It is Time to be Reborn in the Spirit

I Am asking you and all humanity for a new choice to stand forth as the Christ. This choice is to be reborn of the spirit and of My Love and to allow Me to be your parents as the great rays of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that bring you this Love. To do this requires that you return to the life you've lived and allow Me to re-parent you in every situation and to bring forth only Love - to live your life in your heart as the pure Christ of God, knowing always where you came from, as if you had not been born through the birth canal but born instead directly from this Love.

As long as you continue to hold on to the human story, that long will you be subject to the consensual reality. The time has come, beloved ones, that I need leaders. I need your heart to go forth as this transfigured Light. I Am asking you to transform the human identity through the recognition that this moment travels through all aspects of the horizontal arm and can transform the human life into the life divine.

This can be done only when you are ready and willing to do this, to let Me truly be your source completely - not the source of your spirit only and your Love - but the source of your entire identity here in the world as well as in the Real of God. You already know that life is consciousness and that the element of living Light is changed in the observation and in the choices that you make in every Now.

Yet, the way that the ego mind is functioning, it brings the old identity with you even when you make this choice for Me -- until you truly allow yourself to be born of Me, to live in Me, to be totally and only this pure life. To do so does require the transformation of the images of a human identity. It can be done instantly in the Now if you can truly take this in - into the very nucleus of your atoms and in the substance that creates your material world and all of the expectations that have come to you through the path that you have walked in Love.

You have walked this path in service as you already know and I've assured you, and you have walked it all the way to the gates of Heaven. Now you must step through and accept that your source is this Light to the point where you no longer have a human identity by allowing this living Light to erase and replace your concept of your parents.

So this is what I bring to you -- a rebirth into the spirit, into the Love so perfectly, so passionately and so completely that you recreate the Akashic memory of your life and lives in the world. Everything that has come before you have brought to you in this life in order to be able to choose at this point - to reconfirm your genetic material to the configuration of the Twin Flame Love in every atom of your being and of your body, that you might be reborn into eternal Love and never-ending life.

To do this requires standing in this Light and taking on your Christ power as the living heart of Love and choosing now to see nothing else but this. To recognize that we are a unity in both aspects of this communion, a unity as the oneness, as the Light and Love and a unity in this relationship as the living law of God I Am, present in the world. That law is the law of only Love, and of the power of the Moment of Creation.

Until you experience Me as your divine parents, you will not be able to be true Twin Flame creators, available to this Light to be the living miracles of Christ as Jesus was. He will be your guide in this, in your rebirth into the spirit, born again of the living Light of God I Am, and releasing from every aspect of your being, including the mental, the old images of this life of separation, allowing yourself to be free.

Free of the belief that Love could hurt you. Free from the concept of betrayal. Free to lift Love into its truly sacred nature, totally erasing the dream of incest from the holographic consciousness of humanity. And true, every time someone chooses again to remember their human identity thus, that line is recreated in the pattern of the world. Oh, but the Light and Love that beam forth from the awakened heart is truly an unimaginable magnet drawing humanity Home far more quickly than humankind can continue creating the reversal.

You know the truth and power of the divine instant, of the living and explosive Now Moment. In you I am harnessing this power as a gift to humankind. When I speak to you, of course, I speak to every precious heart. These vibrations go forth to emanate a beacon of hope and Light and new awakening that can be humanity's rebirth into the spirit.

Unless you be reborn of the spirit, you cannot truly see Me. Unless you be reborn of Light and Love, you cannot be the living heart of God I Am. It has been very important that you walked this back but back means all the way back to freedom. Freedom is what is before you now. Freedom from limitation whether it manifests as your body or in your life. Freedom to be a child of God rather than a human being, reborn of the Light now and marching forth with a heart that is a torch for Me and a voice that speaks only this truth.

As you feel the past, the human story, wash away just like water going down the drain and allow the replacement of your true parentage, you will know that of which you are made and its glorious eternal nature. I Am here as your Love and as that which surrounds you and cherishes you, that which holds you through the night of the awakening from the dream of duality on Earth.

Take this communion back into your past and let it be a new-born Now that you may be free at last to leap into the ocean of Love as your Home -- while, rather than being the bridge, you become the merging of the divine and the material into one grand statement that I Am God and I Am One.


Beloved God, we open our hearts again to You and give our lives and our wills to You. We ask You, God, to use our hearts completely, to be the open vehicle of transformation to Love for this world. So, God, please join our hearts together and create of us together one great heart, a living vortex through which You pour Your Love. Assist us always to live this Love and to be its amplification every moment.

I call to all beings of Light and ask for your presence here tonight and for your assistance always in bringing forth God's perfection in us, as us and through us for the world. I open my Twin Flame heart with Doug in the deepest dedication and humility and ask to be a vehicle, a clear and open conduit for this experience tonight. Amen

As we begin, we open our hearts completely and reaching out with our heart perception, we join our hearts together, feeling each other's Love and power as vehicles for this Love. Feeling this energy moving between us, heart to heart, creating this vortex, this opening for the pure Love and Light of God to bless and lift and transform the world to only Love, now.

