I AM ROSE 18th March 2009 6:43 pm

Beautiful message of Pure Truth and Love.


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