I Am the Light of the World

As the light increases more and more on Earth, it is to this light that I ask you all to attune, and feeling the living River, the dancing particles of living light, let yourself remember that it is this light of which you are made. Let yourselves deeply feel the intelligence of every particle, of every electron and every atom of your being.

Rather than continuing to allow the little focus of the ego mind which keeps you focused on a structure of personality, body and ego, let yourselves identify, instead, with the light of which you are made, because this is the truth of your being – that you come forth as singing light, the movement of Love. Your true nature is light, always and forever.

As you understand this holy communion as the particles of living light come and dance and move within the great vast ocean of your consciousness, you will understand what Jesus meant when he said, “I Am the light of the world.” Beloved ones, so are you. You are the light of the world, unequivocally, in greater measure than anything your mind could comprehend. You are great, vast beings of living light putting on a little charade of humanness.

So it now becomes of great importance that which you focus upon, and the upsurge of light is also accompanied by the increase of the movement of the atoms. This increase is, as I once said to you, very much like the boiling of water – that the heat of transformation comes and the electrons and atoms that make up this world, heated, begin to move and dance in freedom – heating up until everything that was solid disappears because the atoms that are its makeup are no longer held in place in a structure that can be seen as dense or physical.

It is time to really identify with the living light of your being rather than with the structures and identities of the ego. As the light comes and you recognize it as that which calls you to the truth and speaks deep in your being, then light becomes available to you, evident in everything, because your focus, beloved ones, has shifted. As your focus shifts and you see the light, you love the light and you attune to it, then the world that you identify with becomes the free and living Spirit, and not the limited structures of seemingly physical world.

I am asking you to hold daily communion with the light – to drink of the living light from the fountain of Creation, to bathe your being in the golden-white shower, the particles of dancing Twin Flame Love, until whenever you look, all that you see is the strata of life that is beyond physical, and is made instead of living light which is the movement of Love.

So the emissions from giving Love, from Love exploding forth as the Moment of Creation is the nourishment of All That Is with the very Real substance of God and with the movement of light. Light is the emission that comes from the movement of Love. The Moment of Creation sends forth light forever. This light that comes shooting forth is the communication of all the wonder. The ecstasy and the pulsing vibration, the shimmering and dancing joy is communicated through All That Is by the movement of life.

Let the light come now, beloved one, and let it dissolve all false structures of the ego mind of anti-Love, and let it restore in you the fact of the movement of your being and most of all, of the movement of your living giving Love -- that all the structures of the ego may easily dissolve. For when you know yourself as this communion, as Love streaming forth in joy, as the great union, the great Twin Flame Love, then you will recognize that nothing rigid can remain in your life. You are truly only consciousness and Love. Consciousness and Love are both free, always, to extend themselves eternally in all directions, and to multiply in the mystical and glorious union of the heart – the Twin Flame union that creates more Love and thus creates more light.

It is so important for you to hold the awareness of the increasing light and to allow your heart perception to see right through the illusory structures of the ego mind’s world – that you can become truly fluid, beloved ones, that you become the living tuning forks to the vibration of pure Love and thus, of living light. This is the shift that is occurring on Earth. It is the shift in awareness and vibration from perceiving things superficially with the senses as outside of one’s self, to perceiving what is Real through the instrument of the heart.

So My request of you for this coming time is that you make the statement that Jesus did and let it become your guide to life and to the awakening of your full awareness. It is the statement that Jesus made and so did Buddha – that simple and yet profound statement of the truth. Now I ask you to make it yours as well. That statement is: “I Am the light of the world.” Can you feel it set up a resonance within you? A resonance that announces your alignment with the Now and the vibration, can you feel it? as the living light that is you moves forth to illuminate that which is the world.

As you understand that you are the light of the world, you understand that that same light is within you as well, and you understand the profound truth of continuity – that there is only light within, without. Everywhere that you dwell is all God I Am. So beyond the unique and individualized you, when you say these words, beloved ones, you return to the living whole, and you align yourselves as well with the One I Am, the unity of All That Is as consciousness and Love.

The power of this focus, because it is not about the words, but rather about where you place your powerful creative focus – the focus on this statement aligns you with The One, The One Life, glorious, that is I Am, spoken, lived, claimed by All That Is, together, and having the miracle of relationship as well. “I Am the light of the world” – when you use this statement, please go far beyond the words into the experience and you will begin to see what is happening on Earth as the light is tended, invited, anchored here, embodied as you.

