I Am Life!

Beloved ones, I Am Life ! I Am Life ! Vibrant, abundant, dramatic, electrical, ecstatic, explosive, limitless. I Am pure vibrant energy ! I Am the miracle of life itself. If you take all of it – all of it, beloved ones – everything that I Am and condense it into one point of Light, one powerful explosion of Love, this, dearest ones, is you.

You are concentrated life. You are the power of Creation as a beating heart. You are the miracle of Creation itself, held so beautifully in your consciousness and expressing My glory through your heart. How I want you, each and every one of you, to truly be this life, to feel it, breathe it, taste it and cherish it. To feel it rushing through your being, vibrating through your consciousness, powerfully creating through your heart – bringing every moment of your existence into the most exquisite dynamic and delicious experience.

Beloved ones, when you live this life on Earth, you are experiencing only one tiny particle of the life that is yours. Even the life that is available to you right here, right now, just as you are, functioning through the filters of your ego mind, dealing with the armor of old heart’s beliefs – even so, every moment is like a lightning bolt of aliveness made available for you to experience.

The only thing that keeps you from being this alive, from feeling every breath for the vibrant miracle that it is, the only thing that keeps you from being fully alive and spending every moment in pure ecstasy is your absence. If this startles you, then I Am grateful for I want you to realize just how often you are absent from your life – caught up in the drama of the ego mind and its story, its story of your life, your drama and its story of the world, none of which is fully alive.

It is, rather, a step away from life’s immediacy. This is the difference, for example, between reading a book about life and getting out and truly and fully living it. This is the difference between living through the mind and experiencing life fully in all its vibrancy through being present and completely open, ready to be drenched in all this wonder that is waiting for you to perceive it through the gift of your heart and its true silence that gives you the space to fully immerse your whole being in all the gifts that I bring you in this eternal moment.

Oh, dearest ones, let yourselves come alive, please! Walk away from the ego’s drama, from all its stories, from its definitions of the world and how you live in it, from its constant and incessant commentary, ever filled with judgment, evaluation and a subterfuge that keeps you from being alive in this Now Moment.

One taste of true life and you are forever changed. It shall be for each of you your transformation. You will fall to your knees in gratitude for the miracle of being so alive, gifted with all these endless gifts of true perception – that you might live life directly through your heart, right up close and tasting it through every particle of your being, through every avenue of your existence. But most especially, being available for life to bring its gifts to you.

I can promise you that with your heart open, fully alive, completely committed to being present in the living Now – one raindrop will set you spinning through a million delicacies and power this vehicle that you name your body. That is how much life is waiting for you.

How fully I Am present and available and how easily you can focus the atomic energy of All That Is simply by acknowledging your Real heart, who you are and your heart’s true purpose which is to be this open and glorious conduit for the miracle of Creation itself.

All of you feel the deepening call of life, the magnetic call of Love that wakes your heart and brings you to these moments of Real epiphany when you recognize who you are with no story, with nothing standing between you and life, the full experience. Every day, every hour, every moment can be for each of you a re-birth into the experience of the pure explosion of Love that is Creation and is yours to be, to feel, to celebrate and to know.

Step free for even a moment from the identity that you’ve been wearing, that sits upon your spirit like too-small clothing. Break free from all the ways that you define yourself, even the ways that you define your spirituality. Stand naked before Me, fully alive, present for life and experience the miracle of being granted the pure energy of God I Am as the core of your being, as your endless fuel and as the power of your heart to be creative, to step into the flow and claim it -- to know Me with all your Love, with all your heart so that you might dance with your heart’s true counterpart, that the Twin Flame of your true being, your Real DNA and count the waves of Love throughout the cosmos. Ride the energy of Creation itself into the pure, exquisite experience of perfection, perfect, glorious, magnificent and whole life – life streaming as you into the world, singing as your Love to all you see before you, recognizing the chorus of God singing back to you through all you see, especially through the natural world.

Let every breath be this living song that you absorb it and make it your own and allow it to be the fuel for our co-creation of more Love, more glory, more good and more and more and more living ecstasy, the experience of life as you are meant to live it.

