It Is Time for Continual Communion with God

Every moment you have the choice whether to live in this glorious communion or to live in the world of the ego mind. Very often it seems enticing to just let your guard down a little bit and float along with the ego’s agenda for a while. But the truth is there is not time for this. Everything is critical. Every moment counts in this work that you do in uniting all levels of life on Earth into one, into the one truth of Love.

All levels, all evaluations, all things that create separation must fall away now, dearest ones, that truth may become your daily life, every moment’s experience. When your heart leads and you are connecting with everything around you, you will feel the living spirit of all powerfully in your heart. These acts of daily living that seem so ordinary become then the most beautiful communion with the spirit of Love, with All That I Am and with all the great panoply of expressing life that is ever alive within Me.

Only thus may you feel the great spirit of the water in the simple act of washing your hands. Only thus may you experience the messages of movement in the spirit that is the wind. Only thus may you see the omni-dimensional nature of Creation, of the cosmos. Only then can you find the doorways that are ready to open for you. Your hearts, dearest ones, are now everything and there is not a moment to lose.

Let Me be for you your guide each Now in your experience of your life because if you do, then, precious hearts, I can show you what is Real beneath the illusory projections of a separate world and a belief in a separate life. In this great communion you will find the experience of “both/and” – that you can be this magnificent life stream, that you can be this glorious Twin Flame heart. At the same time, you are blended in a great dance of oneness and joy. The celebration of life becomes who you are and this vibration of living Love will open the vortex, the StarGate to the Vertical and the universal experience of life as coming only and always from Love and nothing else.

So every game of the horizontal is the ego mind creating its own domain and populating it with experiences that convince you that it is valid. But one step into the Real of Love, into this communion as My heart and you will experience as well as know that the ego mind has no part in the Reality of Love. For the Reality of Love is unending. It has no beginning and no end. So the constructs of time are irrelevant. Only Love is your experience.

Yet, Love, oh, beloved ones, is so varied, so rich, so unending in its glory, in its expression of giving through the heart that you are that life is always exciting and vast -- always beckoning you into greater Love, into more experiences of joy, into understanding yourself as Twin Flame hearts and as the All of Love.

So as we break down the old constructs of a consensual dream of duality, your choices, moment to moment, are everything, beloved ones. For everything is always a statement of vibration. Everything is ruled by the law of Love -- that which is given is what is received, multiplied as the one self – the one self with countless streams of consciousness, the glorious Love That I Am. Your every choice is anticipated by all who live to serve this awakening.

Love -- the remembrance of truth that is life on Earth experienced as symbols -- will become for you now your daily life, if you choose this miracle of Love. If you choose, dearest ones, to hold this communion with Me as an ongoing part of your life, I will show you how every moment is a miracle, amplified through your Twin Flame heart. Because Love is a hologram and life and Love are one, it no longer matters which way you look. Looking outward or looking within. Once you are in touch with your own heart, then everything is an entry into the one truth of glorious Love, the Real of Love I Am.

So if you live from the heart every moment, you will recognize your own life as well as ever and always and only bringing increase in all that is good, glorious and holy. Increase of the glorious Love I Am is the only thing that is happening. This increase is happening as your heart and as your spirit as well.

So let yourselves feel and drink of this nourishment as you commune with each raindrop and feel that it symbolizes your communion with every particle of Love and light in Me. Open yourselves and receive, dearest ones, and you will feel the blessing. You will feel every atom in your body responding and you will know because you are experiencing the living Now from the center which is your heart.

Walk with Me through your daily life. Let Me be your tour guide through the moments. I will show you how to keep yourselves aligned with the vibration of the Moment of Creation itself. I want you to live as the miracle, live as the miracle that you are, and experience everything that touches you as this communion of Love because it is the only thing that is Really happening.

One Love is creating more of itself through the consciousness and heart that is you, bringing increase of joy and the living spirit every moment. Every moment all is renewed in this perpetual fountain of life. Please understand that perception now is everything, because your perception influences your vibration and the vibration of the world must be lifted up now into the realms of Love. Nothing else is more important. As you open yourselves to this flow, you will find that this Love I Am speaks as you to change the perception of other lives as well. Then this Love can gently touch each heart, that each heart knows itself as cherished – cherished by the I Am Creator of each precious and glorious life.

So, My communion with you is the center of all that is about to unfold. Therefore, I ask you to walk with Me, to eat with Me, to sleep with Me, to be this living communion through every moment of your life. As you do, you become the living heart of Love itself, the heart through which I pour the truth to radiate forth into this world and bring everyone back to Love.