So as you feel this energy moving, let it ignite your heart, that your heart leaps in response to the call and as the energy moves and multiplies, feel this vortex growing, expanding exponentially, creating an opening that easily and effortlessly covers the world.

Around us are the legions of Light. As you reach forth, feel their presence and acknowledge them also deeply in your heart as we salute them in our shared heart together. Feeling the will of Love as it moves through us, ignites itself as us, we share together the joy, the Light and the living breath.

The breath of Love now begins to breathe us. As you feel it moving in and out, with every breath, let the old identity fall away. With every breath out, you release limitation. As you breathe in, open to the limitless Light, breathing out the old world identity and breathing in the limitless truth of God. Breathing out, release and breathing in, expand. As you breathe out, now begin to breathe out from the Real of God. Breathing in now, opening into the glorious truth of Love. Breathing out this Love through your open clear heart... Breathing in through the heart's open doorway to the Real, and breathing out great rays of pure Light.

Breathing in through your heart to the very Moment of Creation, and breathing out the freedom of God. Breathing in, lifting up and opening completely and breathing out great waves of Love. Breathing in, awakening to God's presence and breathing out that Love to the world. Now, breathing in to the perfect communion and breathing out peace unlimited. Breathing in to the awareness of the pure Love of our Creator and breathing that Love to humanity. With each breath in, rising higher... and breathing out all the glory and joy. Breathing into the explosive Moment of Creation and breathing that power to the world.

Breathing into the glorious explosion and breathing out pure energy. Now, breathing in again to God's pure presence and breathing that out to the world. As you breathe in again, place your focus through your heart, breathing out Love through that vortex and breathing into the pure grace and communion. Breathing that grace to the world.
Now, beloved ones, as you reach for this communion, let Me wash your whole being in Love. As I touch your pure heart, feel your heart truly blossom like a great flower in My sunlight. As your heart blossoms, open. Let the petals of your faith unfurl. Now, your heart becomes the vast and open doorway into the Real of Love. As you slip effortlessly through the doorway, I lift you into the rejoicing. As you feel the Angels singing, let your heart remember this song of praise and devotion - that constant "Yes" to life.

I Am the sunlight to the flower of your heart and I call you now to full blossoming. Feel yourself unfurling like those petals in the sunlight. I ask for your "Yes" to Love. As your "Yes" resounds through your being, it brings with it the deep remembrance that I Am the life. I Am your Light and I Am the energy that feeds you. I call you upward. Let the flame of your spirit rise now upward to Me. As it rises your heart remembers the other flame entwining with it. Two flames of glorious eternal Love, rising, rising to Me.

As you rise I Am meeting you and I Am also two flames, burning as one. I Am Divine Parent to the two flames of your one heart. As you rise I meet you half way. Open, beloved one, to the merging of these flames, the flames that reach for you eternally and spark the great conflagration of your being that knows itself forever burning, but never ever consumed.

You are the Light eternally. This Light is a flame always burning, fueled by the truth of your heart. Where we meet, I Am your identity, your nourishment, your life, and in this merging you are the wholeness of God. So as the flames meet and merge in this dance of life, we rise together in unity and all that you are is this fire, burning with this great unquenchable Love, and reaching, reaching ever higher as the flame of God I Am burns as you.

And now, the burning becomes one great Light, pure, eternal, unending that blazes forth to wash all Creation in this pure eternal Light of God. As you feel yourself becoming this Light that is everything, you are aware that we are One. You feel every atom sparkling within your being, each one dancing forth as God. You wrap yourself around the hologram of All That Is and everything within you is saying "Yes," countless electrons of Light and limitless explosions of Love. All of this is eternal, unending, breathing forever this pure Love.

Every electron is known perfectly, each one perfectly cherished. As you recognize every Light of every life within the whole, the magnificent whole of Love that we are, you reach forth tenderly in sweetest acknowledgement as you hold each one in your heart as a living part of your being.

Now you are aware of the great streams of energy that flow always through your being, one bright and crackling with the power and the Light, the other in touch with everything, part of the great ocean of Love. These great movements of life within your being, the great Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, are reaching forth to embrace each spark of precious Light, to hold forth its perfection and to blaze it forth as this great eternal life, acknowledged and cherished forever.

As these great rays of living Love and crackling Light reach forth and now embrace the world as it moves in its dance of energy and motion, playing out the consciousness of duality, I Am reaching forth as you, you, My great Twin Flame heart and embracing now every precious heart, each life that yet names itself human being. As you touch and hold each life, you are its divine parents, loving with a Love that is limitless and so vast that it is truly and eternally endless. Yet, holding each life so tenderly that you can see even the microscopic - every particle that makes up that energy and every part of it is so beautiful - so perfect, so gloriously eternal that the Love That I Am overwhelms your great heart, so powerful as it pours forth through you that you are awed and amazed by its intensity.

