It All Comes Forth From Your Union with Me

As you stand in the silence feeling the one breath, you begin to experience the remembrance of your shining union with Me. The communion of our Love becomes the one circle -- My Love, the Love that feeds you, and your whole existence is your Love with Me.

Then the unity of this Love as the currents of Love itself -- as your identity, your fulfillment, your joy -- make of you a living sun in which the separation between us is gone and the dream of a world of duality simply falls away. All that which has been the reversal is transformed, reversed in you, back into the unity of oneness and Love’s pure reflection.

It is only from this place of our union, this place where you become this Love, that your heart becomes truly transparent and the world of Love can be born through you. This is why, beloved ones, I bring you full circle and tell you that the time of learning is now done. As you release everything into the present, you become the instrument through which duality falls away and you become the conduit of the Vertical.

Through your heart that is awakened in the glorious Real of Love comes the great magnetic presence that shifts the world and draws in the horizontal, back into the center, that the world of separation can fall away and the bridge world of Love take its place.

What this means in the symbols of the world is that only from your union in this Love, your union with Me and our Love together can come forth the reflections of Love that, first, are your Twin Flame, and then, the symbols of a world of Heaven, a world of unity and joy in which forces of good and evil are drawn into the center and dissolve into the unity of Love.

All the symbols representing this are also drawn into oneness. Seasons that are opposites become drawn into the center to become temperate beauty. Day and night as the symbols of duality, of light and darkness, are drawn into the center also and brought to a place where there is only Light and unity.

Yet, this unity is resplendent with the creative power of God We Are – that the sky may be painted in the colors of your Love at any moment that your heart sings them forth but that you remain consistent – dissolved into the splendor of the glorious union of our Love where the one breath between us is one degree of separation, just enough to know there is life and that Love is a moving force.

This, beloved ones, is where I now lift you – back into this unity, this joy, and remind you that the world of Heaven we are making can only come from this pinnacle of remembrance and of your deep communion with Me. From this comes forth the reflection of this Love that is the Twin Flame LoveMaking, and from this comes forth the breath and the Tree of Life that can be the symbols of a life in joy, symbols of a world of only Love.

Therefore I ask you not to seek from within the world those symbols of unity because they cannot be expressed except as the result of the truth and the truth is our Love, our oneness, our unity and our perfect shared breath.

Thus, all that the ego “wants” must be recognized for what it is – more blocks to this oneness. Even those things that I have shown you as the bridge world can only be “en-conscious-ed” from the Real, and from the Moment of Creation itself. I call every heart to rise up and to remember Me, to remember how you love Me, to remember that you are Me, and to remember that I Am you. The circle of life is complete. It is a hologram of shared joy, made manifest through you.

So every answer to every prayer is this Love. Seek first the Kingdom of God and remember who you are. Remember this glory as you experience this communion of Love. The fact that this oneness, this unity can be experienced is the proof of the one degree of sharing, but that is all the separation that there is between us. This, beloved ones, is what I call you to – the remembrance of your truth in Me.

For a while it works to use the symbols within the dream to raise yourselves up toward the truth and for those whose hearts still reside deep within the dream, these symbols are still useful, of course.

But for those of you whose hearts remember and who can dip into this Love, who can fly in the realms of the Spirit, who begin to sense that Love and life are spherical and who can see through the illusions of the world – you, I call Home to this, this glorious, resplendent, magnificent and endless ecstasy in communion with Me when you become the diamond itself rather than a refraction of the Light, when you become the wholeness of the All and yet, available to be the breath and life and wonder as it is breathed forth to bless the whole.

I Am ready to bathe you instantly in the Light and to lift you up the Vertical arm into the Moment of Creation when all becomes expressed: the one Love I Am in movement which is our holy communion. From this, Love shall move you forth that your every movement is orchestrated perfectly and you are as much a part of the living whole of Love as I Am.

For you and I are one joy expressed as both wave forms and particles, as Light and Love, consciousness and heart, in an exquisite and ecstatic dance. Let this Light as it bathes you dissolve all the wanting – anything that is left of the ego, until you become truly like the air, the living winds of the spirit, My breath as it moves forth now. Flexible, free, open and guided always by the movement of the spirit.

This, then, is you, My heart, transparent center of the living All of Love, ready now to be the truth and allow the reflection to live through you. As you do this, beloved ones, when enough of you are free to allow yourselves the wonder of our union, then the power of this presence ignites the Twin Flame heart and it becomes transformation’s fuel, bringing into birth the New World, the symbols of this Love and unity.