Thank you for your heart’s dedication and for every moment that you reach for Me. Thank you for being the instrument of this awakening to the remembrance of only Love.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You and deep in our hearts, we say “Yes.” “Yes” to Your Love, to this Love that is all that we are, and “Yes” to being the conduits for this Love to pour through to bless this precious world. We also say “Yes,” God, to being the amplifying Twin Flame heart, to amplify that Love, to make more of it. We place ourselves in Your Will, the greater Will of Love. We ask that our hearts be joined together tonight to create one living heart through which You can pour this Love. Thank you, God, for the gift of spirit family. Thank you for the honor of being here in service. Thank you for the power and the beauty of this Love that we share.

I ask You, God, to be the conduit tonight for this experience, for this meditation. I ask that you use my heart, my voice, my spirit, my life, my Twin Flame heart with Doug. In Gratitude, Amen.

Let us begin as we always do, opening our hearts to each other, expanding our heart perception so that we can feel one another. As we feel our hearts connect, we feel the surge of Love moving through us all, moving around this vortex of our hearts in a great clockwise motion. The magnetic power of Love charges us up. We can feel it lifting us, lifting our vibration, moving us into position that the River of Life can now pour through us together and totally wash this world.

Now as well as sharing this heart together, we also share the one breath. Let your breath out and take a deep breath in, and feel the pinnacle of God’s Love. Breathing out, let Love pour itself through you and through this shared heart. Breathing in again, let Love fill you up. Breathing out the Love through your heart, through every cell, and breathing in Love, lifting up once again to the Moment of Creation itself.

Breathing out the Love, it kisses every cell. And breathing in again, Love fills your consciousness. Breathing out, you are only Love. Breathing in pure Love. Breathing out pure Love. With the in-breath and on the out-breath you are the wholeness of Love itself. There is nothing else but this Love and this consciousness of the All.

With every breath that you take, beloved ones, I lift you up into communion with Me, that every atom and every cell knows itself as deeply loved. Dearest ones, I ask you to feel this Love. Let it penetrate your whole being and recognize how we are interwoven. How I Am the living truth within you. You are My beating heart, receiving Love and pouring it forth, until all you can feel in this moment is the movement and the communion of Love.

Now, beloved ones, as you breathe in this breath, let yourselves become held and cherished. In the center of this communion is the star of your living heart. Rest now in My tenderness, and feel yourself ascending in an ocean of Love and peacefulness, centered with the beat of your heart. Rest and expand into the holiness of this perfect moment of life. Softly let your consciousness drift into your heart that you may experience the beauty of your perfect matrix, your design as the instrument of light and of Love as we breath Love forth as one.

Your heart is alive with joy, with excitement, with the vast amazing wonder of life. As your consciousness now sinks into the center of your holy heart, you are held in perfect stillness. In the center of your living heart is the great lotus of perfection into which streams two rivers of light – Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. This communion of Love is the Double Helix, woven, dancing, Making Love together and reaching up to the Moment of Creation where we are joined as one eternal flame.

You have often heard of the tri-fold flame. It is simply this union that we are together, the Love I Am as the living whole, the All, and the Twin Flame heart that honors it. In this communion there is truly the River of Life moving in an outward motion that washes your hearts every moment with grace and with the glorious amplification of Love.

Deep trust fills you – trust of this nourishment of Love. Your hearts burst open and you emerge as the glorious union of consciousness and Love as you spread into the All in perfect awareness. Love and light together. Once again, dear ones, rest in Me that you may always know the center as this communion, the Twin Flame Love and Me. As consciousness, we are truly one, sparkling particles of light but through the heart which is the miracle, beloved ones, we are in eternal and glorious communion.

It is this communion I bring you to this Now Moment that you might feel how deeply you are loved. You are held in perfection in the All of God always, and every heart beat is the kiss of My Love. Each moment I ask you to receive this Love from Me. As you receive it now, let it fill you up until you are full to overflowing with this great abundance of glorious Love, magnificent light, eternal good. You are completely aware of the River of Life as flowing into and through you.

I want you to feel this perfect light, feel how it sparkles and dances, feel the exhilaration, the joy, the orgasmic experience of being this Twin Flame heart. As this pure light pours into you, into the center of your magnificent heart, I ask you, dearest ones, to receive it consciously, to say “Yes” to the perfection of life. Can you feel it as it nourishes every particle of your being? As it pulses within every atom, as it ignites all the Twin Flame hearts within you that are the atoms and the electrons of Love, until you become a living star field of consciousness and Love, alive as creator to all that is within you and nourishing all through your heart.

With every pulse of your heart you receive from Me and pulse Love forth again. In this union, this communion, this ecstasy, there is only perfect life and perfect Love. You are washed in this glorious perfection. It washes through your consciousness and your heart, and it brings you to the pinnacle, the purest vibration of the Moment of Creation itself.

You are ever and always so alive in Me. Your heart beat is the heart beat of this communion, of the expansion of your consciousness into All That I Am in oneness and the heart beat of giving. Outward into All That Is, back into the center. Always connected and receiving pure perfect glorious light. Magnificent eternal Love.