Even when you come to Me, you come wearing the cloak of expectations that like a raincoat keeps you from feeling this river of Light, of destiny. Even when you meditate, you come bearing an identity that keeps you safe from this pure blast of life experience that will instantly dissolve every old energy, blast apart every limitation, explode you forth across the cosmos beyond the speed of Light in an experience of orgasmic wonder that is so big, so limitless, so grand that you will not be able to reassemble this small case in which you have carried yourself, pretending that you could define the nature of your being without Me.

Are you brave enough to truly live this life? Will you stand at the top of the lightning rod? Will you open your heart and invite Me to obliterate everything you thought you knew about Love that you might begin to begin to hold it? Begin to begin to feel Love’s power. Begin to be the lightning bolt as it stretches from the Moment of Creation itself into the world and names itself moment to moment, saying to you with the perfect voice of Love’s glory, “I am life experiencing without limits, dancing as you into the rain, into the sunlight, into the sun-drenched moments of pure experience of the living cosmos, right here, right now, painted before you as this world.”

It is not possible, beloved ones, to place life into words, nor is it possible to make it small enough to fit the ego or the mind’s convenient definitions. Rather it is the continual God explosion that remakes you continually, offering you the choice again and again to be life, naked of the ego’s world. It is knowing nothing of anything at all, but rather waiting for Me to show you.

Or will you choose to struggle with awakening? To walk the path laid out by others before you… Will you choose the safe pathway to spirituality? Or will you light the fuse of the dynamite, blast open you open, trusting that you do this with Me, held perfectly in all My blessings, ready to be made anew in this moment, ready to be shown what life feels like, life without limits.

In this moment of the world, as the wheel is turning, as the call to every heart begins to unlock all means to safely keeping life away, keeping safe the ego’s identity – oh, truly, beloved ones, it is as Jesus said. You must be born again of the living Spirit, and this is what I Am asking you to do. Run into the rain and let it dissolve you. Jump into the fires of life and let them burn you. Let them burn up every preconception but most of all, the definitions that keep you from truly living, from being alive in your every moment. Are you ready?

Remember that I said that each Now Moment, Creation comes forth again. As that great explosion of life and Love comes rushing through your heart and through your consciousness, you get to choose – choose life, choose Love, choose this rebirth, this freedom. Or you get to choose the world now leaving, the world that this Light and life is now transforming, the world in which you live within the ego’s dream of an identity that keeps you ever thinking, attempting to control your destiny from within the old identity of separation from all this glory.

Feel this call to life that is now burning within you. It will not be denied, not for long. Yet it does take courage to leap into My arms, to let go of your every mooring, all the ways, all the ways that you have survived in a world based on separation from this Love and power. As you turn around and see My face and find this Love reflected everywhere, when you know yourself as life exploding into thrills of joy and pulsations of ecstasy -- then you will be ready to let in life – that I may live you, that you may embrace the living Now completely, beyond Time, beyond identity in a union of Love that gives you everything and shows you what it means to be complete -- in Love with everything as the heart of all and the focus of all power, of limitless joy of all the wonder that has been ever waiting.

Are you ready to take the leap? Please, say “Yes” -- “Yes” to living, to truly living as the heart of God unlimited, flying free, charged with Light and life and joyous purpose, embracing the Real world through the open heart, the heart of Love you are, drinking in the nectar of pure life, accepting this gift of ecstasy, experiencing the thrill of being truly alive, alive beyond your every expectation.

Know that all the things that humans do to elicit the feeling of truly living are barely, barely cracking the doorway of all that I Am waiting to give you. Beloved ones, will you accept it? Will you choose life in Me, right now? Throw open the doorway of your precious heart and let Me in. Allow this merging that you might find the wings of the endless Love I Am and the consciousness that is unlimited, and discover your true identity once again.


Maria Alves 25th September 2009 8:37 am

Wow! What a message! It came just when I was feeling sick and so energetically low. It has totaly picked me up off of the floor and raised up into infinity! Thank you so much! All the Love that I Am be with you now and for ever more. Maria

Peter fox 29th April 2014 2:57 pm

I say YES, dear GOD- Thank you so much!


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