Then, this world reclaims its identity, beloved ones, as living Love and dancing light, and releases the misperception of the physical, of structures that cannot be a part of a Creation that is always in movement. Therefore, all life on Earth comes together and knows itself as the light of the world.

Also, when you say these words, let your heart become the conduit for the magnetizing presence of All That I Am so that through you to the light within, you invoke the light that is everywhere and affirm for all every particle, each electron – that light is always about movement, about fluidity, about presence. Therefore light is the truth of the world – that it is a reflection always of the heart. Of your heart, beloved ones, and of your focus.

So if your focus is the light, then we create the shift, and that which knows itself as wholeness, as living moving Love and the light that is emitted, this becomes what is enhanced, brought forth by your focus into manifestation in the symbols of the world before you.

Very soon all that you see shall always appear to you as it Really is, as the living dancing particles, the electrons of light, and that which you used to believe were solid shall become pure light, pure God-substance, pure living Love. Each embodiment or en-conscious-ment of living Love and its emission of light will communicate directly to your heart. It is like the rising sun, beloved ones. Each electron now coming into itself, finding remembrance, is like the sun rise in the morning, heralding a new day, while each electron is now heralding the Real truth of life. Not new…but hidden. Hidden, because of the focus on the limited structures of the ego mind that you call physical.

Let the structures, beloved ones, give way easily and bring the light into view, into full awareness by naming it “I Am.” Oh, beloved ones, you are My creative heart and that which you name with the co-creative fiat, using those words “I Am,” you bring forth – bring to birth – through your Twin Flame womb. So when you say “I Am the light of the world,” you are making that which was hidden come forth, and that which has been the focus shall recede, and the background/foreground shift that is the awakening of pure Love on Earth is opened up, brought forth, revealed easily by you.

You are here, beloved ones, to be this focus for Me – to be present in the world as living Love and to allow Me as the unity of Love to be blessing life on Earth and revealing all of it to be only Love and nothing else.

So I ask you, as you say these words “I Am the light of the world,” to feel the truth that you are present in everything, beloved ones – that you are consciousness unfettered, unlimited and fluid and all of life is blessed by your movement that has nothing to do with being a body or something physical, but rather with being completely open, experiencing the All and allowing your heart to be the conduit for the glory of awakening Love.

The human life, beloved ones, is so limited because its focus is this little life, this little tiny body and these little movements back and forth within this small circumference that are what you would call “your life” each day. In truth, however, you are limitless and your consciousness is truly incredible. You can encompass everything, all at once, and allow each energy, each stream of life and Love to reveal itself to you through your heart perception.

So I ask you to truly expand the boundaries of your life into the realm of consciousness and Love every day, so that your identity truly becomes as vast as the realms of Love and as clear in your awareness as pure light emissions, the pulsing ecstasy of living Love. “I Am the light of the world.” This is true for Me and We Are One. Therefore, it is true of you, but oh, beloved ones, we have just begun. How I long to share with you the ecstasy I Am.

As Love becomes your choice, moment to moment to moment, light becomes your vehicle for conscious connection and you are freed from duality, beloved ones, and you become Love’s voice and Love’s consciousness. You become the living focal point of All I Am on Earth as it is in the Real. As you say the words, “I Am the light of the world,” please be watching with your heart communication and you will see, dearest ones, you will see with your inner vision the actual lighting up of the particles, the electrons and the atoms as each of them is magnetized by you.

What might have been, say, a Nature scene before you suddenly becomes a view of living light with particles like stars pulsing to you from within it and then the scenery becomes totally fluid electrons, particles, atoms, the movement of light, and the presence of their Love – until everywhere you are and everything you see becomes the shining manifestation of living light and Love. You are breathing in the light and you are nourished by the Love, and your heart is filled with ecstasy and joy every moment.

All around you, that which seemed physical becomes a miracle of splendor as the light reveals the patterns of Love. You are nourished, beloved ones, by this light. This light is your food. Please don’t forget this, for once again, all that comes to you, comes to you from Me and not from the world outside of you in any way, dear ones.

So let the living light be your food and the more light that you consume, the more powerful shall be your statement each time you make it. “I Am the light of the world.”



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