I ask you, beloved ones, each precious heart, to feel yourself nourished and supported, filled with magnificent joy, ecstasy and the deep communion of Love as a Twin Flame being, consciousness and heart, united in communion with All I Am. Breathing in and breathing out the one life of the breathing whole and giving forth Love every moment.

I ask you now, beloved ones, to reach within and to reach up into the Moment of Creation to become the great union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, filled with the awareness of All I Am, that your Twin Flame heart and your consciousness are joined in communion with Me. The perfect Will that is perfect Love and perfect life comes flowing in ecstasy into and through you now. Accept this perfect light, beloved ones, My heart. Accept this perfect Love that you are. Deeply feel, dearest ones, there is only this possibility – perfection in Me, perfection as Love. That is what you are – perfection as life expressed in ecstasy. All of this is delivered to you now, complete in a glorious explosion that is the Moment of Creation itself which you then give outward.

The Moment of Creation enters your consciousness and your heart, and in your own great union as Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, you amplify and give it forth. You are totally aligned with the rushing dancing river of perfect light and the pulse of perfect Love. Only light. Only Love. Nothing else. Only the possibility of perfection in communion with Me.

Notice how each atom in your being is also a Twin Flame heart, and how each one also receives perfect life and perfect Love, and amplifies and sends it forth. Holding this vibration of perfection and of ecstasy, deep and glorious communion, and most of all, of ease and grace, and being held perfectly in Me – one perfect life, one perfect Love, one great communion expressed as multi-faceted omni-dimensional consciousness and great explosion of Love, each life stream is remembering the jeweled creation that you are as unique and incredible expressions, beloved ones, of this perfect light and the perfect Love.

Once again I ask you to open your heart as wide as Creation itself and fill your hearts with a “Yes,” beloved ones, to perfect life and perfect Love. Feeling the magic, the upliftment, the living song of the expression of Love that we are, I now connect your great consciousness and your magnificent heart of Love to the pocket that is life on Earth. I ask you now to feel the impact of this river of perfection as it flows now into the world. Can you feel it as it washes through the illusion, beloved ones? And erases two possibilities? And replaces them with the Vertical flow of the River of Love, perfect life and perfect communion.

Only Love is Real. As this Love that you are touches those things in the world that are symbols, they simply shift to reflect perfect Love. From the Real, beloved ones, I ask you to watch what happens now as this River of glorious unity of perfection flows through your hearts and touches the world. Watch it turn everything into dancing gold and white. See it magnetizing duality back into the center, into alignment with this Vertical expression of the River of living Love.

With every touch the horizontal arm of the illusion is washed clean, brought to center, brought back to perfect light. Cause and effect, action and reaction are transformed into pure Love and light. I ask you to feel the Will of Love as it pours now, dearest ones, through you -- how it brings truly only grace which is a new paradigm beyond cause and effect – the truth of only one possibility, beloved ones, and that is perfection in Me.

As you become the fountain head of this cascading River of living Love, see how your unique Twin Flame heart gives it color and creates a magnificent artistry that is the expression of your Twin Flame Love, your great meaning as part of Me, given as nourishment into the world to bring all to the grace of perfect Love. Feel the life of miracles that comes from this connection because, dearest ones, there is no effort needed when you are the Will of Love. You can relax and allow this communion to be the extension of All I Am, amplified by your Twin Flame heart in our communion and given into the world as a gift to magnetize duality back to the truth that there is only one possibility and that is perfection in Me.

Can you feel the joy expanding as life on Earth is made new, refreshed and can you feel all the beautiful jeweled rivers that are the other cells, the other Twin Flame hearts through which pour a new creation, the Bridge World of only Love, to be expressed now, dearest ones, in the symbols that we are naming Heaven on Earth.

So you are the meeting place of the River of perfect Love and perfect life with the pocket of reversal, the sub-creation that has been life on Earth. Ah, but dearest ones, you are Love “en-conscious-ed” washing into the world as grace. I use this word very purposely to assist you to remember that the world of Love finds its perfect place, without effort from you. You are the alignment of life and Love. You are the Vertical flow and dearest ones, now is the moment when the grace of Love meets the world and the world is brought home to center. Home to the remembrance that there is only one thing, one possibility and that is perfection, perfection, dearest ones, in Me.

I want you to feel and see through the single eye of your awakened heart how you bridge perfectly from the Real into the world through your hearts. Dearest ones, let yourselves remember how perfectly Love expresses as you and how effortlessly Love will carry you, delivering you into each Now. This communion that we share through the miracle of the heart will bring all Creation into alignment, effortlessly, including life on Earth.

As you step out of all old conceptions of effort and results, I bring you home, into the Now Moment and the miracle of opening to the Will of Love. Every breath, every heart beat remembers. Perfect Love, Perfect Life, through you, delivered from the Moment of Creation to bring alignment, to bring grace to the world.



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