Soon this breath becomes your nourishment as it moves you in each Now Moment and speaks with the voice of the spirit as you. You become the voice of joy, seeing the world through your heart and pronouncing it all “good.” To reverse the reversal is to stop getting things backward and thinking that things can be created from within the world. It is to remember that there is only one source of creative power and only one place that this power resides. That is the Moment of Creation and its vehicle of expression is you.

Your heart, beloved ones, open and free becomes the vortex through which the great energies of Creation can flow to be acknowledged by every life stream that they touch, and touch them you will. You must feel our Love as something palpable and present that fills your every moment completely full. You must trust this Love that we share with everything, knowing, trusting its truth that Love brings only the greatest good every moment in which it is honored. From this everything else shall flow.

So rather than visualizing a New World with the little mind and ego and creating thus more and more duality, allow this world of living Love as a symbol of God presence to be the reflection of your heart while your heart resides in Me. This is the key for all of you. You know the world is a symbol of separation. Then it must be obvious that its transformation is our unity.

Now I call you Home to this. When you find My Love feeding you, nourishing your every atom, re-creating your heart, opening your being to experience the exquisite and ecstatic nature of this Love, then you can trust Real Love to live you, to manifest itself as your world and this, then, is when you are ready.

As you say “Yes” to Love with all your being and all your heart and invite it into your world, Love will reveal, beloved ones, where your ego mind still holds you. It will reveal your old heart’s beliefs, and you then must bring them to Me for transformation in My Love. It is time to make the new decision, to re-decide about the separation that created this world of duality. You are the ones who must do it, who must decide for unity so deeply that the whole world is freed – freed from the ego mind, from the old heart’s beliefs and thus allowed to transform.

You are the Moment of Creation itself as I have always told you. The Moment of Creation is transformation, ongoing, all-encompassing, eternal and unlimited, powerful beyond all you could dream. Thus when you step out of duality and return yourselves to this unity of Love, this power is revealed to be the truth of you as your Twin Flame heart.

But until you love Me with all your being and release the attachments of the ego, beloved ones, you cannot love your Twin Flame, no matter how much your little mind tries to convince you. You might attempt to build relationship after relationship in the world, and nothing would satisfy your heart until the separation between us is done and you recognize that we are truly one – not as an intellectual assumption but as the deepest truth of your being and your heart.

From this moment, when our separation is truly ended – from this moment your Real life shines forth. One of the ways this shines forth is you as Twin Flame Love. The other is the Twin Flame heart. Fully present it becomes the creator of the symbols, and Love then gives these symbols substance while you trust your heart.

So I Am calling all humanity to return to this Love, to remember how you love Me and who I Am – to remember the truth of your heart that knows that I Am Creator and you, the vehicle through which I create.

You are the power of My Love “en-conscious-ed,” made “manifest,” heart beat by heart beat by heart beat in this glorious orgasmic experience that truly is the furnace of unity. It is fueled by the two living currents of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine – ready to be expressed as your hearts creating the vehicle for all others in the world to remember the truth, and to be willing enough to accept that they too are Love’s reflection. Thus they are the same as you, just as you are the same as they are.

If you keep your focus on Me through everything, knowing nothing but this Love and this joy, standing firmly in the center of your living divine spirit that it pervades your whole being, that it is you. Thus you allow it to express forth as your life in the perfect symbols of the world.

There is nothing in the world that can express what it feels like to have this communion and to allow yourselves to become the radiant splendor that is the heart of All I Am expressed. But this feeling is the truth of your being and I Am now making it fully available for you to experience in every Now Moment. You can reach forth, beloved ones, now, and claim it and remember that the whole of the cosmos is the field of your expression. The living Now Moment is your freedom in your unity with Me.

Long gone now is the belief in being a limited human being. It is replaced with the truth that you are My open heart, My vehicle of a great living fountain of Love, present for all right now, in the living Now Moment. As you live this truth and the spirit of our wholeness makes itself at home in you, then your experience in the world shall reflect your unity with all, including every other human life, including every other life stream.

You will recognize that there is no separation and that every heart on Earth is yours, the one glorious heart of God I Am expressing ever and always. You will see with one instrument of perception and that is your living God heart. You will speak with the voice of the living spirit and the living spirit shall respond through everyone, speaking forth as you.

There can be no judgment or separation when the heart of God I Am is whole and unity consciousness begins to be embraced in the Now Moment on Earth. Separation is done. Oh, beloved ones, I Am waiting and I Am fulfilled. Everything that is, was and shall be is already in existence now and you simply call it forth as a reflection of your heart.

So speak with Me and love Me and feel Me in your hearts and follow the Vertical to our oneness and know that I Am being fulfilled now in, as and through you.



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