It Is Time to Be God Expressed

All I Am is alive in each of you and yet, this deep and profound communion is the greatest shift for each of us, I as Creator and you as My heart. Through you it will be honored. I ask each of you to keep giving yourself whole heartedly to Me in the deepest trust of this glorious Love and the Will of Love to manifest only that which is the greatest good from the Real into the bridge world of Heaven on Earth.

I ask you to come unbound by any old thought forms, any old conventions into the waiting space of the Vertical life, into the Reality of perfect Love. Know that the background, foreground shift is this – that what is Real is our communion and the living flow, the exchange of Love that manifests this relationship. Hold in your heart, dearest ones, all of humankind, that as you move in this shift in perception and Love, you bring openings to all as well.

Truly one heart is awakening, one life knowing more of itself, and one point of view is now taking root in the world. It is the limitless possibilities of Love. It is now time for you to become God expressed, for you to feel this powerful communion between us and to turn and be the expression of all that you feel into the world together as the functioning heart of God.

Together you are a Twin Flame cell, giving forth the fullness of this Love. As you re-enter this communion in a far deeper way, you become, dearest ones, the living hologram, totally immersed in this Love that we share, how deep and profound and endless… Because this communion is clear in your heart, it is effortless to turn and to manifest all that we are together into the world as My Love.


Beloved God, we open our hearts to You tonight asking to be fully conscious as Your living heart. We ask to be joined together tonight with each other as one functioning heart and to be a conduit for You amazing Love, come to wash this world. We give You thanks, God, for all the incredible blessings of our lives, for all that we receive from You so perfectly. We give You thanks also that we are stepping into this awareness of Your presence and Your Love every moment of the day. Thank You for the gift of spirit family, for this Love that we share and thank You for the honor of serving our precious humanity.

I ask You, God, to be a conduit also for this experience tonight. I ask that You use my heart, my voice, my life and all that I am as a crystal clear conduit for Your Love. Amen.

As we begin, let’s take a moment to really feel each other, to feel each other’s hearts, to feel this Love and this devotion that we share, and to also feel the gift of life that we receive from God each moment, taking it into our hearts and amplify it and passing it on to others. As our hearts join and we create this circle that does become a Real heart, we feel the energy passing among us, creating this circle, moving among us in a clock wise motion. We notice the size of this heart that we share, how much of the world it covers and just how much Love can flow through.

Now we begin to notice the one living breath that we share. As you let your breath out, breathe deeply in. Feel your connection with God. As you breathe out again, feel your open heart and all the Love pouring through it to the world. When you breathe God’s Love in, it fills your being and you breathe it out amplifying it as it pours through you

Breathing in again, your consciousness is filled with light. Breathing out, light streams through your open and glorious heart. Breathing in again you are connected to the Real of Love and Love pours out now to every atom of your being. As you breathe in again, feel the glorious unity and breathing out, feel the movement of the great wave of Love.

Beloved ones, as you feel My presence, let this breath now breathe you – that you truly become part of the glorious living whole. Breathing in perfect Love and breathing it out again, your consciousness is centered deep in your heart and you recognize the communion that sustains you each Now Moment, this sweet deep communion with Me.

I ask you now to notice all the other great stars of light that are the heart that creates this circle tonight. Dearest ones, I thank you for this great light that you are, truly the heart of the Love that I Am.

As this living breath breathes you, you feel life personal, tender, vibrant, passionate and in the center of it all is your pulsing heart. It is upon your heart that I ask you now to focus. As your focus gently shifts into your heart center, dearest ones, notice that Real living pulse, the heart beat of the All of Love is centered here in you. You are the living miracle of All That I Am.

Let your focus now softly shift down and inwards, into this pulsing center of your own glorious heart. As you find yourself surrounded by this Real living pulse, you recognize the heart beat of God I Am as you. You know this pulse. You remember how it always flows through you and you recognize the wave form of the All of Love.

Into this pulse I place the deep remembrance of how it feels to be fully aware as the heart of God, ever and always alive and awake and connected to the center of All That Is. You are My beating heart sending forth this living Love and you become aware of your own great heart as a Twin Flame heart beat into which each moment you receive this Love.

Let yourself deeply feel this moment when you receive it, pure Love, pure life, pure God, pulsing in your heart. All That I Am, each stream of life, connects with you and this heart beat. Whenever you attune to this heart beat, you attune with all streams of Love in the hologram of life.

Now your heart opens up and your consciousness expands and your heart is like a great lotus receiving the sunshine of Love. As it washes through you it is fully conscious and speaks to you of every life. Can you feel it, how deeply you are connected to all that is alive in Me? As you feel this glorious communion, you recognize that each life can speak its message, its unique expression of God, directly to you. You become fully aware that in each Now Moment you are conscious of all that is alive and pulsing in Me.

Every moment fully conscious of being the nourishing heart through which My Love pours forth to All That Is. This pulse is a language spoken each Now Moment, a language that connects all Creation through the center of Love that you are. As you remember this rich communion, you become the hologram itself, All That I Am, beloved ones, is fully alive in you. As you receive this pulse of Love, let it fill the whole being until you are alive as never before. Can you feel My life being pulsed through you? You are the fountain of nourishment, distributing this glorious Love.

The Moment of Creation continues to be the ecstatic explosion that creates this orgasmic pulse that is the heart beat of Love. It becomes the rhythm by which all is in harmony, ever and always present, fully alive in you.