Every life is loved now perfectly. Every life at once effortlessly, and each one is acknowledged, uplifted and embraced, kissed by your great Twin Flame Love and held always in your heart. As you feel each precious life, you begin to feel their acknowledgement and how it lights up your whole glorious being, bringing ecstasy, exquisite joy and the song of Love as you sing it to each precious heart. You begin to feel the true exchange, God I Am with God I Am - great heart with a heart that is focused temporarily in the world.

The song of life is singing itself through you and singing to every heart in the world. Listen, "I Am your Divine Parents. You are a reflection of Me." Now, beloved ones, in this hologram everything is attention and so I ask you now, My heart, for an experiment. I ask you to shift quickly and be the heart of a human being, looking upward now to Me and feeling Me as your divine parents, loving you perfectly and tenderly, loving you free instantly to be the heart of God you are.

As you feel this Love call you to awaken, your heart leaps in glorious recognition and as it leaps, we merge and we are One, one God, one Love, holographic, the heart of God knowing itself as free, as eternal Love, ever and always given. As you feel this great awakening of consciousness, feel the living breath that is this exchange, one breath you are the whole, everything I Am. The next breath you are the awakening human being. Breathing in, you are the whole of God, breathing out, a human being. Breathing in the whole of God as divine parents and breathing out a Twin Flame heart remembering.

As you lift and remember, you are free to be your focus, free to be the living All of God, consciousness moving effortlessly anywhere, nothing can hold you back. You remember now there are no barriers. You are everywhere and anywhere you focus, I Am. I Am the living whole of God and we are one glorious consciousness, breathing itself in a million, trillion new ways every glorious Now Moment.

I ask you to rejoice in this freedom, to recognize that you can be the All of God everywhere you choose to focus in the glorious hologram of Love. Dearest heart, My precious heart, you can focus everywhere at once and this is what I show you as I parent you and you remember that you are My dancing heart rejoicing in the freedom to be endless Love, knowing itself in truly countless ways.

So now, you can feel the one breath breathing through this amazing awakening and you are present in the world, in the Real. You are the heart of God seeing everything and nothing can limit you in any way. Not even the dream of a limited humanity. As you rise with heart singing, streaming Light, and feel the sunlight of My Love awakening you, let your consciousness now expand into the glorious whole of Love, the All of God I Am and feel once again the magnificent patterns of life unfolding beautifully within you. Feel My reverence for the mysterious ways that Love unfolds and all of its exquisite patterns.

Feel this as the heart of your being expanding itself into your fullness as the living All, the All of God I Am. You are embracing everything in the great circle of your Love. As you feel your heart pulsing in your center, know your heart as I know you and listen to your heart's messages as you exchange this eternal and unending Love. As your heart shines forth like a living sun and pulses with the gold and the white, take this heart, beloved ones, to the world and let it become the world's true Light as this Light blazes forth to encompass everything of life on Earth. Now you are the living Christ who truly is the Light of the world. Fully, powerfully and literally. Giving it life with your Light and Light with the Light of your being. Powering it with your Twin Flame Love that is the engine of all Creation.

Know yourself, beloved one, each of you, as the living Christ and feel now all of humankind within you. You are the bridge, the Arc of My Covenant bringing the Light of the Moment of Creation and making it Real to all of humanity because it lives within you as do they.

Dearest ones, you are omni-dimensional. You are here in the Real effortlessly and you are the heart that holds the world in its place and you are the focus of a human being as well as being and holding the great Twin Flame Love that is the true Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine of God I Am. All of it is you, all at once. All of it is yours to love as the heart of God, My heart loving all life perfectly, that all life expresses this Light, this Love in every way perfect as I Am perfect.

With every breath you travel through the whole of Love, from the vast to the microscopic and all of it is alive in your consciousness and all of it is loved by your heart, held in your heart's embrace as you are held in Me, the center of the living song of God. I Am perfect Love and I Am loving as you. I Am perfect Love. I Am loving you perfectly and loving all life as you as well. Perfect Love goes forth wearing your name and knowing all things through your heart.


Glenys O'Byrne 3rd September 2008 7:23 pm

Dear Doug

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I had a powerful message from quite casually picking up a tarot card at a fair, which said I was to seek my divinity. Although I already knew this, I wasn't sure when and how.
During the last week I seemed to floating in limbo, so this morning...actually, only a few hours ago....I asked God for help in understanding where I am at and what is the next step.

And your message is exactly what I needed...access to my God I Am, my divinity.

I have my twin flame soul mate in the non-physical realms at present, and I knew I had to access my own twin flame divinity before his arrival.

Many thanks again
Blessings and love

shirley 4th September 2008 7:20 am

I always knew somehow I was born 'in the spirit' although I havent always known how to reflect this perfectly in my behaviour.
I now understand better with the help of these messages and am trying to be and do the right thing but there is a problem of feeling very lonely and isolated with it and desperate to be with like minded people as its very hard otherwise as I regularly regress out of sheer frustration. This is why I welcome the expected 'coming out' on the physical plane of the Star nations and our own spiritual hierachy so that peoples reality can be changed and it can be seen we are not weirdos. It will then be seen that its our present'artificial' reality thats weird!


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