Now I ask you, beloved ones, cells of My living heart, to amplify this Love that is pouring and pulsing through you, to take it into your Twin Flame heart and make it even brighter, even greater, even more alive as it is amplified here in you. Can you feel it as you focus deep in your Twin Flame heart and you find yourself coming together in this great rhythm of Love? and the Love you are making, beloved ones, becomes the Love that is you until there is nothing but this pulse, this heart beat, this glorious rhythm of Love.

It rises up higher, richer, deeper, more passionate, louder, louder in the sense that it is vibrating deep in the heart. Now, as it amplifies ever greater, add your Twin Flame Love to it until it is so dynamic that it becomes all that you feel vibrating, pulsing more and more… until truly in a passionate opening and glorious giving of this great pulsation of Love…

As you focus this Love now upon the world, oh, beloved ones, feel it taking root and from the Real begin to feel the rhythm of this pulsation of Love as the world, and you can feel it now being amplified in heart after heart after heart until truly that which is life on Earth becomes a functioning heart as well.

And oh, the joy, the joyous elation in the remembrance of this rhythm of life as dearest ones, you continue to amplify this glorious heart beat of Love. You can feel the whole world vibrating, moving to this glorious rhythm until the symphony of life on Earth is one shared beat together.

Now once again I ask you to return your focus to the Real, to focus on the Moment of Creation and this great pulsation of Love. Let it wash through your being, beloved ones, let yourself do nothing but feel. Feel the great reverberation of this pulsation of ecstatic Love.

Remember, remember, remember? This pulse, this heart beat of Love? And feel how it flows through Creation, uniting all in an orgasm of Love. Notice how life on Earth has echoed in the tiniest way this pulsation in that which has been called lovemaking. Ah, but there is so much more… As you open even more to this glorious rhythm, to the passion, the ecstasy, the joy, right in the center of your Twin Flame heart is a pure light of gold and white and with every pulse, this light flashes, becoming the signal unique to you of your own Twin Flame heart in operation as you shine forth as the center of it all.

Now, beloved ones, I want you to feel how vast and glorious you are and how you are truly omni-dimensional. This heart beat pulsing through you, connecting all life from the center of My heart that you are… You can feel all the recipients of this magnificent pulsation of Love…life after life after life being nourished by this heart that is you.

Connected to All I Am and to every cell in this heart, I open you also into the light that is the consciousness of Love we share, that you may be My awareness, My fully conscious heart. For it is heart and consciousness that is the creator of All I Am that is given and amplified through you. Your awareness now streams forth as great rays of light intertwine with your Twin Flame together in rushing life stream of gold and white.

As your consciousness truly flows out to the All I Am, you are connecting now with every life and with every heart and together fueling the delivery of all this life and all this Love I Am. You are becoming the “en-conscious-ment” of the explosion that is the Moment of Creation itself. Vast, magnificent, fully aware, moving beyond the speed of light. For you are everywhere at once. You are consciousness itself and My beating heart.

As you touch every stream of life, every movement and nuance of this Love, the heart that you are amplifies it and I Am in communion with you. You are the doorway always through which I give Myself fully alive, fully conscious and pulsing Love. I Am Alive as you. Can you feel yourself as this point of light, as the focus of All That Is? And how your focus, beloved ones, directs your heart in the delivery of this glorious Love? As you open even more to receive it, feel how it blesses you as perfect life and perfect Love is held in consciousness by you and delivered through your heart.

Now, beloved ones, each of you, you are attuned to the Moment of Creation and you feel this glorious inundation that we call the River of Life. Each precious particle of the substance of Love is fully alive and conscious, that as the River of Life now pours into you, you commune with every electron. Each electron of light, each particle of Love now comes to you to deliver its message and I ask you to receive it in reverence. The heart of All I Am receiving the pure elixir of life.

This elixir of life rushes through your being and lights up your glorious heart and every atom of your being is now being fed from this great River of Life. The River of Life is the life blood of Creation itself, beloved ones. Now your pulsing heart passes it on as it is amplified in Me. Light and Love together in movement, consciousness and heart. I Am the living presence of both right here, as you.

As you take this in, let it spark to life new possibilities in your heart and let these electrons of light and particles of Love bring to you always new messages of that which you are in Me. Breathe in this glorious light and breathe it out through your Twin Flame heart that is vast, as vast as the cosmos and centered in the pulsations of Love. Every pulse delivers life. Every pulse pours Love. Each one is amplified in your Twin Flame heart.

As you turn your powerful focus once again to the world, I ask you to be the delivery of pure light and pure Love. The pulse of this great heart you are now entrains the world, magnetizing each precious heart beat to this ultimate pulsation of Love. The Moment of Creation is brought by you into the world and delivered, heart beat by heart beat, pulse by pulse, delivering new life to the world.

Because you are the entraining heart, know that all life that is near you is brought into alignment with the River of Life and the pulsing Moment of Creation. See that My beloved ones are fed, are nourished, are given energy, life force in this glorious pulsation of living Love that is ever and always given by you and directed by your consciousness.

So the moment that you focus your consciousness, you are directing these great pulsations of Love and delivering the glorious River of Life right to what you focus upon. Therefore, dearest ones, I ask you to remember the power of your presence and most of all, please remember, your focus and what it brings to this world and delivers.

Now, as you stretch your consciousness from the Real into the world, from the perspective of your life on Earth please attune yourself to this great pulsation of Love, and feel with your heart until you can feel all the world coming into alignment. You feel the pulse in the Earth herself, and you know you are being this opening for consciousness and Love, for the great orgasmic LoveMaking in the River of conscious Life.

Thank you for being My open heart. Remember to attune to this heart beat and know that the wave form of Love and the powerful point of consciousness are that which is all Creation, in harmony together.



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